Poké Rangers: Lost Zone

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A/N: Welcome to the Extended Series Premiere of Poké Rangers: Lost Zone, the latest Spin-off of the Poké Rangers Series first created by Blazin' Saddles.

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[01. The Lost and The Found]

"How should I begin? Perhaps I should start on a story that no other human has ever heard."

A Mew is flying over Ancient Sinnoh.

"The story of a Mew who almost claimed our world as its own. This Mew, who thinks differently from its own kind, abandoned its family and friends to travel to Sinnoh to meet Arceus, creator of this World."

The Mew flies to the top of Mt. Coronet. Instead of stopping at Spear Pillar, the Mew flew further upwards, into the Hall of Origin.

"Mew proposed to Arceus that humans should servants to the Pokémons, not the other way around and it intends to change that by asking for Arceus's permission to use its Psychic powers to conquer the human mind. However, the proposal enraged Arceus and Mew was banished into another dimension known as the 'Lost Zone'."

The Mew is suddenly trapped in a ball of energy before being dragged into another dimension through a portal.

"To ensure that Mew would never return to our world, Arceus placed the Lost Zone within the Distortion World, where Giratina must ensure that Mew never leaves or no one frees Mew at any cost. Knowing that the Mew will eventually have an opportunity to escape the Lost Zone, Arceus entrusted special powers to Giratina's care to be used in the event that the Mew escapes from its Prison."

Giratina appears from the same portal, acknowledging the task it has received from Arceus before returning to its World.

In the other world, time passed and Sinnoh has modernized into the Region it is now known.

Three Pokémon Researchers (One guy and two girls) are investigating a newly discovered ruin on the outskirts of Veilstone City.

"Hundreds of years later, a group of Pokémon Researchers studying the legend of Giratina in some ruins accidentally created a rip between the different dimensions between our world and the Lost Zone. One of the Researchers ended up in a coma from the incident..."

One of the female researchers accidentally knocks over a statue of Giratina. As the statue hits the ground, it shatters, causing a huge explosion creating a rip between two worlds. The other female researcher is knocked out cold from the shockwave of the explosion.

"This was the opportunity the Mew has waited for. However, after being trapped in another dimension for hundreds of years, the Mew's body is unable to survive in our world and he quickly possessed the body of one of the researchers before escaping into our world, leaving the other researchers to die..."

A burst of energy engulfs the male Researcher before he disappears. The ruins began to collapse and last remaining researcher rescues her colleague before escaping the collapse.

After moving a safe distance away from the collapsing ruins, the Researcher checks on her colleague, who is still unconscious. Before she could call for help, Giratina suddenly appeared in front of the Researcher.

"Giratina was well aware of what has transpired and he personally gave the last Researcher Arceus's Special Powers and the responsibility to select a group of heroes to stop the Mew before he regains his full strength to conquer two worlds..."

[Six Months Later...]

In the Pokémon Center in Cerulean City, a young blue-haired woman is drinking a cup of coffee at the Cafeteria.

'My name is Claire Springfield, 22, native of Sinnoh and Pokémon Researcher. I've traveled a long way from my homeland to search for potential candidates to assist me in a very important task I have received.'

As Claire drinks her coffee with her left hand, her right hand is handcuffed to a briefcase.

'If I fail here, then all hope is lost.'

Claire opens her briefcase to find that two of the objects inside glowing. One of the objects is glowing red while the other has a yellow glow. The researcher quickly closed her briefcase. 'Looks like I don't have far to look...'

A Pokémon Trainer runs into the Pokémon Center. "Everyone! There's going to be a Pokémon Battle outside!"

Claire finishes her coffee. 'I guess I can start by watching this battle.'

In an undisclosed location, a figure in black is sitting in the darkness...

"It has been six months and I'm not fully recovered. This is taking far too long. I'm only at half strength but Claire is catching up. If she keeps this up, she will eventually find a way to seal me back in the Lost Zone. I guess I have no choice but to use a fragment of my power to create some helping hands to eliminate her before that happens. Once she is out of the way, all will be mine. Mine...the Lost Zone, Giratina's World, Arceus's world. All under my rule!"

The figure slams his palm on the throne, unleashing a burst of energy from the Lost Zone within his body and using the mental images from his mind, he creates his loyal minions out of the energy. "Come forth, my loyal minions."

The Four Pokémon that were created bowed to their creator. A Green Beedrill with a metallic torso and metal drills, a Black Charizard with black flames on its tail, a black Scyther with red blades and a mechanical Victreebel with glowing Blue/Red Eyes.

"Killer-Beedrill, the Spymaster. You job is to keep me informed about that girl and her plans."

"ChaRaging, the Warrior of Black Flames. Until I regain my full power, you will have to protect me from anyone who dares to resist me."

"DeathScyther, the Blade Master Strategist. He will make strategies to make all living beings bow down to me."

"And VictreeBomb, the Monster Maker. If anyone dares to resist, he will bring to life my Creations to wreak havoc."

The figure has an evil smile as he looked at his creations. "You four are my Generals and I am your Master: ZeroMew, Emperor of the Lost Zone."

Back in Cerulean, Claire decides to watch a Pokémon battle between two Pokémon Trainers in the crowd of Trainers.

The 20-year old brunette Male Trainer is wearing a flashy white jacket with red flames, a black T-shirt and blue jeans.

"I am David Fury! My burning ambition is to conquer the Gyms of Kanto before I prove myself that I am one of the greatest Pokémon Trainers in existence!"

A 17-year old black-haired girl is wearing a yellow T-shirt and jeans with a Pikachu sitting on her shoulder.

"You have a lot of nerve to say that. I intend to be the greatest Pokémon Trainer in existence. And even if I'm not standing in your way, I'm certain that the Cerulean Gym will extinguish your 'burning ambition' before you even realize it."

"Is that a challenge?" David takes out a Poké Ball.

The girl calmly points at David. "You're going down, Fire-boy..."

David throws the Poké Ball. "Flare, show her what it means to have a burning ambition!"

A Charizard is summoned from the Poké Ball.

"I suppose it's rude of me not to introduce myself. The name's Julia." Julia points at David. "Storm, take him down a notch."

The Pikachu nods and jumps off Julia's shoulder and enters the battlefield. "Pika!"

"Storm, use Thunderbolt!"

"Flare, Flamethrower!"

"Iron Tail!"

"Dragon Claw!"

"Volt Tackle!"


Killer-Beedrill appears in front of ZeroMew. "Master, I sense a huge spike of Lost Zone energy coming from Cerulean City and my spies have reported that the girl is in the city."

ZeroMew is not pleased. "The spike in LZ energy could only mean that she has found what she is looking for."

He pulls out a book and looks through it. After finding what he is looking for, ZeroMew rips the page from the book and throws the page into VictreeBomb's mouth.

Using the energy from the Lost Zone within him, VictreeBomb creates the monster as specified on the page thrown into its mouth. VictreeBomb then spits out a creature that has the body of an Aggron and the head of a Magnezone. The Monster bows to his master.

"MagneHead is here to serve you, Master. What are your orders?"

ZeroMew sits on his throne. "I want you to eliminate Claire Springfield in Cerulean City. Once you're done with her, destroy the city and bury her under the rubble..."

"Yes, Master."

Back in Cerulean, the battle is still raging on. The Pikachu was able to hold its own against the Charizard. Many spectators began their own commentary on the battle...

"Charizard's a flying-type, right? Then why is it still able to withstand Pikachu's electric attacks?"

"Perhaps Charizard is stronger than Pikachu to survive the shocks. But even if that is the case, that Pikachu is fast enough to evade Charizard's powerful attacks; otherwise the battle would have ended in a few seconds instead of lasting this long."

"Either way, I would love to see how this battle ends."

Claire listened to the commentary from the other Trainers. Only she knows the truth. 'No. This battle should have ended ages ago. The Charizard should have been weakened by Pikachu's attacks and Pikachu would have been exhausted by now. But neither Pokémon are showing signs of exhaustion. They must be drawing their energy from somewhere else.'

As the battle becomes more intense, Claire puts on a pair of sunglasses and looked at the Trainers. Claire's sunglasses are actually a computer that reads energy levels and Claire notices the aura surrounding both Trainers. David is engulfed in a burning red aura while Julia is covered in a sparking yellow aura.

'Unbelievable, both Trainers' focus into this battle are so great that they are providing the energy for their Pokémons to fight longer...'

Remembering her mission, Claire quickly opens the briefcase and looks inside. The red and yellow glows are much brighter than before.

'I've found them. Red and Yellow. Their battle auras are reacting to the Morphers.' Claire smiles. 'Once this battle is over, I'm going to recruit them...'

Suddenly, a large object fell onto the battlefield interrupting the battle. 'Correction, I think I should go recruit them now.'

The other trainers quickly run off in panic, as object lands in a massive explosion that broke both David and Julia's concentration. On instinct, both Trainers recall their Pokémons into their Poké Balls to safety. Claire quickly undo the handcuffs linking her to her briefcase.

"Over here!" Claire calls over the two Trainers to her. Not questioning the woman, Julia and David run to Claire.

The dust clears, revealing MagneHead in the crater. MagneHead now has his eyes on his target. "Claire Springfield! Once I'm through with you, I will destroy this city and bury you in its ruins!"

Claire takes out two PokéGear Devices and passes the Yellow PokéGear-like device to Julia and the Red PokéGear-like device to David. "I've got no time to explain things right now. Just put these on and follow my lead."

Julia is confused. "What are you doing?"

"Just watch and learn." Claire rolled up one of the sleeves of her lab coat, revealing a Blue PokéGear-like device on her wrist.

"Lost Zone, Energize!" Claire opens the PokéGear and pressed a button on her device.

A torrent of water splashed out of Claire's Morpher and spins around Claire, forming in an orb of water. The water orb freezes into a ball of ice, only to shatters a second later, revealing Claire wearing a blue skin-tight battle suit with bubble designs on the skirt. A helmet with an Empoleon Design materializes, covering Claire's face.

"Lost Zone Ocean Blue Empoleon Ranger!"

Underneath the Empoleon helmet, Claire is admiring her new outfit.

"Neat. I didn't think it would be this successful on my first try," spoke Claire in a Soto Voce.

Claire quickly remembers the situation and she looks at Julia and David. "If you want to survive, just do as I did with your Morphers."

Julia puts on the Yellow Morpher on her wrist. "Not the best way to say it, but I guess I don't have much of a choice." Julia proceeds to repeat what Claire did with her PokéGear Morpher. "Lost Zone, Energize!"

A bolt of yellow lightning burst out of Julia's Morpher and zaps the area around her. The yellow lighting engulfs Julia's entire body before it disappears, revealing Julia wearing a yellow skin-tight battle suit with lightning designs on the skirt. Her helmet has a Raichu design.

"Lost Zone Yellow Storm Raichu Ranger!"

After watching the transformations, David steps forward.

"I am not willing to put my burning ambition to shame by running away." David opens his Red PokéGear Morpher and he quickly presses the button. "Lost Zone, Energize!"

An eruption of flames shoots out from the Red Morpher as David crossed his arms. The flames did not burn David as it covers David's body in a cloak of flames. David forcefully throws a punch, dispersing the flame cloak, revealing David wearing a red skin-tight battle suit with flames down the legs. His helmet has a Charizard design.

"Lost Zone Blazing Red Charizard Ranger!"

The Blue, Yellow and Red Poké Rangers are now fully morphed and are ready to face off against MagneHead.

MagneHead is now hesitant on what to do next. "Three? I thought I was only supposed to fight one?"

"Who are you and why are you attacking us?" asked Julia.

"Don't bother with the questions, Yellow;" said the Blue Ranger, "You won't get any straight answers off this monster. MagneHead may be strong, but he isn't the brightest bulb among his lot."

David looks at Claire. "How do you know this?"

Claire facepalms her helmet. "I just know. Right now, we should solve the current problem before I can answer all of your questions."

MagneHead looks around and cries for help. "A little bit of help here?"

A group of Machops wearing black belts join MagneHead, outnumbering the Rangers 10-to-1.

David raises an eyebrow. "He cried for help and he got it?"

"They're called BlackbeltChops, or BlackChops for short," said Claire. "They may looks like the regular Machop, but those black belts they're wearing are not just for show."

This time, both Julia and David didn't see the need to ask how Claire knows about the monsters they're fighting. She will answer their questions later.

The BlackChops charge towards the Rangers with battle cries. The Rangers instinctively enter their battle poses.

Claire performs a few acrobatic flips, avoiding strikes from the BlackChops. Claire kicks away a BlackChop as she flips through the air

David's fighting style is all out assault of punches and kicks to fight off the BlackChops and he could easily hold out on his own.

Julia is surprised at her fighting skills. While she had a bit of martial arts training in the past, she never made it past beginner's class due to the regrettable lack of interest. At first it seems that Julia is doing well as she fights against the BlackChops, but when the BlackChops see her as the weakest fighter among the Rangers, they quickly swarm around Julia and grabbed her arms.

"A little bit of help here!" Julia yelled.

David jumps to her rescue. "No problem!" David tries to fight his way through the BlackChops, but he too begins to get overwhelmed by the numbers.

The four Generals are watching the fight that is unfolding on a screen inside Victreebomb's mouth.

Killer-Beedrill looks at his master. "Master, forgive me if I am out of place when I ask this question, but why did you name our Minions 'BlackbeltChops'?"

ZeroMew simply rubs his forehead frustration. "I've been trapped alone in an alternate dimension for a long time, so I don't really have anyone else's opinion on the names I come up with." ZeroMew sends a threatening glare at Killer-Beedrill, causing him to feel a chill down his spine. "And the next idiot who dares to question the name of my creations will be vaporized."

Seeing the distress of the Red and Yellow Rangers, Claire summons a pair of Empoleon claws in her hands. "Emperor Claws!"

Claire dashes towards the BlackChops, covered in a jet of water pushing her forward at a high speed.

"Aqua Jet Claws!" Claire flies forward as water shoots out of the jets on the back of the Emperor Claws. With the added boost of speed, she swings her claws at the BlackChops, sending them flying away from the Red and Yellow Rangers.

"We need weapons, Blue Ranger! How do we get them?" Julia asks.

"Think about your favorite Pokémon and your weapon will appear," answered Claire. "That should be able to even the score."

Though skeptical at Claire's suggestion, with no other option, Julia thinks about her favorite Pokémon. As soon as the image of her Pikachu is in her mind, a pair of yellow gauntlets with red dots appears on Julia's hands. Julia slams both fists together. "Storm Gauntlets!"

Seeing that Julia has successfully received her weapon, David quickly does the same, thinking about his favorite Pokémon Charizard. A pair of red-orange spears in the shape of Charizard Wings appears in David's hands. David spins both spears around him. "Blazing Spears!"

Julia looks at her Gauntlets. A BlackChop tries to attack Julia, but Julia quickly dodges the BlackChop and throws a punch at the BlackChop.

"Thunderbolt Punch!" The punch hits the BlackChop and it is sent flying backwards from the combined impact and electricity. As the BlackChop lands on the ground, the electricity suddenly creates a shockwave that electrocutes the other BlackChops around their fallen comrade.

David is quickly surrounded by the BlackChops, showing no fear of David's new weapons. "Prepare yourselves!" The Blazing Spears are suddenly burning as David swings the Spears around himself.

"Fire Spin Dance!" David begins to move forward as he spins around with his spears. With each step forward, David spins faster and faster, creating a powerful vortex of fire that sends the BlackChops flying around in the vortex. One the flaming vortex weakens, the BlackChops land on the ground, receiving serious damage from the flames.

MagneHead swings his claw at Claire, who quickly evades the attack. Claire kicks MagneHead, but MagneHead simply shrugged off the kick.

"Ha! Your puny attacks can't hurt me as long as my armor protects me!"

"We shall see about that! Cross Claws!" Claire spins around and swings both her Emperor Claws in the shape of an X at MagneHead, landing massive scratches on MagneHead's armored body.

"My armor!"

Claire backsteps her way to a safe distance away from MagneHead. "My Emperor Claws is a representation from my favorite Pokémon, Empoleon. And Empoleon is part-Steel."

"Oh, I am more than just a small-minded monster with the head of a Magnezone. I'll eat your Claws!"

Using the power of his magnetic head, MagneHead suddenly attracts Claire's Emperor Claws from her hands and the claws are now stuck onto MagneHead's head.

"Don't forget that my head can be magnetized," MagneHead boasts. "Without your weapons, you are no match against me!"

"My Emperor Claws!" Claire screamed in panic, but she quickly regains her composure. "Or that is what I would say if I had forgotten about your other abilities."

MagneHead tries to eat Claire's Emperor Claws, but the task is impossible considering that having the head of a Magnezone has no mouth. "Oh no! I forgot I don't have a mouth!"

"Then allow me to make one for you! LZ Blaster!" Claire pulls out a laser blaster and fires a single shot of energy at MagneHead's head, causing the head to spin around from the impact of the shot. The spin caused MagneHead to become disoriented as he wobbles around.

"Emperor Claws, return!" Claire's claws disappear from MagneHead's magnetic head. Claire fires another shot from her LZ Blaster, hitting MagneHead at the spot where she landed the scratches on MagneHead's armor. Claire then pressed a button on her weapon, the top part of the gun flips open, revealing an extended blade, turning the blaster into a blade.

"LZ Blade!" Claire swings the blade at MagneHead, striking him in the same spot she attacked with her Emperor Claws and second shot from her LZ Blaster.

"No fair," MagneHead screams. "You had another weapon!"

Claire switches her weapon back to the LZ Blaster aims at MagneHead. "You can't win."

MagneHead slowly regains his balance. "You may have bested me right now, but this is only a tactical...RETREAT!" MagneHead and his BlackChop minions quickly run away.

Claire looks at Julia and David. "Know any place we can have a quiet conversation undisturbed?"

"There's a cave north of here that people rarely go to. I'll take you there..." Julia leads the way.

ZeroMew glares at the screen. "MagneHead! You have failed in your mission to destroy the girl and the city!"

"But I didn't expect that she would fight back! Please give me another chance, Master," pleads MagneHead.

DeathScyther looks at ZeroMew. "Master, I agree that we were caught off guard when she fought back with her new recruits. We should give MagneHead another chance, with a little bit of my help. If he fails, I will personally destroy him."

ZeroMew's foul mood is not getting any better. "DeathScyther, make sure MagneHead succeeds. You know what to do if he fails me..."

DeathScyther bows to his master. "Yes, Master."

Claire and David followed Julia to a cave on the outskirts of Cerulean. Once they enter the cave out of the open, Claire presses a button on her Morpher, powering down her Ranger suit, returning her to her civilian clothes. Both Julia and David follow by pressing the same button, returning them to their civilian clothes.

"Hopefully no one would come here to disturb us." Julia looked at Claire. "So, I guess now is the best time for answers."

Claire sits on a rock. "Let's start off with the introductions. I'm Claire Springfield, Pokémon Researcher from Jubilife in Sinnoh."

"David Fury, Pokémon Trainer from Cinnabar." David sits on a rock.

"Julia Ket..." Julia coughs as she leans on the cave wall. "Julia Katsumoto, Pokémon Trainer from Cerulean."

Claire nods. "Now that we are acquainted with each other, I'll start from the beginning. Hundreds of years ago, a Mew named ZeroMew tried to conquer this world believing his Psychic abilities gives him the right to have superiority over all living beings. He tried to convince Arceus that he should rule over this world, but Arceus is furious that ZeroMew has made such a ludicrous suggestion, considering that what ZeroMew was proposing contradicts his creation of the Lake Trio (Azelf, Mespirit and Uxie). Arceus punished ZeroMew by sealing him within an extra-dimensional space known as the Lost Zone and placed the Lost Zone within the Distortion World under Giratina's care."

"So, what happens next?" asked David, as he enthusiastically listens to Claire's story.

"Hundreds of years later, or six months ago, to be precise, I was involved in an archeological dig at some ruins in Sinnoh. An accident occurred and ZeroMew was set free. But after being trapped in another dimension for a long time, he has been weaken by the atmosphere of this world, so he had to use one of the Researchers as a temporary vessel to survive before running off. I've been trying to catch after him ever since to set the Researcher free. The bad news is that eventually ZeroMew will regain his full strength and once he does, he will try to conquer both our world and the Distortion World. I have been asked by Giratina to search for six heroes to stop ZeroMew before he regains his full power. During the past six months, I took the time to create technology using the power I was given, which I call Lost Zone Energy or LZ Energy for short."

Julia taps her feet. "Is there a Pokémon Center between here and the end of your speech?"

Claire nods, knowing that time is short. "To summarize the rest, I came to Kanto and I found that both you and David have the unique energy needed to activate the Morphers you are wearing, turning you into the Lost Zone Poké Rangers."

David is shocked. "Poké Rangers? You mean the group of heroes that are in different regions protecting the world from evil with different teams inheriting the legacy over time?"

"The one and the same," said Claire.

'I guess it's not so bad to become a Poké Ranger, since I get to have a secret identity and I get to save the world without being in Dad's shadow.' Julia looks at Claire. "Cool, I'm in."

"I'm glad someone is happy to join me." Claire looks at David. "What about you?"

"Well, it's too late for me to back down, now that I'm a Poké Ranger." David stands up. "But I'm ready to defend Kanto from any bad guys at any time and any day."

Claire smiles at her new teammates. "I never said anything about defending Kanto itself. Our job is to protect the World."

"Either way, I will be a hero."

Julia did a quick headcount on the three Rangers in the cave. "Claire, I know you are searching for six Rangers. How many Rangers you found as of this moment?"

"Six," Claire answers. "Three of us here, two are in Johto and one is in Sinnoh on an errand. We'll be leaving Kanto to find somewhere to build your fighting skills so that you can survive against any BlackChop ambush."

"You're planning on leaving Kanto undefended?" David asked. "What if another monster attacks this region? Shouldn't there be someone to stop it?"

"If there are any problems in Kanto, the two Rangers in Johto will both protect Kanto and Johto," Claire explains. "Besides, it won't do us any good if you two are outmatched by anything thrown at us if you don't have the necessary skills to fight them with after what I've seen today. The Ranger Suits I designed are meant to argument the skills you already have, not a replacement for real fighting skills, especially when you're unarmed."

"She has a point, David," said Julia. "Treat it like Pokémon Training, except that we're the Pokémon."

David could see no argument with that idea. "Alright, if it's to make me stronger. By the way, what's the story with the outfits we wear as Rangers, other than making us stronger?"

"I specifically designed my Ranger Suits to act as a flexible armor that reduces damage done to the human body when fighting an enemy and boost your physical capabilities," Claire explains. "The downside is that there is a limit. We get beaten too badly, the Morphers will short out and our suits will disappear, so our Morphers will need to recharge before its next use. Any other questions before we can eliminate MagneHead?"

David raised a hand. "Just one: could you add more flame motifs on my Ranger Suit?"

At this moment, Claire wants to do a facepalm. Instead, she calmly replies, "I'll think about it, but I can't make any promises."

MagneHead is on his way to attack Cerulean. However, before the bad guy could reach the city limits of Cerulean, Claire, Julia and David stand in the way, fully Morphed in their Ranger Suits.

Claire sighs. "I didn't expect you to be back for Round 2, MagneHead."

MagneHead roars. "I'm not afraid of you this time because I'm getting help from my Master!"

David points at MagneHead. "And what kind of help are you getting this time? You're all alone right now!"

"The kind of help that requires me to step in." A black Scyther with red blades appears next to MagneHead.

"Hello Claire Springfield, I believe this is the first time we officially meet to each other. Allow me to introduce myself: I'm the Blade Master Strategist, DeathScyther, one of the Four Guardians of Master ZeroMew." DeathScyther notices the Red and Yellow Rangers. "I see that you've found yourself some pawns, Claire Springfield."

"Speak for yourself, DeathScyther," Claire retorts.

"I merely follow the orders given to me to assist my Master's plans of conquest."

MagneHead looks at DeathScyther. "Where's the help you promised me?"

"Right here." DeathScyther clashed his blades vertically together in a Ninja-like pose. "Power of the Lost Zone, Maximize!"

Four swords suddenly appear and plant themselves on the ground around MagneHead, forming a seal. With the energy from the Lost Zone, MagneHead is suddenly enlarged. "Now I can stomp you flat!"

David, Julia and Claire looked up at the towering MagneHead.

David takes a glance at the Blue Ranger. "Claire, if you have something to help us with, now is the time to use it."

No one can see the grin on Claire's face under the Empoleon helmet...

Claire's helmet hides the grin on her face as she calmly looks up at the towering MagneHead. "Good thing I decided to find you guys second, otherwise we'll be pancakes."

Claire pulls out three glowing glass spheres. Each sphere has an element glowing within it, one sphere has a burning orange glow, the second sphere have a sparking yellow glow and the third sphere have an icy blue glow. Julia recognized the three spheres. "Are those what I think they are?

Claire nods. "Just a few things from the Orange Archipelago I received with Lugia's blessing. The Spheres of Shamouti."

Claire tosses the spheres into the air and the energy within the spheres caused the spheres to shatter, releasing the spirits of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres.

David and Julia are amazed at the appearance of the spirits of the Legendaries. The Zapdos spirit suddenly transform into a large yellow jet while the Moltres spirit transform into a red mechanical humanoid with Moltres's beak on the Zord's forehead and Moltres's wings on its back (think PR: Mystic Force's Phoenix Titan with wings). The Articuno spirit remains unchanged as it blasts an Ice Beam at MagneHead, freezing MagneHead in an attempt to slow him down.

"Articuno Support Zord, Zapdos Jet Zord and Moltres Fighter Zord. These are the Poké Zords you will be piloting. Now take MagneHead down."

Both the Zapdos Jet and Moltres Fighter land in front of the Rangers. Julia enters the Zapdos Jet Zord while David enters the Moltres Fighter Zord.

"Zapdos Jet, online!"

"Moltres Fighter, online!"

The Blue Ranger remains on the ground as she watches both Zords flying up to join the third Zord that's been providing support. Claire then turns her attention to DeathScyther.

"I highly doubt that you're here for a chat" Claire pulls out her LZ Blade, ready for a fight. "Are you ready?"

DeathScyther gets into a battle pose. "Though it is MagneHead's job to finish you off, I take the pleasure in finishing you off myself!"

DeathScyther and Claire charge at each other.

MagneHead breaks out of the ice he was trapped in. "Now I'm really mad!"

Julia is flying the Zapdos Jet at high speed. "David, if you would like to have the honor of kicking things off while I prepare for the finale."

The Moltres Fighter jumps up, performing an aerial flip. "Got it! Prepare yourself, MagneHead!"

Using gravity, Moltres Fighter is preparing to perform a kick at MagneHead. "Dynamic Blaze Kick!"

The burning kick strikes MagneHead in the torso. Before the Moltres Fighter could touch the ground, he spins around, landing a second powerful kick at MagneHead, sending MagneHead flying into the air.

"Time for me to finish this!" As Julia pilots the Zapdos Jet at high speeds, her Ranger Suit is able to ensure that her body could withstand the G-Forces while a normal human would pass out, enabling Julia to concentrate on MagneHead as he flails through the air.

"Thunder Drill Peck!" Zapdos Jet spins around as it flies towards MagneHead. The beak of the Zapdos Jet hits its mark as the jet drills through MagneHead.

"Noooooooo!" MagneHead explodes as he lands on the ground.

David grins at the victory. "Poké Rangers: 2, MagneHead: 0."

Back on ground level, Claire and DeathScyther are in the middle of their battle. DeathScyther swings his red blades, striking Claire twice in the chest, causing sparks to fly. Fortunately, the Ranger suit Claire is wearing kept her from receiving too much damage as Claire dodges a third swing from DeathScyther. In response, Claire swings her LZ Blade at an opening she found, striking the black Scyther in the torso.

DeathScyther quickly took a couple of steps back as he sees MagneHead destroyed by the K-Bird Megazord.

"Looks like you lost one of your minions, DeathScyther," said Claire. "Tell ZeroMew that the Poké Rangers will thwart his plans, any time, any place."

"MagneHead was a weakling anyway. Remember, the next one we send won't be as weak. Until next time..." DeathScyther disappears in a puff of smoke.

Julia and David exit their Zords and run to Claire as the three Zords return to their Glass Sphere forms in Claire's arms.

"Where's DeathScyther?" asked Julia.

Claire held on to the three Shamouti Spheres. "I told him to pass a message from me to ZeroMew, telling him that we are here to stay."

David punches his fist together. "Good. I can take them on any time, any place."

"Do you mind holding on to these spheres for me? I got a call to make first." Claire gives the Spheres to Julia and she walks off to make her call on her PokéGear/Morpher.

"I suppose we can postpone our battle for now," David said. "It should give us a good reason to survive this mess once it's over."

Julia nods. "I agree. I'd rather battle without worrying about anything else."

Claire has finished her call and walks up to her teammates. "Julia, David, you two should go back to Cerulean and get packed because we are going on an adventure. Meet me at the lighthouse on Route 25 in an hour."

David and Julia are walking on Route 25. David decides to start a conversation.

"No offense, I was expecting you to be a bit slower than me because you live in Cerulean."

"To be honest, I'm in the middle of my own journey around Kanto. It just happened that I was paying a surprise visit to Cerulean when I challenged you to a battle," Julia explains. "Besides, no one recognized me during the Pokémon Battle because I grew my hair long during my journey and I'm sure very few people would know the nickname of my Pikachu."

As David and Julia arrive at the Lighthouse, Claire is sitting on a rock facing the ocean and a large blue ship shaped almost like an Empoleon could be seen near the horizon sailing towards the lighthouse.

Claire looks back and sees David and Julia. "Rangers, let me introduce our mobile base, the S.S. SeaBlade."

The ship is waiting at the horizon.

"Go, Emperor!" Claire calls out her Empoleon from its Poké Ball. Emperor appears on the water floating, ready to ferry his Trainer to the ship. Claire jumps on Emperor's back and looks back at the other two.

"I'll meet you there." Claire easily maintains her balance as she surfs on her Empoleon towards the ship.

Julia is about to call out her Pokémon when David stops her. "Allow me." David pulls out his Poké Ball. "Come on out, Flare!"

David's Charizard appears in front of the two Rangers. "My Charizard has the strength to carry two people and he is not going to lose against an Empoleon in a race to that ship."

Julia wanted to say something, but decided against it, seeing that she's getting a free ride to the ship from another Trainer.

Julia and David are flying on David's Charizard. Despite the weight of two Trainers being carried on Flare's back, the Charizard is faster than Claire's Empoleon surfing on the sea.

Claire looks up and sees the Charizard overtaking her Empoleon. 'I thought David only had a big mouth, but it turns out that he also have some sort of insane training regime for him to outfly Emperor.'

"Emperor, full speed ahead, we can't let some loudmouth insult you by overtaking you in your element."

Claire's Empoleon obeys the order and speeds up, catching up to the David's Charizard.

ZeroMew has made his choice. He tosses the page into VictreeBomb's mouth. After a few seconds of, VictreeBomb spits out its latest creation the Master has ordered. A Pidgeot with a helmet over its face and armor covering its chest.

DeathScyther enters the room to find the new monster. "What do we have here? Another monster you're planning on sending to wreck havoc?"

"Tornado-Zone," KillerBeedrill explains. "Capable at moving at Mach 4 and wings that has the strength to create Category 5 Tornados. Where shall we deploy him, Master?"

"No. I want Tornado-Zone to confront the Rangers. DeathScyther..."

"Yes Master." DeathScyther clashed his blades vertically together in a Ninja-like pose. "Power of the Lost Zone, Maximize!"

David's Charizard lands on the front deck of the ship. Claire's Empoleon jumps off the water with Claire on his shoulder and perfectly lands on the deck.

"I figured that if we are travelling around the world searching for a world-conquering Mew while thwarting his plans, we would need something to travel to different regions to respond to incidents at high speed. Air travel would have worked, but it's risky and most regions aren't connected by land, so sea travel is our best option. Once we are within a region, we can travel flying on your Pokémon should get you to any location pretty quickly."

Claire leads Julia and David into the S.S. SeaBlade's Bridge. In the Bridge are two people working on computers of maps Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

"The Bridge of the S.S. SeaBlade. This is where we decide our destination and how we get there. Most of the ship is operated mechanically with a bit of assistance from the Pokémons who help maintain the ship."

Claire introduces the two people in the Bridge to the Rangers. "Kyle Fang and Sarah Evans help me run this ship. Kyle, Sarah, meet the new Rangers, David Fury and Julia Katsumoto."

Kyle nods. "Yo, I'm the Captain and Navigator of this ship. Without me, this ship is going nowhere. Plus, if there's any monster activity, I'll be the first one to know."

Sarah simply smiles at Julia and David. "Pleased to meet you, guys. I'll be teaching you how to fight and I will be working with Claire on designing new weapons for you to use against any monster threatening the general population."

Claire continues the tour as she guides her teammates to the first level below deck.

"It's important for you two to know someone who ensures your well being and help you maintain your health 24/7."

Julia and David follow Claire into a room below deck, where a member of the Joy family is checking up on a Magnemite in the infirmary. Claire enters the infirmary. "Alexis, I thought you would like to meet the new Poké Rangers."

Alexis turns around and waves at Julia and David. "I'm Alexis Joy, Chief Medical Officer of the S.S. SeaBlade."

"Alexis has the same skills as the average Nurse Joy, but she is also a trained Doctor that also specializes in Human injuries," Claire explains. "It doesn't matter if you were in a tough Pokémon Battle or you're nearly beaten to a pulp during training, Alexis will make sure that we'll all be ready for the next battle. Plus, she's my childhood friend from Jubilife, so I trust her with my life."

As Claire was about to leave when Alexis decides to ask a question. "How was your trip to Shamouti? I hope you did not destroy any historical ruins this time."

"Don't worry. This time I got Lugia's backing so we got nothing to worry about." Claire is about to leave when she remembers something she wants to ask. "Before I forget, how's Naomi?"

"They told me that she's still stable and she could wake up anytime, but it's like she's waiting for the right time."

Claire nods. "Keep me posted. I got a tour to conclude."

The next portion of the tour brings the Rangers to Claire's Lab, the busiest and most fortified room on the ship. The lab has three Supercomputers linked to the distinguishing feature of the Lab: Six glass futuristic display cabinets. Inside each of those display cabinets is a Poké Ranger outfit with a different color. From left to right are the Yellow Raichu female Ranger suit, the Red Charizard male Ranger suit, the Blue Empoleon female Ranger Suit, a Green Sceptile male Ranger suit, an Indigo Espeon male Ranger suit and a Black Umbreon female Ranger suit.

The technology in the room has impressed Julia. 'Whoa, I've never seen this much machinery in my life. Not even my GodFather's lab has this much technology.'

"And finally, my Lab. The birthplace of our Morphers and weapons we use, aided with the latest technology available to us. But that's not the only purpose of my lab."

Claire presents the six Ranger Suits kept contained within the display cabinets. "This is the heart of our operations: A machine that will link our Morphers to the Morphing Grid and enable us to become Poké Rangers. With that, we can to summon our weapons and our Zords. I was hoping to get all six of us here when ZeroMew makes his move, but I guess three Poké Rangers will have to do for now."

Claire takes out the three Shamouti Spheres and puts the Spheres on special holders inside one of the machines linked to the Ranger suits. After ensuring that the Spheres are secure, Claire closes the machine and locks it with a combination.

"I have linked the Shamouti Spheres to the Morphing Grid so that you two can summon your Zords from your Morphers at any time when needed as long as the spheres remain here. And with this room secure, no one can sabotage the Zords while we battle."

David notices there are four of the same machines, with three of them empty. "We're expecting more Zords?"

"Yes. I've got the Kanto Zords, but we also need the Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh Zords if we are to stand a chance in the future. But getting them is not as easy as it sounds. And even if I did get the other treasures, the Zords need to be powered by LZ energy to be at its maximum potential, which is why I needed the Spheres of Shamouti here to maximize your Zords' potential."

An alarm goes off throughout the ship, interrupting Claire. "Looks like this is where we'll end the tour for now. Go on ahead to the Bridge where Kyle will brief you. I'm staying here to add some finishing touches on your Zords."

David and Julia arrive at the bridge to find Kyle and Sarah at a console.

"We got a huge LZ Energy reading heading this way," Sarah said. "Someone's wants to bring the fight to us. And it's coming in real fast. I would say that it could get big and nasty, but I'm not going to say it."

David rolls his eyes. "You already did."

"Either way, the Poké Rangers will handle it." Julia looks at David. "You ready, David?"

"I'm ready anytime."

Both Julia and David activate their PokéGear Morphers.

"Lost Zone, Energize!"

David and Julia run onto the deck, fully morphed in their Ranger Suits. The giant Pidgeot flies past the ship without a sound. It was only seconds later that a sound is heard as a wave of water hits the S.S. SeaBlade, bathing the ship and Rangers in sea water.

David shakes the sea water off his waterproof Ranger suit. "How fast is that bird going? The sound only came after it flew past us."

"Whatever it was, it broke the sound barrier," Julia said. "I'm guessing must be going at Mach 2, maybe 3?"

Suddenly, Julia and David can hear Claire's voice in their helmets. "Mach 4, to be precise. Our enemy is Tornado-Zone, courtesy of our best enemy. I've just added the finishing touches to your Zords. Press the button on your Morpher and use the activation phrase: 'K-Bird, Unleash' and your Zords will appear."

"Alright." Both David and Julia press the button on their Morphers. "K-Bird, unleash!"

The three Bird Spirits have been summoned from the Red and Yellow Morphers, transforming into the Articuno Support Zord, the Zapdos Jet Zord and Moltres Fighter Zord.

Tornado-Zone swings his wings at the three Zords, creating a powerful burst of wind. As the attack is being used over the sea, it creates a water spout that traps the three Zords within the vortex.

The Zapdos Jet quickly uses its Thunder Drill Peck to break through the vortex, but the other two Zords remained trapped.

"Looks like I have to take you down to free David. Thunder Drill Peck!"

Zapdos Jet performs its Thunder Drill Peck at Tornado-Zone, but the armor he is wearing is able to deflect the attack.

"Zapdos Jet's electric attacks aren't effective against this metal Pidgeot!"

Suddenly, Claire appears on a monitor in the Zapdos Jet. "Tornado-Zone has armor that is specially made to make it to withstand Electric attacks. You need to destroy the Armor you can do any real damage."

"How are we going to do that? Moltres Fighter's Fire attacks are useless out here in the ocean..."

Claire: "There is an island in the south. Lure Tornado-Zone to there."

"I hope it's a good plan, Claire." Julia pilots the Zapdos Jet towards the mainland as Tornado-Zone pursues its prey. With Tornado-Zone distracted, both Articuno Support and Moltres Fighter are freed from the water vortex and they quickly gave chase.

The Zapdos Jet dodges a few Tackle attempts by Tornado-Zone through a few aerial maneuvers. Both the Moltres Fighter and Articuno Support Zords catch up with the Zapdos Jet. Once the four birds are over the island, the real battle begins.

Claire: "Now is the time. Activate the K-Bird Megazord formation."

"No problem. Activate K-bird Megazord." Julia presses a button.

Both Zapdos Jet and Articuno Support suddenly lose their wings and tail feathers. Articuno Support joins the left arm of Moltres Fighter while Zapdos Jet joins the right arm of Moltres Fighter. Both Zapdos and Articuno's heads open up down the middle, revealing the hands of the Megazord. The two wings of Zapdos and Articuno suddenly attach themselves onto Moltres Fighter's back, giving him the total of six wings. Zapdos Jet's tail feather suddenly transform into the helmet of the Megazord while Articuno's tail feathers becomes a buckle around the Zord's waist.

Despite the combination of the three Zords, both Julia and David remain in their respective cockpits.

"K-Bird Megazord formation, complete!" Julia announced. "Time to deal with this Bird Brain!"

The K-bird Megazord charges towards Tornado-Zone. Tornado-Zone attempts to throw a tornado at the K-Bird Megazord, but the Zord used its six wings to negate the tornado attack.

Claire: "The K-Bird Megazord has a couple of attacks that will break through Tornado-Zone's armor and finish him off. Hopefully that should get the job done."

Julia looks at her console and the first attack she sees is 'Trinity Blast'.

"David, let's use Trinity Blast!"

"Got it!"

Both David and Julia pressed their buttons activating the attack. The K-Bird Megazord's head and arms began to glow. The Megazord's head glows red, the right arm glows yellow and the left arm glows blue. The Megazord fires the three energy glows in the shape of a triangle at Tornado-Zone, striking Tornado-Zone with a combined Fire, Electric and Ice attack. The attack shatters the armor he's wearing.

Satisfied with the loss of Tornado-Zone's armor, Julia prepares for the next attack. "Activate Six-Wing Shuriken!" The six wings detach themselves off the K-Bird Megazord's back and reformed into a six-bladed Wing Shuriken. The K-Bird Megazord grabs the weapon.

"Let's finish this. Trinity Slash!"

The K-Bird Megazord throws the Six-Wing Shuriken at Tornado-Zone. The wings on the shuriken suddenly glows their respective colors as the projectiles slices Tornado-Zone in half before returning to the K-Bird Megazord's hand.

Julia comes up with the punch line. "This bird is toast."

Tornado-Zone crash lands onto the ground in a huge explosion.

Claire is sitting at her computer in her lab as she watched the outcome of the battle. She contacts Kyle in the bridge.

"Sarah, Kyle. Could you take a few Pokémon and collect whatever pieces of Tornado-Zone's armor you can find on land? I think I can recycle those parts for a new weapon."

Kyle: "Sure thing, Claire. Got any idea on our next destination after this?"

"I'm working on it. Give me some time to think about it." Claire notices an anomaly on the readings from one of the machines linking the Morphing Grid to the Zords. She walks to one of the empty machines causing the anomaly and opens it. To her surprise, inside is a rock made out of platinum in the shape of an orb. The orb glows as Claire takes it out of the machine.

"Giratina, are you pointing me in the right direction?"

The orb shines brightly, giving Claire the answer she needs. Claire returns to her computer and contacts Kyle. "Kyle, I got our next destination. We're going home to Sinnoh."

*End of 01*