A/N: Ten/rose story. Set somewhere in series 2. Imagine they've met up with Jack though, 'cos he pops up in this too.


They run.

"Doctor!" Rose exclaims, panting erratically to try and catch her breath. "Look out!"

Rose's warning comes just in time and the Doctor ducks, narrowly avoiding being hit in the head by a flying object that's been hurtling towards them thanks to the Parrot people of Notreatydd.

"Woah, that was close!" replies the Doctor, pausing in his sprint to bend over and pick the unidentified object up. "What the...?" he mutters to himself, which is followed swiftly by a yelp as another one is thrown towards him.

Rose turns around and motions for him to hurry up – she really doesn't fancy being Parrot lunch today. Or ever, actually. "Come on, Doctor!"

"Right! Yes, yep, of course, on my way!" he replies, looking quizzically at the object in his hand before putting into his pocket. He catches up with Rose, and, noticing they are surrounded by Parrot soldiers in several directions, pushes her through the only way out.

A door. A huge, metal door. With bolts on.

Which turns out to be the entrance to a cupboard. Quite a large cupboard, though, so...silver lining and all that.

"Ah..." he says, shutting the door behind them. Rose looks up at him, her hands on her knees as she inhales deeply.

"They're gonna break the door down and get us anyway, aren't they?" she asks him.

"Erm...maybe. Probably. Sorry..." he replies sheepishly.

"Great," she responds sarcastically.

"I wish that door had been the door to the outside world..."he murmurs distractedly, pushing the heavy iron bolts across in an attempt to hinder the Parrots' efforts to open the door. "...instead of a cupboard. Stupid cupboard. Why do we always end up in - "

"- this isn't a cupboard," interrupts Rose. "It's completely empty. No shelves or anything. It's just a room, Doctor. An airtight room at that."

"Yes, well," he says. "I suppose it does look more like some sort of holding cell. No windows, one door. I'd say we're still trapped."

"Mmm. No windows, one door, and a hatch..." she says, the last word in a singsong sort of voice as she gestures above their heads with her hands. There, in the middle of the ceiling, is a small square-shaped, bolted door.

The Doctor follows the direction of her hands pointing upwards, definitely not noticing her top ride up a little to give him a glimpse of her stomach. Definitely not.

"Ohhh! Rose Tyler, you notice everything!" he says admiringly.

"Yeah, but in a cold, empty room, it wasn't exactly hard to miss," she retorts, looking at him strangely. "Not exactly much else to look at, is there?"

"Apart from me, you mean?" he says, winking at her.

She raises her eyebrow. "Yeah..." And she can't help it. She knows he's teasing, and he'll tease her more for this, but she simply cannot help it. She lets her eyes sweep over him, legs to head, and he grins at her devilishly. She sniffs and looks up at the hatch. "Exactly. And you're not that interesting compared to that."

He looks affronted for a moment. "You words wound me, Rose Tyler." He watches her as she reaches up to push against the hatch, but it won't budge.

"Can you sonic it?" she asks through gritted teeth as she heaves with all she's got.

"I can try, but how much do you want to bet that this is deadlock sealed?"

She pauses, letting her arms drop to her sides, and listens. There's nothing to hear except the Doctor and her breathing. "They aren't trying to get in," she realises. "They aren't trying to break the door down. They've locked us in here rather than we've locked them out. Right?"

"Right," he replies, wincing slightly. "But hey – at least we're not being eaten."

"Yet," Rose smirks.

"Hmmm. Yet," he agrees.

"It's alright though, 'cos Jack will get us out. Well. As soon as he's flirted his way past all the guards," she tells him, giggling slightly.

"I hope so. But...he doesn't know where we are," the Doctor replies, worried that they'd be trapped down here for ages. He tries the sonic screwdriver on the hatch, but, as he suspected, it doesn't work.

"You shouldn't have wandered off without him, then," Rose says, and he spins around to look at her.

"Me?" he exclaims indignantly. "You were the one who wandered off without saying anything!"

"You didn't have to follow me, though," Rose counters.

"Of course I did."

She raises an eyebrow, pleasantly surprised at his answer.

At her look, he decides that he should expand his answer. "Otherwise you'd have ended up in here on your own, and we'd never be able to find you. There must be about eighty cells like this, just in this section of the complex."

"Actually, of you hadn't followed me, I wouldn't have been associated with the man who told the Chief that he smelt like bananas – that's you, you big Time Lord idiot, by the way - and I would be walking around out there completely safe and - "

" – How was I to know that he'd take offence to that? I was complimenting him! And I'm not an idiot, thank you very much," he argues.

"Yeah, well, some people just don't have the same weird appreciation for bananas like you do," she tells him, folding her arms across her chest defensively.

"Weird? It's not weird! They are just...quite tasty. I like them. Is that wrong? That's like saying I have a weird appreciation for you, just because I like you."

"Are you seriously comparing me to a banana? It's completely different. A banana is a fruit. I am a person," she explains, enunciating the words slowly as if she's talking to a toddler.

"Yes, I am very aware of that, thanks." He's allowed to taste bananas, after all. He can't exactly walk up to Rose and ask her if he can –

Best not continue that sentence, actually.

"So, what do you like better?" she asks him, hiding a smile.

"What?" he replies, perplexed. He'd gotten distracted by his imaginative daydreaming again.

"Bananas or me?" She laughs at his confused expression.

"Weeeellll..." he says, considering.

She stops laughing.

"Wait. Do you really have to think about that?" she demands.

He flashes her a grin. "Nah. Course not. Bananas are good," he says, nodding. He laughs when she frowns at him. "But you're better," he adds cheekily.

"Oh, you charmer, you," she mutters sarcastically. "So. Have we just got to wait here until Jack gets to us, then?"

"Yep!" the Doctor replies cheerfully, popping the 'p.'

"Great," Rose says again, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor.

"What's up?" the Doctor asks, noticing how weary Rose looks at the prospect of being stuck here. Sure, it's not exactly cosy, but at least they're not being roasted. Yet.

She looks at him. "I just don't know if I can take another moment of being in here, stuck with you," she tells him sombrely. Trying not to laugh.

"Well. That's rude," he replies, but he knows she's only joking because her eyes are twinkling in the way they do when she's being mischievous. He rather likes her eyes.

"What?" Rose asks, the corners of her mouth turning up into a smile.

That's when he realises he must've said something aloud. Something he shouldn't have.

"What?" he echoes, feigning ignorance.

"You just said 'I rather like your eyes,'" she tells him, laughing.

"Ah. Didn't mean to, really. I was just...thinking," he replies nervously, tugging his ear and sitting down next to her on the floor.

"You think about me often?" she teases, bumping his shoulder with hers.

He shifts his body, moving closer to her and looks her in the eye. "Maybe," he says softly.

She returns his gaze with wide eyes and her mouth hanging slightly open. She closes it and clears her throat. "What else do you think about me, then?" she murmurs, well aware of the sudden electric tension that's surrounding them.

He opens his mouth to reply, but before he can, Rose's gaze shifts to behind his shoulder.

"Oh my god!" she exclaims. "Look!"


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