Chapter 1

August 2008

It was the last week of summer vacation. School was going to start soon and Jennifer Jareau, JJ to everyone who knew her, was excited. She was excited because she was going to be a senior this year. Senior year was going to be epic, JJ had already decided that. She had been named Captain of the girls' Soccer team last year and she knew she'd be retaining that title, which was enough to make her happy; & she was considered one of the most popular girls in her school.

JJ was blonde with blue eyes and a bubbly personality that easily leant itself to popularity. She was kind, sweet, outgoing, athletic, and she was beloved by both the students and the teachers. She was the golden girl of Barton Avery Underwood High School, and everyone knew it. BAU high wasn't a small school but it wasn't too big either. It was like its own small town, and like a small town everyone knew everyone else's business. So when JJ had come out to her parents and her core group of friends, the secret hadn't stayed secret for very long.

JJ, along with her best friends Alex Cabot, Elliot Stabler and Derek Morgan, pretty much ruled the school. Everyone looked to them for their weekend plans and JJ for one, loved the power. Her popularity and the support of her friends had ensured that no one would mess with her about her sexuality. Sadly, there was no one at BAU high that had ever caught JJ's eye. Her friends were hot but they were her friends; they were practically family and JJ would never mess with family. Besides, the only other lesbians she knew were Alex and Olivia Benson and they were dating each other.

It was a Monday morning and JJ was being lazy. She was still in bed when her cell phone rang. She reached over to the nightstand and picked it up, smiling at the sound of her best friend's ringtone.

"Hey Alex, what's up?" JJ asked, her voice still a little sleepy.

Alex Cabot, by now accustomed to JJ's sleepy voice and her bouts of laziness just chuckled, "JJ, don't tell me you're still in bed!"

"So what if I am?"

Alex sighed, "JJ, get your lazy ass out of bed and get down here! We're all waiting on you and the others are getting restless."

"Down where?" JJ was a little disoriented, she didn't remember making any plans for today until at least 11am. JJ glanced at her alarm clock and was a little surprised to see it was ten past eleven. "Shit...I'm late. OK Al, I'm getting up now. Be there in like, twenty minutes ok?"

"Yeah, ok just hurry up JJ!"

JJ ended the call and flopped back on the bed. She had forgotten to set her alarm to wake her up in time. Shed been up late the night before on her laptop working on her latest story. JJ's only secret so far was her stories. She loved using her imagination and writing short stories that usually starred her friends and their antics...though the names were always changed to protect the not so innocent.

JJ sighed as she forced herself to get out of bed and into the shower. As the hot water cascaded down on her, JJ remembered the plans she'd made for the last Monday before the end of the summer. JJ and her friends were going to drive to Chesapeake Bay and have a fun beach day.

JJ was dressed and ready to go within fifteen minutes, her bikini was under her denim shorts and her white t shirt. She said a quick goodbye to her mom and sprinted out the back door to her car. Her car, a 16th birthday gift from her parents, was a 1956 cherry red Mustang convertible. Her father had spent the whole summer before she got her license restoring it, and showing JJ how to maintain it so she wouldn't have to be scared or worried if she ever had car problems. So far, the car had been steadfastly reliable.

JJ loved her car, it was her baby and the attention she showered on it would've made a girlfriend jealous, if she'd ever had one. JJ knew she was gay but she hadn't had a girlfriend yet. Her summer before junior year, she'd gone to soccer camp for two weeks and she'd had a few make out sessions with a cute redhead who'd been the goalie on the team but other than that, there'd been no one else.

JJ drove to the parking lot of the high school where her friends were waiting for her. Fifteen teenagers with only five cars between them always meant the ones with cars gave the ones without cars rides. It worked out great because everyone could get to the school so they could split up into the different cars.

JJ pulled into the lot and drove to the far corner where her friends were waiting. She parked her car and got out, bracing herself for her friends greetings, which varied from good natured teasing about what she did on her late nights to tackling bear hugs.

Alex Cabot was one of the huggers. She embraced her best friend since kindergarten and teasingly joked, "about damn time JJ."

"Yeah JJ, next time you stay up late at least set your alarm." Derek Morgan, D-Day to his teammates on the football team but just plain Morgan to his friends, teased, knowing that despite wanting to tease about online porn or cyber-sex there was a line and JJ wasn't the type for that stuff anyway.

JJ laughed off the teasing she got as the others chimed in. Olivia, Penelope Garcia, and Casey Novak were among the huggers while the rest just said their hellos.

It was Spencer Reid, their less athletic but more intellectual friend, who asked, "who's going in whose car this time?"

The seating arrangements were usually the same but JJ looked around and noticed that two cars were missing. "Wait, Fin, El, where are your cars?"

Odafin Tutuola, Fin to his friends, looked down and admitted sheepishly, "pops took it way for the week after I got that speeding ticket Saturday night."

Elliot Stabler, coughed and said, "mine's in Ernie's garage waiting on some parts."

JJ didn't really need to know more, Saturday night was the drag race the guys had insisted on having and it had resulted in Fin getting a ticket and El over extending his Ford Taurus and now it needed repairs. JJ just grinned, "hmm, maybe next time you two will listen to me and your girlfriends when we tell you not to do something as stupid as drag racing."

Both guys turned a little red as their girlfriends both gave them the same look JJ was giving them, making it clear they were on her side in this. JJ took a moment to work it out and then said, "ok well this means five people to a car instead of three so...Fin and Jo can go in Morgans car with Morgan, Garcia and Casey. El, you and Kathy can ride with me, Alex, and Olivia, and Munch and Brian can ride with Elle, Reid and Kim in Elle's car, everyone okay with that?"

JJ's friends looked around at each other, the drivers nodding and they agreed it was okay. JJ was used to taking charge in her group of friends. She was the ringleader with Alex, Elliot and Morgan often deferring to her but also throwing their two cents in when needed.

Everyone got in their assigned cars and they were quickly on their way to the beach, determined to have a great day.

In JJ's car, Kathy sat in the front with JJ, still a little ticked off at Elliot for the drag race and willing to make him 'suffer' the long car ride in the back seat with Alex and Olivia who were still in that stage of their relationship where they were affectionate and cute and, in JJ's single girl opinion, nauseating. She knew she only felt that way though, because she was single. But really, Alex and Olivia had been together since sophomore year, they were hardly a new couple anymore.

JJ decided to ignore her friends' make out session and turned to Kathy, "hey, am I the only one feeling...I dunno, restless? I mean it's the last week of summer break before our senior year and I feel like there's a storm on the horizon. Do you feel it too?"

Kathy thought about that for a moment and suddenly realized that she'd been feeling that too lately, "yeah, almost like...something's going to change. Something...epic is going to finally happen this year."

"Yeah...epic! That's the word that came to my mind too this morning when I woke up. It hit me that senior year is going to be epic, there's something big on the horizon and I don't mean graduation."

"Epic? JJ don't you think that if something epic were going to happen in this sleepy town, it would've already?" Alex said, tuning into the conversation.

Olivia tuned in too, wondering if this was the right time to drop her big news.

JJ refused to have her theory dampened. "I'm serious Al, something big is going to happen. Senior year is the time for it to happen, the last chance for it. C'mon Al, you can't tell me you're not looking forward to seeing what being seniors will mean. Liv, what about you?"

"Hey I'm all for senior year. One last year and then I am outta here and off to college." Olivia said, grinning. She'd already had offers from a couple of schools for a softball scholarship when she graduated. All she had to do was stay healthy and keep pitching winning games and she could write her own ticket anywhere, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, even Florida State.

Alex looked at her girlfriend, a little sad but knowing she'd never do anything to stand in her way. Alex would simply attend whichever school Olivia decided on and go from there.

The general consensus in the car was that they were all looking forward to graduating and going to college.

JJ pulled into the small parking lot at the beach and they all got out, noticing that the other two cars had pulled in right behind them and parked on either side of JJ's car. Towels, blankets, snacks and other things were emptied out of the trunks of cars and the gang headed to the sand together.

Morgan and JJ scoped out a clear spot that was big enough to accommodate all of them and they claimed it. The friends began spreading out the blankets to sit on and they sat down, already paired off.

JJ looked around at her friends, happy that they were all happy in their relationships, even if some of them didn't make a lot of sense sometimes.

JJ glanced at her friend Elle Greenaway, the star catcher on the softball team. She and Olivia worked great together on the field and were friends off the field but Elle had fallen for Spencer Reid, the co-captain of the debate team. Spence was great guy, sweet, funny and scary smart but sometimes JJ knew that to an outsider it would seem odd that a jock like Elle was dating someone like Spence. She never really questioned it though, she saw beyond the labels of jock and nerd and saw her friends who were just happy to be together.

John Munch, "Castle" to his Chess Team friends, was another of their non athletic friends and he was dating Kim Greyleck the goalie on the girls' soccer team team.

Fin, one of the many football jocks in their group was dating Jordan Todd, the other captain of the debate team.

Jordan and Kim were both hot, funny, sweet, and smart and they were happy with their boyfriends. Fin may be a jock but he was a smart jock and he was very protective of his friends. Munch was cute in his own way but his brains and his kindness made up for anything he might lack in muscles or looks.

JJ looked at her guy friends, smiling wryly. She was actually kind of glad at that moment that she wasn't dating anyone. She knew that her guy friends considered themselves her big brothers despite being the same age. JJ knew that having Elliot, Morgan, Fin, Brian, Reid, and even Munch on her side was a good thing but she also could see how it might intimidate potential suitors. She didn't care though, because so far no one had been trying anyway.

JJ spotted Casey on a blanket with her boyfriend Brian Cassidy. They were both smiling and JJ liked seeing her friends happy. Brian was the kicker on the football team and Casey was the captain and first baseman on the softball team.

Elliot Stabler was the quarterback and captain of the football team and so far, he was the only one who stuck to the stereotype and was dating a cheerleader, Kathy Walker. His only deviation from that was that Kathy wasn't the head cheerleader.

Alex Cabot was the head cheerleader and she was happily dating Olivia Benson, the star pitcher on the softball team. Alex had been JJ's best friend since kindergarten. They had been practically joined at the hip their whole lives...until 7th grade when Olivia Benson had moved to town. For a few years they were the three amigas just hanging out. Then, in sophomore year, Alex confessed her crush on Olivia and Olivia admitted the same. They began dating soon after that and the rest was history. Olivia Benson had never known her father but was devoted to her mother. Olivia found her calling of sorts during freshman year when she tried out for the softball team and realized her natural talent.

JJ glanced then at her friend Penelope Garcia. To an outsider, it might seem like Garcia was the odd duck out. She wasn't athletic, she wasn't on any school teams, she was just...Garcia. Garcia was the goddess of all things technological...according to her own hype anyway. But she lived up to her hype and was great with computers and other gadgets. Garcia had moved to town during freshman year when her parents had been killed in a car crash and she'd come to town to live with her grandmother. It had been Alex who'd befriended the new girl then and brought her into the group. It wasn't long before JJ had seen how cool Garcia was and she gave the girl her stamp of approval, which was all she needed to be accepted into their group.

It didn't take JJ long to also notice that Morgan paid more attention to Garcia than anyone else. He'd stopped his player ways and began paying a lot of attention to Garcia. JJ knew then that Morgan was hooked. It had been three years though and while Garcia was equally smitten with the dark skinned football player, neither had ever made a move. After talking to each of them separately, JJ found out that each was crushing hard on the other but oblivious to the feelings of the other. It was enough at times to make JJ wanna bang her head against a wall...or lock them in a room together until they figured it out. But she knew that forcing the issue wasn't the way to go. One of them would have to be the brave one and make the first move.

JJ took off her t shirt but kept her shorts on for the time being. She looked around at her friends before she put on her sunglasses and laid back on the blanket, content to just soak up the rays. JJ closed her eyes and began to drift back to sleep. Alex Cabot glanced at her best friend as she lay on the blanket with her shades on and she knew JJ had gone back to sleep. JJ was by no means lazy or anything but Alex had begun to notice more and more that JJ seemed tired a lot of the time. This was summer vacation, Alex couldn't think of any reason why JJ would be so tired. Granted, during the school year JJ had classes, soccer, training, and helping out at home but during the summer most of that went away.

Olivia noticed the tiny frown on her girlfriend's face and she turned her head to see what Alex was looking at and saw JJ asleep on her blanket. Olivia grinned then turned to her girlfriend, "Al, baby what's wrong?"

Alex turned to her girlfriend, "Hmm? What? Oh nothing's wrong I was just thinking."

"Thinking what?"

"Just wondering what's making JJ so tired lately. It's not like her to be late for anything and she was late today. Just worried about her I guess."

Olivia nodded, realizing her girlfriend had a point. JJ wasn't usually late for anything. She was usually the first one to arrive anywhere. "Well, I mean everyone's allowed to be late once in awhile right?" Olivia didn't want her girlfriend to be worried about something so small until there was something to really be worried about.

"I guess." Alex didn't sound convinced but was willing to drop it for the time being.

Olivia shifted to sit behind Alex and wrapped her arms around the slender blonde and rested her chin on Alex's shoulder. Hey, don't worry baby, JJ's going to have her epic senior year. Let her take this week to rest because I guarantee when school starts, she's going to need all her energy."

Alex caught something in Olivia's voice and turned to face her dark haired girlfriend, Alex's eyes narrowed a bit, "Olivia Marie Benson, what are you planning?"

Olivia tried for her most innocent expression but knew Alex wasn't buying it, "Who me? Nothing."

"Yeah, try that on someone who doesn't know you like I do. Spill, what's up?"

They were a good enough distance from JJ's blanket, and the others weren't really paying them much attention so Olivia sighed, giving up the pretense and grinned a little bit as she said, "well...let's just say that this could be the year that our little JJ finally gets a girlfriend."

Alex looked at her girlfriend a while longer trying to figure out what she was hiding. "C'mon Liv, just tell me. I promise not to tell JJ."

Olivia sighed, she'd known she wouldn't be able to keep it a secret for long. "Ok well, my cousin Emily is moving here for senior year. Her parents are on special assignment in Rome and Emily didn't want to go there again so she convinced her parents to let her stay with me and my mom. Em wanted to finish high school in America."

"Oh, but what makes you think JJ is gonna get a girlfrie-oh, you mean Emily?"

"Yup. Al I swear these two would be so perfect for each other. You'll see when Emily gets here."

Alex just smiled, Olivia was so cute when she was scheming. Alex leaned back against her girlfriend and closed her eyes, trusting Olivia on the matter. Elliot and Fin, still kind of in the doghouse with their girlfriends over their drag race, had gathered the guys up to see if they could get a game of touch football going. When Morgan pointed out that it might be more fun with the girls playing too, Elliot went around and got the girls to join in.

The only ones who didn't play were Spence, Munch and Garcia...the non-athletes in the group. The threesome sat on a blanket together and watched as their friends split up into teams.

JJ and Morgan were the team captains and they picked their teams. JJ's team consisted of JJ, Alex, Olivia, Casey, Jordan and Elliot. Morgan's team had Morgan, Fin, Elle, Brian, Kim, and Kathy. JJ and Morgan had worked it out that way so that neither Elliot nor Fin were on the same team as their girlfriends.

The game started and Garcia watched with avid interest. Her eyes never strayed from Morgan as she watched the shirtless, ripped football player run, swerve and throw the ball. Every muscle was on display and Garcia took advantage of his distraction to just sit and enjoy the view.

Spence and Munch pulled out the portable chess set Munch had brought and they began playing, both knowing that Garcia was happy to watch Morgan and willing to let her without interruption.

After a few minutes though, Spence looked up from the chessboard at Garcia and said, in a lightly teasing tone, "you got a little drool on your chin Garcia, you might wanna wipe it up." Spence jokingly handed Garcia a napkin.

Garcia reddened a little then just laughed, "can you blame me?" Garcia then pointed at Morgan who was at that moment throwing a perfect spiral at Fin that was sadly, intercepted by Jordan who then began running towards the two rocks they'd set up as goal posts. Despite not being an athlete, Jordan was fast enough and clever enough to out run and out maneuver the other team and she scored a touchdown for her team. The little victory dance she gave made Fin just drop his head.

Spence saw the play and grinned, Jordan was co-captain of the debate team with him and he knew she had a sharp, quick mind and he was glad she was the same way on her feet. Spence then glanced at his girlfriend and saw her shoulders slump a little. Elle was the last person Jo had slipped right by before her touchdown. Being out done by Jo, who Elle sometimes dismissed as the debate team nerd, was a bit disheartening for the softball star, but she took it in game ended with JJ's team winning by three touchdowns. Both teams sat down then and broke out the snacks and drinks they'd packed and before long there was only silence as they ate, though occasionally someone would say something and the gang would either laugh or start debating.

JJ normally kept herself out of it unless she had something to say. She was content to observe her friends. She liked that they were all smart enough to have long drawn out discussions and debates about more than just the latest episode of CSI or whatever other shows they all watched.

JJ noticed that even though they weren't dating, Morgan and Garcia always shared a blanket. She smiled, wondering when her friends were going to get a clue and just hook up in the distance, a guy who was about 17 years old caught sight of the large group of teens and he grinned. He was more or less alone, his family had dragged him to the beach for a family fun day and he'd had all he could take. He'd wandered off away from them to see if there were any cute girls on this beach. He missed him hometown. He was originally from New Orleans but his mom was from Virginia and she'd been the one to plan this year's summer vacation. So now, Will LaMontagne Jr. was stuck in vacation hell with his parents and his little sister and all he wanted was to find some kids his own age to hang out with. When he spotted the group of teens he thought his luck was changing.

Will spotted a blonde in the group who was sitting by herself. He noticed all the others were paired off and he assumed that meant the blonde was single. Will had never been the shy type so with one last glance behind him at his dad playing in the water with his little sister and his mom relaxing the sun, Will began walking toward the teens, determined to at least meet the cute blonde.

Will walked up to the group and put on his friendliest smile as he said to the blonde, "hi there."

Morgan looked up at the strange kid who'd said hi and was looking a little too much at JJ and narrowed his eyes a bit. The accent he'd caught told him this kid wasn't from around here. Morgan stood up and walked over to the kid, "you want something?"

Before Will could answer, the blonde he'd noticed stood up and walked up next to the scary looking guy that had greeted him.

"Morgan, stand down. He looks harmless." The blonde turned to Will then and said with a smile, "don't worry about him, he's all talk. I'm JJ, what's your name?"

Will relaxed just a tiny bit as he focused on the cute blonde, "I'm Will. Will LaMontagne. I'm sorry for just walking up like this but...y'all are the first teenagers I've seen in three weeks."

JJ grinned, his accent was a little charming and if she was into guys she could see herself maybe falling for this guy. He was cute and seemed nice enough. JJ noticed that Morgan hadn't relaxed his stance yet. JJ turned to Morgan, "Morgan relax ok?"

Morgan didn't relax though, he didn't like the way this Will guy was looking at JJ. Elliot and Fin walked up behind Morgan and looked at the kid. They decided they didn't like him either, especially when they noticed the attention he was paying to JJ.

Brian was about to join them when Casey put her hand on his arm and shook her head. She knew what would happen if all the guys turned into JJ's bodyguards and she didn't want to see that kid, Will, hurt.

Elle and Kim made it clear to their boyfriends that they were to stay put. Spence and Munch just sat down, knowing Elliot, Fin and Morgan were scary enough.

Alex and Olivia stood up though and went to stand with JJ. Kathy and Jordan went to their boyfriends and pulled them away. Elliot and Fin reluctantly moved away but they didn't take their eyes off the kid. JJ noticed the attitude of her friends and rolled her eyes. Once again, JJ was glad she didn't have many admirers. The guys would chase them all away.

JJ turned to Alex and Liv and they were both grinning at the antics of their guy friends. Liv personally, was a little thankful for Morgan's over protectiveness. She didn't want anyone to get in the way of her plan to bring JJ and her cousin Emily together and yeah, it wasn't likely that JJ would go for a guy but Liv wasn't the type to take chances like that.

JJ turned back to Will and smiled again, "Sorry about that, my friends all think they need to play bodyguard. Where are you from Will?" JJ was determined to be nice to Will, she didn't want him to go back to where ever he was from and bad mouth her hometown.

Will glanced at Morgan again who had only taken one step back and was still standing there with his arms crossed and his face set like he was looking for any reason to pound him into the ground. Will turned back to JJ and said, "I'm from New Orleans, my parents dragged me here for vacation. Like I said, y'all are the first teenagers I've seen in three weeks."

Before JJ could respond, she heard a voice in the distance. JJ looked over Will's shoulder and saw an older man standing about a quarter of a mile away waving his arms. "Um, is that your dad?"

Will turned to look where JJ was pointing and saw that it was indeed his dad. Will felt the embarrassment all the way from his neck to his hairline. He turned back to JJ, "Um...yeah that's him. Guess I better get going. But it was nice to meet you JJ. Maybe I'll see you again this week before I leave." Will turned to the other kids and nodded before he turned away and began the long trek back to his family.

JJ thought for a moment then ran up behind Will and stopped him, "Um, Will wait." Will turned to face JJ. "I really am sorry about my friend Morgan. He's just...very protective of me is all. It was nice meeting you too. I hope the rest of your vacation is fun. Bye." JJ leaned over and kissed his cheek, knowing she'd never see him again and that, if he was brave enough to walk up to her with all her friends around he deserved some small reward.

Will just grinned, surprised the blonde had kissed him. He watched as JJ turned and ran back to her friends. Will heard his dad call him again and he sighed, brought back to reality by the demands of family. Will turned and ran back to his dad. Will hoped he'd see JJ again before he left. Next time, he'd get her phone number so he could call her when he went back home. JJ ran back to her friends and saw the stunned looks on their faces. "What?"

Morgan was the first to talk, "What was that? With the kiss."

It became obvious that all the guys had wanted to know and they were only silent because their girlfriends were keeping them in line. Morgan had no such restrictions so he became the spokesman for the group, even Alex and Olivia knew enough to not say anything.

JJ looked at her friends and just grinned, "What? I was being nice. What I wanna know is why you went all caveman bodyguard on the poor kid. It's not like he was dangerous or anything."

Morgan sputtered a bit, not expecting JJ to go on the offensive just yet. He finally regained his senses and said, "you're right he wasn't dangerous but JJ girl, you are deadly."


"Blonde hair, blue eyes, smoking body, and that sweet smile. You're surrounded by your friends, some of whom are big scary guys and this scrawny little shrimp of a kid from the bayou has the cojones to walk up and say hi. Girl, given half the chance that poor boy would've gotten his ass handed to him just to say hello to you. I was just sparing him the pain when he found out he wasn't your um...type. Sue me for trying to spare the guy the humiliation of that." Morgan said, trying to spin his behavior into something noble rather than the act of an over protective big brother. He knew JJ didn't like it when he and the others went all bodyguard on one of the girls but sometimes it was unavoidable. They all did it for the girls. Anyone tried to hit on or mess with their female friends, the guys all went into bodyguard mode.

JJ looked at Morgan for a moment, knowing it was all BS but also knowing that if she called him on it now, it would ruin the day they were having so she decided to let it go. But, she couldn't resist the chance to tease him a bit. "You really think I have a smoking body and a sweet smile?"

Morgan grinned, "doesn't matter what I think, you already know it's the truth so quit fishing for a compliment." The tension was broken by the joke and the laugh it got so the friends went back to their earlier debate over which was the better scary movie series, Friday the 13th or A Nightmare on Elm Street. It was late in the day when they finally left the beach. They agreed to meet up at the movie theater later to catch a movie and then drove home.

JJ dropped each of her friends off at home before she pulled into her own driveway. JJ got out of the car and walked in the back door. She smiled when she saw her mom standing by the stove making dinner.

Laura Jareau turned to the sound of the door opening and saw her middle child walk in with a smile on her face. "looks like someone had a good time today."

"I did, was a great day for the beach. We're all meeting up around seven to watch a movie, is that ok?"

"That's fine dear. Dinner should be ready by six thirty so you have plenty of time to shower and change and have dinner before the movie."

"Thanks mom. Is dad home yet?"

"He's out back in the garage with Mark, working on some greasy thing."

"Ok cool. I'm gonna go take a shower, I'll say hi to dad and Mark later."

"Ok dear."

Laura watched her daughter leave the room and smiled. She was so proud of JJ for being such a good kid. Her oldest daughter, Lisa, had been like that too but her youngest, Mark, was turning into a handful. It seemed like it was destined to be true that teenage boys were always going to cause more gray hairs than girls.

Lisa was away at college now and Mark was going to be a freshman in high school this year. Once JJ graduated and went off to college, Mark would be her only kid left. Laura hoped that Mark wouldn't be too rebellious and then she thanked her lucky stars she had Daniel, her husband. He could be the disciplinarian once Mark hit the really bad times.

JJ had just gotten out of the shower and was looking for something to wear for the movies when her cell phone beeped an incoming text message. JJ picked it up and read the message and grinned. It was from her sister, Lisa, wishing her a great senior year.

The time went by quickly and JJ was soon heading out the door to her car to head to the movie theater. As she pulled into the parking lot for the theater, JJ once again got the feeling that something big was going to happen this year...something that would change her life forever. She could only hope that whatever happened was something good.

JJ left her car and walked to the front of the theater and saw that she was the first one there. She patiently waited for her friends to show up. One by one, sometimes in pairs, they soon began to show up. When they were all accounted for, they went into the theater and got their tickets, popcorn, soda and snacks & settled into the seats to watch the previews.


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