Tommy drove into the alleyway that led to the back of the Moonlight. The mobsters hopped out of the truck filled with drugs. They started picking up the drugs in the truck and throwing them in a nearby dumpster. Clericuza stepped through the back door, "Oh you guys made it, I'll go tell the don". The pudgy man walked back inside. " That man seemed sort of nervous, don't you think?" said Antonio. " Hmm maybe a little" replied Geno. After 15 more minutes they unloaded the truck, the small bags of narcotics in the dumpster, the crates they just set in a corner. " We need to get rid of this stuff fast".

Geno and Antonio walked into the building and headed towards the elevator, they were sure the don was still on the top floor in the small casino. They walked out of the elevator and opened the door. The don was sitting at a table with the Consigliore, Ricky Haden. The don noticed the two mobsters, "Ah hello is the job done"? "Yes we have the truck, but why didn't we just use any truck that we have"? asked Geno. Antonio replied: "because they might know what the truck looks like and if its a different truck they'll know its a set up". "Exactly", said the don. Antonio walked across the room and looked out the window, some men were putting Tommy guns and shotguns into the truck, Antonio was lost in thought. The don walked up to him, "I asked Geno and Clericuza to take the drugs to another of our warehouses" Antonio stared out the window, " Do you remember what happened to my father? He was killed by the Milazzos, you havent let me take my revenge on them, its been five years". The don responded, " I havent forgotten him or what I said to you at the funeral, but right now isn't the best time, you will get your revenge soon, I promise". The don walked out of the room leaving Antonio by himself, his father was the old underboss until the Milazzos killed him while he was at home. Antonio slowly walked to the small elevator, the doors opened and he stepped inside. He waited for what seemed like an hour to get to the lobby. He walked at a quickened pace through another door when he bumped into the owner of the hotel Mr. Squires, "excuse me" he said with annoyance. " Watch yourself asswipe" he responded, he didnt know why he said it, it was clearly his own fault, he wasnt paying attention. He pushed the double door open and walked outside, men were loading up into the truck, the don walked up to him, "Antonio, I need you to get into the passenger seat". Antonio replied with a hint of excitement "ok let me get my weapon".