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Lonely Angel

One man walks a lonely existence,
Burdened as the last Lord of Time.
Everything gone he wishes for life,
But is taken by those last four chimes.

And he rans for his life,
To escape his past.
And he screams out for help,
As he walks in the dark.
Yet he makes sure no ones close enough to hear,
Because those who see truth only cower in fear.

Still there are those who stay by his side,
Who fight and run and take it in stride.
But no matter how hard he tried,
Their promises of forever always died.

The youngest was his savior and love,
His golden wolf bathed in light.
Yet it was one vital slip that finally did it,
They screamed as the valiant child lost the fight.

The next was his twin but only in title,
He knew this distraction would not last.
Because she never gave him what he needed,
A friends hand to hold in sorrow steadfast.

The last was fiery in everyway,
His match until the very end.
But she forgot him against her will,
A loss irrevocably impossible to mend.

He gave up on that beach,
Hearts broken too many times.
And his adventures drew to a close,
As his old friend began the chimes.

He was always the strength in the darkness,
But now his rightful weakness is shown.
As the child within emerges at last,
The lonely angel weeps alone.
Unfair timing took his chance,
To show the world how much more he could do.
He spends his last moments quaking in fear,
His old friends mistake realised,
Too late to undo.

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