Starlit Skies

Liza Lew

Disclaimer: I do not own any of JKR's wonderful world or characters. This is a fan fiction only for entertainment purposes with no economical benefit. The few original characters and the plot are mine.

Summary: Six years after her exit from pureblood society, Hermione is a successful witch leading a quiet life in a charming town. Draco has finally grown into his role as businessman. Neither of them is prepared to be thrown back together for the new societal schemes of Narcissa. Sequel to The Moonlight Glares. Post DH, disregarding epilogue. DM/HG, HP/GW.

To all my readers, new and old: Below is a summary of the prequel, The Moonlight Glares. If you do not need a refresher, skip to the next chapter and welcome to the world of Starlit Skies.

A Brief Summary of The Moonlight Glares

Early in the summer before Hermione's sixth year at Hogwarts, she got some shocking news. She was not, as she previously believed, muggleborn, but rather a pureblood witch, was explained by her birth mother, Elizabeth Lane. Instead of getting into a custody battle with the Grangers, Elizabeth offered Hermione a choice: to move in with her birth mother, step father and half-sister, Anna, at the Lane Mansion, or remain with her muggle family.

Before making her final decision, the conflicted Hermione visited the Lane Mansion and was exposed to the Pureblooded Wizarding Society of Europe. Thrown into a world of glitter and propriety, Hermione was initially taken with the fairy tale appeal of such a society. Made aware of the situation and wanting to help, Harry, Ron and Ginny decided to attend the societal events with Hermione for support.

Barely into the beginning of its social season, through a series of mishaps, Hermione found herself as Draco Malfoy's "girlfriend." Though they initially hated each other, they called a truce in order to keep face in front of the harsh society. Slowly, through the sheer amount of time they spent in each others' company, they began to have feelings for each other, resulting in their fake relationship having some validity.

By that time in the summer, Hermione had come to the end of her month-long trial period and had decided to remain in the pureblood world. Just as she made this decision, the truth behind this glimmering world began to show through. Through the aggressive behavior of a male acquaintance, the mindless twitter of the girls around her, and (of course) extensive reading, Hermione came to realize that the society was inherently unequal and patriarchical in its construct.

Her final decision came on the night of August 31st, 1996, when Draco Malfoy informed her of their engagement and she turned heel in pursuit of the life she wanted, where she could, "learn, mess up, get my hands dirty, and spend time with the ones I love – magical or not," leaving him behind under the light of the full moon.

Since then, the events of The Half-Blood Prince and The Deathly Hallows have come to pass. We begin this story in 2002, with Hermione a twenty-two year old, single, but successful witch.