My Mother, My Aunt Keeperoliver Chapter 12

The next morning, found lily feeling brilliant. Her evening of fun was fantastic, and she could feel a glow around her. She couldn't understand this feeling, but loved it all the same. She went in to talk to James about it, before everyone was up.

"Hello love, you look beautiful this morning. Did something happen last night, that I should know about? he laughingly said.

Lily blushed, then smiled. "I don't want to go into detail, but yes, something happened last night. James, please forgive me, but Remus was magical last night, and I felt like I haven't felt, since we conceived Harry. I know you wanted this to happen, but I still feel I am cheating on you. You know I love you, but I feel , or I felt I was missing something. Remus and I have made love before, but there was always you, in the back of my mind, and I couldn't quite enjoy it. Last night with you not there, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Please don't be upset."

"Lily, how could I be upset with you, when it was me that wanted you to go on with out me. To live life to the fullest. I don't want you to forget me, but I do want you to move on and love Remus, as you love me. I will always be there for you, when you need me, but Remus is the one you need to confide in more and more, now. He is your husband, and should know how you feel."

Thank you James, now if you will excuse me, I must go start breakfast. I love you sweetheart."

"As I do you, my love."

Lily made her way to the kitchen to find Alicia hovering over the stove, making breakfast, and humming a tune that Lily did not recognize. For some reason, she walked over and hugged Alicia from behind, and she leaned her head back and said, "Thank you Lily."

"For what Tuney?" still calling her that, for that is how she remembers her.

"For this," she said, turning around and spreading her arms wide. "The house, the family, Sirius. I was stuck in a loveless marriage, with no hope to escape. If you hadn't done what you did, I shudder to think how my Dudley would have turned out. He is a wonderful child with manners, and a step father that loves him, yet does not baby him. He expects Dudley, not, not Dudley, but Daniel, to be a gentleman, yet to enjoy the ways of the Marauders. Do you see the way him, and Ron work together. It is like watching Molly's twins. I pity Hogwarts when they get there and partner themselves with the twins. When the twins find out about Sirius, Remus, and James are the three founders of the Marauders, they will be worshiping Ron and Daniel, and the ground they walk on."

"I shudder to think what they will do, if they should join forces. I think could be more dangerous than the Marauders. Not evil, vile or nasty, well maybe nasty. Poor Albus and Minerva are going to have their hands full. You know today is Neville's birthday, and tomorrow is Harry's, why don't we combine the two, and celebrate today. Maybe get the girls and Ron back, and possibly the rest of the Weasleys."

"Excellent Idea Lils, that should take Harry by surprise." She was interrupted by a flurry of feathers rapping on the window. Lily opened the window, and let the bird in.

She got an owl treat for the bird, and a bowl of water. She gave them to the bird, and took the letters from the leg. There were four letters in all. One was for Daniel, one for Harry, one for Remus, and a real shock, one for Ginny. Why did she get one for Ginny, if she wasn't here.

The owl finished his treat and a drink, and took off, and out through the open window. Lily closed the window, to keep the cooling charm in place.

The kitchen was soon attacked by four ravenous men, ready to devour their meal. First though, were the morning hugs and kisses from the adults, which disgusted the two boys.

Ever the frisky one, Sirius went to Alicia, wrapped his arms around her to grab her arse, and pulled her in for a kiss, which she returned with vigor. She couldn't get enough of the attention he gave her. When he squeezed her cheeks, she squealed, and and jumped away from him, and hit him on the arm. "Siri, control your self in front of the kids."

"Ya Siri, not in front of the kids." Harry said, pointing to His mom and dad. "See how they act all grown up and things. You should follow their example." Daniel finished.

Lily and Remus laughed and finished their good morning, when Lily pulled away. "Harry, Daniel, you got mail this morning." She handed the letters to the two.

Neville came into the room, with a letter in his hand. "Good morning every one. Harry I see you got your letter, and you too Daniel. I just got mine from an owl about five minutes ago. I wonder how she knew where I was, and how Hogwarts knew? Do you know what house you want to be in yet?"

Daniel jumped in, "Gryffindor, definitely. The house of the Marauders and the twins. Ron and I have already discussed it. How about you Neville?"

"I would like to be there also, but I will probably be going to Hufflepuff. I am not very brave or strong. I am barely above a squib in magical strength."

Harry looked at Neville's aura, and could see strong magic surrounding him, and was wondering how Neville felt he was weak? " Neville, what makes you think you are weak? I can sense strong magic in you."

"Well, I have been using my Father's wand, and I can't perform the simplest spells. My Grans says it was a very strong wand for his dad, and knows it works, so that only ,means I am not very powerful."

Remus walked over to Neville, and knelt down in front of him. "Neville, did your Grans tell you that the wand picks the wizard, not the wizard picks his wand. In order for your magic to work properly, you have to have the proper wand. Just because your father's wand worked for your father, doesn't mean it will work for you. When we go to get school supplies tomorrow, We will see about getting you a new wand."

Harry asked, "Dad, can I try something for Neville? I almost forgot I had it." Remus nodded, and Harry ran upstairs.

Lily just realized what Harry was talking about, and was about to complain, when Harry entered the room with another wand. He handed it to Neville, and a strong breeze blew through the kitchen, and bright lights flew from the tip of the wand. Neville about passed out from the feeling coming from the wand. A feeling of immense power. Neville's confidence level grew 100 fold. He waved the wand, and all the food levitated to the kitchen table. The juice left the stay fresh cabinet. Tea and coffee joined the other drinks, and started to dole out the refreshments to all the containers. Neville had the biggest smile on his face, as he looked down on the wand in his hand.

"Harry, where did you get this wand? It is like a perfect match for me. Can I have it?"

Harry looked to his Mom. Lily was torn. She knew who the previous owner was, and was afraid that Neville would be controlled by it's evil owner. But she saw not evil in Neville's eyes, but respect for the piece of wood in his hand. She had to explain to every body what it was, before she would let Neville own it.

"Neville, before I can allow you to have it, I have to explain where it came from. As you all know, on Oct. 31, 1981, a great evil was stopped from continuing on his terrorist tactics. Harry had somehow defeated Lord Voldemort that evening. In doing so, Harry had somehow managed to end up with the Dark Lords wand. He hid it in his blanket, and no one knew about it. The wand you have in your hand Neville, is the wand of Lord Valdemort. We know what it has done in the past, but that is because of the individual wielding it. If he were to return, he will be looking for this wand. Now, as it is Harry's to do with as he pleases, I cannot tell you no. But you must know the consequences if he were to find you with it. In the same light, I must tell you, that the power I saw flowing from you is as Harry said, very strong, possibly as strong as the magic I have seen coming from Professor Dumbledore. I have also seen a confidence burst in you that would make your Grans proud. If Harry let's you keep the wand, keep in mind what I have just told you, and never let anyone know who it belonged to."

Neville looked to Harry. "Neville, if you want it you can have it, but you must know that you have been warned of the risks you take in owning it."

"I do Harry, and thank you. I know I will never use this wand for evil, like it's previous owner, and shall never let anyone know who it belonged to."

Alicia came up with a brilliant idea, "Neville, does anyone have to now you have it. Is there anyway you can practice using it, and not let anyone know you have it. Maybe using you father's wand, and making people believe you are slightly above a squib in power. It would be a distinct advantage to have an element of surprise in your corner, especially if it is Voldemort or a Death Eater you are facing. As your magic grows, so will the power of your father's wand grow with you, while at the same time your power with this wand will become more than can be imagined."

Lily once again hugged her sister, "Tuney, that is brilliant. When and if, Voldemort should return, he will be spending most of his resources looking for his wand, not knowing it is already in the possession of Neville's influence. A wand becomes the property of the individual of the person who defeated the previous owner, and is his to do with as he pleases. Since Harry gave it to you, it acknowledges you as it's owner. Why didn't I think of that? Voldemort can only get it back if he should defeat you. Why should he be after you if he doesn't know you have it?"

They were all soon sitting down to breakfast, and Lily sent the kids out to play, as the adults planned the party for Harry and Neville.


The guests had arrived, and stayed hidden in the Family room, and waited until Remus and Lily led the youngsters into the room to be surprised, which they were. The Party was going full swing, with Fred, George, Daniel, and Ron being the life of the Party. The only one not happy during the whole ordeal, was Ginny. Harry and Hermione noticed this, and went to her and Hermione asked, "Ginny, what's the matter. Why are you so sad.? This is a great party, yet you look like you lost your best friend."

"I think I did, all four of them, or all five of them now, with Neville. While you are all off to school, I will be stuck at home missing you all."

Lily happened to hear this, and felt silly. Now she knew why the Letter came here. It was to surprise her. She went to the kitchen and got the letter.

She went to Molly and Arthur, and told them what she had received this morning, and Molly said, "We already knew she had been accepted, but couldn't figure out why she hadn't got her letter. That must be Albus' idea at humor. Would you allow me to give it to her, Lily? I would like to be the one to bring a smile back on her face."

"Sure, Molly. Be my guest."

Molly took the letter from Lily and walked over to Ginny. "Is something troubling you sweetheart?"

"Mom. why can't I go to Hogwarts with Hermione, Harry, Ron, Daniel and Neville. why must I be the one to remain behind, all alone? It's not fair. I am smarter than Ron, Fred and George. I am stronger than Ron, Daniel, Fred and George. Harry, Hermione and I have worked, studied and trained together for the last four years. I Should be going to school with them."

"Yes you should, and you will." She said as she handed Ginny the letter. Ginny jumped up and hugged her mother like no other time she ever had before.

She was accepted by the other soon to be first year students, and was already talking about house choices. Ginny wanted to be in Gryffindor like her whole family had. Both Harry and Hermione didn't care where they went, except Slytherin. It was not because they hated Slytrherin, but because Hermione would be shunned and ridiculed by the other Slytherins.


For the next three weeks, the new four trained with Albus, as he had approached Augusta about training Neville for the upcoming year, trying to instill in him confidence. He was told by Lily about Tom's wand, and was quite surprised by first, Harry had hidden it from him when a year old. And two, Neville not only wielded the wand, but was as strong as himself, at 11 years old. At 17, he was afraid of what Neville might be like, but knew with the influence of the others, he would not turn to the Dark Arts.

As the time progressed, he saw Neville become stronger, more confident, and at times cocky. When that happened, one of the other three would take him down a peg, to let him know, no matter how strong you are, there is always someone stronger.

Their visit to Diagon Alley was an uneventful one, with the exception of Neville at Ollivander's. Ollivander could not understand why Augusta had persisted that Neville did not need a different wand, when the one he had worked fine for his father. Try as he might, he could not get her to see the error of her ways. That and the way Neville let her get away with this. The boy had no backbone. If his father Frank could see this boy, he would hide his face in shame. He did not know what Augusta had done to his self esteem, but it appeared he did not have any.

And Harry, and Daniel got owls. Harry a snowy owl he named Hedwig, and Daniel a great horned owl he named Horny. Always the kidder. The owl did not seem too happy with this, but Daniel would not change his mind.

ON Aug 11, they celebrated Ginny's birthday, with her receiving mostly clothes for the upcoming school year, and Books, treats, and some essentials needed for personal Hygiene. Her favorite shampoo and body wash. The one she knew drove Harry nuts. Oh yeah, she would make sure he would notice her. Her and Hermione would make sure that no other girl would come within ten meters of him, without one of them around.

August 31, 1991, the last day of the summer holiday, and everyone wanted it to go by fast. They were all excited about heading to Hogwarts, to start their education and in Ron and Daniel's case, the return of the Marauders, with Fred and George.

Hogwarts may never be the same.

Lily also had an announcement to make to the kids before they left. She gathered them and the rest of the family in the family room, and standing under James picture, with Remus by her side, "Harry, Daniel, Neville, Hermione and Ginny, I need to tell you something before you leave for school. Well really Remus, James and I need to tell you something."

James shouted before she could say anything, "Harry, you're going to be a big brother. Remus is going to be a daddy, and mommy is going to get way fat."

Harry and the rest looked at Lily, as she blushed, and scowled up at James' portrait. Then they all laughed and cheered. Harry pulled both his mom and dad into a hug and whispered, "Thank you , both of you. It is the best going away gift I could have ever asked for."

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