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"Heeey!~ Can I take this off yet?"

"No, not yet."

"But I can't see!"

"Hence the name "blindfold", Dobe."

I hated that name. I hated that name with a passion and fury. I don't even remember when he started calling me that, but it was just a name he had for me, and I always responded with my name for him.



Uchiha Sasuke. He's the person I can't stand the most in this world, but the one person I don't want to see disappear. I don't even understand how that works – wanting and hating someone. I guess that's kind of like a drug, right? It's so addicting but you know it's bad for you. It sounds just like Sasuke, except I can't find anything about him that would destroy me from the inside out. Except my desire to constantly see him (even if I won't admit that out loud).

So why do I have a blindfold over my eyes? Good question. This is usually done at parties, but it's way too late for that. I already had mine. Why would anyone hold a party for me? The village's most hated person? Simple. Not everyone hates me.

Plus, it's my birthday.

For so many years, this was the day I hated the most. No one in the entire village would even dare waste their breath with me, and my birthday is the worst day of them all. The man who cursed me with this fate was also one of the many men who I idolize and wish to become. That day is the day that the great Yondaime sacrificed his life for the entire village and sealed the vicious Kyuubi away to no longer cause harm on his home.

But I often question why I was chosen. What made my body different than anyone else in the village? What was his reason or method for choosing me? Was it by random or do I have some special gift that his magnificent eyes seemed to catch that no one else in the village could? I often thought to myself that I had something no one else had, so that was why I was the infant chosen to seal the beast. But after long days of abuse and threats, I crawled into bed often doubting the lies I told myself.

And October 10 was the worst day of all. No one could celebrate on this day, not even me. This was the day Yondaime died. This was the day that I had caused his death. Even if my own hands had not touched him, the monster resting in my body is the one responsible. And since I had fused with that creature, he and I are seen as the same being. So of course I am the one responsible for that man's death. I never thought I would really be able to kill a person in my life, even as a shinobi, but I was able to do so when I was only minutes old.

"Ow! Damnit!"

I stubbed my toe on something hard. And man, did it hurt!

"You should be careful where you're stepping."

I could hear his deep voice had no teasing tone, but I just felt like picking a fight with him.

"How can I see? Huh? I've got a freakin' blindfold on!"

I heard him sigh before he responded.

"Shinobi have other senses. Try using those before you dub yourself useless, Usuratonkachi."

I hated that name more than the other one. Why couldn't he just say my name? More importantly, why do I have two "nicknames" and he only has one?

Before I could shout in his face, assuming it was directly in front of me, I was quickly cut off by a sudden heat. I heard his feet shuffle off the ground and onto something a little harder and a bit higher up. But as he went, I could feel the tug on my arm, more specifically, my fingers. I remember that day as if it happened yesterday, no, like only a couple of minutes ago. The day, when we were young, we held onto each other's fingers without any embarrassment or regret, I actually saw Sasuke smile. A real smile and not something forced or that arrogant smirk he always pulled off, but a genuine smile. And I remember the other one he showed me the morning of his birthday. I believed I was the only one to see his lips do that and declared his rare smiles were mine because no one else had seen his face that way. I wanted to be selfish for the first time in my life and thought that that side of Sasuke, the side where he can easily express himself, all his happiness and other emotions, pure and untainted to me and me only. But today, I could have sworn I could feel it from him, like from those the extra shinobi senses, and could feel his pure emotions throughout the day, and now, through our laced middle and index fingers as we ascended the stairs.

That day was supposed to be my day of solitude. I would lock myself in my home, only eat whatever I had in the pantry, assuming I had any food at the time, and wish time would be kind to me on this one day and let the day go by faster. I would ignore the graffiti on the windows and the death threats written in blood and slipped under the crack of my front door. I wouldn't bother anybody that day. I would act as if I never existed, the wish they all wanted to come true. But when would I ever get my birthday wish?

I thought it would be another terrible year when Baa-chan ordered my team on a mission on my birthday. I was sure that fate, once again, would be cruel to me again this year and expose me out to the entire village so I could see all of their disgust with me instead of just sensing it behind the safety of my home. We were sent on a stupid D-rank mission, a delivery of certain boxes to some far outskirts of the village. I had to run back to the village to pick up other boxes because each time we got there, the old man at the door claimed that they were the wrong packages. He was nice enough to allow me to leave the heavy boxes and go back for the real ones, but each time I got back with those stupid packages, he kept saying they were wrong. I didn't know who to kill: the old man or the guy who kept mixing up the stupid boxes.

I guess Kakashi-sensei could feel my anger oozing out, so he sent Sakura with me the first time, then Sasuke and I went the second time. It could have been possible that he was also trying to keep an eye on me so I wouldn't ditch the mission, which I thought about doing a couple times. I didn't know what to say about them coming with me. I knew as team members, we only got along when the time was crucial, but as friends...I didn't even know we could call each other that. All I ever did was try to go out with Sakura-chan, and she always rejected me. Painfully. And Sasuke, all we ever did was fight...except for the one morning on his birthday...but that was only a one-time thing. But surprisingly enough, Sakura-chan was kind enough to buy me dango when we went for the first set of new packages, and Sasuke bought me lunch, specifically ramen, when I went with him. Both times, we were very quiet. I didn't feel like talking, and neither did they. If it was considered strange, neither of them wanted to point it out.

But the surprise came when Sasuke and I went back for the boxes. After lunch, we got back to pick up only one small box. And when we got back to the warehouse, the old man said it was right. Before I could jump up and attack the old man for not telling me what exactly we were looking for, he opened the package and he, along with my team, reached in the box to pull something out.

Party poppers.

Each of them pulled on the string and the lights to the building flashed on. And behind my team were the other rookies and their jounin, Lee's team, Iruka-sensei, Konohamaru's team, and Baa-chan and Shizune-nee-chan with a couple of other people. The building was filled with balloons, streamers, confetti, and all other sorts of stuff used for parties.

A party. A surprise party.

I looked back at the people right in front of me to catch the old man change to Ero-senin (thanks to henge) and the all of them saying with a huge smile on their faces:


I already had my party and had as much fun as humanly possible with all the people who acknowledged my existence. But Sasuke wasn't the kind to mingle at parties, so we didn't do anything together there. He didn't even give me a present when everyone else did. I guessed the ramen was his present to me, but I was wrong when he pulled me aside, blindfolded me, and told me to keep quiet and just follow his voice. I could have sworn he was going to kill me, just stab me in the back and dump my body somewhere in the woods and everyone in the village would love him even more than usual. But when he would pull on the bare part of my arm, the part where my jacket exposed my skin and Sasuke would use his own bare hands to touch me, I quickly shoved that thought aside.

With each step we ascended, I could feel his pulse in his fingers get a bit faster each time. I wasn't sure what he was going to do, like if he was going to take me to some secret spot or was going to lead me to some big present, but I never knew Sasuke to get nervous about anything aside from our mission against Zabuza and Haku. After a bit of climbing, we finally hit level ground and walked a bit further, until I stopped feeling the tugging on my fingers and just felt him holding them. I knew at that time we had met our destination.

"We're here..."

His voice, despite what his fingers felt like, sounded as calm and cool like the autumn air.


I felt my breath hitch when he said my actual name for the first time that day.

"You don't seem like the type of person to ever let something go, whether it is a grudge, a fight, a bowl of ramen, or even a precious memory or promise."

Just the way he said those last few words, I don't know why, but my heart skipped a beat, I swear. I quickly pulled my hand away so he wouldn't notice the change in my pulse, but it may have seemed that I was just trying to separate myself from him. But he continued.

"Do you remember all the promises you've made in your life?"

I stopped to think for a bit, not because I was trying to remember everything, but to see exactly where he was going with this.

"What was the last promise that you've made?"

"Um...that I could eat ten bowls of ramen faster than Kiba and not get sick?"

There was a loud groan. A mix of impatience and annoyance.

"Dobe, that's a bet, not a promise."

"Yeah it was! I did it, didn't I? And I didn't get sick, either!"

"Fine. Before that."

"To get Konohamaru to learn something new for his Oiroke no Jutsu?"

In that long pause, I could feel that intense Uchiha glare he always gives me when I do something, what he dubs, stupid.

"Before that. Something that's actually meaningful and important."

Since I didn't feel like getting killed on my birthday from someone who actually gave a damn about my life, I decided to tilt my head back and think about this. Nothing important in this month so far, and nothing so much in the last one, either. It was getting harder and harder, but I kept going further and further back in time to try and see what could be so important. Then came August, and I still didn't see anything important, but I could remember that I was acting a bit strange for the first week or so. That usually happens when I do something big, like a huge event, or possibly a big promise that Sasuke was talking about. So I thought back to July-

I could hear the soft chuckle escape from Sasuke that only meant one thing: he noticed my reaction to that promise. And I knew the blindfold wasn't covering up enough of my face, so I know that he could see me blush. I wanted to hide it somehow, but Sasuke pulled us all the way out here...alone...by ourselves...could I really just run away from this? I didn't know what was supposed to happen next, but I was sure that I didn't want the blindfold to be on my eyes anymore. I reached behind my head and untied the cloth that was blocking my vision. When I did and my eyes got back into focus, I felt my breath catch for the second time that night.

It was the top of the Hokage's memorial mountain, just like that day about three months ago. And there right in front of me were two things I couldn't turn away from. The moon, that giant rock in the sky, was at its largest and fullest on that night. I could see its rays bathing the entire village, even when some parts of it had electricity running at that time, and every citizen still walking around at this hour who were not mourning for the Yondaime's death. I could clearly see each dark crater on the moon that made the mythical shape of the "man on the moon". But the other thing I couldn't take my eyes off was him.

The pale skin on Sasuke seemed to glow its brightest from the moon's rays, even more than the brightest day of summer. Even his hair seemed it darkest, which suited him more than anyone else I knew. Each curve, dip, and smooth spot on Sasuke was highlighted by the glow from the moon that made him look even more magnificent than any other day. I'm glad that any mission we had wasn't at night when the moon was at his fullest, otherwise I and anyone else would feel distracted by how beautiful Sasuke could look from the moon. I guess that giant rock in the sky suited him best, just as the sun compliments me.

"...a seat."


I honestly didn't hear him. I was too distracted by the scene in front of me. Instead of repeating to me what he said earlier, he just pushed me back a bit until I felt my rear make contact with a bench. I felt like complaining to him how much that hurt, but when he sat right next to me and looked me with those midnight-black eyes, along with the moon sitting behind him, I couldn't seem to get anything out of my throat.

"You like the view of the moon?"

I couldn't answer that. For some odd reason, it felt that the question was more about himself than the moon behind him. When nothing came out, as if he could sense a "yes" as my answer, he turned his head to face the ground and started on this long speech that he seemed to have rehearsed to himself a hundred times before.

"You shouldn't think such high thoughts of the moon. It's really a con pretending to be the sun while the actual thing has left for a time."

I didn't know how he could say such things, but he continued before I could get my opinion in.

"The moon is only known for taking the sunlight from the sun itself. Then while the sun is absent, it only pretends to be the sun and shine its light without anything next to it so it can't be compared. Then when the sun has returned, it retreats over the horizon so it won't be caught for its crime and repeat the same sin over and over. But because the moon is so good at manipulating, none of the people who see the crime for itself even thinks about selling out the moon."

"But Sasu-"

"And the moon goes through phases, disappearing in the sky even when it wants to shine as bright as the sun. As much as it wants to shine as much as the sun, it cannot hold that perfection, that pure light every night and runs away from time to time. People only find this as a temporary fault and still find nothing strange of this crime."


He turned to me with such anger from his eyes. I knew that somewhere in his speech, the topic of the moon somehow switched to himself.

"Why the hell do you think so lightly of me? Why do you trust me so much? Don't you see that I'm nothing like the people of this village make me out to be? Whenever there has been a crucial moment, I wouldn't rise up to challenge, but iyou/i were always there to make up for my screw-ups!"


"Why the hell do you trust me so much? Just give up on me already! If the moon is doing nothing but stealing from the sun and hurting him, then why does the sun still continue to shine?"

"Because it trusts the moon!"

Whatever anger was in his face seemed to slip away when I started to talk, so I knew I had to keep talking to make him feel better.

"So what if the moon is taking some of the light from the sun? How do you know the sun isn't aware of that? What if he is allowing it? The sun knows of the moon's abilities and allows him to still sit in the sky and shine for those below."

His face seemed to calm when he started to talk again.

"But the moon can't give any warmth. That's something that life needs to live."

"But the moon can still give light in the time of darkness. When people are lost in the dark, they can always look up to the moon and still try to find their way, even if this is only when the sun is not there. To give the moon that much responsibility only means that he can trust him."

I honestly couldn't see why Sasuke was acting like that. From what I've seen, he's never doubted himself with anything. In fact, he was always so confident in everything that he did it annoyed me to no end. But now he was confessing to me, on my birthday, once again showing that side of him that I had no way of knowing how to respond. I just seemed to say anything that I was thinking and feeling in hopes of calming him down.

His eyes seemed to go half-lidded as he was looking at me. And somewhere along the line, his face seemed to have gotten closer to mine. Before I knew it, I was leaning in. So close, that the tips of our noses continued to brush each other. But as close as we were, neither of us made a move.

"What are you waiting for?"

"W-what? Y-you're the one who got this close!"

I don't know if he found my nervousness amusing or not, but he continued to tease me by placing a hand on my cheek. I'm pretty sure at that moment I went about five shades darker.

"Do you want me to kiss you or not?"

"Why...why the hell are you asking me for?"

"Because you're the one who said I had to ask, remember?"

I didn't know what to say after that. I couldn't even look him in the eyes. But when I closed my eyes, knowing that his lips were only centimeters away from mine, I was sure I made a red hot chili pepper look pale. So I pushed my forehead to touch his, our hitai-ates removed long before our walk, and barely brushed our lips together before whispering,

"Do it, already..."

In that instant, I could feel his lips pressing onto mine and something started to swell in my chest. I wasn't experienced in the field of kissing. I only had two kisses in my life, and both of them were by this guy. I still don't know how many people Sasuke had kissed before this one, before kissing me, but he sure seemed to know what he was doing. Just like our last one, he started moving his lips which sent electricity down my spine. I tried to mimic him the best that I could, but he always seemed one step ahead of me and always did something to make me try to gasp for air even when our lips were still attached.

After a couple of minutes of doing that, my lungs started burning in need of oxygen. I debated whether it was better to tear away for only a split second or to just pass out from this level of intimacy. After all, I'm sure Sasuke would give me CPR to revive me. But his shinobi senses must have picked up my lack of air and so he was the first to tear away. I tried to steady my breathing when the chance was there, but it wasn't enough time when he pressed his mouth right against mine once again.

I was so unsure of what to do at this time. All I could do was try to copy Sasuke the best that I could. If that was the case, then how could I when he already stated that the moon is the one that imitates the sun? All I could do was hold onto him when he was doing things that I never imagined he would do with me. Just when I got that next level of kissing down, he decided to move up one more level.

An intruding, wet muscle began rubbing against my bottom lip. It didn't take long for me to realize that it was Sasuke's tongue trying to make its way inside my mouth. If anything surprises me, my first action is to scream about it, but he must have known that was part of my nature because as soon as my lips separated the tiniest bit, his tongue took the opportunity to prod through and begin exploring my mouth.

When I said I had no experience, I meant it. The only way I knew about this was because of the fact that I went ahead and read those stories and magazines in stores without any parents telling me that what I was doing was wrong. That, and when I went on that trip with Ero-senin to get Baa-chan, I kind of snuck a peek at what he was writing. When he caught me, he didn't try beating me over the head like any other person would do. Instead, he decided to grab other works he had done and start giving me "the talk." Luckily, that was a Kage Bushin, so I dispelled it after the part where "a man and a woman like each other very much" part.

So I didn't know if Sasuke was doing anything right or wrong, but it was enough to make me react to the new experience. The first thing the intruding tongue did was attack my own tongue and started playing with it in every way possible. My body's temperature was rising and it was getting even harder to breathe than before. Like before, all I could do was hold on tighter with my arms and attempt to do the same as him, but when I felt my body going semi-numb, I knew I wouldn't be able to last any longer.

I could feel the hand on my cheek move to the back of my head and the other that was placed on my hip make its way to the middle of my back. But as he was doing this, he never seemed to stop attacking my mouth. Only between the little slits between both our lips were we able to keep on breathing to hold the kissing for this long. With the new position of his hands, he gently pushed himself forward, causing my body to go backward, and did so until my body made full contact with the bench we were sitting on. He suddenly broke the kiss, leaving a string of saliva to eventually break, and took a new position by straddling over my own body all the while looking into my eyes. Again, the moon was placed behind him, making another breath-taking scene where I couldn't put in words to describe how much of an impact that this moment, this guy, seemed to have on me.

He leaned down to give me a short kiss before having his lips move to my cheek and down the side of my face to my ear, leaving small kisses as he traveled. I gasped as soon as that wet muscle licked my earlobe, part from the cold air making contact with the wet area and part from the fact that, once again, this was a new feeling to me. But he only licked it once before bending down a bit more and whispering something in my ear.

"Eternal Eclipse..."

He seemed just fine when speaking, but I was still in short of breath when I answered.


"What if there is a Lunar Eclipse? What would the sun do then?"

He pulled himself up and looked at me, trying to find the answer in my expression. Never before had those eyes looked so serious and hurt at the same time. And at this point, I kind of wished that Sasuke wouldn't be so exposed to me.

"What if there is an Eternal Eclipse? A time when the moon disappears forever? What would...what would you do...if that happened?"

This was scaring me. I did want him to open up to me, but why something as painful as this? There was so much doubt and fear in his words. People I dealt with before were ones with problems similar to mine, so I could give some kind of advice to help them and most were very grateful. But disappearing? Forever? I thought about myself leaving just because of the hatred of the people in this village, but Sasuke's words were focused more on the fact that he would be leaving someone he cared about and never being able to return to them. I wasn't sure if that person he cared about was really me, or if I was currently that person and would stay as his most precious, but for that moment, I wanted to believe I was. And if I thought I was, then I could give a better answer than if I was not.

"If that were the case..." I started.

I placed a hand on his cheek and rose up just enough to gently touch his lips with mine. When I let my head touch the bench once more, I spoke the only way I was able to: with my heart.

"If that were to happen...then the sun would go searching for the moon. I will look for you with all of my power, all of my being. I won't lose you so easily, Sasuke. I promise that I will never let you go..."

I assumed he liked my answer. Hell, I hoped he did. But it was enough for me when his response was kissing me with that prodding tongue once more. I couldn't even sense what was happening around me anymore. The only thing I could pick up was Sasuke. His soft but firm lips, his smooth skin only rough by the occasional scars from previous missions, and his cinnamon-like smell that I knew was seeping into my jacket. I had a feeling that I wouldn't be taking off my jacket anytime soon because of this. But Sasuke had other plans.

His lips separated from mine once again only to start something new. One hand that was doing nothing before decided to make its way up to my jacket's zipper and start undoing it.

"H-hey! What are you-"

I didn't even get time to finish because he decided to attach his lips to the side of my neck, gently sucking in one spot as his hand finished unzipping me. When my jacket was finally open, the same hand dove under my shirt and began exploring what I kept hidden from the rest of the village. It first was roaming over my stomach, then it slowly made it ascent to my chest.

If I had no experience with kissing, you could imagine how I felt when Sasuke was doing this with me. All I could do was hold in sounds as his mouth moved to a lower spot on my neck and gave a gentle bite. It wasn't too painful, but I also got some other kind of feeling from that, something I couldn't explain just yet. That same feeling got worse when the same hand exploring under my shirt made its way to one of my nipples. I wasn't able to hold those sounds in too well. Each time his slim fingers pinched and twisted it, my mouth opened up to let out a small groan, and not a groan from annoyance, but from this new feeling. Sasuke moved his head up, licking my chin just a bit before moving his head down even further.

"You know, you're cute when you're like this."

"Ah...Teme! Don't call me cute! I'm a guy!"

"But it's true..."

He proceeded by gently licking my nub and blowing more cold air onto it. As soon as he attached his lips onto it, I couldn't hold my voice any longer.

"Ah! Sasu-"

"Sasuke-kun! Naruto!"

That voice only belonged to one kunoichi: Sakura-chan. At any time for her to find us, God knows how, she does this now. I've been confessing to her for years and she's been chasing Sasuke longer. There was no way I was going to let her see me with him. She'd have a heart attack and come back to haunt me for the next hundred years. So I did what any other person would do when they were about to be caught: I shoved him off and tried to regain my composure. Sasuke wasn't so lucky, since he landed on his back. Hard.

"The Hell, Dobe?"



"Don't call me that, Teme!"

"I see that you two don't stop fighting. Not even on each other's birthdays."

From around the stairs appeared the other two members of our team. I could see in Sakura-chan's expression that she was annoyed at both of us. Mostly at me, as usual, but a bit at Sasuke since today was my day. Kakashi-sensei had an amused face as always when we're fighting. I often wonder if he knows more than he acts like he does. When we silently agreed to end our argument, we looked at their hands to see Sakura-chan holding a few sparklers in her hand and Kakashi-sensei to hold a large brown bag.

"Can't you two stop your bickering for at least ten minutes?"

Sakura-chan held up the sparklers and let a smile cross her lips.

"Tonight's gonna end on a very good note! Let's end the day with some fireworks!"

She walked over and handed a sparkler to both of us without lessening the smile one bit.

"Besides! The moon looks especially beautiful tonight, right? How lucky!"

After what we were both talking about earlier, I'm sure that the statement affected Sasuke more than me. I turned my head over to him, but I couldn't see his eyes past his dark hair. Though, I'm sure that he was frowning. So I decided to try and cheer him up. Not directly, but I knew he would be able to sense it.

"Yeah yeah! There's nothing like celebrating in moonlight, right? Let's do this!"

Sakura-chan's smile widened as she spun around to get a lighter from our sensei. I looked at Sasuke once more to see him looking right back at me.

"Sorry," he whispered for only me to hear.

I gave a small smile before turning away, trying to restore what was considered "normal".

"Yeah...well, you still owe me a present."

"Sasuke-kun, you didn't give Naruto a present?"

I could sense him trying to burn a hole in the back of my head. Too bad, or rather, thank God the Sharingan couldn't do that.

"I did give you a gift. I bought you ramen, Dobe."

"Yeah, but that was just lunch. Sakura-chan still bought me dango and I still got a present from her."

"Didn't know you could be so selfish."

"I am not selfish! You're just being stingy!"

"I am not!"

"Are too!"



A loud noise came from a firecracker spinning on the ground. We all turned our heads to see Kakashi-sensei bending over the lit firecracker with a match in his hand. He looked over to us while wearing his hidden smile before speaking loud enough over the noise maker.

"Oh, I was wondering if there was anything louder than you guys arguing. And I guess this thing is it, no?"

In a few seconds, the firecracker slowed down and eventually went out. It did finally shut us up so we could resume with what Kakashi-sensei and Sakura-chan planned for me. So on top of the monument, the four of us continued to set off small fireworks under the bright moon. Although we were all enjoying ourselves with each spark, something inside of me was still stuck on the words that Sasuke said earlier. His doubt about his own abilities, his uncertainty about the level of trust I had put into him, and his willingness to open up to me so easily left me a bit uneasy for the rest of the night. More importantly, if he was willing to go this far with me, physically and emotionally, then what did that make us?

At least at that moment, I wanted to believe the best of the situation. That as I made a promise with him on his birthday, that he would to the same on mine. Just as we said earlier, I was the sun in his world and he was the moon in mine. The two of us would sit in the sky and be admired by all that would look up at us and gaze on the light that we are able to emit. And not just when one is absent of the other. Even on some days, the sun and moon sit in the same sky before sunrise and sunset, so I expect everyone to see Sasuke and I shine our brightest when the both of us are on the same stage as one another. And even if an eclipse were to happen, I would not let it last as long as Sasuke feared.

So as long as I was alive, I would make sure that our promises were kept, that our fate will always be intertwined, and that we would always be there for the other, whether or not that were right next to each other. But as I silently took two of his fingers with my own, I only prayed that we could always stand side by side of one another, looking at every time the sun and moon took their positions in the sky and thinking how we would always do the same.

But if we were going to continue like this, then Sasuke's going to have to learn how to do certain things in more private places.

It's so much better to celebrate your birthday with someone close to you~

Our next chapter will show how Naruto and Sasuke's relationship became known to their friends. :D