Scarborough Fair

Hi all, sorry this isn't the epilogue, I'm really quite stuck for a really good idea for an epilogue so thought I'd leave it for a bit so as not to spoil the ending. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you there's a video on YouTube for this story/couple, it's called "I am not my own; for I have been made new - Dragon & Anastasia", my YouTube username is the same as my ffdotnet username. So check it out, it's seriously cool.

While I'm here can I give a great big thank you to every one who has reviewed and supported me through this story - I think it's my best yet, thatnks guys for all your inspiration!

And if anyone has an idea for an epilogue then let me know. I was going to have Lucy close, as she's the only character whose story I haven't finished telling yet, I have a kind of draft version but it's not really good enough an ending for this fic :/ What do you think?