My Mother, My Aunt Fred & Ollie

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The night was clear, but there was a chill in the air, that could not be accounted for. The weather forecast was for clear skies and warm temperatures. The children were moving through the streets with out a care in the world, not aware of the danger that was passing so close by.

A dark cloaked figure was passing through the streets, with a particular destination in mind. He had a purpose and was not to be deterred by the brats that were determened to get in his way.

At he point of his destination, A couple were sitting in there living room, enjoying the quiet time with there son. The Potters were a young couple, with James being 22, and Lily 21. Young Harry 15 months. They were interrupted by a loud bang, and James jumped up to look out the window and said, "Lily, it's him, take Harry and run, get away from here. I will stall him for as Long as I can,"

"No, James, I can't leave you, I can help you." Lily cried.

"Lily, go, you have to protect Harry, now go!"

Lily ran to the kitchen to leave out the back door, when she realized she didn't have her wand, so she went back into the House, and up the stairs to her room. There was an explosion downstairs, and Lily knew it was to late for escape. She knew there was not much time, and thought of the best way to protect her son. She knew what she had to do, and hated the thought of it, but if it protected Harry, then so be it. Lily murmured the incantation, and cast the spell. There was a blinding blue light, just as the Dark Lord entered the room where Lily had taken Harry. Voldemort was taken back by what he saw, as the young woman in front of him collapsed in a heap at his feet. It was not his intention to kill this young lady, however it didn't bother him that she died anyway. He was here to make sure the boy had no future. "Good bye Harry potter. AVADA KADAVRA!"

The curse hit the shield set up by Lily, and bounced of it and went flying back to hit the Dark Lord full in the chest. He stood no chance once the beam hit him. His body collapsed as did Lily's, but when it hit, the body disintegrated, and a shadowy figure left the building. His wand falling into the crib of the child he tried to kill. Harry though crying, picked up the wand, and felt a connection to it. For some reason, Harry put the wand in his blanket to keep with him. He covered up, and tried to sleep, but the tears he felt were too much to allow him the peace sleep brought.

A new noise was heard coming from downstairs, and Harry looked up to see Padfoot enter the bedroom.

"OH NO, LILY, WHAT HAVE I DONE!" Sirius Black was crying as he fell to the floor, picking up, the frail body of the young Lily Potter. She was so young, lively, kind, sincere, thoughtful. The words kept pouring from his mind, until a soft "Pa Foo" shook him from his thoughts.

"Harry, your alive. Oh thank god you're alive. Harry, it's all my fault. I should never brought up the idea to change secrets keeper. Wormtail was a bad decision. I will make him pay, so help me, I will make him pay."

Sirius picked Harry up, and did not notice the hard feeling in his blanket. He put him in his carrier, and left the house of his friends. He was met by a huge figure of a man, that stood near nine feet tall, with a face full of hair.

"Sirius, how is everyone in there?"

"They are dead Hagrid, both Lily and James are dead, and it's all my fault. I have to get Harry away from here Hagrid, and then I must find Peter."

"Sirius, Professor Dumbldore wants me to take Arry here to him. He's pretty insistent on Harry going to him, so if you please, I'll take him to him."

"No Hagrid, I promised Lily and James I would take care of Harry if anything should happen to them. Harry is my responsibility now."

"I'm sorry Sirius, but the Professor was insistent on me taking Harry to Him, and thas what I intend on doin."

Sirius looked at the giant of a man, and handed Harry over to him, and the keys to his flying Motorcycle. "Take my bike Hagrid, it will be faster for you, and I won't need it anymore."

Hagrid thanked Sirius, and they split ways. Hagrid placed Harry in the passenger car of the bike, tucking the blanket around him, not noticing the hardness of the wand, hidden in Harry's blanket.

Hagrid found Professor's Dumbledore, and McGonagall having an argument, which stopped as he arrived to greet them. Hagrid pulled the carrier out of the Carriage and brought Harry to Professor Dumbledore. Tears were cleaning a path down Hagrid's cheeks.

Tears were also found On Professor McGonagall's Cheeks, as she looked at the precious bundle wrapped in a blanket in Albus' hands. She wanted to take the carrier from Albus and bring him back to the castle with her, but, in reverence to Albus, she fought of this feeling.

Albus left the carrier, Harry, and a note on the doorstep of one Vernon E. Dursley, of #4 Privot Drive, Little Whining, of Surrey. The three then left.


Petunia Dursley awoke that morning of 1 November, 1981. At least she thought she was Petunia Dursley. She looked in the mirror in her bathroom, and saw the face of Petunia Dursley, but she felt she was not Petunia Dursley anymore, but she was now, Lily Evans Potter.

It worked. I did it. and know I can be sure that my Harry will be safe. She ran down stairs, and threw open the door, and found her beautiful boy, wrapped in a blanket. Thank you Albus Dumbledore, for continuing to bee the idiot I always took you for. For your It's For The Good mentality.

Lily had suspected Albus of being single minded, and set in his ways. With that being the case, she knew that Albus would do what he thought was right in protecting Harry by keeping him away from the Wizarding world. Lily picked Harry up from the carrier, and felt the hard object hidden in his blanket. When she unwrapped Harry, she almost fainted when she found Voldemort's wand.

Lily looked down at Harry and saw his smiling face. "Harry, did you do this?" she asked, and Harry just smiled at his admirer. He didn't know who this person was, but she seemed nice, almost like his mother.

There was a loud noise upstairs coming from the bedroom, and then the pounding coming down the stairs as Vernon came into view. He saw Petunia with a bundle in her hands, and assumed it was his Dudders. He leaned in to give his wife a kiss, when she backed off. So he instead went in to kiss his Dudders. He screamed when he saw this was not Dudley, but some strange child

"Petunia, who is this, and what is he doing in my house?"

"That Vernon, is my son, and I am not Petunia, I am Lily Evans Potter, and this is Harry Potter!"

"Are you daft woman, did you hit your head or something. Now why are you holding that freak, and calling him your son?"

Lily was seeing red, "If you ever call Harry a freak again, you will walk around the rest of your miserable life, as a girl. And rest assured, I am quite capable of following through with my plans." And with that, using Voldemorts wand, she picked up the poker sitting by the fire place, with her magic, and bent it in half. Vernon'S eyes went as big around as saucers.

"You really are Lily Potter? How can that be, you went to bed last night Petunia, my wife. How can you wake up, Lily Potter the Freak? Urggg!" Lily's wand was shoved deep into Vernon's throat.

"What did I tell you about using that word?"

"You told me not to call Harry that anymore, you did not say anything about you."

"I don't ever want to hear that word again, do you understand me?"

"If you don't want to hear it, then I suggest you leave."

"Oh, I intend to, as soon as I get the kids ready."

"What do you mean kids, you are not taking Dudley, I won't let you."

"How are you going to stop me?"

"I will tell the authorities that you went mad and kidnapped him, and you will lose both babies. Yes that is what I will do." Vernon called his solicitor, and told him what he wanted, and on what grounds.

Vernon had just played into Lily's hands, as she had no intention of leaving without both children. She knew that even though Harry was her child, he was not birthed by Petunia. Dudley was, and would therefore be going with her after the divorce.

Vernon was in a lose/lose situation.

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