Doctor Holiday was, once again, walking the corridors of Providence. She knew her way around so well that she could read a book while she was walking and wouldn't walk into anything. To most it would seem as though she was just checking out Rex's scans again, but in reality she was thinking about her home-town…

"Daddy!" a young Holiday yelled as she ran away from a dark man that was chasing her. Her father scooped her up into his safe arms and shot her assailant in the head with a rifle. He looked her over at arm's length, and then pulled her into a warm hug. Young Holiday, who was about twelve at the time, pulled out her own small revolver and shot another man that was sneaking up behind her father.

"Ha, ha! That's my girl!" her father laughed out of happiness. They heard a shrieking in the distance as her sister ran at them with a silky-furred red dog following. "Good boy Rusty" their father praised the dog, " now let's find your mother and try to find a safe place in this hell-hole."

They turned around and saw a pack of bloody people coming towards them. They all raised their guns and shot their pursuers in the head. Holiday managed to get one in the eye and another in the ear. She was just turning around to run when she saw a pair of blank, glassy eyes move in on her to…

"Doctor Holiday!" a voice yelled, snapping Dr. Holiday out of her thoughts. She turned to look at who had spoken too quickly and started to fall. Just as she started falling, a pair of strong, muscled arms in green sleeves wrapped themselves around her waist and righted her. She looked up into the black, smooth sunglasses of Agent Six.

"Thanks Six" she said, sighing and straightening her papers "I guess I got distracted."

"Hey Six, never thought I'd see you making a move on the Doc" Bobo Haha said slyly. Holiday and Six looked down and realized that Six's arms were still around her waist. He deliberately let go of her slowly so as not to seem embarrassed.

"You know, I hear Antarctica is horrible around this time of year" he said. The monkey got the message and took his leave before the agent could threaten him anymore. Six then continued with what he was going to say before.

"Anyway, the reason I was trying to get your attention is because White Knight wants us to go on a mission to a town called Sherryville, Tennessee" he continued. He raised an eyebrow slightly when Dr. Holiday's eyes widened. "Is there something wrong with that?" he asked, lowering his eyebrow back into place.

"No, it's just that, it's my home-town. Why would Providence want us to go on a mission there?" she asked, shaking her head a bit.

"Providence sent a few probes out there due to some disappearances over the years. The probes sent back some" he paused, "disturbing pictures. Completely empty apartments, bullet holes in almost every wall, and bloody bodies everywhere. So Providence wants me, Rex, and Bobo to go check it out, and they want you to come with us since you probably know your way around."

"Okay, I'll get packing right away" Holiday said seeming slightly distant and staring off into the middle-horizon.

"I'll go tell Rex" Six said brushing off his confusion about the doctor's sudden change in moods "we leave in four days."

Holiday nodded and began walking dazedly to her room. "Hey" Six started "is everything alright?" he asked. He wasn't sure where that came from; it had just popped up out of nowhere.

"She looked at him for a moment, then finally replied "Yeah, I'm fine", before walking to her room. When she got to her door, she input her code and walked in, letting her door close automatically behind her. Unconsciously, she walked into her bathroom and began undressing. Letting her lab coat, shirt, and skirt fall to the floor, she turned around and looked at her bare back in the mirror. On her back was a long, deep, blood-red scar. It went from where her hairline met the back of her neck, then trailed downward just barely grazing the left side of her spine. It followed her spine all the way down to her lower back, where it then made a curve and traveled down her left leg all the way down to her ankle.

If anyone had bothered to look at her leg or neck they would see it instantly, but of course this being a military base, no one looked at her that often. Suddenly an ear-piercing alarm blasted around the base.

Be on alert! Be on alert! Intruders have breached security! All armed personnel get to your stations immediately!

Holiday quickly re-dressed and ran out the door. If there was an intruder in the base, a new sense of power inside of her made her want to get out there and help. Adrenaline pumped itself through her veins like fire and she began thinking about things she hadn't thought about in a long time.