Itz been done a thousand times and I'm going to make it 1,001!

Hope you like it! All Characters belong to Stephanie Meyer ©

Bella: Stupid_Lamb

Edward: Masochistic_Lion

Alice: Psyke!

Jasper: Komander_Kalm

Emmet: Strongerthanyou

Rosalie: Iluvmamonkeyman

Carlisle: Dr_Vamp

Esme: Mrs_Vamp

Jacob: Big_Bad_Wolf

Stupid_Lamb, Masochistic_Lion have signed in.

Stupid_Lamb: Anybody home?

Masochistic_Lion: Hi, love!

Stupid_Lamb: Eddie! … Watz wiv da name?

Masochistic_Lion: I could say the same about you.

Stupid_Lamb: Thatz wat I da on the meadow, & itz true but ur not Masochistic…

Masochistic_Lion: Yes it is! I am too selfish to stay away and keep you safe!

Stupid_Lamb: *sob*

Masochistic_Lamb: Bella? Are you okay! Hold on, I'll be right over!

Stupid_Lamb: Wait! Don't leave me!

Masochistic_Lion: ?

Stupid_Lamb: U r not Masochistic! Plz say u wna stay wiv me! I dnt wnt u to stay away!

Masochistic_Lion: Of course I'll stay with you, I love you.

Masochistic_Lion has changed his name to Piano_Player.

Stupid_Lamb: YAY! I luv ya 2!

Piano_Player: Are you happy now?

Stupid_Lamb: Yep

Psyke!, Komander_Kalm have signed in

Psyke!: Hey!

Stupid_Lamb: Hi, Alice! XD Hi Jazz!

Komander_Kalm: How come i dnt get a "XD"?

Psyke!: Coz ur not special like me!

Piano_Player: Alice, no one is special like you.

Komander_Kalm: LOL

Stupid_Lamb: Sozzy Alice. LOL XD

Psyke!: Oh har har… *gives evils through the computer screen*

Piano_Player: Carrying on…. Jazz? Why does your screen name have "k's" instead of "C's"?

Komander_Kalm: COZ ITZ AWESOME!

Stupid_Lamb: Ok then…

Piano_Player: lol

Komander_Kalm: R u doubting mi awesomness?

Stupid_Lamb: Ummm…

Piano_Player: Of course not…

Komander_Kalm: Alice! They r doubting mi awesomness!

Psyke!: How dare you!

Stupid_Lamb: Umm…. G2G! Bii!

Piano_Player: Yeah, me too… I need to go and…. See Bella!

Stupid_Lamb and Piano_Player have signed out.

Komander_Kalm: Alice, u dnt doubt mii awesomness. Do u?

Psyke!: Of course not! Umm… I think Esme is calling me! I g2g! Bii Jazz!

Psyke! has signed out.

Komander_Kalm: *would blush if I could* Alice thinks I'm awesome!

AN: I kno that wasn't too gd… *hangs head in shame* XD

Jasper likes being called Awesome! (Even if itz only his wife who says so) LOL!

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