Title: Blomkvist and Salander finally talk (part 3/3)

Pairing: Lisbeth Salander/Mikael Blomkvist

Genre: Angst, Romance

Rating: light M

Disclaimer: sadly, I do not own The Millennium trilogy or its characters. I do not make any profit out of this. I'm only borrowing them for a little wee while until I finish this fan fiction and borrow them for another.

Summary: Set right in the end of The Girl who kicked the Hornet's nest (Book). Mikael Blomkvist appears at Lisbeth Salander doorstep and they finally get to talk.

Warning: sex innuendo (but I swear that I behaved myself this time).

"Lisbeth," he started. Her eyes shot open and her muscles tensed up.

He continued, "When I started my researches this year, I had no idea
that my work would somehow draw us together one more time. The murders
of my friends were a shock to me and I was forced to confess to
myself, as I also already confessed to you, that I felt a terrible
pain deep inside me every time my mind betrayed me and dared to
believe in the accusations against you. I assure you that these were
very rare occasions but they did exist. And... it killed me."

She kept listening to him silently.

"...However, one simple statement from you denying it was all that it
took to put an end on my dubious unpleasant thoughts. I trust you."
He said and paused for a long time trying to collect his thoughts.

His hands were still caressing her and she waited for him to continue.
She felt curious to know where this was going to lead.

"...You were a dear friend and, as such, worthy of all my efforts in
uncovering all the truth."

He took a deep breath.

"...The year had been a completely mess and I almost got myself and
Erika killed."

Salander winced slightly at the mention of Erika Berger's name.

He continued, "...I imagine that this is not worse than what you've
suffered this year yourself. And certainly it doesn't even compare to
what you've been through along all these years."

"...You are special, Lisbeth. You are a very unique woman that
crossed my path, invaded my privacy without any regard and turned my
life up side down like a bloody hurricane."

"...For a long time, I've sought you, looking for you
desperately... Then, I found myself looking after you and yet, it was
you that plagued my dreams every single night. It didn't matter if I
was alone in bed or not. As I hunted you, you haunted me."

He smiled crookedly.

"...I started to believe that you were becoming a childish obsession
to me. Nothing of what I felt made sense to me. Pursuing this had
become far from rational. You've made very clear in more
than one occasion that my company is not appreciated by you and yet, I
kept insisting on it. However, when I met you covered in blood in
Gosseberga I felt completely and savagely torn inside. I could barely
breathe and I acted out of pure instinct like a wild animal trying to
save your life. That was the first time I realised how much you meant
to me. It wasn't an immature obsession. It was something more... it
had to be something more."

He ran a wet hand over his hair, tussling and wetting the soft strands.

"...Friendship? Hm... Gratitude? Maybe... you've saved my life on
Hederby Island after all."

Her gaze was fixed on the wall in front of them while the events he
mentioned flicked through her mind.

"Then... one more year passed and I started to get used to your
haunting presence. If I had to spend the night working and didn't
have a chance to sleep, I missed dreaming about you. I became hungry
and hungry about my work. I was dangerously obstinate about uncovering
the facts... about giving you the deserved peace to live your life as
it pleased you."

"...I became involved with a woman, the secret police agent that I
mentioned to you. But, If you ask me what happened between Monica and
I, I honestly can't explain it. I felt relief, somehow. I was finally
tagging you as a 'friend' and period; end of the story, no

Salander's breath caught in her throat.

"...However the days went by. I posted the story at Millennium and
still I tried to keep track of you by all means. You were acquitted of
all the charges and released."

He brought his face to her shoulder and smelled over her skin.

"...Then, you've disappeared and I felt empty. I wanted to hear from
you. I wanted to be with you, talk to you face to face. And what
scared me the most, I longed for having you in my arms again."

"...Things with Monica ended up going down the drain for obvious
reasons despite all my efforts. Monica is a nice and caring woman and
I did try to shut part of me that screamed wildly for you, but this
part was basically the whole of me. And one day, Monica and I ceased
to exist as a couple." His fingers traced her dragon tattoo again.

"I've been waiting for an excuse to meet you again, just to say
'hello' or for a coffee. I have never ever felt this way before
regarding any woman in my entire life. And I certainly, had never
expressed myself so openly and vulnerably to anyone before. I actually
didn't even consider saying these words before they were already
slipping out of my mouth."

"When I took the stairs up to your apartment today I finally had the
excuse that I needed; Niedermann news. I had no idea how you would
react to my presence on your doorstep. Then you opened the door and I
started to talk... but after the third line, I realized that you knew
the story damn well and probably had a big finger on it." She smiled
at that and wondered how he could've read her so well.

"But I kept talking like a fool, trying to buy more time with you.
Bloody Hell, what have you done to me, Pippi." He said with a smile,
calling her by the pet name that annoyed her so much; Pippi

Salander shifted on his lap. She sat astride him, facing him now.

He watched her movements with expect eyes.

She finally opened her mouth. "And then you switched to your original
plan; invade my apartment to have sex with me." Her tone was flat.

"No. Sex with you is fantastic, mind blowing in a matter of fact. But
my original plan included only bagel and coffee believe it or not. Did
you know you have a Jura Impress X7 espresso coffee machine. I thought that you
might as well learn how to use it." He joked before becoming serious

"Look, Lisbeth, I didn't even known if you considered me a friend,
let alone something else. But then..."

"...after you've been avoiding me like a plague for the past few
years. You've blurted out, completely out of the blue, that you are in
love with me. Just like that." he waved his hand with a lopsided smiled.

But for some reason she couldn't face his gaze.

He crooked his head a little trying to bring her attention to him,
"what you've said, is it true?"

She nodded, still not able to look at him. It was the first time she
had been in love and she felt completely out of place, a total fool.

"I believe you, for the same strange reason that I also know that I'm
head over heels in love with you for a while now." He released a
nervous breathy laugh and that finally prompted her to look at him. A
small smile played on her face.

However, his face grew serious again.
"But my intentions haven't changed. I haven't come here for sex and
that's not what I want from you now either."

She looked confused at him. She couldn't understand what the hell he
was talking about. She could feel his erection pressed between them
over her stomach now and the need for her was written all over his face.

"I want to make love to you." he clarified while his fingers tucked a
strand of hair behind her ear.

Her eyes widened and her mouth gaped open.

"...today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and every single day from
now on until you get sick of me and kick me out of the that door."

Salander bit her lips pensively considering the seriousness of his
proposal. She was sure that she wouldn't get sick of him. Not so soon,
anyway... Maybe in 40 or 50 years... She was good with maths, calculating the years was not difficult. The difficulty was finding herself a total and helpless fucking romantic chick. Mikael, Kalle bloody Blomkvist... He was the only one
she knew capable of matching her strength. He didn't demand any changes
from her or rarely requested explanations. And yet, he knew all her
secrets. He never judged her and according to him, he loved and
desired her the way she was.

Salander didn't say a word. What would the say? 'Oh Micke, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you?'... No fucking way! She thought.

She simply locked her gaze with his and shifted
on his lap. She lifted herself slightly on her knees and placed one
light hand on his shoulder while her other hand found his hardened
member. Guiding him to her entrance, she slowly lowered her body down
until she had taken the whole of him. She released a shaky long sigh,
finally feeling complete.

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