Jayci sighed and growled. It had been a year since she lost her Francis, since Caysi was born. Caysi grew surprisingly fast; she was three now. She understood things extremely well. However, J.J. was a professor, so he probably pounded everything into her head. She chuckled softly. Caysi simply loved J.J. The Hunter that'd helped her give birth, and now was helping her raise the bundle of fun.

God... what will she think if she remembers her father? That he was human, and killed because of me?

She shook her head and removed the thought. No. If Caysi was going to remember her father, she already would've. Jayci gasped in surprise as Caysi jumped on her back, then swung around in front of her. "Mommy, Mommy! Guess what Jay Bird caught?"

Jayci smiled softly. "What'd Jay Bird catch?"

Caysi shook her head, grinning, her large deep ocean blues glittering. "No! Guess!"

She sighed softly, and rubbed her chin in thought. "Hm... a worm?"

She heard J.J.'s deep, gentle chuckle behind her as the ex-professor/freerunner walked up, something blue in one claw. "Actually, no, though they do eat them. It's actually quite funny I caught it, considering what Caysi calls me."

Jayci arched a brow and turned, then gasped. In J.J.'s claw was a little blue bird. A Bluejay. "Oh wow... he's gorgeous."

"It's a female, actually."

Jayci chuckled. "That must be why I said 'gorgeous'. How did you catch her?"

J.J. sighed and sat Indian-style. Caysi took her normal place in his lap, bringing a chuckle from the two adults. He stroked the bird, making it settle again, its beady little eyes staring out from between two claws. "Well, I was going after something else, and Caysi here - damn her - scared it away. When I landed, the little bird was under my claw. Luckily, I didn't hurt her, but she was stunned for a few seconds. Caysi basically forced me to bring it back to show you. She loves it."

Jayci chuckled. "Do you want me to draw you a picture of the birdie, Caysi?"

The little Hunter's eyes lit up, and she grinned. "Would you? Yes, yes, yes!"

J.J. and Jayci laughed. "Alright, I will."

J.J. rubbed Caysi's arm to get her attention. "Caysi, do you want to help her fly so she can get back to her babies?"

Caysi looked up at him, her eyes wide. "She got babies?"

He nodded. "I'm pretty sure."

Caysi nodded. "How I help?"

"Hold out your hands."

She held out her tiny clawed hands. J.J. placed the bird in them, letting Caysi stroke the soft, stiff feathers. "Okay, hold her wings gently."

Caysi nodded, and gently closed her hands over the Jay's wings, just barely able to hold them with the tiny, delicate digits. J.J. let go of the bird, and it looked around, her head free. She squawked and tried to flap, but Caysi kept her surprisingly strong hold on her. J.J. nodded. "Alright, on the count of three, throw her up in the air. Then she'll fly away, thankful that you helped. One, two, three!"

Caysi threw her up, watching with a giant grin as the Jay cawed and flapped her wings, flying away. Caysi clapped, then looked up at J.J. "Jay Bird? Since she got babies, does that mean we're gonna see more later?"

J.J. nodded. "Hopefully."

She frowned, a strange look upon such a young, carefree face. "How much later?"

He smiled softly and rubbed her arm. "'You'll be older' later. Sound good?"

Jayci chuckled softly as her daughter's frown lifted, a pout in its place. "I guess."

She then arched her brow. "Caysi? The birdies get older like you do, did you know that?"

Caysi shook her head, staring in wonder. "Really?"

Jayci and J.J. nodded. "Really really."

Caysi grinned. "Wow."

Jayci chuckled again. "Caysi? Go see if you can find any... J.J., what types of animals run around here?"

J.J. sighed. "Hm... birds. I've seen a rabbit or two."

Jayci nodded. "Caysi, see if you can find a rabbit. They're kinda big, super fluffy, and almost as cute as you. They're pretty fast, too, so sneak up on them. But don't hurt them. If you find, and catch, one, bring it back, will you, sweetie?"

Caysi popped up, nodding, and ran back in the direction J.J. had come from. Jayci crawled over to the other Hunter, and sat next to him, leaning against him. "James, I... I owe you. My life, and Caysi's. If you hadn't've come in that night, I don't think we would've made it very far."

J.J. sighed softly, and wrapped an arm around her back, holding her to him and rubbing her arm. "Don't doubt yourself, Jayci. You're a wonderful mother. And I'm sure the father would've done a better job with Caysi than I could."

Jayci smiled softly, pain stabbing her at the indirect mention of Francis. "A different job. Not necessarily a better one. You're a professor, and one of the best damn Hunters I've ever seen. She'll be fine with you as a guardian. Her father was..."

J.J. rubbed her arm again. "Human, I know. I can see it in her. The sunlight doesn't bother her as much, she's more... docile, and her skin is the lightest shade of gray I've ever seen. Look at ours. We're..."

She giggled, looking at their skin. "The same color. We're rocks."

J.J. chuckled softly. "Yes. Intimidating, flying, living rocks."

Jayci giggled again, then cuddled up tighter to him, lying her head on his shoulder. "James... promise me you'll stay?"

J.J. nodded and rubbed her arm yet again. "I promise, Jayci. As long as I can, I'll stay."

Jayci nodded, crying softly. J.J. lifted her head, and gently licked at her tears. Within seconds, Jayci was 'purring' softly. When he was done, she smiled softly, then leaned forward and kissed him. J.J. paused for a second, rather surprised, then kissed her back. Jayci deepened it, then pushed at him. He laid down, and she climbed on top of him, straddling him, kissing him passionately. J.J. was just barely able to keep his head, then heard the surprised squeal of a rabbit. "Jayci, stop... your daughter."

Jayci looked at him, then quickly climbed off of him, helping him back up, blushing deeply. "Sorry, I..."

J.J. quieted her with a kiss. "If you want to continue, wait until Caysi's asleep."

She smiled, and nodded. "Alright. Sounds like a plan."

Caysi scrambled up, holding a big fluffy brown bunny in her arms. It wasn't struggling, but it didn't look all that comfortable either. "I got one!"

Jayci reached out and hooked her arms around her daughter, pulling her and the rabbit into her lap. The rabbit settled, all four feet on a surface. She smiled. "You sure did. You're so smart, Caysi, and so talented."

Caysi blushed and grinned, then hugged the bunny gently. It twitched one of its floppy ears, looking around with big, gentle brown eyes. Jayci chuckled. "Too bad these creatures are dying off. I remember when libraries had parks for them, and they stayed."

J.J. chuckled, and stroked the fluffy brown ball. "Yep. Enjoy them while you can. Are we going to let this one go, or...?"

Jayci bit her lip, looking at the rabbit, then at Caysi's face. "We'll let this one go. We'll catch another... along with birds or something. You know she won't eat it if she finds the fur or anything resembling it."

J.J. nodded, and sighed, lying down, putting his hands behind his head, and sighing. "Wake me up when we go home?"

Jayci nodded, leaned down, and kissed him.