Bella POV

A single crimson drop fell on the floor.

Everybody's eyes were on him. Jasper held his breath and closed his eyes.

Edward turned around and stared at the single drop of blood that was escaping from my finger.

Just as everything was going in slow motion, I tilted my head upwards to meet Edward's now onyx eyes. And then all hell broke loose.

He grabbed my wrist and brought it up to his exposed teeth. I closed my eyes and thought at least part of me will always stay in the one I love and always will—the thought, despite the consequences, made me smile and relish the moment. You see, I was going to be drunk by my soul mate Edward who just happened to be a vampire. He was the best thing that had happened to me since I moved to this depressing and rainy town of Forks to live with Charlie (my dad).

I was still waiting for his sharp beautiful teeth to cut through my flesh and slowly take my soul and blood when I heard a loud crash and a lot of glass break. After that I realised my right wrist was free from the fingers of the hand that belonged to... Edward. Just at the thought of his name had my eyes open and survey the scene in front of me. Alice, Rosalie, and Jasper were standing in the far secluded corner, no expression gracing their beautiful but serious features. Their gaze was locked over my shoulder. I slowly turned around. There, I found a completely different scenario—Edward was in midst of the doorframe surrounded by broken glass, but that was not that caught my attention. Carlisle, now definitely out of his calm and contained composure, was crouched in a hunting position; his teeth were exposed, and he was held back by a very grim looking Emmett. Esme was trying to soothe Carlisle by speaking in vampire speed and rubbing her hand gently along the length of his arm. They looked so perfect together. It was almost painful to see the love between them, just as I have experienced with Edward...

Thinking of him consumed me with so much grief and guilt that I crashed down on the floor and cried. This was my fault; my clumsiness caused my boyfriend, the love of my life, to attack me. Now he would leave me and blame himself for my lack of safety. I didn't notice the cold arms snaking around my shoulders and rocking me back and forth because darkness began to consume me and I gladly welcomed it.