Title: Blomkvist and Salander finally talk (part 1/3)

Pairing: Lisbeth Salander/Mikael Blomkvist fanfiction

Genre: Angst, Romance

Rating: light M

Disclaimer: sadly, I do not own The Millennium trilogy or its characters. I do not make any profit out of this. I'm only borrowing them for a little wee while until I finish this fan fiction and borrow them for another.

Summary: Set right in the end of The Girl who kicked the Hornet's nest (Book). Mikael Blomkvist appears at Lisbeth Salander doorstep and they finally get to talk.

Warning: Short sex content (I swear that I behaved myself this time).

A/N: I really never ever saw a Blomkvist/Salander pairing fic anywhere. Fanfiction dot net website sadly don't even has a operating section for the Millennium movies or books. So... Bare with me that this is a TOTAL shot in the dark for me and I really do appreciate a feedback, because hits do not necessarily mean that you actually read it. Negative constructed feedbacks are also appreciated! XD Please, use the PM or review area.

A/N 2: I used some extracts from the book merely to give the initial picture. These are highlighted in italic.

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No more talk... let's get on with the bloody thing...

It was 7.00 that evening when Salander, to her great annoyance, heard
the doorbell ring. She was in the bath and the water was still
steaming. There was really only one person who could be at her front

At first she thought she would ignore it, but at the third ring she
sighed, got out of the bath, and wrapped a towel around her. With her
lower lip pouting, she trailed water down the hall floor. She opened
the door a crack.

"Hello," Blomkvist said.

She did not answer.

"Did you hear the evening news?"

She shook her head.

He told her about the late events involving Niedermann. Salander was
already well aware of the news but pretended not to know.

Blomkvist stood there in silence. They looked at each other through
the crack in the door.

"Am I interrupting something?" he said.

She shrugged. "I was in the bath."

"I can see that. Can I come in?"

She gave him an acid look.

"Lisbeth, I like your company and I respect you. I believe I've given you enough proof of it.
I refuse to let you shut me out of your life just because..." he
trailed off scratching the back of his head.

"Because?" se prompted.

"Because... I know a few of your private secrets." He said a little

Salander narrowed her eyes, her head started to spin trying to interpret the real reason of his visit, "she spilled it to you, didn't she?"

Blomkvist stared at her with a puzzled expression, "she?"

"Giannini," she said with a raspy voice. "She wants to play the
little, nice sister."

"My sister is very professional and I can assure you that nothing
that you said or say to her will ever come to my knowledge without
your express consent."

"You're a family of bastards," she breathed out.

"I have not the slightest idea what you are talking about." He said
starting to lose temper. "I'll not let you accuse Annika or I without
any further elaboration." Blomkvist said forcing the door open with
his foot.

Salander stumbled backwards but stopped short. She stood in his way,
not allowing him to progress his invasion any further into her

He closed the door and she noticed that he carried a bag of bagels and
an espresso coffee pack.

Blomkvist started, "what's your problem with me? I've been
wondering about this for quite a while now. You are not a lunatic. I
guess we've already established that. Therefore, there must be a reason.
You keep go on bulldozing people that care about you. Or you simply
ignore them. Armansky, Palmgren... they are your problem. But now, Annika... It
took me a lot of convincing to set my sister as your lawyer. She
respects you and you are her client. She is an exemplary professional
and will never betray any vow of secrecy to you as long as it's not
against the law. So, may I ask what are these accusations all about?"

Blomkvist's face was red but he actually managed to say the last
sentence in a calmer and polite manner.

"I fell in love with you," she said in a quite tone. Her gaze
dropped to the floor for a split second but it was back on him in an
intense stare.

"What?" he said with a completely bewildered expression.

"I. fucking. fell. in. love. with. you. That's what I said." She repeated
emphasising every word.