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Chapter 4: Rock & Roll!

Vanille couldn't believe it. She just couldn't believe it. Never in a million years would she ever guess that she would be backstage of a famous band which had her childhood friend singing in it. She just couldn't believe it. She was watching from backstage, as the band stood around her, getting ready for the concert that was literally starting in five minutes. As she listened to the band talk she learned who played what.

Fang was the lead singer and played guitar. Lightning played guitar and was a backup singer, sometimes played keyboard when needed, and was actually the band's manager. Zafia played bass, while Serah did drums. Sazh would be the rapper whenever a song required it and also played keyboard, and Snow was the bodyguard. While her and Hope took the status of assistants. They were suppose to do anything in their power to assist the group members in whatever they needed. Like if the band members needed water at a intermission. Or 'is distraction' according to Snow, though Vanille didn't quite understand what he meant.

As Vanille looked around the stage in awe, she almost fell over as Fang's voice came into the air.

"Hey Vanille!" the singer called, getting the younger girl's immediate attention. "Mind handing me a glass of water for a quick drink before I head out?" she asked with a grin, black eyes shining so brightly it seemed. Perhaps it was from the excitement of getting on stage? Fang had always dreamed of being a rock star and now she was living it.

"O-Okay! Coming right up!" Vanille said brightly, hurriedly going to a table and picking up one of the glasses filled with water, and smoothly went back over to Fang, almost tripping along the way. She smiled and held out the glass of water to Fang.

"There you go!" said the red head cheerfully.

Vanille watched as the taller woman smirked a bit, reaching over with her left hand; fingers brushing against Vanille's as she did then took the glass away. Fang looked at Vanille for a moment, before swiftly gulping down the cool liquid. Vanille blinked as she watched the older woman.

"I wonder if she's still messy." thought Vanille, giggling at the thought.

She watched as Fang finished the drink, letting out a 'ah' and lick her lips to rid of the water droplets that got on her lips. Vanille slightly flushed at that but quickly shook it off. Why was she blushing so much around Fang. It wasn't like Fang didn't do all these when they were kids. Maybe it was because Fang hadn't changed in personality, but in body.

Fang had after all, matured. Vanille couldn't help but stare at Fang's gorgeous body. Who wouldn't? She had strong muscles, but still held a great curve figure. Her butt was just about the right size, it wasn't too small or too big. Her breasts though… had gotten really big. Compared to Fang, Vanille felt like a child. Her breasts weren't even in the same league. Also, Fang's face… it had lost its child-like a bit chubby appearance, to be replaced by a slender beautiful one.

Wait… why was she even thinking about this?

As Vanille struggled with her thoughts on Fang, the very person was staring at her, while waving a hand in front of the younger girl's face.

"Hey, Vanille! You in there?" Fang said with a amused smirk on her face. Abvously finding Vanille's silence and struggling appearence to her amusement.

As Vanille snapped out of her thoughts, she almost jumped a bit as Fang leaned down a bit so her face was close to the red head's. The 19-year-old felt her heart pumping, pounding against her chest with rapid speed and felt a blush rush up to her cheeks. She must be dreadfully ill to feel like this. Yes, that was it, she was just not feeling well.

Vanille shook her head and held up a bright smile. "Oh sorry, I'm kinda a space cadet." She answered, scratching the back of her head in embarrassment.

Fang simply grinned and handed the empty glass to Vanille. The younger girl watched as the older woman stretched her arms, her head circling a bit to stretch her neck then softly smirked.

"Eh that's okay. It's kind of cute. Wish me luck! We're going to rock our fan's world!" Fang said confidently then waved to the others and her, Lightning, Serah, Sazh, and Zafia walked out onto stage.

Immediately, the fans roared out in cheers and whistles along with claps. It was so loud; Vanille could barely hear her own thoughts. It was quite different from what she was use to, never hearing something this loud, even her uncle's yelling. It hurt her sensitive ears but shook it off, gently clapping along with the fans. Eager to hear Fang's music and wondering what it would be like.

Sure, Vanille had listened to Fang sing when they were children but never when Fang was actually singing. So Vanille was eager to hear Fang sing her heart out. The nineteen year old girl listened as Fang greeted the crowd.

"Hello Cocoon! Are you ready to hear some music!" Fang yelled out to the crowd, getting another roar of cheering. "Then let us make some noise!" she yelled again then began playing her guitar, along with Lightning, and Serah beat down on the drums while Zafia played the bass.

Vanille listened to the instruments, amazed at how well they played. They were so in sync, words haven't even left Fang's mouth and Vanille felt like cheering on like a fan girl. Her heart pounded along with the music, seeming to dance with it. She smiled brightly, feeling like she could die happy. Till she heard Fang sing.

Here we are with my big guitar

Just hanging out and singing aloud

Hoping I don't have to go running about

And not get run right out of town,


As you all know I'm pretty famous

That ain't gonna skip my bad reputation

While I'm hear singing to you

There's only one thing I have to say to fools,


Here we are making a mark

You won't see me without a guitar

We're just here singing our hearts out

If you've got a problem then you better hang on

Or you'll be flyin,


Here I am, just me and my band

As we hit and land we hear the cheers,

Of our addoring fans,

We're here to give them a hand,

So listen close because we're gonna rock your world!


Here we are making a mark

You won't see me without a guitar

We're just here singing our hearts out

If you've got a problem then you better hang on

Or you'll be flyin,


Here we are, Here we are


Some think we're cool

Others think we're fools

But tell you what I have to say

I could care less, about what they have to say

We're just here to do what we like and entertain


Those fools will soon realize

That those rumors are just a bunch of lies

It's the honest truth and I'm not the fool

And that me and my band that we're cool


Here we are making a mark,

You won't see me without a guitar,

We're just here singing our hearts out,

If you've got a problem then you better hang on,

Or you'll be flyin,


I hate to brag but it's the honest truth

We're here to stay as number one

Nothing ain't gonna change

Not gonna get us on the floor

Because we're NORA!

As the song ended, the audience erupted in applause and loud cheers and whistles. Vanille could only stand and stare as Fang raised her guitar in the air and waved, with a nice big smirk in her face. Fang had gotten so… so…


Her voice sounded so beautiful and the song still sent shivers up the young girl's spine. It felt so intense and made her want to dance. Her heart pumped harshly and her smile was wide in wonder, the music engraved in her memory.

This was only the first song and Vanille was already ready to jump up and cheer along the crowd like a wild fan girl. It was an embarrassing really. Vanille couldn't help but love it though. She couldn't wait to hear Fang sing more and listen to the music.

Time skip

As the concert ended, Vanille was full of energy. Her smile brighter than ever, but was a bit overwhelmed as she fans crowded around her along with the rest of group. Begging for autographs or asking for the band members to marry them; or some other uncomfortable things.

"Umm… what do we do?" asked Vanille, worried that the overbearing crazy fans would literally pick up the band members and drag them away if it wasn't for Snow, pushing them back along with some other body guards.

Fang smirked a bit. "Oh that's easy." She stated with a nod as Vanille looked at her easily. Though Hope and Lightning didn't seem as amused. Well, Lightning looked annoyed while Hope looked terrified.

Fang picked up Hope by the scruff of his shirt. "We take this kid and we do this." She said with a smirk then looked at the crowd, holding up Hope. "Hey guys! How many of you think Hope is just adorable?" she asked getting screams of happiness as an answer. "Then who ever catches him first, personally gets free pictures of all the members and a date with any one of us!" she said loudly, earning screams of pleasures as an answer.

"Then go get him!" the singer laughed then threw Hope into the crowd who scrambled to grab the screaming boy who slipped through the crowd quickly and ran for his life.

Vanille gapped in horror as she watched the scene, oblivious at how Fang dragged her in the limo with the rest of the band.

"Uh... you sure he'll be alright?" she asked shakily.

"Oh yah. He runs pretty fast, he'll be just fine." Said Snow with a smirk.

Sazh rolled his eyes. "He's only come back a bit bruised and with no clothes on a few times." He stated.

Fang laughed in amusement as Lightning let out a groan of frustration.

Vanille simply stared at the band members. Praying to the heaven for Hope to come back safely, also for her not to end up with the same job.

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