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Bella: Stupid_Lamb

Edward: Piano_Player

Alice: Psyke!

Jasper: Komander_Kalm

Emmet: Strongerthanyou

Rosalie: Iluvmamonkeymanslave

Carlisle: Dr_Vamp

Esme: Mrs_Vamp

Jacob: Big_Bad_Wolf

Psyke! And Iluvmamonkeymanslave has just signed in

Iluvmamonkeymanslave: Hi!

Psyke!: Whoah watz wiv da exclamation mark?

Iluvmamonkeymanslave: Mii screen name says it all

Psyke!: LOL...Wat u getting Em to do?

Iluvmamonkeymanslave: He has to paint his Jeep pink (A/N I kno this has been done loads of time but i liked the idea of Emmet wiv a pink Jeep XD) U?

Psyke!: I iz nice to mii Jazzie...

Iluvmamamonkeymanslave: Alice?

Psyke!: He has to try & NOT talk wiv his southener's accent for a week, if he does then he doesn't, i'm blanking him completely.

Iluvmamonkeymanslave: I thought u were being nice...

Psyke!: Meh...

Iluvmamonkeymanslve: LOL

Stupid_Lamb has signed in

Stupid_Lamb: Hey guys! Wuu2?

Psyke!: Laughing at our husbands... u?

Stupid_Lamb: Laughing at Edward, he is ATTEMPTING to cook... XD

Iluvmamonkeymanslave: Oh, i'm sure he iz not attempting...

Psyke!: Shut up, Rose! Edward wnted it to be secret...

Stupid_Lamb: Wha?

Psyke!: Just... GO PLAY WIV EDWARD! NOW!

Stupid_Lamb: ok...

Stupid_Lamb had signed out

Iluvmamonkeymanslave: WTH?

Psyke!: Edward wnted it to b a surprise that he can cook...

Iluvmamonkeymanslave: oh soz

Psyke!: nevr mind

Iluvmamonkeymmanslave: I'm bored... i iz gna go watch Emmet suffer... Bii!

Psyke!: LOL i come wiv u! I get Jazz to help paint!

Iluvmamonkeymanslave: awesome! LOL

Psyke! and Iluvmamonkeymanslave have signed out signed out

I haven't updated for a while & this iz really short... Soz! I hava good enough reason tho... a very sad reason... my daddy died... sniff sniffmii reaction was way more severe than that... :'(... Oh well, i've been told that this is a part of life... *still sad*

I am dedicating a one-shot to mii daddy "Father's day in Forks"... itz still in progress but expect it come on soon... If not... Then i giv u full permission to poke me... lol

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