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Last chapter...

"Edward," I breathed, pulling away from him and meeting his sorrowful, tortured gaze. I unwrapped my arms from around his warm torso and lifted one hand up to his cheek, cupping it gently and stroking my thumb across the chilled skin. I rested my other hand over his heart, which was pounding against his rib cage, thrumming rhythmically. "You're such an idiot... but you're my idiot. I love you and that's not conditional. We can't run at the first sign of trouble or we wouldn't be stood here right now. However, if you do that again, I won't be held accountable for my actions." I warned, my expression soft as I studied his remorseful one. "You may not expect me to forgive you but I do. With all my heart. I know it can't have been easy to admit your wrongs and lay it all out on the table but I understand and I admit that I may have felt the same way."

"Thank you. Today you were mature enough for the both of us and I'm so grateful for the chance you have given me."

"That's okay. Now... enough of the soppy. I think I've had as much of the heavy stuff as I can handle today." I confessed with a small smile, letting him know I wasn't having a dig at him.

After simply scrutinising me for several moments, he brought the back of his hand to my forehead, a concerned expression adorning his handsome features.

"Are you still sick? You don't look well, Bella. I shouldn't have brought you out here." I rolled my eyes and shook my head in a mild attempt to dispel his concerns.

"I feel fine, Edward. Really. I just need some rest and I will be good as new." I assured him.

"You're not too cold?" He checked, scrunching up his face in an adorable expression.

"It's a little chilly, but I know something that would warm me up..." I trailed off suggestively, biting my lip.

We all know what they say about make up sex.

Edward's lips tentatively met mine in a chaste kiss, his hands resting on my hips. I smiled coyly up at him, ensnaring my fingers in his hair and pushing up onto my toes so I could press my mouth fiercely against his. It only took him a few seconds to respond, and respond he did. A growl rumbled in his chest as his lips, tongue and teeth attacked me and I welcomed the invasion, encouraging his ministrations. My body moulded to his and I tried desperately to climb his body like a cat, desperate to be closer in anyway I could. Edward bent his knees as he hooked his hands under my thighs and lifted me. My legs were around his hips in second, pressing his growing erecting against my core. God, it had been too long.

He stepped backwards and before I knew we were even moving, my back was against a nearby tree and I was pinned by Edward. I may have moaned a little.

Well, okay. It was pretty loud. So sue me.

My wayward fingers trailed down his chest, tracing the hard planes I knew so well. As I struggled to take air into my lungs, I reluctantly prised my swollen lips from his and nipped and kissed along his chiselled jaw, feeling the scruff of his stubble against my sensitive flesh.

"Do you trust me?" I asked, placing my fingers over his racing heart.

"Yes." He responded emphatically, his eyes conveying the truth he felt. His hand came up to rest over mine, the warmth of his fingers burning my cool flesh. I saw the conviction in his eyes and it gave me hope. Hope for our relationship and hope for our future.

I leant forward to touch my lips to the back of his hand.

"Close your eyes." I commanded, pulling my hand away. He followed my instruction without a second of thought and I smiled to myself. "Hold your hand out." When his hand stretched out into the few feet of distance I had put between us, I slid my fingers into his and closed them around his hand. His thumb rubbed back and forth over the back of my hand and a small smile graced his red lips. I reached up to press my lips against his, using his shoulder for balance. Edward hummed in response, his grin growing.

Back to the task.

"I'm going to show you something." I told him.

"Okay." There was a smirk on his face. It seemed somebody's thoughts had gone to the gutter but right now, I wasn't being dirty. I smacked his arm and he flinched.

"Not like that, Edward." I chastised him, rolling my eyes even though he couldn't see me.

"A guy can dream. Anyway, I hope you didn't get me to close my eyes just so I can't see you attacking me. I feel like a victim."

"No, that's not why. Although..." I trailed off, my tone teasing. Edward chuckled, reaching out blindly for my other hand, no doubt in an attempt to incapacitate me.

"So if you're not taking your clothes off, what is it your showing me?" He prompted, getting me back on track. It seemed around Edward I was too easily distracted, as had always been the case.

"You'll see." I answered cryptically, wanting the element of surprise.

"Not with my eyes closed, I won't." He countered, a smirk in his tone, even though he kept his face straight.

I tugged on his hand gently, indicating that I wanted him to move.

"Come on then, you. This way."

"Yes ma'am."

I led him through the trees, guiding his movements and helping him to avoid the obstacles. I divided my attention between the undistinguishable path we were following and his face, checking that he wasn't peeking. This was important to me. The only noises that filled the silent void was the sound of cracking twigs and rustling undergrowth, combined with our quiet breathing. Commendably, Edward didn't say a word. He didn't complain about his inability to see, he didn't ask how much further we had to go. I felt the happiness beating in my heart and however corny that sounds, its entirely true.

I heard the familiar trickle of the stream and knew that we were nearly there. It had been a long time since I took this delve into the depths of the forest; weeks or months, it's hard to remember. When I was younger, I came out here more often. It was my safe place and my sanctuary, somewhere I could go when the house was too quiet.

"There's a tree trunk a few feet in front of you," I warned Edward. "A few more steps." He took two steps forwards and stopped, his movements confident and lithe. "Okay, it's right in front of you." I clambered over it so I was in a better position to help Edward, allowing him to steady himself on me. "That's it, put your foot down." I instructed when his right leg had cleared the fallen tree. He followed with his other foot without hesitation and after giving him a second to catch his bearings, as well as he could, I urged him forward again.

A minute later we had arrived at our destination. I took a moment to look around myself as best I could in the dark of night which loomed around us in, what I found to be, a comfortable embrace.

"You can open your eyes." I informed Edward, giving his hand a squeeze with my fingers, conveying emotions I couldn't quite describe. I watched Edward's face intently as he adjusted to the dark surroundings, before his gaze traced over the forest around us. We stood a few metres in front of a hulking structure of rocks. I could distinguish the opening, a shade darker than the grey stones. They took the form of an isolated cave, two deformed rocks leaning against each other, a tree bowed overhead. It was a mystery to me, how these rocks had come to be here, but here they were. I'd stumbled across them one day, playing hide and seek with Alice and Emmett one Summer. The undergrowth and trees mostly hid the place from view unless you were looking for them. It was a small oasis of sorts.

Edward's eyes flicked to mine before he began turning, absorbing everything he saw. When he'd finished, he turned back to me, bringing my hand to his lips so he could press them against the smooth skin on the inside of my wrist in a tender move.

"What is this place?" He probed, as I assumed he would.

"You know when you're a kid and dens are the shit?" I began and he nodded. "Imagine my excitement when I accidentally found myself this little den. Forget sheets and duvets; I had a secluded, natural hiding place. I never told anybody. Alice found out eventually, of course, in the way only she can."

"The stones?" He nudged his head towards them for confirmation.

"Yeah. When Charlie had to work or I needed some space, I'd often make my way out here. I'd sit in the little den for hours; thinking, reading, listening. My own little haven. I don't come out here as much anymore and it's more of a squeeze than it used to be, but sometimes I seek solace here. There's something so familiar and comfortable to me here."

Fingers stroked my cheek, brushing against stray strands of hair in a gentle touch. Soft lips met mine, moving languidly. When Edward pulled away, he fixed his gaze on mine once more.

"You didn't need to show me this, but I'm glad you did, Bella. Thank you."

"Trust is a two-way street, right?" I shrugged. "I want you to know me. Really know me."

"I want to know you, too. All of you. I'll never get enough of you, I need you to know that. I know my actions have been less than convincing and I can't even begin to excuse them but I promise to trust you from now on. Always." The words were somewhat cheesy but that's part of the reason I loved them. Edward was putting himself on the line, opening up. Communication is key, no?

"Thank you. That means a lot to me, Edward. We can't be perfect, but we can damn well try." I smiled indulgently at him, feeling as though we were finally two adults in this relationship, on equal footing. Time would tell, but I wasn't going to doubt him. I trusted his words.

I snaked my arms around his waist, shuffling into his body and pressing my own against his hard planes. My fingers clung to his shirt, my head buried into his chest. His strong arms engulfed me, his cheek resting against my head. I sighed, inhaling his scent as I did so. The man smelled edible.

"Shall we?" He inquired after a minute or two, maybe more. I knew what he was suggesting.

"We shall." I stepped back, unwillingly releasing my Edward. Yes, my Edward. I walked to the entrance of the cave and turned to Edward. "Welcome to my humble forest abode, Mr. Cullen. Come on in." I encouraged, grinning with child-like joy. He chuckled at the glee in my expression, approaching me. Before he entered, he placed a quick kiss at the corner of my mouth. I allowed him to get settling in the small space as I took another glance around me.

"Are you staying out there all night?" Edward's teasing voice rang out, loud in the quiet night, with only the backdrop of rustling leaves and trickling stream.

"Not on your nelly." I giggled, crawling inside and coming face to face with Edward, who was silently guffawing. I shot him a quizzical look.

"You're one of a kind, Bella. One of a kind." I shrugged, plonking my ass down onto the dry soil.

"I was born this way, baby." I winked, wriggling to get myself comfortable, although it was all for nothing.

"You're too far away." He pouted, reaching his arms out towards me.

"In this small space, I don't think it's possible to be far away from anything." I countered, cocking an eyebrow at him.

"Now that's where you're wrong. If you don't come over here, I'm going to come and get you." He warned.

"Is that so?" I questioned and Edward grunted affirmation in response. "Well then, I better comply." Edward stretched out one leg, hooking it behind my left foot and tugging in encouragement. I pushed forward onto my knees and crawled towards him, my knees straddling his legs. When I reached him, I sat back against his thigh and wrapped a hand behind his neck, pulling his face towards mine. Edward licked his lips and I copied the action.

"Is this close enough?" I asked, my voice coming out far breathier as our proximity began to effect me.

"Almost." He growled back before pressing a large, warm palm against my back and pressing me into him. I moaned, the sound barely audible before his lips crashed to mine in desperate hunger. I unashamedly rubbed my chest against his, craving the friction I'd sorely missed. The hand at my back slid down before finding its way underneath my clothes. His welcome tongue probed my mouth and once I acknowledged just how erotic it was, I couldn't focus on anything else. I wanted his length penetrating me in the same way. This aching need caused my hips to rock, essentially humping his toned thigh. I no longer noticed the chill of the night; I was scorching. I prised my lips from his, gasping for breath between wanton moans. Edward had turned me into a porn-star slut and from the expression on his face, he didn't mind one bit. His teeth found my ear, nipping. The hand beneath my clothes wound its way to the front, fumbling to lower the cup of my bra in a movement lacking Edward's usual grace. I didn't care. It was primal, needy and raw. I wanted him. It felt like I had never wanted him this much.

My hips pivoted faster, my fingers clawing at every part of Edward I could reach while his hand cupped my breast, teasing my nipples and making my breath catch in my throat. I thrust my breast into his touch, pleading silently for more. As I shifted my position to soothe my cramping legs, my thigh brushed against Edward's bulging jeans, causing them to jerk and a grunt to leave his preoccupied lips. His hips jerked again, as though seeking the friction again and I shifted in my place, tugging on fistfuls of his shirt as I leaned back, urging him to follow my movements. It was awkward but we managed to manoeuvre ourselves so Edward's body smothered mine, our hands still in their places.

Edward's hips settled between mine and I wrapped one leg behind his thigh to hold him to me, his bulging jeans positioned at my core. I nuzzled Edward's neck as he began thrusting against me, eliciting gasped pleas from me. I was wet and aching for him.

"Mm, Bella."

"Oh- Oh, fuck. Ah-" He worked to shove my hoody and tank top up, over my breasts and took the opportunity to bring his mouth to my neglected peak. My hands groped blindly for his belt, accidentally rubbing his erection in the process, garnering a startled intake of breath from him. When I finally succeeded in undoing his belt, I kicked at his jeans until they were at his knees. I whimpered from the loss as Edward removed his hand from my breast.

"Fucking boxers." He growled, fidgeting. His left arm braced his weight and his warm breath fanned across my exposed flesh.

"Get them off." I pleaded while making a grab for my sweats, struggling in my position to move them. I arched my hips up and unintentionally rubbed my sensitive clit against Edward's struggling hand, momentarily halting my attempts as I gasped. Edward's eyes shot up to meet mine, barely pausing on my heaving chest and parted lips.

"Ed-Edwa-ward." I stuttered when he purposefully pressed his thumb against my clit. My arms flew out, attempting to find purchase against the stone walls encasing us. My body convulsed in pleasure when he circled my bundle of nerves. He abandoned his effort to remove his clothes, throwing himself forward, his lips crashing against mine in a frenzy.

"Fuck, I need you." He growled against my mouth, hands fumbled for skin.

"Now," I begged.

Together we tore at my sweats, managing to push them down to my shins. Edward desperately yanked at my underwear as I pushed at his.

"Fucking clothes. No underwear in fucking future." He ground out. He somehow managed to lower my underwear with one hand, shifting his weight until he successfully dragged the material past my knees.

With a grunt, Edward pushed into me, wasting no time. His hips pistoned, hard and fast. Raw, undiluted lust in its finest form. My nails scraped against his clothed back; were they against his bare skin, there's no doubt I'd have left marks. I kissed along Edward's stubbled jaw between panting breaths of exertion. I had no control over my hips as they thrust to meet Edward's, ensuring our connection. Our rhythm was imperfect, as were our surroundings, but it only served to enhance the moment.

My orgasm was building rapidly, fast-approaching its crescendo and I welcomed it greedily. Each breath I took became more shallow and shaky and Edward caught my eye and I knew he knew I was close. He pressed kisses along my collarbone, periodically swirling his tongue against the sensitive flesh. The path of his lips continue down my chest, pausing between my breasts before continuing to the swell of my right breast. His hips increased the force of their pounding right before he sank his teeth into me. I cried out in surprise before crashing into my orgasm, snatching at and savouring the forceful release. I barely noticed the swipe of Edward's tongue over my marked flesh, soothing the wound.

I wasn't recovered from my own release when Edward found his; his face fell to my chest as his body convulsed above mine. I relished my name falling from his lips, with his voice so rough and filled with lust. Other than tangling my fingers into his damp and wayward hair, we didn't move. I fought with my body to calm myself down after the intense experience we'd shared. I was doubtful that I'd ever walk again. There was a high chance I couldn't actually feel my legs in that moment, although I paid that no mind. As the cool air began to seep into my skin, causing me to shiver, Edward finally stirred.

"You're cold." He stated, pointing out the obvious. With what seemed to be great effort, he heaved his body from mine. I shivered further, feeling the loss of his heat, until he reached out to straighten my clothes, pulling down my tank top and hoody with delicacy. He rolled off me completely and in the small space we had, I wriggled around until I had my underwear and sweatpants back in place. Edward's movements mimicked mine, his hips arch to help his mission to re-clothe himself. With his belt buckled, he lay back at my side, curling in as close as he could and wrapping a possessive arm around me. His head lay on my chest, sounds of contentment leaving him. My fingers stroked his hair of their own accord, enjoying the relaxing notion. I released a satisfied sigh, enjoying a deep, lethargic feeling of inner peace.

Boy, is make-up sex relaxing.


I woke from dreams of an animalistic Edward doing the most wonderful things to my body, turning over to groan into my pillow. I had little to no motivation and the day hadn't even begun properly yet. I must admit, my bed lost it's appeal somewhat with the absence of Edward. It made me long for the days when Charlie had been out of town and I spent the night hours curled into Edward's body.

Knowing that the battle with my drooping eyelids wasn't one I would win, I rolled out of bed, stretching my sore and aching limbs. When I had returned last night, I noticed how dishevelled my clothes were and was thankful that Charlie had nothing to do with my laundry, or there would certainly have been some eyebrows raised. The red marks and small scratches on my back weren't a surprise and didn't cause too much discomfort. Something else that I wasn't surprised to see was the mark Edward had left on my breast with his talented, taunting mouth. The combination of all these things just made me crave him more. There was something so enticing and erotic about the undiluted desire of the night before. I wanted it again.

I always wanted Edward again.

I dragged myself through my morning routine before skulking off to school, once again seeing hide nor hair of Charlie.

While the ache in my limbs dissipated as the morning progressed, it was still pronounced. My classes past by in a flurry of notes, questions and powerpoints; all recapping the syllabus for our final exams. Those fast approaching exams. I suppressed all thoughts of time, hoping if I ignored the proximity of my finals, they'd go away. It was worth a try, I figured.

Third period was English Lit and I approached it with eagerness. I had to see Edward; I wanted to see any difference in him, his behaviour. To know that I had been the cause. I tried to calm the roaring possessiveness and jealousy that was attacking my thoughts, reminding myself that he was my Edward and there was no question of it.


There was building anticipation as the time closed in on third period. I was exhausted from the late and... energetic night I had shared with Bella in the woods. Yesterday had been emotionally tiring but damn, were my muscles still sore from the sex. I'd been permanently hard since I left her in the middle of the night and it was incredibly uncomfortable and distracting. I tried to relieve some of the tension in the shower this morning, but the reprieve was only brief. Every cell in my body was calling to her and I hadn't even seen her yet today.

Would her cheeks flush? Would there be evidence of our late night meeting? God, I hoped so.

When my second period class filed out, I began setting up the classroom for the next lesson. I collected felt tips and poster paper from the supply closet. Yes, that supply closet.

I felt as though my mind was conspiring against me today. Enjoying my turmoil. I pinched the bridge of my nose, attempting to distract myself of any and all thoughts of Bella; both dressed and undressed. Damn... undressed. Creamy skin, pink flush, puckered nipples.

I. Am. Doomed.

Perhaps last night was a bad idea after all. Okay, who am I kidding? I couldn't regret it if I tried. Last night was something else entirely. We were unrestrained, taking what we needed, taking each other. I don't think I'd be standing up in front of the class much today – no need to poke anybody's eye out.

With all the materials dispersed around the room, I began writing the task on the board, enjoying the now familiar tugs in my muscles as I stretched them. As I wrote, my free hand ran through my uncontrollable hair, throwing it into further disarray.

"No!" Bella's voice declared with a tinkling laugh.

"Oh come on, admit it." Bree's voice called back. I spared a glance over my shoulder to see Bella's eyes lit up, a smile taking over her beautiful face. I couldn't control my own smile at the sight before me and quickly turned back to the board to hide my reaction.

"I've never thought about that. Never! It's just you." I was surprised by the light-hearted banter passing between Bella and Bree, another student in the class, never having seen them interact before. Come to think of it, other than Eric and Lauren, Bella never seemed to talk to any of her peers in the class. Bree cackled in response before refuting Bella's claims. Their voices grew louder as they took their seats on separate sides of the room. I risked another glance over my shoulder, unable to deny myself another glimpse at Bella. She was biting her plump lip in an attempt to reign in her amusement and as she turned away from Bree to hide her laughter, she caught my eye, her brown orbs blazing momentarily as her carefree amusement morphed into a secretive, reminiscent smile. One that spoke volumes. I nodded minutely, my own lips twitching, a smirk barely contained.

"You're only deluding yourself. Everybody secretly loves his music." Bree's countering cry drew us out of our moment and I cleared my throat to distract myself. "Sir!" Bree exclaimed, leaning forward eagerly.

"Yes, Bree?" I inquired, giving her my full attention.

"What are your thoughts on Billy Ray Cyrus?" She asked and Bella coughed. I watched as she threw a hand over her eyes, peeking through her fingers, her attention alternating between myself and her classmate.

I skirted round my desk to lean against it, my arms crossed in front of my chest and my expression thoughtful. I gave the impression of pondering my answer, waiting a few moments.

"He's pulled some interesting songs out of the hat. I can't say I have any of his singles, or that I'm an avid fan, but I'll admit that there are a few catchy tunes he's made."

"See, Bella. Everyone secretly loves him." Bree cheered in triumph.

"Did you hear the same words I just heard?" Bella teased as students finally began filtering in, although I had been relishing the casual conversation.

"Yes! Mr. Cullen said, and I quote, "I'm a closet Billy Ray Cyrus lover!"" She cackled, causing several of her classmates to turn to me with mixed expressions of bewilderment and disgust. I simply rolled my eyes and moved to my seat behind my desk. I caught a glimpse of Bella holding her hands up in surrender before Bree fist-pumped in what can only be described as a theatrical manner.

When the seats were filled I called the class to attention and explained to them the task, giving teams of four a poem each to recap the themes and interpretations we had discussed earlier in the year.

To save me the trouble of deciding groups, I requested that they work in the rows they were seated in. The chatter was incessant and off-topic, but I was more relaxed than usual, trusting that they were completing their work. After giving them several minutes to collect themselves and their thoughts, I began making my way around the groups to hear the ideas they were sharing and answer any questions that may have been raised.

While my feet were straining to take me to Bella, I managed to exercise some control – for a change, where Bella was concerned – and moved to the students closest to my desk first. We chatted, I watched, they brainstormed. I had managed to position myself so that I could watch Bella conspicuously, watching her tendrils of hair brush across her chest, observe the sliver of creamy stomach exposed when she leant forward across the desk, see her plump, kissable lips pucker as she concentrated.

"Sir? Mr. Cullen?" I snapped out of my daze, trying to appear calm and guilt-free.

"Sorry, I got lost in Blake's poetry there." I lied, accounting for my distraction.

"What was it you told us last week about Blake's involvement with the Romantics?" Maria inquired and I delivered my spiel on Blake's background, one I knew like the back of my hand.

Gradually, I grew closer to Bella's group. My eyes had never left her for long and when they did, thoughts of her moans and ministrations in her child-hood den flooded my mind. The urge to touch her was overwhelming. My ears strained for every sound and word she breathed. She still captivated me.

When it was time, I stood across the desk from her, next to Lauren and Eric. This allowed me an unobstructed view of her. She seemed to be making every effort to avoid meeting my gaze but her eyes never strayed long before they were drawn back to mine. I tore my attention from her long enough to read her groups poster, impressed with the concepts they had approached and ideas they had structured well over the poster paper. When none of them had questions, I instructed the class that they had five more minutes. I did, however, remain by their table, occasionally questioning their ideas and offering up alternate interpretations.

Soon, the five minutes were up and I silenced the class momentarily, requesting that one person from each group come up to the front to pin their work to the board. Bella's group nominated her and she huffed, heaving her dainty form from her chair. She reached to the top of the board, pinning the sheet as high as she could, groaning and quickly retracting her arms when she stretched too far. She aimed a little lower before returning to her group.

"Pulled something?" Yorkie inquired after observing Bella's movements.

"Yeah, just a few protesting muscles here and there." She commented, stretching out her arms to loosen them.

"You forget to stretch before strenuous exercise?" He probed, seemingly concerned.

"I thought I'd stretched sufficiently beforehand but perhaps not." She responded casually, while I disguised a groan as a coughing fit. Her gaze landed on me and her tongue peeked out to wet her lips, enticing me.

She's going to get me into a lot of trouble one day.

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