That night was seared into her brain, doing something so wrong had never felt so right. Out in the open like that, watching her friends dance and be happy all while he pressed into her. He bent her over the railing at just the right angle, pushed her skirt up just enough so that it pooled just right, hiding what they were doing. So wrong, but so right. Now, she wanted it again. Hind in allies or behind headstones just wasn't enough, wasn't wrong enough, wasn't right enough. No, she wanted that again, and she planed on getting what she wanted.

Her plan was in motion sooner than she had thought. Her friends wanted to go out that night, and she said she would, she had let her plans with her friends slip to him so he would know where to finder her. That evening she dressed, well she dressed slutty. She had become accustomed to walking around without any undergarments but each time she did, she knew her clothes would keep her covered. This time was different. Her skirt was barely long enough to cover the garters she wore to keep the thigh high hose in place, her top was just a little too low cut and almost too sheer. She had told her friends that she would meet them there so there was no worries about them judging her appearance in clear light, no the dim light in the club would conceal how her skirt rode a little too low and her lack of a bra.

She took a deep breath before moving on to her second step in her plan. Slowly she pulled out the box that was hiding under her bed, in that box were special gifts he had given her, and there was one that would be perfect for tonight. She finished getting ready, grabbed her purse, then headed out.

She new that he was following her, and he knew that she knew, but neither one said a thing. She slipped into the club, avoiding her friends and made her way upstairs, just like before, and he followed her.

"Is there a reason for all this love?" He purred out.

"There's something that I want."

"You could have just asked."

"Where would be the fun in that?"

She pressed close to him, he was hard, just like she knew he would be. Reaching into her purse, she grabbed something, then placed it in his hand.

"What is this love?"

"One of your…gifts."

He looked down at the small remote and smiled.

"And which gift would this be?"

She just smiled back, he reached down under her skirt in order to find out. She moaned in his ear as he stroked her, so he pressed a bit harder drawing another moan out of her lips. His fingers danced around, discovering exactly what she had done. He pressed one of the buttons on the remote, she jumped as the dual vibrations began.

"You are a naughty girl."

"You should know."

"So what should I do with this? I could do…this." He pressed another button, the vibrations intensified. "Or I could do this." Another button, and a shallow pumping started, she moaned again. Slumping towards him, and he held her up. "Or I could do this." He suddenly turned her around, bending her over the railing, removing the front part of the gift and replacing it with himself. Between the vibrations and his thrusting, it was all she could do not to cry out. The vibrations intensified, and so do he, both bringing her to completion, harder and faster than she had in a very long time, and he was not far behind. Once he had removed himself, he replaced part of the gift, and hit another button on the remote.

"Oh…why…" She panted as the vibrations doubled.

"As a reminder."


"That," he hissed in her ear, "all you have to do is ask. I'll be keeping this for a while." He waved the remote before her eyes.

"I don't want you to move from this spot, I'll be watching pet."

Then, he was gone. She didn't move but she could feel his eyes on her, watching her and playing with the remote and be brought her to completion time and time again for nearly an hour.

She knew what this meant, they may be equals in strength and in many other ways, and she might be able to get some social satisfaction from others in her life, but in this he was superior, in this he was stronger. For he was the only one that could make her come from a distance. Only her Spike.