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Kaz was sitting at his normal table with his group of friends. Payton was stuffing his face with food he got from the cafeteria; Kaz didn't even want to know what it was. And Sarah and Tom were arguing about who's match was harder so they could prove who's monster was better. As for Kaz he was scanning though his scanner.

"So Kaz, what are you going to do before your next match?" Payton began after licking his tray clean.

"I'm looking, I don't think I have anything that can help me in my next match...and Choar isn't a good choice for a water monster." Kaz answered never taking his eyes off his scanner.

"Well whatever you do, you may want to do it fast...your match starts here in the next hour." Payton replied pointing to his watch.

"Maybe I'll go to Chaotic and find a new monster that I know can win me the battle." Kaz was now getting excited.

"Woh...carful there Kaz," Tom now said joining the conversation, "Your match is in an hour, I don't think you'd have enough time to find a new monster."

Kaz sighed, but then just as quickly smiled, "I can ask Chaor."

Sarah looked at him and laughed to herself. "ya I'm sure the fire king has taken on a water triber." she mocked.

"Ya, well it could happen.." Kaz said now a bit nerves.

"Ya, whatever flame head." Tom said ruffling his friends hair.

Kaz pushed Tom off of him and ran his hand over his hair as to fix what damage his friend caused. "Well...I'm going to still try."

His friends smiled. "Ok Kaz, well good luck." Sarah remarked.

"And don't be gone to long, k bro." Payton said.

"Yeah I'll be back soon no worries." Kaz grinned.

"Well see'a dude come back safe, or we're going in for ya." Tom replied with an quell smile.

"I will."


"Who are you?" a deep rumbled voice asked.

"My name is not of use to you...Chaor." a large red dragon, equal to the size of Chaor spoke. his eyes where a dark yellow and his body was that of a four legged dragon with a tail just the same as Chaor but longer.

"I don't know where you came from...but you are not welcome here!" Chaor growled.

"Oh but I didn't come here because I was invited...I came to over throw you." he grinned evilly.

Chaor walked up to the other dragon and got right in his face. "I'd like to see you try." he growled.

"Fight the open land...unless you want your people to get caught in the cross fire." the dragon grinned.

"Why would that be of concern to you?" Chaor asked, yes he didn't want his people hurt, but for this dragon to care it had to mean something.

"Like you Chaor-I care about my people...and once I defeat you they will be my wont they?"

"Never!" Chaor yelled.

The other dragon grinned and blasted a ball of fire at Chaor.

Chaor got wide-eyed but quickly blasted his own fire attack blocking the others.

Grinning the dragon jumped up and did a fire blast kick. Chaor didn't fully see it coming and went flying into the air.

"Give it up Chaor...your kingdom is mine."

Chaor growled, "Over my dead body!" he roared.

"That will be arranged...don't worry." the other mocked.

Chaor growled louder in anger.

"Come on Chaor, hit me with your best shot!"

Chaor groaned angrily and built up a powerful fire blast, the other dragon began to do the same. Chaor felt his attack almost ready, but something suddenly didn't feel right...if felt as if the dragon was postponing something, looking for something or someone.

Chaor shook his head, now was not the time to think about stuff, he had him right where he wanted him and he was not about to let his kingdom be overthrown.

At the same time both monsters released there fire blast...but~


Kaz's scanner blinked a few times giving Kaz a worried look, he was about to forget porting to perim but before he could get off the porting ground it had already teleported him...

"AHH!" Kaz was instantly hit with both dragons fire attacks at once, his scanner when flying into the air and hit the ground busted to bits.

Chaor heard Kaz's cries and saw him appear right in the center of the oncoming flames.
Chaor was at a loss, and he felt a powerful pain in his chest.

Kaz fell to the ground on his back.

The other dragon gave an evil laugh and took off with out a sign.

Choar was pissed, but he knew he had to help Kaz, and fast.

Running to his side Chaor saw the teens eyes were closed and his breathing at a pause.

He knelt down and picked Kaz up, the boy didn't move or make a sound.

Running back to his lair Chaor broke down the doors and called for Agitos and Tokinom.

"What is it lord Chaor?" Tokinom asked flying down in front of him, Agitos with behind.

"It's Kaz he needs help." He then showed the two the young boy in his arms.

"How did this happen?" Tokinom asked.

Chaor ignored her question and just lowered his head a bit.

Agitos winced at the sight and put a clawed hand to the boys brunt chest.

"I'm sorry lord Chaor, but the boy is dead..."

"NO! HIS NOT!" Chaor roared. "I WON"T LET HIM DIE!"

"But my king, we..."

"NO!" Chaor yelled again. "Give me anything! Something to help heal him!"

Agitos and Tokinom looked at each other and nodded slightly. They weren't going to deny their king of his wish.

"I'll get every thing we may need." Agitos said.

Chaor carried Kaz up to his room and gently laid him on the bed on his back. Kaz was brunt badly, his whole body was covered in burn blisters, his face and hair were sensed, and his glasses broke, Chaor began to worry if a piece of glass could have gotten in his eye.

Chaor stroked Kaz's arm looking over his burns. Why did Kaz have to port right there?
Then Chaor remembered the dragon...he must have planed it from the start! Why didn't he hold back? why couldn't he have held his fire attack just a few more moments? Maybe Kaz wouldn't be here right now.

But Chaor just could help but feel it was his fault.

Agitos came back into the room with a jar of burn cream. "Here Chaor...we have to rub this over his whole body."

Chaor snatched the cream from him and looked at it.

"Bring me a tube full!" Chaor demanded.


"NO BUTTS!" Chaor roared.

Agitos nodded and left to get what Chaor wanted.

Chaor looked at the cream in his hand and sighed; this wasn't going to help his Kazzy, it would be empty before he got it over all of him.

Angry and frustrated Choar threw the cream watching it crash to the wall and looked back at Kaz.

The boy still didn't seem to be breathing. "You can't be dead can't-not by my hand..." Chaor spoke sadness clear in his voice.

Stroking the soft, dusty, hair of the young boy Choar groaned, Kaz's clothes were a mess, they were nothing more then a pack of lose rags. Chaor knew he'd have to strip him of his tattered clothes, but wished to wait until Agitos came back.

In no time after thinking of his return Agitos and Tokinom walked into the room both carrying a large tube of the white burn cream.

"Hey you are master Chaor."

Tokinom gave the boy on the bed another hurtful look. "I don't see why you bother Chaor, the boy is clearly de-"

"DON"T SAY THAT!" Chaor yelled making the room shake. Both of his advisers stared at him in shock.

"My apologies lord Chaor."

Chaor gave an angry look. "Now get out..." it was a hard and simple request. Both of the monsters obeyed instantly.

Chaor waited until the door was shut before he looked back over at Kaz.

Every time he looked at the boy his heart hurt. "Why didn't I wait?"

Chaor then gently took the ripped clothes off of Kaz, which was more simple then he thought since the cloth just fell off on its own.

Kaz was now bare but his burnt boxers, luckily it seemed the worse there was his white boxers turning black. But it didn't take a geneses to know Kaz was going to need burn cream there too.

Slowly and gently Chaor picked Kaz up baby style. Chaor was about to dip Kaz into the cream, but stopped just before the boys back touched the white cream.

"What would be the point?" Choar sighed, this cream won't help if your not still alive..." Chaor couldn't believe he just said that, but he couldn't pretend forever...

Chaor for once in his life felt a tear fall from his face. Chaor buried his face in the boy's hair and hid his crying face.

After a short while Chaor pulled his face away and felt it was time to face the facts...he would bury Kaz and tell the boys friends, even if he did hate them, what happened.

Chaor stroked Kaz's hair again and got ready to call Tokinom to help him put the boy to rest, but then heard a sound that made his heart jump.

A painful whimper and shutter had Chaor look at the boy in his arms and gave a thankful smiled.

Tears of pain fell down Kaz's face. Chaor was so happy to see Kaz was still alive.

Quickly Chaor saw Kaz starting to struggle, he knew Kaz was in unbearable pain, and dipped him in the cream.

Kaz felt his whole body cool and the pain subside a little. It was amazing he was still to weak to open his eyes to see just where he was.

Chaor kept Kaz in the cream and carefully wrapped his tail around Kaz's body.

Once Kaz was wrapped he slowly lifted him out of the cream and took a small bit into his hand and rubbed it on Kaz's face gently after taking off his glasses.

Kaz whimpered but didn't do much else. The pain he suffered just left him exhausted.

Chaor made sure Kaz was fully wrapped in his tail. The only part of Kaz that could be seen was his face. Chaor even went far enough to have the tip of his tail wrapped around Kaz's head, but keeping his eyes and mouth free to breath.

Chaor knew Kaz wouldn't be in much pain as long as the cream covered him. After all it was a special pain relieving cream.

Kaz began to breath easier and soon found he could open his eyes. He didn't know where he was, but he somehow felt safe in what ever he was wrapped in. Waiting for his eyes to focuses, which was hard with out his glasses, he saw a red blur in front of him.

"Chaor?" Kaz asked weakly saying the first thing he could think of that was red.

"Its ok Kaz, I'm here. You'll be ok."

Kaz smiled a bit but felt the urge to move, which to his dismay couldn't.

"Choar...where am I?" Kaz whispered.

Chaor sat down on his bed, "You're in my chambers Kazzy."

Kaz whimpered in pain as he tried to move again. "Chaor...why can't...I move?" He asked trembling in pain and the urge to move.

"I have you safely wrapped in my tail Kaz, you have no need to move-you'll just hurt your self."

"But I have to..." Kaz whined.

Chaor frowned, he had forgotten Ulmar said the cream was best to heal all kind of burns but had an odd side effect on humans.

"It's only the cream Kazzy, but if I release you you'll be shot down in pain."

Kaz felt a tear enter his eye. "Can I have my scanner? I can port back home and be healed...then come back."

Chaor sighed and pulled Kaz closer to bushed the side of his face sweetly with a claw.

"I'm afraid-you can't go back..."

Kaz got wide eyed.

"When you were hit, your scanner broke...but don't worry, I'll have Ulmar try to fix it for you."

Kaz was happy Chaor was going to try to fix it, but in the mean time he was stuck here...and in bad shape.

"It hurts so much..." Kaz whimpered.

"Shh...I know it does...I know." Chaor stroked the boys hair trying to calm him.

Kaz was happy Chaor was there with him, and most of all happy Chaor cared enough to be there for him.

For a while Kaz and Chaor didn't speak. Chaor now and again re-dipped Kaz into the cream and kept him wrapped up safely in his tail.

Kaz soon felt himself falling back asleep when the door opened.

"Chaor, are you sure you still..." Agitos began but stopped when he noticed the boy was alive.

Chaor looked at him knowing what he was about to say he felt happy he had proof of what he said was true.

Before Agitos could say anything else Chaor cut in. "Tell Ulmar to bring up that healing potion he's been working on for me."

Nodding he left the room to fetch Ulmar.

Kaz looked up at Chaor in question.

"What is it Kazzy?" Chaor asked looking at him.

Kaz whimpered, both in pain and fear. Sure Chaor was taking care of him, but that didn't mean he wasn't getting in Chaor's way.

"Its nothing..." Kaz whispered still in to much pain to talk any louder.

Chaor saw the change in Kaz and felt as if he did or said something wrong to cause the boy to fear him.

"No its not Kaz. You can talk to me...I'm not going to hurt you...I'd never hurt you."

Kaz looked back into Chaor's eyes, "I was just wondering...about the healing-" Before Kaz finished Chaor answered.

"I've had Ulmar make a healing potion a few mouths ago...but it didn't work the way we wanted. The potion was to heal me in battle, but instead...

Before Chaor could finish the door opened and Ulmar walked in holding up a needle with pink liquid.

"Are you sure you want this lord Chaor? I haven't been able to fix it."

Chaor grinned, "Yes."

Kaz grew fearful of what could have been wrong with the potion and why Chaor was still willing to use it.

"Now Ulmar inject me with it."

Ulmar did as was asked and put the needle right into Chaor's shoulder blade.

"It will take a full hour before it take effect." Ulmar said getting ready to leave.

Chaor nodded.

Once Ulmar left Chaor looked back at Kaz. "Don't worry Kazzy...with his cream keeping your pain at bay and this potion fully in effect soon, you will be as good as new."

Kaz smiled and wiggled a bit to get more cozy before drifting off to sleep.

"Sleep well Kazzy...cause in an hour I'll be ready to wake you."