Summary: A 19 year old girl named Vanille lives alone with her abusive uncle and aunt. Her aunt's a slut and so she isn't around much but her uncle is a druggie and at times a criminal and abuses her. Vanille always keeps a cheerful smile on though. Why? Because she keeps thinking of her childhood friend named Fang. Who cheered her up when they were little. They unfortunately had to separate young, since Fang had to move away. They made a promise though. Fang promised that she would become a Rockstar and be so famous, they would defiantly find each other again. That was fourteen years ago but Vanille has never forgotten. Fang kept her promise and she leads a band called NORA, the most famous band in the country. But Fang seemed to have forgotten all about Vanille! Sad, but happy for her friend, Vanille watches her friends success from afar. Till one day she suddenly ends up in their studio and winds up being the bands assistant and cheerleader (according to Fang) after Fang finds her absolutely cute. Now what is Vanille suppose to do as she is taken in with this famous band while getting kidnapped and having to deal with her uncle? Should she remind Fang about their former friendship? Or keep it a secret? And how is Vanille ever going to deal with the different personalities and problems every single band member has? Warining: Rated T for bad language, violence, and some sexual themes, and Yuri! Pairings are- Mainly Fang x Vanille and Snow x Serah and Lightning x Hope, Zafia x Vanille, Lightning x Vanille, Hope x Vanille

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A little red headed girl sat on the ground, sitting on her legs as she rubbed her watery emerald green eyes. She wore a little white dress, stained red with red slippers. Her hair was a bit short and pulled down, only reaching to her neck as her bangs were held just above her head. She sniffed gently as another girl, maybe just two years older than her, stroked her head as she knelt down in front of the red headed girl.

This other girl had wild black hair that looked like a mane. Her eyes black as night but seemed to shine like the stars in sadness. Tanned skin and wearing a white T-shirt with blue jeans. She sighed sadly at the younger girl as tears fell.

"F-Fang... I don't want you to go! Why can't you stay? It isn't fair!" the red head sniffed as tears streamed down her face in despair.

The black haired girl sighed and smiled gently at the red head, putting her hand on the younger girls cheek and raised it up so their eyes were connected. "Don't worry Vanille! We won't be separated forever!" she grinned in reassurance.

The red head sniffed softly as she looked at the older girl. "B-but your going so far away!" she wailed pitifully.

The black haired girl grinned confidently. "Well ya but you remember my dream?" she asked, watching as her friend nodded sadly. "Well think about it! When I'm a star, the whole world will see me! That includes you! And I want you to be with me when that happens! When I'm famous, I'll come find you and swoop you off your feet like a knight in shinning armor! So no need to cry, just smile! You know I love your smile." she said soothingly.

The red head rubbed her eyes with the back of her palms again and nodded. "Okay." she said then finally let out a bright smile, her eyes still teary eyed. "That's a promise?" she asked.

"Promise. And I never break a promise." the black haired girl grinned.

"Pinky swear?" the red head grinned then held out her small right hand, her pinky stinking out and was slightly curved.

The older girl grinned and rolled her eyes playfully. She then hooked her pinky into her friends and shook it. "Pinky swear!" she laughed and the red head chuckled at her friends silliness.

"Fang! Come on lets go! We're going to be late!" called a older woman, maybe around her thirties.

"Coming Ma!" answered the black haired girl then looked at her friend with a soft sad smile.

The red head looked sadly at her but smiled back. The black haired girl thought for a moment then grinned and quickly leaned in and pecked her lips against her friends lips in a chaste innocent kiss. The red head squealed in surprise and smacked her hands against her mouth. She stared at her black haired friend in confusion.

Her friend simply grinned. "I wanted to try it and see what the big deal was. Ma said it was special so I wanted to do it with you first. So don't forget me now k?" she said then stood and waved and took off.

The red head stared after her friends disappearing form then slowly stood up on her feet. She softly smiled as she watched the black haired girl stick her head out of the window of a large green van and wave wildly at her. The red head chuckled and waved back as she watched the disappearing form of the car that held her friend.

"Remember Fang! You promised!" yelled the red head loudly.

"Always!" yelled her friend till she was out of earshot.

The red head finally put her hand down and stared where her friend had gone too. She would always remember her dear friend. Forever and ever.