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Summary: What seems like a one off event spirals out of control and Jez feels that he life is slowly slipping away from her. Nobody realises that anything is wrong except from Morgead of course who sets off to find out what's wrong. When he realises the pair don't know what to do, whether to run away or confront the rest of the circle, but whatever they decide, will their love prevail in the end?

Jez's POV

I woke up and looked around a room that wasn't mine. Correction, I woke up with a massively bad hangover and looked around a room that wasn't mine. Actually, I could add that I was naked at the time and had no recollection of the night before. Also, there were about a dozen people looking at my companion, and me also naked. I guess it would have been easier if I hadn't known the people but the problem was I knew them, I knew them very well. I also knew my naked friend also in the bed, yes I did say naked!

"Jez! What happened? I know you were both drunk last night but I didn't think it was that drunk!"

Beside me Morgead stirred. Yes Morgead, for God's sake, it's not as if I would cheat on him! Morgead is my boyfriend in case you hadn't realised, well my soulmate. Same thing really. But we never really progressed to sleeping together, well we cuddle but never with our clothes before. Anyway, all the commotion had somehow waken him up which is little short of a miracle because it literally needs an earthquake to wake him which of course I can provide, me being a wild power and all that but seriously, he just woke up, obviously just as confused as I am.

"What are you guys doing here? What are you doing here Jez? Naked? Why am I naked? Why were we in bed together? What happened last night? Oh my God did we have sex? If so why can't I remember it? I mean surely I should remember my first time! I me-"

Quinn interrupted Morgead.

"Although I would love to hear you continue this hilarious rant I need to just clarify something, you're a virgin?"

I am sure that he could've said much more but laughter overtook him and Ash soon joined in.

"Look, fine, laugh at me all you want but I bet Jez is still a virgin and talking about you Jez, what did happen last night?"

He turned his attention on me, like everyone else in the room, his face still read from blushing.

"I honestly don't know what happened last night, but I swear we weren't that drunk! And I am kinda not a virgin…"

Even though I tried to rush the last sentence it was sort of left hanging.

"Ha. Morgead! You are the only virgin in the mansion assuming that you didn't have sex last night. But that leads to the question of why are you two in bed, naked together? You always go to your separate rooms!"

"I know! It's like they are Bella and Edward from twishite who never ever have sex, all they do is kiss I mean they never even make out except for the last book where all he does is bruise her up and get her pregnant and that nearly kills her anyway! I mean, they are such pansies and idiots! I mean New Moon? New Moan more like! Eclipse? Ecshit! Breaking Dawn?"

"Ash, honey, I think you better stop now."

Mare was right to stop him; Ash once went on for weeks non-stop about how rubbish twilight is!

"Anyway, I think that it was probably that we were so drunk last night that we just both walked into this room and got undressed and assumed it was our own room. It's perfectly understandable if we were so drunk!"

"Yeah but you don't sleep naked, you wear knickers and a crop top!"

Keller was looking embarrassed as she realised what she said.

"It came up in a game of truth or dare."

Ash looked incredulous.

"You played truth or dare and that's the question you came up with?"

"Yes well, I was drunk so I probably just did something different."

Quinn started to cough and muttered, "Yeah like have sex with Morgy." Under his breath.

"Yeah, OK so what if we had sex? Not saying that we did but why would you guys all care about it?"

Delos smiled slowly before answering.

"Oh we just have this infuriating tendency to barge into everyone's life and not only embarrass them by exploring their love life we then make these facts we have found out readily available to the public."

I was shocked, I didn't realise that Delos had nothing else to do. It was Galen that answered back.

"Ok, correction to that statement, Delos, Ash and Quinn and quite possibly James and Eric and David, well no, not Eric and David but almost certainly the rest of them like to do that and maybe some of the girls but mostly them, like to torture and embarrass their friends."

Morgead rolled his eyes.

"Look can you guys just go away because as you keep on reminding us we are naked and if we want to get out of the bed we would prefer not to have everyone watching us."

Just as everyone nodded and turned to leave my head was bombarded with images.

Morgead kissing me last night, us both coming into his room, me taking off my cardigan. I won't go on because sex is a personal experience that no one else should know exactly about when you have it with someone you love. In other words I cannot be bothered. But anyway, these images rushed into my mind and I felt so happy but then I was pulled out of my thoughts when Morgead got off the bed.

"I…I need to have a shower…"

He rushed away with bright red cheeks.

"What's wrong? Why are you all laughing?"

In front of me, all the members of Circle Daybreak were in hysterics. There were actually tears running down some people's faces. They were laughing to much to answer but Quinn managed to just about choke out an answer and I vaguely understood.

"You… were… pro—projecting!"


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