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Sakura rolled over in her bed, the alarm clock was blaring, her hand smashed he snooze button. The pinkette rubbed her eyes and sighed, she didn't want to go to school. Her story was going to be buzzing about the hall ways, Pein was probably going to twist it around in some sick contorted way. She hadn't talked to Sasuke at all either, she couldn't face him. Not in her emotional state. Her parents didn't even know what happened on Friday, she couldn't tell them. They had asked her about her mouth and the pinkette came up with a story along the lines of trying to open a jar and managed to punch herself square in the process.

She lazily got out of bed and walked into her shower, it was going to be a long day.

Sakura didn't bother with any make up, she threw on her "Stay metal" tee shirt with the hood and a pair of skinny jeans with her black vans, she flipped the hood over her head and grabbed her bag, "I'm out." She yelled into the living room, before she walked out. The cold air hit her instantly, she did't have a jacket and didn't exactly feel like running back inside to get one. She traveled down the walk way leading to her drive way watching her feet as she walked. The soft rumble of a car's engine filled her ears, Don't tell me... Sakura's eyes landed on the Infinity, Sasuke was holding her door open waiting for her to crawl in.

Sakura gave him a look and turned to walk through her yard, she wasn't riding with him.

"Sakura!" The young Uchiha called out, she ignored him. "God dammit Sakura, get in the fucking car!" His voice was in a low growl, the pinkette stopped in her tracks and turned around, her breath hitched, he was right behind her.

"What ever I did to put you in this mood, I'm sorry!" He said staring straight through her. She bit the inside of her cheek and brushed past him, climbing into his car and closing the door. Sasuke ran a hand through his hair and sighed, What the fuck did we do?

The car ride was silent the whole way to school, granted Sasuke tried talking with her, Sakura simply put her head phones in and cranked up the volume to her iPod. Which royally pissed the young Uchiha. He parked his car and watched as the pink haired girl beside him climbed out and walked away towards the school building, he sighed and climbed out, grabbing his bag before walking into the school. Where did he go wrong? What could he have possibly done to make her this upset? He was completely clueless.

Sakura walked briskly into the classroom, her hood hung over her head, her eyes flicked up and she stopped dead in her tracks, fear paralyzed her. There he was, the man who was in her nightmares. Pein. A sick smile crossed his face as he stared at her. She couldn't move, anger, hatred, and fear all coursing through her veins. Her body began to tremble as his rabid eyes stared straight through her. a hand steadied itself on Sakura's shoulder. She snapped around and her eyes landed on blood red hair, "Gaara." she breathed out, relief washed over her body, Moriah stood behind him, "We're not going to let anything happen to you, Sakura. As long as we're around no one will hurt you, I promise." All the pinkette could do was nod, she had to fight back the tears that threatened to escape. Gaara positioned himself in front of Sakura in a protective manner, staring Pein dead in the eyes with a grizzly look. The small girl quickly walked over to her desk, she dropped her things onto the floor and quickly laid her head down on her desk, she didn't feel like talking. Tears dripped off her nose and she cried silently to herself. Pein's stare made her feel disgusting, it put right back where she was Friday night.

Sasuke quietly walked into the classroom, orange hair caught the corner of his eyes, there he was. Pein smirked smugly at Sasuke, the raven haired boy let out a growl as he walked to his desk, anger overwhelming his body. The young Uchiha sat down not bothering to say hello to any of his friends. He folded his fingers under his nose and stared at the front of the room, he watched Sakura out of the corner of his eye, she was hiding her face. Sasuke gritted his teeth as he went back to Friday night, the sight of Pein on top of her tiny fragile body, her bloody and swollen lip, the look of pure terror in her eyes. His body began to tremble with anger, How could we have let that happen to her? It took every ounce of self control for Sasuke to not lunge out of his desk and beat the life out of Pein.

Naruto got out of his desk and walked over the the seething Uchiha, he knelt down beside his beat friend and placed a hand on his shoulder, "Gaara and I will walk with her to class, I won't let him even look at her." His tone was serious but comforting he knew his best friend was about to lose control. The raven haired boy turned his look over to Naruto and sighed, he dropped his hands and looked back over at Sakura, "I don't want her to have to walk around this school in a constant fear of him..." The blond nodded as he stared at the ground in thought, "She is a strong girl, Sasuke. She has nothing to worry about as long as we're here." Sasuke nodded, he opened his mouth to speak but was quickly interrupted by the bell. With another sigh he grabbed his book bag and stood to his feet.

Sakura quickly wiped her eyes when the bell rang, she grabbed her book bag and stood to her feet. She didn't look up, she couldn't. Not with Pein near her. Naruto stepped in front of her and placed his hand on her shoulders, "Gaara and I are going to walk to class with you, we'll do it everyday if that makes you comfortable." Sakura looked up and bit back a sob, she just nodded. The girls gathered around her and Ino spoke up, "Sakura if you need anything you have our numbers, text one or all of us if you ever feel uncomfortable." The pinkette smiled weakly, "Thanks." Her voice was hushed, almost a whisper. Her voice would crack if she spoke any louder.

Eventually everyone filed out fot he classroom, Naruto and Gaara walked on the either side of the small girl, who watched her feet as she walked, unable to look up. She heard whispers as she walked through the halls, rumors were already spreading about what happened between her and Pein.

"Well I heard she was down the fuck and then Sasuke came in on them and she tried playing it off as a rape." Their words pierced through her with a force, "I heard she saw Sasuke and Karin back together so she got all emotional and fucked Pein to get back at him." Sakura pulled her hood farther over her head, hiding her eyes, they were bloodshot from the tears that pricked at the corners. Today was going to be hard.

Sakura kept her head down the entire length of home ec, she kept her iPod blazing in her ears. She just wanted to go home and cry, and she couldn't even do that. She still had band practice. Moriah forced her to promise she would go, she didn't want to let her down. a sigh escaped her lips as she replayed the entire school day in her head. All her friends tried talking to her about all sorts of things but she was withdrawn from everyone. She couldn't stop thinking about Sasuke's and Karin's kiss. It made her blood boil. Drama had been exceptionally awkward. she found herself busy work and didn't talk much with Moriah, Sasuke would look over at her every now and then which just made things worse, every time she saw his face she saw him and Karin.

Sakura let out a shaky breath and ran her hand through her hair, she just wanted to skip practice and go home, her friends had done so much for her though, she couldn't just bail on them. The bell rang and Sakura slowly stood to her feet, Karin and her army of sluts gave the pinkette a look of pure hatred before walking out of the class, a growl escaped Sakura's lips as she flung her bag over her shoulder. If I could kick them in the teeth just once I would be so happy... Slowly the small girl walked out of the classroom, she quickly glanced in both directions with caution before exiting. She tried blending herself in with the huge crowd of students but it was difficult with pink hair. Sakura quickly pulled her hood over her head and looked down as she walked with the masses.

The outside was welcoming, the crisp cold air hit her skin and she sighed, her breath created small puffs of fog. The pinkette looked up towards the sky and watched the thick dark clouds roll over head. It was going to rain shortly. She quickly made a B line for the parking lot, her arms folded across her chest to keep warm, the wind whipped her hair and knocked the hood off her head. The small girl looked down at her feet as she walked, avoiding all eye contact. She didn't want to talk to anyone. Another strong gust of wind stopped her in her tracks, a small gasp fell from her lips and she shivered. She had planned on walking to Sasuke's house to avoid having to ride in a car with him, but at this rate she was beginning to think differently. Sakura looked up and her eyes landed on Pein, he was standing a yard away from her, a sick smile graced his face.

Her heart sped and she was paralyzed by his icy smile. Fear pumped through her veins as she flashed back to Friday night. "Hey babe." Pein's voice was dark, perverted. The small girl winced as he spoke, "L... Leave me alone." That's all she could choke out. The orange haired boy laughed and took a step closer, "Forget it. I'm not finished with you yet." Sakura took a small step back and turned on her heels, she needed to get away from him.

The pinkette was startled when she whipped her body around, the young Uchiha was standing behind her, his look was deadly. Him and Pein locked eyes and Sasuke wrapped his arm around Sakura shoulders bringing her closer to him, "You stay away from her." The Raven haired boy spoke with venom dripping from every word, his voice was low and dangerous, "If I see you even look at her I will fucking end you." The orange haired boy let out a dark laugh before walking away.

Sakura couldn't process what was going on, Sasuke's body was warm against hers, all she could do was look up at him. She didn't even blush this time, she felt so safe in his arms. Her body trembled against his and The young Uchiha instinctively held her closer, gripped her tighter. He turned his body, shielding her from Pein's line of sight before he walked her to his car. Sasuke wordlessly opened her door and waited as she climbed in. He shot Pein another look before he walked over to his side and crawled in.

The car ride was silent, Sasuke's look never softened, Sakura glanced over at him before she turned her eyes out the window. Rain drops began to fall from the sky, slowly their silence was over taken by the sound of rain drops crashing on to the young Uchiha's windshield. The pinkette licked her lips and let out a hiss, her cut stung as her saliva hit it. Sasuke looked at her and gripped the wheel tighter, "Why didn't you fucking listen to me.." His voice was cold and angry as he spoke, Sakura snapped her head in his direction. "What did you just say?" Her voice was low, her heart sped with anger. The raven haired boy looked at her, "Why did you think it was a good idea to run off with Pein Friday night! God dammit, Sakura! I fucking told you to stay by me! I warned you about him! What the fuck were you thinking!" Sasuke's voice filled the car as he screamed, Sakura stared at him with a an unreadable expression. She balled her fist and let out a heavy breath, "Pull over." The raven haired boy looked at her again and shook his head, "No, what are you crazy?"

"I SAID PULL OVER." Sakura's yell pierced Sasuke's ears, she didn't even give him time to stop before she unbuckled her seat belt and opened the car door. "Sakura, what the fuck are you doing!?" The young Uchiha reached out to grab her but was two seconds too short, she had bailed. He quickly pulled his car over to the side of the road and put on his flashers before jumping out.

The rain crashed all around Sakura as she walked, she was outside for two seconds and she was already soaking wet. Thunder rumbled over head as the rain fell harder, What the fuck made him think that was a good idea!? She could feel her body tremble with anger, she had never yelled at someone like that before. She wanted to punch Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke ran after the small girl, rain crashed onto his body, causing chill bumps to form on his cold wet skin. His clothes clung to his body and his hair slowly fell into his face. Thunder boomed around them. "Sakura!" He yelled out slowly approaching the girls retreating form. He reached out and grabbed onto her arm spinning her around. The pinkette had a look of hatred set deep into her emerald eyes. "What?" She snapped, anger laced into her voice, Sasuke let go of her arm and shook his head, "What are you doing!? What is wrong with you!" Rain drops slowly ran down his face as he yelled, dripping off of his nose and chin, he had worry filled eyes. Sakura felt tears prick the corners of her eyes, her hair was soaking to her scalp and she could feel water run down her body, "You're what's wrong with me Sasuke Uchiha!" She yelled back, she jerked her body as she cried out, rain water fell from her hair as she did so. The Raven haired boy looked at her with confusion, he was getting tired of this. "I don't even know what you're trying to say!" He snapped back.

"I saw you and Karin Friday!" She yelled out, thunder nearly drowning out her voice, "I saw you kiss her! I saw everything!" Tears were streaming down her face and she quickly wiped her eyes, a sob escaped her lips and she brought her palm to her cheek as she wept. Sasuke felt his stomach drop and he let his head hang watching the ground as rain crashed around them, "You have no idea do you?" The young Uchiha looked back at the small shaking girl before him, "What do you mean?" He said evenly, watching every tear fall from her beautiful green eyes. Sakura looked at him with heart break evident in her features, "I was so hurt... I wanted to be alone and Pein followed me into that room! I didn't fucking invite him Sasuke! He followed me and then he tried to... He tried to r-.. r-" A sob ripped through Sakura's throat, she could barely talk about what had happened, "He tried to rape me..." Her voice was a hushed whisper. Sasuke felt something inside of him die, it was his fault Sakura was taken advantage of, he balled his fist and shook his head, "Why were you so upset about Karin and I to being with?" He said through gritted teeth. The pinkette bit her lip as she stared at him, she felt her stomach do flips.

"Because, I love you!" She finally shouted out, her words echoed through Sasuke's thoughts, making his heart race. There's no way she just said that. The tears only fell harder from Sakura's eyes and she wrapped her arms around her small shaking body, "I love you so much it hurts and you'll never understand. I'll never add up to Karin! I will never be good enough and it kills me! Every time I look at you my heart goes nuts and I feel like I might forget how to breathe! I want to make you smile! I want to make you happy like she did! But I can't! And it hurts so bad... I will never be Kari-"

Sasuke didn't know what he was doing before he did it, he quickly grabbed Sakura by the waist and pulled her into him, his lips crashed against hers, he could feel her tense up under him with shock, her eyes were wide. He wrapped his arms around her tiny frame and he could feel her slowly relax in his embrace. Sakura could feel her knees grow weak. He turned her to butter. Her heart was about to beat right out of her chest. The pinkette returned the action and kissed him back with a passion, she slowly wrapped her arms around the young Uchiha. She didn't want this moment to end.

Sasuke broke the kiss and rested his forehead against hers, "Sakura, I never meant to hurt you. Yes, Karin kissed me, but I made her stop. I told her I had moved on. I don't want to be with her, Sakura. The first day my eyes landed on you I knew you were something special, I had no idea that my feelings would grow for you the way they did though. You're in my head, I see you every time I lay my head down to go to sleep. I need you in my life, Sakura Haruno. And I swear to god as long as I'm breathing I will protect you." Sakura felt her stomach doing flips as Sasuke spoke, she stared into his onxy orbs, his voice was so gentle so sincere. Sasuke cupped her face in his hands and sighed, "I just want to see you smile again."

A smile graced Sakura's face as tears continued to fall, the raven haired boy wiped them away and grabbed her hands, and led her back to his car, "Come on, before you get sick."

Sakura and Sasuke both walked into the large downstairs room where all of their friends were sitting around, Ten Ten's eyes grew huge when her eyes landed on the soaking wet couple, "What the hell happened to you two!?" She asked, everyone stopped talking and turned their heads only to see what Ten Ten was referring to. The pinkette felt her face get warm and she let out a nervous laugh, "We... Got rained on." Ino rolled her eyes and shook her head, "Obviously, but why?" The Raven haired boy looked over at Sakura and smirked, "Reasons." The blonde groaned and shook her head, "You two are something else."

The young Uchiha shook his head vigorously, casting off all the loose water droplets that clung to his hair. Sakura merely twitched when they hit her in the face. Moriah put her hand over her mouth to cover her smile, "Sakura, do you have anything to change into?" The pinkette looked over at her black haired friend and sighed, "I'm afraid not." Sasuke looked over at her and gently grabbed a strand of her soaking wet hair, "I'll find you something to change into, come on." Everyone in the group stared at them with puzzled looks as the two left for the young Uchiha's room.

Sasuke opened his bed room door and walked in, Sakura stood at his door unsure of she should follow him in or not. The raven haired boy looked over at her and raised a brow, "My room doesn't smell that bad." The pinkette smirked and shook her head, his room actually smelt nice, a small hint of cologne and room fresheners. She stared into his living space, his bed was actually kinda huge, and it faced his wardrobe, various pictures and cologne bottles sat on top of it, and hung above it sat a Plasma screen. She looked over to the left and noticed a closet, and beside it was a desk where a lap top sat and a few guitar picks were scattered about. He had a night stand beside his bed which held a small lamp and a picture of his family, and to the right of the room was his bathroom. She was take aback by his room, it was simple. She liked it. "Nice place." She said still looking around, Sasuke looked over at her as he dug through his wardrobe and nodded, "Thanks, here. Try these on." The raven haired boy tossed a pair of Nike sweats and an old T-shirt of his. Sakura held up the shirt and looked at it, a smile crossed her face, "You run track too, huh." The young Uchiha looked over at her and nodded, "This years season is about to start up, you gonna join?" The pinkette shrugged and lowered the shirt, "I ran back home, err... in Tokyo." Sasuke watched her as she a spoke a smirked played on his lips, "Well you should run it this year, Moriah and Ten Ten do, and so does Neji, Gaara and Naruto." Sakura smiled and folded her arms, "You gonna run this year?" The raven haired boy chuckled and grabbed himself a pair of white basket ball shorts and a black T-shirt, "Us four make up the 4x4 and 4x1, number one in the state last year." The pinkette rolled her eyes and turned on her heels, "Now you're just bragging." Sasuke smiled to himself as he walked into his bathroom.

Sakura walked out of the bathroom she felt so goofy in Sasuke's clothes, they swallowed her body. Itachi was walking towards his room when he stopped in his tracks and looked at Sakura and her lump of wet clothes she held in her arms, "Uh... You want to pop those in the dryer?" He asked with a raised brow. The pinkette stared at her soaking clothes and back at Itachi with a sheepish smile, "Well since you're offering I guess I could.." The older Uchiha flashed her a smile and pointed down stairs, "It downstairs, in the closet besides the band room." The small girl flashed him a smile before heading that way, "Thanks Itachi!"

Sasuke walked downstairs towards the bed room, his wet hair still clung to the sides of his face. Everyone in the band room looked at him and gave him a devious smile, Naruto ran up beside him and swung his arm over his shoulder, "You and Sakura are together aren't you." He said as he winked at his best friend, the young Uchiha rolled his arms and wiggled out from underneath the blond's arm, "Think what you guys want." All the girls squealed and began to whisper between one another. Sasuke grabbed the notebook Sakura had left and flipped to the song she had wrote, a smile graced his face as he read her lyrics. He picked up his acoustic guitar and began plucking at the strings as he heard it in his head.

Sakura walked into the band room, her damp hair clung to her neck. The girls greeted her and she joined them on the floor. Ino was looking at her with excited eyes, "Are you and Sasuke together?!" She whispered loudly. The pinkette face flushed and she looked at the ground, "I.. Don't know..." She said with sincerity. She had no idea if they were together, but all those things he had said.. They had to mean something.

"Hey Pinky, come here." Sasuke's voice caught Sakura's attention, she looked over at him and noticed he had been picking at his guitar while he looked at her note book. The small girl rose to her feet and sat down beside the young Uchiha, "Yes?" The raven haired boy looked up at her and smirked, "Sing this with me." Sakura's eyes grew wide with surprise, "O.. Okay." Sasuke stood up and walked over to the microphones switching two on and plugging his guitar into his amp. The pinkette rose to her feet and positioned herself beside one of the two microphones and watched Sasuke as he prepared for the song. The young Uchiha looked over at her and nodded.

The Raven haired boy cleared his throat and begin playing his guitar,

And hey darling
I hope you're good tonight
And I know you don't feel right when I'm leaving
Yeah I want it but no I don't need it
Tell me something sweet to get me by
'Cause I can't come back home till they're singing

He would look down every now and then as he sang, watching his finger work.

La, la la la, la la la,
Till everyone is singing

If you can wait till I get home,
Then I swear to you that we can make this last.
(La la la)
If you can wait till I get home,
Then I swear come tomorrow, this will all be in our past.
Well it might be for the best

Sakura took a deep breath, she patted her hand against her leg to the beat as she awaited her turn, she slowly grabbed onto the microphone as she began to sing,

And hey sweetie,
Well I need you here tonight,
And I know that you don't wanna be leaving me
Yeah, you want it, but I can't help it.
I just feel complete when you're by my side,
But I know you can't come home till they're singing

La, la la la, la la la,

Sasuke closed his eyes and he strummed, slowly losing himself to the music.

Till everyone is singing.
La, la la la, la la la.

If you can wait till I get home,
Then I swear to you that we can make this last.
(La la la)
If you can wait till I get home,
Then I swear come tomorrow, this will all be in our past.
Well it might be for the best

Sakura watched Sasuke as he played, a small smile graced her face as she watched him get lost in the music. She too could feel it slowly take over her body, she closed her eyes as she continued to sing,

You know you can't give me what I need.
And even though you mean so much to me,
I can't wait through everything,

Sasuke's finger work began to gain speed as the song picked up,

Is this really happening?
I swear I'll never be happy again.
And don't you dare say we can just be friends.
I'm not some boy that you can sway.

Sakura took a deep breath, as did the young Uchiha as they sang together,

We knew it'd happen eventually.

La, la la la, la la la,
Now everybody's singing.
La, la la la, la la la,
Now everybody's singing.
La, la la la, la la la,
(If you can wait till I get home)
Now everybody's singing.
La, la la la, la la la,
(Then I swear we can make this last)
Now everybody's singing.

The small girl gripped the microphone as she sang, her soul was captured by Sasuke's guitar as he played,

La, la la la, la la la,

Now everybody's singing.

La, la la la, la la la

Now everybody's singing.

La, la la la, la la la

(If you can wait til' I get home)

Now everybody's singing.

La, la la la, la la la,

(Then I swear we can make this last)

Now everybody's singing.


Sakura stepped away from the microphone and smiled the raven haired boy flashed her a heart stopping smile in return before he turned off the microphone.

"I think in some parts of the chorus the entire band should sing, with the 'la' parts and such." Gaarra said looking at the two with enthusiasm. Sakura grinned and nodded, "That's what I thought when I wrote it. And we'll have more than just the acoustic."

The young Uchiha sat down his guitar and smirked, "We'll have to fix and adjust some parts, but other than that it's a great start."

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