Edward was gone. Where? Who knew, in fact, at this moment who really cares? I know I don't.

Alice was also gone. She found her soul mate during her trip to find out more about her past leaving Jasper alone and single. Ah yes, Jasper. Goodness I was in trouble there. After my birthday and the mad trip to Italy, we had become close. When Edward left two days after we got back from Italy Alice and Jasper helped me get over the pain and anger. Then when Alice left Jasper, I returned the favour. Ever since then we had become thick as thieves, and without realising it my feelings grew from being brother/sister to wanting more.

I closed my eyes and yet again wished things were back to how they used to be. When things were less complicated and I didn't keep questioning my own thoughts and desires. I felt the bed sink as Emmett came and sat next to me and slowly ran his fingers through my hair. There was nothing romantic about it what so ever. After all, that would just be weird considering we saw each other as siblings.

"Em when did things become so complicated?" I opened my eyes and looked into his butterscotch eyes silently pleading he would give me the answers I needed.

"Bells I wish I could tell you but this is one of those times when even I can't, in all my earthly wisdom, help you." He gave me a small smile as I let out a small sigh and closed my eyes once more.

"Come on sis, how about you and me go play a game of Mario Kart?"

I opened my eyes and gave Em a weak smile before nodding my head. It was the only game that he couldn't use his vampire moves on meaning that often I would win. Of course this brought the family much enjoyment and more often than not Rose would have to console her mate in the only way she could. I felt my body being lifted and then just as quickly being set down on the giant couch opposite the equally giant TV.

Just as Em handed me the wheel, the front door open and in walked the most breath taking male along with the rest of our family. The sight of his red eyes filling with pure love and desire caused me to catch my breath, which resulted in everyone else laughing out loud bringing me back from their depths. Jasper was the first to recover and took it as his job to introduce us.

"Bella, this is my brother and Captain, Peter. Peter, this is my little sister Bella, so you can stop looking at her as if she was your next meal."

As soon as these words left Jasper's mouth everyone in the room turned and glared at him. I couldn't help the blush that spread across my cheeks as Peter's smooth southern accent swept across the distance between us.

"Jazz, man you know I don't eat innocents, and she is definitely an innocent in every sense of the word."

This led me to blush even more and let out a small groan causing both Jasper and Peter to suddenly appear in front of me asking if I was okay.

Looking at the pair of them next to each other, my mind filled with what it would be like to be sandwiched between the two of them causing me shake my head and stand up. I looked at the floor as I muttered something about needing a human minute (moment) before sprinting upstairs to the bathroom. Closing the door behind me, I sunk to the floor with my head in my hands. I am in deep trouble here.

A knock on the door caused me to jump a little.

"Bella it's Rose, can I come in?"

I reached up and unlocked the door without moving from my spot on the floor. I could hear Rose quickly slide into the room and shut and lock the door behind her before she slid to the floor next to me and wrapped her arm around my shoulders. While with the other arm she scribbled a note in the book we used when we wanted to speak without anyone else knowing what we were saying to each other.

This was another change in my life, ever since Italy, Rose and I had become closer. She told me her story, and in turn I told her mine. She was surprised when I shared with her that like her I had been raped, however where she had the horror of remembering everything that happened to her, I was drugged. The only reason I knew it had happened was the fact that I woke up in hospital and was informed that due to the amount of internal damage I had suffered I was no longer able to have children. After that she was less upset with the idea about me giving up my humanity and once school had finished she wouldn't get in the way of Carlisle changing me.

I was broken out of my memories by her nudging me to get me to look down at what she had written.

Are you okay? You've been up here for nearly an hour. Em was all but ready to send out a search party to find you.

I took the pen from her and quickly scribbled my answer beneath hers.

Rose we both know that I am not that innocent. Plus, well ... I was having those thoughts again but this time Peter was involved. I am just hoping Jazz couldn't sense my emotions. It's bad enough that I can blush over the slightest things. Was Em really going to send out a search party looking for me?"

Rose took the book and quickly responded before handing it back to me.

Isabella we have had this talk many times. Just because your first time was the way it was doesn't mean you are not still innocent. To a vampire most humans are innocents; it means that they haven't mated. As for Jazz, darling if the look of confusion on his face was anything to go by, I think you are safe but I still think you need to tell him how you feel. As for the whole Peter being added into the mix, well let's say you aren't the only one who has had that fantasy. Hell, if I didn't have Emmy I swear I would jump both of them. And your blushing well it is funny but at the same time it drives the guys crazy. Trust me when I say that. Just don't ask me how I found out. Now re-ask the last question again OUT ALOUD.

"Rose, was Em really going to send out a search party to look for me? I mean what did he think happened? that I got flushed down the toilet or something?"

I heard Em whine as the rest of the family including me started to laugh. For a stage Em thought it was possible to be sucked down the toilet and often would follow me to the bathroom to make sure it didn't happen to me. It didn't take long for Carlisle to take him aside and explain that it was impossible for it to happen. It didn't mean we couldn't make fun of him for it though. Rose stood up and brushed herself off before helping me up off the floor and helped me straighten out my clothes as best as possible. When she decided we looked fine we made our way downstairs again. Esme walked over to me and hugged me before saying she was going to start my dinner and disappeared into the kitchen.

Jasper had taken my place on the couch and was coming first much to the amusement of the rest of the family. By the time they had finished Jasper was on top of the leader board with Em coming in Second. Esme came in with a bowl of pasta and a glass of grape juice and placed them on the coffee table before getting one of the large pillows and throwing it on the floor. This was a common thing now. It made me feel more at ease than making the whole family sit at the dining room table as I ate. This way they could still do things and talk, and I wasn't being stared at. Well, that was usually the case however tonight I could feel Peter's eyes on me. Watching everything I did before Jasper clipped him over the back of the head.

"Peter, don't watch her eat. It makes her uncomfortable. "

I blushed as I heard Peter mutter a quick sorry and throw a quick smile my way. Once I had finished Esme whisked the dishes away before I could blink. Soon after, Carlisle and Esme joined us in the family room. Before Esme brought up the one subject I wish she wouldn't.

"So what are you all going to do tonight as it Bella's last night of freedom before she starts school on Monday?"

I groaned at the reminder. Even with all the extra courses I had taken in Phoenix, I still had a year of high school left. I was supposed to be going with Alice and Edward but as neither of them was here I was going to have to suffer through it alone.

"Well there is this new place in Seattle that opened. It's for mixed ages so it's going to be fine for Bella to go. It will give us girls a chance to dress up and for Bella to finally have a bit of fun before Hell, I mean school starts again." Rose said with a chuckle.

I nodded my head in agreement. Yes school was Hell but I guess going out would be fun. It would give me a chance to let my hair down a little as Rose put it before I got snowed under by assignment after assignment. I looked around to see the guys also nodding their heads in agreement before Rose pulled me up off of the floor and half dragged me to my room.

After the whole Italy drama, Charlie and I had a massive falling out and I landed on the Cullen's doorstep in tears. Within a week Esme had designed and built my room. We went for a Middle Eastern theme that one sees in paintings. A large floor bed was placed in the middle of the glass window with long white silk drapes hanging from the ceiling that enclosed it. The bed itself was on a huge black rug that had a gold leaf print. The rest of the floor was stained wooden floor boards. The walls were painted a light cream colour and the ceiling was glass giving me a perfect view of the night sky, even though most of the time it was just clouds. The theme carried on into the bathroom however the ceiling was painted white. Instead of the usual claw bath that Esme had in the rest of the house she put in a floor bath. The shower was enclosed by a screen that matched the same pattern as the rug in my room. Rose spent more time in my bathroom than she did hers claiming that it had better lighting than hers. I would have expected that answer if it wasn't for the fact I knew the boys used it as well when they didn't think I would notice.

That was her excuse now too for why we were using my room to get ready in for the nights events. She told me to have a quick shower before she had hers. I shook my head and stripped off before turning the shower on. I wasn't shy about being naked in front of Rose anymore after our many shopping trips together. I stood under the hot water allowing the rhythmic stream to relax me before Rose poked her head around the screen and told me to get my ass into gear. Sticking my tongue out at her, I grabbed my new shampoo. It was supposed to smell of grapes but to me it smelt of blueberry pie. I quickly washed my hair and body before turning off the water. Rose handed me a towel to dry off as she stripped and had her shower. Five minutes later found us both wrapped in towels going through my closet. That was something else that had changed during their absence. I had gone through a massive body change, filling out in all the right places. Apart from my height, I could now fit into Rose's clothes and even then some of the tops were a little tight much to mine and Em's horror. One thing that my big brother was worried about was my ever changing body and the need to protect me more. From the talk I had with Esme when she took me bra shopping Carlisle was in the same frame of mind. As she said you're his little girl and the thought of you without protection worries him. I still had no idea where Jasper stood with this need to protect me from the world but if the glares he gave to any male who came near me was anything to go by then it looked like I was heading for a life time of being single.

Finally, I was dressed in a pair of distressed boot legged jeans, it did take some time to explain to Esme they were supposed to look dirty before she stopped trying to scrub them clean, a tight fitting country girl shirt, with the cowgirl boots Jasper had brought me when I mentioned I had a soft spot for all things Texan. I threw my hair up in a messy bun while Rose did my makeup. She kept it to light colours highlighting the pinks in my top. When she was happy with my look, she rushed to get ready coming back in a denim skirt that was that short I swear it was supposed to be a belt, a pair of red tights that matched her red cowgirl top and like me; she wore a pair of cowgirl boots. By the time we were done it was almost time to leave. Rose gave me the once over and declared me fit before pulling me out of my room.

Paying attention not to fall down the stairs in our haste, I didn't notice the guys until my feet hit the bottom step. Looking up I lost my breath as I noticed that the boys were dress very much like we were. I could see Rose move towards Em out the corner of my eye, but I couldn't take my eyes off Jasper and Peter. Both were dress in black jeans that I swear were painted on leaving nothing what so ever to the imagination. Peter wore a black shirt with his sleeves rolled up showing off his toned forearms; Jasper was in a red shirt and like Peter his sleeves were rolled up. I could feel the blush spread across my face as the boys gave me the once over. Peter whistled showing how much he liked my outfit and Jasper winked at me before wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

"So darlin' you ready for a night of fun?" Jasper drawled.

I am in so much trouble.