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Chapter 19: Thanksgiving pt 2

When Emily and JJ made it back downstairs, Lisa was standing there by the foot of the stairs for them. With a sweet smile she said to JJ, "JJ, mom's looking for you. Go see what she wants, I'll keep Emily company."

Before JJ could say anything, Lisa reached over and gently grabbed Emily's arm and began to lead her towards the back yard. She knew it was empty right now, since everyone was either in the living room watching football or in the kitchen cooking the meal.

JJ watched, helplessly, as Lisa led Emily away. Emily turned back just before they disappeared from JJ's view and just gave the blonde a wink, trying to reassure her.

JJ reluctantly turned and headed to the kitchen to see what her mom wanted her to do.

Lisa slowly but firmly led Emily to the back of the house, taking a sharp right turn at the last minute and leading the younger girl not out to the backyard but further into the house to a door Emily had never seen before. Lisa knew that Emily hadn't been to this room of the house before, mainly because no one ever really came here anymore.

Lisa opened the door and led Emily down into the basement of the house. Down here, there was a sitting area with some couches grouped together as well as a pool table, a dart board and a high tech sound system. This was where Lisa and her friends used to have parties. She knew that JJ sometimes used it now, but mostly JJ and her friends partied at either Alex Cabot's house or at Derek Morgan's house. Alex had a pool and a room similar to this basement and Derek had a huge yard for playing sports. Since most of JJ's friends were athletes, it made sense even in the off season to hang out at Derek's playing games.

This basement rec room had been almost abandoned since Lisa had gone off to college. She led Emily to one of the couches and then walked over to the mini-bar in the corner and pulled out two sodas from the small icebox hidden behind it. She handed one to the younger girl then sat down on another couch facing Emily.

Emily had been silent the whole time, preferring to see what Lisa had in mind for her before she offered any words or protest. When the older blonde led her into the basement, she'd been a little nervous but seeing how the room was set up soon eased her mind. She sat down on the couch as instructed and politely accepted the offered beverage.

Emily, using all the skills her mother had taught her, waited silently but politely for Lisa to begin her interrogation, knowing already that while she was going to be as honest as she could, there was still a way to handle this so she didn't give away everything.

Lisa took a moment to study Emily's facial expressions and her body language. She was studying both at college, she wanted to be an FBI profiler one day and she was taking the necessary courses to that end. After a few moments she cleared her throat and said, "So, I hope you don't mind that I brought you down here. JJ's never really brought anyone home to meet the family before that wasn't just a friend and I have to say that now that she has, I'm curious about you. Tell me about yourself Emily."

Emily studied Lisa's face and her words and found that they both lacked sincerity. Her tone, she was sure, was designed to lull people into a sense of security, it was cloyingly sweet and seemingly void of guile, but Emily could always see beneath the surface to the real motivations and she knew it was more than curiosity that had Lisa talking to her in the basement. But still, for the sake of her relationship with Jennifer, she decided to play along and see where Lisa's questions would lead them. "What exactly would you like to know Lisa?"

Lisa smiled, hiding the brief flash of disappointment when Emily answered her question with a question. She tried again, "JJ told me that you went to school in Europe for a few years before coming here for your senior year, why did you decide to come here instead of staying in Europe?"

Emily was thankful for her poker face as she sat there giving nothing away. She put on a practiced air of nonchalance as she shrugged one shoulder and said, "To be honest, I wanted to spend my senior year in America. My mother's work requires her to be in Italy and since my cousin Olivia lived here, she agreed to let me spend my senior year here with her."

Lisa took a moment to process that then she smiled, "So, is JJ your first girlfriend?"

Emily smiled but made sure to mask her emotions. "Actually, no she isn't. However, she is the first girl that has ever mattered so much to me that I agreed to meet her family...and let her sister interrogate me." Emily's voice was soft enough to let Lisa know she was only half serious about the interrogation comment.

Lisa had the good grace to blush before she dipped her head, acknowledging Emily's point. They sat in silence for a moment before Lisa cleared her throat and asked, "So have you and my sister...had sex yet?" Lisa was curious to know how Emily would answer her.

Emily felt herself blush a little despite herself and she looked Lisa right in the eyes as she said, "While I don't think that's anyone's business besides mine and JJ's...I will answer you anyway. No we have not." Emily paused a moment then continued, "Lisa, I love Jennifer with all my heart and, because of some experiences in my past, I am willing to wait until the both of us are ready for such a big step. This isn't just a high school romance for me. I truly want to spend the rest of my life with JJ if I can, and the best way to achieve that is to take things slowly and not rush into a sexual relationship that could end up ruining what we have."

Lisa listened to Emily, her sincerity was abundantly clear to the older blonde. She smiled at Emily and said, "That's all I needed to know." Lisa stood up and pulled Emily into a big bear hug. "Welcome to the family Emily." Lisa said to her as she pulled away.

Emily eyed Lisa a little suspiciously, "Just like that?"

Lisa smiled, "Come on, give me a little credit this is the first time I've had to question someone JJ brought home. Hopefully, it will also be the last time." Lisa chuckled a little then sobered up, "Seriously though, as long as you make JJ happy and you treat her right, then I have no problem with you, deal?"

Emily smiled, a little relieved, "Deal." It was a deal the Emily knew she could live up to, seeing as how she had no plans to ever see JJ unhappy or hurt.

Lisa nodded then she grabbed Emily's arm and began leading her upstairs, "Now that that's settled, we better get back upstairs before JJ figures out where I brought you and storms down here to rescue you."

Emily grinned at the image those words invoked then let herself be led back upstairs to spend the rest of the day with her girlfriend and JJ's family.

The next morning, Emily woke up with a smile on her face. The day before, after she and Lisa had emerged from the basement, JJ had found Emily and never left her side after that. Emily loved having the cute blonde next to her, and she also loved seeing this overprotective side of her.

JJ had refused to let Lisa be alone with Emily again, not wanting to give her sister another chance to corner her girlfriend again.

Emily got out of bed and hurried through her morning shower and got dressed. She was walking down the stairs when the doorbell rang. Emily frowned, she wasn't expecting anyone until the afternoon and Olivia and her Aunt Serena were still asleep.

Cautiously, Emily approached the door and looked out the peephole. What she saw surprised her and she immediately threw the door open to see if who she saw through the tiny eyehole was really there.

Emily looked into dark eyes so like her own and she smiled as she threw herself into her mother's arms.

Elizabeth Prentiss hugged her daughter with a big smile. It had been a few months and she'd missed her daughter. When Serena had invited her to spend the holiday weekend with them, Elizabeth had tried to get the whole weekend free but only managed to leave Italy late last night on an overnight flight.

After a few moments, Emily pulled away from her mom and said, "Mom, what are you doing here?" In the back of her mind, Emily was worried that her mother might be there to tell her she had to leave, that her Italy assignment was over and she was now expected to go back with her mother to her next assignment. Emily really didn't want to leave here, she finally had a place that felt like home and she also didn't want to leave JJ.

Elizabeth smiled, "Your Aunt Serena invited us to spend the holiday weekend here and I managed to get the time off." Elizabeth turned around and glanced at her husband, "William, come hug your daughter."

William Anthony Prentiss IV, stepped forward and smiled at his only child, his little girl, and held his arms out for her.

Emily's smile grew bigger when she saw her dad and she almost knocked him down with the force of her hug. She loved her dad and, although she was close to her mother, Emily was closer to her dad. He understood her better it seemed and he was infinitely more laid back than her mom.

After a few moments, Emily led her parents into the house and to the living room. They sat down and just started catching up, Emily's parents wanting to know what she was up to and how she was getting along. Emily patiently answered all their questions while also keeping a few things to herself. She told them about her classes, the friends she'd made, how great Olivia and Serena had been to her...and even about being in the school play. Emily held back any information about her relationship with JJ. She knew that her mother would automatically think about Gina and the mess that she created when she heard that Emily was dating someone new.

Elizabeth listened to her daughter talk about the friends she'd made here and she began to notice that whenever Emily would mention 'JJ', her eyes would sparkle in a way she hadn't seen in a long time. Elizabeth began to wonder if this JJ was Emily's newest girlfriend.

William Prentiss also noticed the way Emily's eyes would light up whenever she mentioned JJ and, since he was closer to Emily and since he wasn't one to beat around the bush, he cleared his throat and just asked, "So, Emily, what is going on with you and JJ?"

Emily looked at her dad and felt the familiar panic begin to rise, "What do you mean daddy?"

William suppressed a grin, whenever Emily pulled out the 'daddy' card, he knew she was trying to hide something. "Well...whenever you mention her, your eyes light up and you can't help but smile. So, tell me, who is she to you?" William suspected the Emily was in love with this JJ girl, but he wanted to hear her say it.

Emily glanced from her dad to her mom and back again before she decided to just come clean. She took a deep breath and said, "Well, JJ is my...girlfriend." Emily held her breath as she waited for her parents to react to the news.