A/N: ya, sorry I just don't care if they are out of character at any point-I don't watch the show much so I don't know, and I don't plan on watching it just for fanfic sake. plus to be honest I think I have them IC pretty good, sure Chaor is more or less OC but due to how he seems to care for Kaz, if he felt it was his fault the kid got hurt and almost killed I'm sure he would change faster than having to go though pages of 'his feelings' when I can just jump into it without much OC-ness...honestly, I'm trying to entertain you, not put you to sleep. It's not a love story.

Chapter 4

As Chaor and Kaz rode to their next 'vacation' spot Chaor helped Kaz off the Mowercycle.

"Come along Kazzy...I want to show you something." Chaor grinned as he led Kaz into the cave they had stopped at.

Walking deeper into the dark cave Kaz clung closer to Chaor; the monster chuckling at the action.

"There is nothing to fear in here, this cave is a safety spot…you are the first human ever to be in here…but it is also that reason I cannot allow you to scan it." Chaor briefly explained.

Kaz blushed and stuffed his scanner back into his pocket.

As they got deeper in Kaz noticed a dim blue glow up ahead.

The cave's walls were covered in light blue crystals, giving the dark cave a beautiful light glow.

"What is this place?" Kaz asked no longer afraid but memorized.

"This Kazzy, is the Crystal Power Base Cavern. Better known as Cryosern."

Kaz's jaw dropped, "I never even knew this place existed!"

Chaor nodded gently, "Here, no monster can use any attacks of any kind, but in return, get regenerated…I can already feel my power grow." He laughed.

Kaz shook his head with a roll of his eyes and walked in front of the creatures going more into the beautiful cave looking at the surrounding blue jewels.

"This place is so cool, are you sure I can't scan it?" Kaz almost whined.

"No!" Chaor snapped but quickly went back to a calmer voice, "no Kazzy…this place is sacred, you are the only human to ever step foot in here and I plan to keep it that way."

Kaz sighed with disappointment but understood; he would have loved Tom to see this, but rules were rules, and after all Chaor had done for him, he wasn't about to break any of them.

"These crystals' give off their own power...if a creature was to touch one it would back fire in there very hand. Trust me it hurts."

Kaz giggled a little inside as he pictured Chaor actually trying to grab one and getting burned. After all if he knew his favorite monster well enough, like he knew he did, Chaor did try at least once if not twice.

The two of them continued into the main frame of the cave which was huge.

The main part was maybe 100 so feet high and had a rushing river which was surrounding a large rock that could be described as a mountain.

"This place is amazing Chaor!" Kaz squealed.

Chaor simply nodded as he watched Kaz explore.

Out of reaction Kaz pulled out his scanner but almost dropped it once he heard his name.

"Kazzy…" Chaor warned.

Kaz slowly turned his head, scared and embarrassed that he was caught. Chaor waved his claw as a sign for Kaz to come here.

Walking over to the monster, he handed him his scanner. "Sorry Chaor, guess it's just out of habit."

"I know." Was the answer he got before a slight smile greeted him with a 'it's ok I understand' look.

Kaz smiled back before heading back to look at the beautiful cave.

As Kaz wondered around, still in Chaor's view, he didn't notice the red eyes in the caves shadows, and neither did Chaor.

'Soon Chaor….your kingdom will be mine.'

Kaz suddenly heard a noise and looked to see where it came from but before he knew it, a huge claw came out of nowhere and slashed him in the face knocking him down hard; blood running down his face.

"KAZ!" Chaor roared as he saw the other appear and Kaz fall. "You'll pay for that!" he threatened noticing he couldn't get to Kaz without going through the other.

"I told you Chaor, your kingdom is mine." It was the same dragon like monster from before, the one who had burned Kaz.

"I'll kill you for all that you have done!" Chaor snapped and rushed at the beast with full force.

The creature moved faster leaving Chaor to crash into the caves wall.

"You have to be faster if you plan on killing me." He grinned.

"Who the heck are you?" Chaor growled.

"I guess it's about time I tell you, after all it's not like you'll be around long enough for it to make a difference." He smiled evilly, "My name is Karudio."

Chaor growled full of hate and anger. "Karudio huh?...well I hope you planned a funeral."

Karudio laughed, "As a matter of fact, I did….yours!" he yelled and suddenly a huge flame of fire shot from his hand hitting Chaor.

Kaz gasped in both surprise and fear. 'But wait, I thought Chaor said this cave perverts chaotic creatures from using powers?'

Chaor slowly got up standing ready for another blow he knew was coming. "How are you able to use your powers in here?"

Karudio smirked at the question. "Simple….I'm not a chaotic monster…"

At that Kaz and Chaor's mouths both fell open. How was that even possible? And worse! If he wasn't a chaotic creature…then what was he?

"Then what are you!" Chaor demanded.

Karudio made a small bow, "I am, un experiment...how ever when the human released me, thinking they made a chaotic creature of there own…they were mistaken."

Kaz, still bleeding and on the floor, was now in shock. Were the code masters responsible?

"But once I was free, they realized they had made a grave mistake….I'm sure you are aware of the monster called Lord Van Bloot, right?"

Chaor nodded still in shock himself to really from words.

"I obliterated him." Karudio boosted.

"You what!" Chaor yelled in utter shock.

"Yes…and once I destroy you, taking over the Overworld will be just as easy…after all, as I found your weakness," he glanced over at Kaz, "I too found his." He shifted his gaze back over to Chaor.

Kaz went wide-eyed. "Tom!" it was more of a reactive reflex on the horrifying thought of Tom being hurt as he was.

Karudio chuckled "Tom huh? Thank you, I'll have to keep that lock in my mind for when I run into Maxxor."

Chaor's anger rose, and so did his temper, to very high levels. "You….you!" Chaor got up and ran at the monster regardless of no powers.

Again Karudio moved, but this time was different, instead of Chaor hitting the floor or wall, he turned and grabbed Karudio's tail and keep himself up.

"You think you're so strong, let's take this fight outside…then we will see who is stronger."

Karudio swung his tail knocking Chaor into the wall as an answer.

"Whats the matter?" Kaz began getting Karudio's attention. "Afraid he might beat you?"

Now if Karudio was calm before, he sure wasn't now. Glaring at the human, he sent a fire ball his way.

"No!" Chaor quickly got in its path getting tossed back a few feet, but saved Kaz.

"Don't….touch…..him…" as the dust cloud cleared Karudio saw Chaor standing his ground. Burns covered his body as well as blood, but he stood strong. "And your wrong, this human…my son…is not my weakness…."

Karudio was confused for a moment before Chaor roared and a huge blast of fire, bigger and hotter the any Karudio had produced, blasted him filling up the cave and over all blasting him right out of it.

The creature got up to his feet quickly but saw Chaor had already walked out of the cave and was heading over to him.

"I hope you're ready…because you're about to DIE!"

Back in the cave, Kaz slowly and painfully got up to his feet. His face felt like it was on fire and blood had ran into his left eye making it hard to see.

Walking over to the outside of the cave Kaz gasped with shock at what he saw.

Chaor was standing over Karudio's dead body, blood dripping from his closed clawed hand.

Back at Chaor's lair, Kaz sat on the beasts lap with a look of relief.

"Oh, here Kazzy…" Chaor handed Kaz his scanner he took earlier.

Kaz looked up at Chaor and smiled, "Thanks…"taking the scanner Kaz then gave a look at he just remembered something. "Oh ya, hey Chaor…I know you don't approve of me bringing friends with me here, but there is this one girl back in Chaotic and I think she really likes me…" he said starting to fidget not sure how to continue.

Chaor smiled and gave him a pat on the back. "I would like to met her." He smiled.

Ya! This story is now done! Ten points if you figure out 'who' the girl is. ^_~ I wanted to end it on a happier note. ^_^ And yes sorry for the violence, guess it was kinda unnecessary to describe the blood. ^^; but I just can't help myself sometimes.