Carlisle's POV

The strange thing was that Bella was not making any noise at all. If it weren't for the furrowed brow, or sometimes a barely-restrained shaking arm, I would have classed Bella peacefully asleep. I didn't like that; she wasn't meant to be peaceful unless…

"Bella's going to be perfectly fine" Alice interjected in my thoughts, while kneeling, like me, on the other side of Bella's bed. I smiled faintly while gently caressing Bella's hand.

"But Carlisle, why is Bella so quiet?" Rosalie asked, her voice full of concern. I ran a hand through my disheveled hair in frustration-I really didn't know.
"I have no idea Rosalie" I answered honestly while she moved towards the headboard of Bella's bed, and unconsciously started running a hand through her brunette hair. Bella has been quiet for two days of her transformation now,and I had no idea why. It wasn't normal; but then Bella was anything but normal.
"She seems to feel no pain at all" Emmett said as he sat near Bella's feet and started massaging them gently. I then realized that we were all trying to make this as easy as possible for Bella; I think-no, I'm sure-we could all remember the pain we had to endure when we were in Bella's position.
"Trust me, Bella's in a lot of pain" Jasper muttered, and of course we all heard.
"Jasper, you really don't have to stay" I looked up and told him sympathetically. I appreciated the fact that he cared for Bella so much, but I really didn't want him to feel the agonizing pain that every vampire only deserved once.
"But I want to" he protested weakly, but after a few minutes the pain won the battle from sentiments and Jasper had to leave quietly.

"You should go too" Alice said suddenly to me. "You could use some blood in your system". I hadn't realized until that moment how thirsty I was.
"Yeah, we'll take care of Bella for you" Emmett added, and after one last look at Bella, I followed Jasper's trail leading to the forest.

"How could you involve Bella in an accident?" Jasper all but shouted and Edward and Esme for God knows what time.

"Like I said, the Volturi were expecting us today" Esme replied again, as if that was a good enough excuse for nearly killing Bella instantly.

"But you're a vampire, remember? Quick reflexes for not doing accidents!" Jasper directed the question at Edward with barely concealed sarcasm.

"Well-" Esme started, but I interrupted her.

"It doesn't matter" I said. I then looked pointedly at Edward. "We were planning to change Bella, accident or no accident". Apart from a dark shadow of anger crossing over his features briefly, Edward showed no signs of protest. Esme, on the other hand, gave a small but a genuine smile.
"That's great!". Taking hold of Edward's arm, who seemed to be glaring at one point in the ground, she said "We should really be going now". And with that, they left.

After several hours of hunting and chatting with Jasper about everything and nothing, I felt more confident and relaxed of Bella's transformation.

Everything is going to be all right.

Jasper suddenly stood up, and taking his queue I heaved myself off the forest ground.

"Bella's waking up!"

Bella's POV

I stood in front of the mirror, marveling at the shade of ruby my eyes had taken. They promised me a new spectrum of colors in everything I now saw from that point on. Even the simple satin dress I was wearing seemed to have a multitude of colors dancing on the fabric, even though my human eyes would have only seen the color matching the emeralds on my very precious dragonfly ring.

I was confused. Hurt even. Fuzz of memories played eagerly in my mind, and there was one face that constantly appeared.


In the mirror I could see the three beautiful vampires...Alice, Rosalie-Rose, and Emmett. I remembered them. They were gawking at me, and I didn't blame them. The reflection in the mirror, my reflection, was beautiful. She was more well-sculpted, and everything from her brunette hair and her poise conveyed gracefulness. I was confused-is this me? I suddenly felt lost.

I heard footsteps behind me, but despite my instincts screaming at me to turn around, I didn't move an inch. Then a face appeared right behind me, and I found myself again. Carlisle.

I turned around and grinned at Carlisle's awed expression. On instinct, I practically pounced on him and hugged him tightly.

Obviously, when I felt that we were falling backwards, and when we landed with a loud thud, I then realized the extent of my new strength. For a very brief second, I was scared of myself. But that was only for a very brief second. I forgot everything when I met Carlisle's smiling eyes. I smiled back, and when Carlisle's eyes traveled to my lips, his eyes darkened and suddenly the air surrounding us was very thick with lust.

Ignoring everyone around us, I kissed him. This was different; Carlisle was warm and his skin was very soft. I practically moaned when his warm, soft hands started running up and down my back, and when his soft tongue embraced mine, I couldn't help but think I could get used to this very easily.

Reluctantly, I ended our embrace and picked both of us up from the floor. I spoke for the first time.

"I'm-" I started, but stopped suddenly when the foreign and beautiful sound I produced reached my own ears. Carlisle, sensing my shock and confusion, cupped my cheek and I leaned in his touch.

"You're still my beautiful Anima, Bella"

I immediately relaxed. I was with all the people I loved. Forever.

I'm still me.

Hello everyone! Finally, after such a long time I have actually finished this story! Yay! I'm so sorry for taking nearly 4 odd months to update this *hangs head in shame*. But I hope you like this ending :D