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"Okay, I think we deserve this long weekend," announced Gideon with a chuckle. The team had just come back from a case in the mid-west, and everyone was ecstatic to be home. "Everyone, I want you to go home, sleep it off, and don't enter this building or the vicinity until Monday, understood?"

"Absolutely, Boss. You won't be seeing me," laughed Morgan, gathering up his things from his desk. "You coming Pretty Boy?"

"Yup!" said Reid, slinging his messenger bag across his too-thin body and following Morgan and Gideon. JJ, Prentiss, Hotch, and Garcia followed them into the large elevator while Spencer pressed the 'ground floor' button.

As the elevator began its decent, Morgan and Garcia joked with each other. Suddenly and without warning, the elevator came to a quick, shuddering stop before jolting down on one side, causing the BAU team to fall against each other.

"What the Hell?" shouted Morgan to no one in particular.

"Morgan!" squeaked Reid from somewhere amidst the pile.

"What's the matter, kid?"

"You're squishing me against the handrail!"

Morgan didn't even notice this, so he jumped up immediately to find Reid sandwiched against the wall in a very uncomfortable position.

"Sorry, kid," he apologized.

"Hey, that's fine. I have two kidneys, what's one gone?"

Morgan sighed and took in the sight in front of him. The lights were flickering. The entire elevator was angled to the left, probably from a broken cable. No one on the team seemed to be injured, just pissed off. Morgan went to hit the emergency button, and he couldn't help but remember a similar scenario that happened with Reid, not too long ago. He hated elevators…

No one answered the call button. Frustrated, Morgan pressed it again and again and again…

"It's late. The guard is probably long gone, Derek," sighed Hotch, trying to assess their situation. So far, not good…

"Do you think someone else would hear the alarm? Isn't there always a guard on duty?"

"Yeah, in the garage and places like that, but not watching the elevator," sighed JJ in frustration. She brought out her cell phone and then cried out in annoyance.

"No reception either!"

"Fantastic," grumbled Gideon. "So what, we're stuck here till morning?"

"Seems like it," mumbled Prentiss. "So much for a de-stressing long weekend."

After a few minutes of pacing in annoyance, trying to find an impossible solution, the team sat on the cold floor and began their wait. Only ten minutes went by before Morgan grumbled, "I am sooo bored. There has GOT to be something we can do to pass the time."

"What do you suggest?" said Penelope, who was on her back, legs crossed, and blond hair spewed on the floor.

"Genius, any ideas?" said Morgan to Reid. Reid sighed and just shook his head.

Finally, after a few moments, Morgan exclaimed, "I got it!"

"Oh, God. I'm scared," said Prentiss with a small laugh.

Morgan turned his attention to her. "So Prentiss, Truth or Dare?"

Author's Note:

I know it's short, but it's just the beginning. If anyone has any ideas for truths or dares, please let me know! I have some of my own, but I need more, people!

For those who have read my previous stories, you know that I was going to write two other stories, and I still will. This just sort of popped into my head and it seemed kinda fun to write so I went with it. Never fear, the other two stories will be written, one very soon in fact!

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