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Some people believe that in times of strife, the universe will act of its own accord and throw up extraordinary people who will lead the human race out of those troubled times. These rare individuals, chosen by the earth we walk on, are known as Heroes, and whether we know it or not, they will defend our race, just as they have always done, and always shall.

Others people that there are 36 extraordinary people alive at all times, these 36 are known as the Tzaddick, men who embody justice itself. Together, these 36 made up the lamadvavniks; or the 36 men who uphold the world. The roots for this story are written in the history of what is currently the world's largest religion in the world, Christianity. When God sought to destroy Sodom for their sins, Abraham appealed to God, saying that if he could find 50 good men in Sodom, God should not destroy it. God agreed, causing Abraham to start bartering until finally God agrees he would save Sodom if Abraham could find 10 good men. In other words, we are saved from the wrath of the Gods, or the powers above, by these Righteous Men.

There are others who believe in the duality of the soul; that within every person, there is an animal soul, a base soul if you will, and a Divine soul. These two souls battle for dominance, one seeking to cause you to do selfish deeds, and the other to cause you to do selfless deeds. Some of the believers in this theory believe there are those born without an animal soul, or those who have defeated their animal soul, and are the very epitome of all that is good in this world.

There are yet again others, who believe that there are people who walk among us, as giants. These people are not giant in stature, but being. They do what is right, not what is easy, believing that no matter what is accepted by others as normal, and they can separate themselves from others and do the altruistic deed. These giants are not fearless, rather they have as much fear as any normal being, but they have courage to do what they know is right, for courage is not the absence of fear, but doing what is right, regardless of fear.

Some believe that the Earth has been blessed by the Gods, and given Angels to guide and protect us. These angels appear human, but their actions are Divine. They believe that these angels, these Divine beings, walk among us, guiding us and protecting us without our knowledge.

And there are still more who believe in the old myths of Gods who rule their universe through a pantheon, and before them, there were the Titans, who ruled their universe with absolute power, and every so often, one of these all powerful beings would come down to Earth and have a child. These demi-gods, as they became known, were the greatest of the greats, the heroes of whom so much are told, of Achilles who won the beach of Troy almost singlehandedly, of Perseus, who slew the mighty Medusa and brought her head back to his home, defeating a sea monster along the way, of Alexander, who was the greatest military commander of all time, and united more of the known world than any other leader.

It does not matter which you believed; in Heroes chosen by the Earth, in the Tzaddick, in those who had defeated their base soul, in the courage of mighty giants, the brilliance and exceptional ability of the Demi-Gods, or in Angels sent down by the Gods, there were few who would argue that Harry Potter was not one of these extraordinary beings.

In England, on the outskirts of Surrey, there is a small suburb known as Little Whinging. This suburb appeared to be perfectly ordinary, normal families with office workers and housewives, with children, all of whom competed to have the best car or garden or house. The adults would gossip about their neighbours, criticise the government and talk about recent events, being sure to express their displeasure at all that could be seen as below them. The children played in the streets, in the parks, enjoying themselves with football or simply meeting up to talk and "hang out". This perfectly ordinary suburb was home to one of the most extraordinary boys to ever walk the earth. It was a perfect example of the adage "A diamond in the rough". This boy was short, and quite thin and scrawny. His baggy clothing served to hide his lack of weight; however this in itself was not odd. During their teenage years, boys could appear to eat vast amounts of food without putting on weight, thanks to an overactive thyroid gland. This boy had untameable black hair, peculiar emerald eyes that had a haunted look and an odd lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Again this was not the extraordinary part, nor was it the fact he was a wizard, one of those who could wield magic, for he was one of a million who could do so. The thing that made this boy unique was that he was Harry Potter, the boy-who-wouldn't-die, recently known as the "Chosen One", a name that would have caused hardened Star Wars fans a reason to snort.

He did not appear to fit the standard fairytale stereotype of a hero, of the handsome, tall, fair haired man who could charm anyone. Instead, Harry was short, scarred, scrawny, flabby, with messy hair and a severe lack of social skills, possibly resulting from his childhood in which he had been hidden away in the cupboard under the stairs. Despite appearances, Harry was a hero. He had been marked as a special being from the moment a prophecy had been spoken, saying only he could equal Lord Voldemort, only he could defeat him and as a result of this prophecy, an innocent toddler had been attacked by the greatest Dark Lord in centuries. His parents had been killed, and when the unblockable killing curse was fired at the baby, he reacted. No-one knows how or why, but the curse was reflected and instead turned on its caster. The Dark Lord had been reduced to a shade, barely alive, but he survived and festered in the shadowy forests of Albania.

Left an orphan, the boy was dropped off at his only remaining relatives, his aunt and uncle, both muggles, by a wise and powerful man seeking to do right by his friends. Unfortunately, the orphan was abused and forced to labour from an early age. The boy, who many wizards and witches would have given their right arm to raise, was forced to fight for everything he was given, things which should have been freely given, were earned by a young boy. This rough upbringing, this forging of a weapon, hardened the boy into someone who was willing to fight, and would not surrender. The aforementioned wise and powerful wizard had hoped the boy would have a good childhood before having to fight, he was wrong, but the boy nonetheless grew into someone who was brave and true and honest. In short, his upbringing, horrible it may have been, made him a hero.

When the boy reached the age of 11, he was taken by the magical population to a school where he would learn to hone his abilities. His introduction to this world, where he was considered to be a national icon, was rough-within weeks of joining this new world, he was forced to fight a mountain troll, living proof of brawn not brain as a 12 foot tall muscle bound idiot. Where adult wizards twice his age would have faltered, Harry charged a head. He stood toe-to-toe with the troll to save someone he hardly knew, and succeeded. As a result he gained a friend, an extremely intelligent young witch known as Hermione who, alongside Ron Weasley, would form two thirds of the Golden Trio with Harry. This trio later stopped Lord Voldemort regaining a body, although Harry alone was forced to duel a full-grown wizard, and pass through a rigorous testing that pressed them to their limits.

After an eventful year, Harry was returned to his aunt and uncle, and his prison. After being warned by a house-elf known as Dobby not to return to Hogwarts, he returned to a school in which a number of attacks were taking place. These fear-inspiring attacks petrified many, and due to a similarity with an old legend in which Harry shared an ability known as Parseltongue, the ability to speak to snakes, with one of the founders of the school who was said to have left behind a monster to cleanse the school of the impure, suspicion fell on Harry as the perpetrator. After piecing together some clues, Harry found the nesting chamber of the beast, and entered. He faced the mythical Basilisk inside, a beast so terrible its very gaze could kill, a beast so terrible its venom could kill dragons within seconds, a beast so terrible its teeth were longer than a grown man. Again Harry faced incredible odds, and succeeded, this time without his friends, but a hat, a sword and a Phoenix were all he needed to defeat the 60 foot snake.

Although it seemed like nothing could be as eventful as his first two years, his third year was. As it turned out, Harry's parents had hidden using a charm known as the Fidelius charm, which hid knowledge of his parent's residence from all who weren't told by a secret keeper. This secret keeper betrayed Harry's parents and told Lord Voldemort, and when the assassination attempt failed, was imprisoned in Azkaban, the magical prison. Sirius Black was the betrayer, and among his many crimes was killing 12 people with a single spell, and this traitor managed to escape Azkaban, a never before attempted feat. He then broke into Hogwarts twice, before dragging Ron Weasley into the Whomping Willow in an attempt to lure Harry to him. Harry sprung the trap, and managed to subdue Black. Black then was able to explain he hadn't committed the crimes he was accused of, instead Peter Pettigrew had, a friend of Harry's dad, who had been masquerading as a pet mouse of Ron's. After capturing the real traitor, they began to head back to the castle but were beset by dementors as Remus Lupin, a professor of the school and former friend of Black's who had stumbled upon the meeting, transformed into a Werewolf. These dementors sucked happiness out of people, and could also kiss people, which sucked out their very soul, without which people degenerated into a lifeless husk. Sirius was captured and would have been kissed, but for Harry and Hermione travelling back in time and then Harry cast a Patronus to drive away the dementors to save his father's friend. The Patronus is one of the most advanced spells in the world, requiring power and concentration, something Harry had in abundance, and was so difficult few could cast it. Harry did, proving himself once more. Unfortunately, Peter Pettigrew escaped and so Sirius, still wrongfully convicted of his crimes, was forced to flee.

In the house of No. 4 Privet Drive, in the smallest bedroom, sat Harry Potter. However, he did not look like the typical hero his deeds made him seem to be, rather he was noticeably underfed and malnourished to the extent his height and weight would have been more appropriate for someone several years younger than him. Harry had untameable black hair, and emerald green eyes that seemed to sparkle, and atop his forehead, sat the almost universally recognised lightning bolt scar. His clothing, which appeared to have been made to fit a young rhino, only served to highlight his slenderness. However, despite his ragged clothing and emasculated appearance, Harry seemed to be larger than life and seemed to fill the room. Despite his aura that appeared to indicate he could handle himself in life-threatening situations, he appeared incapable of containing his excitement, which was shown by his constant glances at his wristwatch. He appeared to be counting down the minutes to midnight.











With a final tick, he reached the age of 14, which was an astonishing feat, all things considered, his latest feat, which was driving off a hundred dementors at the same time, seemed to border on the suicidal. It had actually had the effect on Harry that he had felt quite weak in the aftermath, and still did. This seeming lethargy had left him struggling to even cast a simple lumos, but Harry did not regret his actions in the slightest.

Even as this thought crosses his mind, he noticed that time appeared to be slowing down in his immediate vicinity, and this lead to him having apparently enhanced senses. He could hear his heart pounding; he could make out the individual movements of the fly's wings that was hovering on the other side of the room, which was even more extraordinary considering he wasn't even wearing his glasses. Just as this occurred to him, he felt an excruciating pain take hold of him, and felt his back arch as he experienced his blood vessels undergo a similar burning feeling as when he had been bitten by a basilisk, and its venom had flown through his veins towards his heart, destroying him from the inside out. He heard a terrible scream, filled with pain, the kind of scream that caused the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up. His last thought before he succumbed to the darkness that was already appearing at the edges of his vision was that the scream was his.