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Claire: "Last time on Poké Rangers: Lost Zone..."

ZeroMew had gathered everything he needed to free himself from Shine Springfield's body. The Poké Rangers barely had time to recover from their previous battle as they raced to the Sinjoh Ruins to face ZeroMew and rescue Shine. Though they were successful in rescuing Shine, ZeroMew escapes...

[38. The Collector's Edition]

Julia looks at her teammates. "Let's return to the SeaBlade. We need to get all the strength we have for the final battle."

Suddenly, the ground shakes as the giant Alpha-Tyranitar slowly stands up from the rubble. Parts of Alpha-Tyranitar's outer shell have broken off, revealing the mechanical parts underneath.

Naomi frowns. "I used everything I got and he's still going. And I don't have enough energy in my staff to form the LZ Draco Megazord for round two."

"Oh crap," said Dice. "We have no Zords and we got a large enemy blocking our way out."

Claire calmly pulls out her Poké Gear and presses a few buttons. "Stay calm, Dice. You've forgotten my contingency."

Four large vehicles are moving towards the Sinjoh Ruins towards the Alpha-Tyranitar: A Charizard-shaped jet, an Empoleon-shaped battleship on wheels, a Sceptile-shaped tank and a Raichu-shaped racing car. The Empoleon Battleship unleashes a barrage of missiles at Alpha-Tyranitar's head, causing it to stagger.

As Julia, David and Dice enter their respective Zord counterparts, Claire looks at Shine, Naomi, Riku and Emma. "You four take the Z-Jet Mk. II back to the SeaBlade. We'll handle Alpha-Tyranitar"

Riku nods. "Alright, be careful."

Claire enters the Empoleon Battleship's cockpit. "Alright, let's take this guy down! Activate the Lost Zone Megazord formation!"

The deck of the Empoleon Battleship opens up, revealing an empty cavity as the Charizard Jet lands in the cavity, filling up the space. The Sceptile Tank splits into two as the two parts quickly attach themselves to the side of the Empoleon Battleship as a pair of hands appears on the two pieces of the Sceptile Tank. The Raichu Racer then attaches itself to the front end of the Empoleon Battleship as jets on the base of the Empoleon Battleship propels the Zord in a 90 degree angle, enabling the combined Megazord to stand up. Then, the Raichu Racer on top of the Megazord opens up, revealing the Megazord's head.

Despite being a Megazord, each Ranger remained in their respective Zord cockpits.

Under her helmet, Claire grins as she checks the Megazord's system. "It's rare for me to make me call out my masterpiece to battle, Alpha-Tyranitar, so you should consider it an honor."

"Man, when was the last time we used these Zords?" asked Dice. "We should really use this one more often."

Julia rolls her eyes. "Then, I suppose you won't mind letting Claire put you in charge of repairing any damage to the Megazord after our battles."

"It doesn't really matter now that it's here," said David. "Lost Zone Megazord, formation complete!"

Alpha-Tyranitar recovers from the damage to its head done by the Empoleon Battleship's missiles. Once it sees the Lost Zone Megazord, Alpha-Tyranitar opens its mouth as it prepares to unleash a black Hyper Beam.

"There is no way I'm letting you land a scratch on my masterpiece!" yelled Claire. "Not when I had it fixed from the last battle!"

The Lost Zone Megazord immediately grabs Alpha-Tyranitar's mouth and quickly closes the mouth before the attack is unleash, causing a major explosion that destroys the Tyranitar robot's head. However, despite losing its head, Alpha-Tyranitar swings its claws at the Lost Zone Megazord, landing a large scratch on the Megazord's torso.

"Oh no, he didn't," said Dice.

"That's it." Claire angrily clutches her controls. "You're on a one-way trip to the scrap heap! Sceptile Swords!"

The Lost Zone Megazord pulls out a pair of green swords as the Megazord charges towards Alpha-Tyranitar, with the two swords glowing green.

"Power of the Lost Zone: One Strike Destroys All!"

The Lost Zone Megazord swings both Sceptile Swords at Alpha-Tyranitar, unleashing a powerful X-shaped slash at the Tyranitar robot as the attack does massive damage.

"I hope you stay down for good," Julia said.

Alpha-Tyranitar's body slowly tilts backwards as its body explodes into pieces.

After the group returns to the S.S. SeaBlade, Shine and Claire are standing on SeaBlade's deck, looking at the ocean.

"I never thought I would step on the deck of this ship again, Claire. So, when do you plan to quit being a Poké Ranger and move on to something else?"

"Well, the thought did cross my mind now that your body is free from being in ZeroMew's control." Claire leans on the railing overlooking the ocean water. "But since I made a promise to Giratina to stop ZeroMew, I think it's only fair that I see this through to the end. I met a few former Poké Rangers, one whom I admired, and it made me think about what they had gone through during their tenure as Poké Rangers."

Shine smiles. "You're not the same Claire Springfield who simply forfeited her League Championship battle just as she was about to win."

"Nah, I'm still the same Claire. It's just that if ZeroMew turns Sinnoh into a war zone like those other major Poké Ranger battles I've seen on past recordings, I want to be in the middle of it when it happens."

Claire then walks towards her Lab. "Anyway, I'll be in my lab to make sure everything's in top condition for the final battle. If you're feeling hungry, see Julia and she'll probably whip up something tasty."

Sarah is sitting on a deck chair as she listens in on the conversation.

"Actually, Claire did change ever since you disappeared. She's not the same girl who threw cake at Mr. Dragonfly's face and needed your help to escape."

"What do you mean, Sarah?"

"Even though Claire was responsible for forming the team, everyone still played their part. Julia leads the team, David does the dirty work, Riku makes sure things stay working, Emma's the sensible one and Dice makes us laugh."

Claire is currently doing maintenance on the Ranger weapons inside her lab when Alexis walks into the lab.

"Something on your mind, Claire?"

Claire looks at the Lugia Booster. "I was recalling the time when Julia and David did their bit to help me with the Lugia Booster."


Julia climbed up a tree to retrieve the Silver Wing. "Got it."

Suddenly, SharpMariner appeared and tackled the tree, causing Julia to lose her balance and drop the feather.

SharpMariner quickly stole the feather. "Success! I got Lugia's treasure!"

Julia safely lands on her feet as she glared at SharpMariner. "Hey, give that back!"

"Sorry, but I must take this feather because I was ordered to get it!"

Julia took out her PokéGear Morpher. "Then, I'm sorry it has come to this. Lost Zone, Energize!"

Julia morphed into her Ranger suit. "Lost Zone Yellow Storm Raichu Ranger!"

"I can beat you, but this feather is more important right now," SharpMariner said as he ran towards a cliff and made a jump towards the sea below.

Julia jumped off the cliff after SharpMariner as Julia summoned her Storm Gauntlets in her hands. "You're not getting away that easily. Rapid Thunderbolt Punches!"

Using her Storm Gauntlets and the aid of gravity, Julia unleashed a barrage of Thunderbolt Punches straight at SharpMariner's falling body. In the process of punching SharpMariner, Julia was able to recover the Silver Wing off SharpMariner.

NineWhips shed the protective armor she was wearing. "Now that I've received a power boost from you, Red Ranger, I can no longer fear any of your attacks and move as quickly as I want to. You've just ensured your defeat."

David leaned on the wall of a building. "True, but I'm not giving up that easily. Not when I can use everything we have."

Claire noticed David summoning the Lugia Booster to his hands. "Are you insane, David? Didn't you experience first hand what happens if you use that weapon?"

David aimed the Lugia Booster at NineWhips. "Yeah, I've seen what this can do at 30%. Let's see what it would do at 50%? Lugia Booster Attack: Sacred AeroBlast, FIRE!"

David used the wall to brace himself from the recoil as Sacred AeroBlast blasts NineWhips straight in the chest. NineWhips could only cry in disbelief. "No way!"

NineWhips collapsed onto the ground as David drops the weapon. "That packed a real big punch. But at least I got her on my first shot."

[End Flashback]

Claire rubs her chin. "I've been thinking. SDI had their Lugia Lancers and we have our Lugia-shaped cannon but no one has thought of a Lugia Zord yet."

"You're planning on building a new Zord?" Alexis asked.

"Nah, I'll probably design something that could be used by a future team."

Julia and Dice are sitting in the Recreation Room as they play Claire's Poké Rangers Video Game (still in Beta).

"Time really flies by quickly," Julia said as she looks out the window. "It almost felt like a year since we started becoming Poké Rangers."

"I'm sure our adventures would make a best selling book," said Dice. "Maybe I should write it once we defeat ZeroMew."

"You know, if you do happen to ever make that book, you could ask Kyle to help get it published," said Julia. "Sarah told me that he is acquainted with a few publishers in the Unova region."

Dice grins. "Really? I guess it goes to show that if you have the right connections, you can get anything."

At that moment, Riku walks into the recreation room as Dice looks up.

"Hey, Riku, are you interested in collaborating with me on a semi-fictional novel about the Lost Zone Rangers?"

"No," said Riku as he takes out a can of PikaMax Cola from the fridge. "But I'll consider reading it when it's put in the discount bin."

Dice shrugs. "It's your loss. Perhaps The Great Purrie wouldn't mind working in collaboration with my book if he was still alive..."


Dice attacked the Great Purrie as Purrie retaliates by swinging his claws at the Green Ranger, but Dice deflected each swing with his Leaf Sabers. As Dice tries to swing his sabers at the large coin on the Great Purrie's head, the Meowth monster quickly grabbed both of Dice's hand in a desperate bid to stop Dice from destroying his coin. "I won't let you near my coin!" With his free paw, the Great Purrie threw a punch at Dice's exposed chest.

"Ho-Oh FlameVest!" Suddenly, a red and green armored vest appears on Dice's chest just as the Great Purrie attempted to land the punch, hitting the extremely durable armor.

"Yeow! That's cheating!"

"If this is cheating, then what do you make of this next move?" Dice freed himself from the Great Purrie's claws and fused both his Leaf Sabers together and spun the combined weapon. "Magical Razor Leaf Blade Storm!"

Dice spun the fused weapon, creating a storm of sharp leaves that sends the Great Purrie upwards as Dice jumped up in pursuit as he followed up with a finishing slash at the Great Purrie's torso that sends him crashing to the ground. The attack dislodges the giant coin on the Great Purrie's forehead, causing it to fly up into the air.

Dice landed on the ground on one knee with two Leaf Sabers in both hands. "And this is why my nickname is 'Dice', because my skill with the blade can dice you up."

The Great Purrie tried to sit himself up, despite the powerful slashes from Dice's sabers. "No, I'm not done yet!" Suddenly, the Great Purrie's giant coin hits the Meowth monster in the head. "I'm done." The monster's head hits the ground, causing a huge explosion that indicated the monster's defeat.

[End Flashback]

Dice chuckles as he recalls his first encounter with Purrie. "Oh yeah, those were good times."

"I think I prefer our debut fight to yours, Dice," Riku said as he sits on a chair.


VictreeBomb fired a few shots of dark energy at Riku and Emma. The twins dodged the projectiles.

"Allow me to handle this, Emma!"

"Go for it, bro!"

Riku ran towards VictreeBomb and Killer-Beedrill as he evaded VictreeBomb's projectiles.

Riku is suddenly received a slash from Killer-Beedrill's shuriken. "You fool! Our upgrades enable us to fight in both long range and close combat. This is what you get for underestimating us!"

Riku grinned under his helmet. "Actually, I should be the one who should be saying that you underestimated me."

Riku suddenly glowed purple before exploding right in front of Killer-Beedrill and VictreeBomb.

"I call that move Dawn Mirage," The real Riku was standing right next to the Black Ranger. "Though it's simply it a combination of Substitute and Explosion, though the name does sound more catchy than its explanation."

"I need reinforcements!" Killer-Beedrilll yelled.

A group of BlackChops with a BruteChoke appeared behind Killer-Beedrill and VictreeBomb. Riku pulled out his LZ Blaster and attached a purple scope on his blaster. "It's your turn to deal with those two. Allow me to take care of the soldiers."

Emma nodded as Riku faced off against the BlackChops and BruteChoke.

Inside Riku's helmet, his visor has target indicators on three of the BlackChops pointed out for him by the purple scope. Riku fired three shots at the three BlackChops. The BlackChops dodged the projectiles, but the energy shots suddenly changed direction, hitting their targets.

"You're dealing with the most dangerous Poké Ranger of the team," Riku said. "Once anything is targeted by my Psycho Scope, you'll be hard pressed to find a way to not get hit by shots from my LZ Blaster."

The BruteChoke tried to punch Riku from behind, but the Indigo Ranger swiftly grabbed the fist and swings around the BruteChoke while pointing his LZ Blaster at the BlackChops behind him. The Psycho Scope counts five enemies, so Riku pulled the trigger five times, firing five homing energy shots at the BlackChops. Riku flung the BruteChoke at the remaining BlackChops.

Meanwhile, Emma deflects a few energy shots from VictreeBomb using her Lunar Fan.

Killer-Beedrill is getting desperate. "She's like some sort of a relentless demon coming at us!" He pulls out his poisoned shuriken and throws it at Emma. "Take this."

The red eyes on Emma's Umbreon helmet suddenly glows, creating a void of darkness under Emma's feet, pulling her into the void while avoiding the shuriken at the same time. "Where did she go?"

The dark void appears on the ground behind Killer-Beedrill and VictreeBomb, with a pair of red glowing eyes glaring at its prey. A pair of black arms burst out of the void and grabs VictreeBomb and Killer-Beedrill. "She's behind us!"

"Astral Claw Smash!" The hands slam VictreeBomb and Killer-Beedrill onto the ground before throwing them at the group of BlackChops.

One of the Black arms pulled the Black Ranger out of the void by grabbing her body and holds her like a delicate doll. Once Emma's feet safely touch the ground, the red eyes on Emma's Umbreon helmet stops glowing, the black arms and dark void disappear.

"They're all yours, brother."

Riku summoned a purple bazooka and aimed at his opponents. "Alright, Psycho Bazooka, lock on!"

"Solar Reflector!" The Psycho Bazooka fired green energy ring at his targets. The ring surrounds the bad guys, as it focuses the power of the sun into itself, firing a powerful Solar Beam at the enemies, creating a blast that eliminates the BlackChops and BruteChoke, though both VictreeBomb and Killer-Beedrill barely survive thanks to their upgrades.

[End Flashback]

Naomi is doing maintenance on Iron Flygon as Shine enters the room.

"Naomi, is it alright if we can talk privately?" asked Shine.

"We can talk here," Naomi replied as she focuses her attention on Iron Flygon. "It's not as though Iron Flygon would simply go around and spread gossip around the ship. But just in case he can read lips..."

Naomi picks up a rag and ties it around Iron Flygon's eyes. "So, what do you want to talk about?"

"I want to apologize for what I had done when ZeroMew possessed me and the worries I have caused to everyone, especially you and Claire."

Naomi hugs Shine. "Don't apologize, Shine," Naomi said. "ZeroMew's actions were influenced by what happened almost 500 years ago. There was nothing you could do when he took over your body. Don't let it get to you."

Shine feels relief as though a heavy burden was taken off his shoulder. "Anyway, I'm pretty sure it's been long past the date we've planned for our wedding. You think Auntie Shermie would be pissed that it didn't happen?"

Naomi laughs. "I'm sure once she gets the news, she'll want us to get married immediately as a form of compensation for the delay."

"Now that would be a very good idea..."

Both Shine and Naomi look at the door to see a woman with green hair wearing a business suit.

"Auntie Shermie, since when did you arrive?" Shine asks.

"Sarah told me the good news and picked me and your cousin up from Hearthome City using Claire's Mk. II Zapdos jet," Shermie explains. "Anyway, I think we can have your wedding on the SeaBlade. If only your father was still around, he'd be so proud to see you marry the girl of your dreams."

Naomi looks at Shermie. "But how can we have a wedding on such short notice? And can we get the priest from Hearthome on to the SeaBlade just as quickly?"

"We don't really need a priest since we'll have Kyle run the ceremony," said Shermie. "According to Sinnoh Law, as the captain of a ship originating from Sinnoh, he is legally allowed to officiate a wedding, so it's makes things convenient for you two."

Shine frowns. 'More like convenient for you, Aunt Shermie...'

Shermie looks at Iron Flygon. "Anyway, it's the least you two could do before the final showdown. After all, the future is uncertain and I'm sure a wedding is something we need to bring some smiles during the calm before the storm."

"By the way, how exactly did Claire settle her issue involving you-know-who in the Hoenn Region?"

Shermie rubs her chin. "Well, let's just say that a group of Poké Rangers from other teams provided some 'assistance'."


Plusorb and Minnet were facing five unmorphed Poké Rangers.

"It seems that you lot haven't learned from your last mistake," said Plusorb.

Minnet looked at Plusorb. "Let's put them out of their misery before they become too much of a nuisance."

"Agreed." The Cyborgs prepare to attack as Claire, David, Emma, Dice and Riku raised their weapons, bracing for a battle...

"AeroBlast!" A burst of silver energy struck Minnet, sending the Minun cyborg flying into the air.

"Minnet!" Plusorb screamed.

The five Poké Rangers looked towards the origin of the projectile and saw a Ranger wearing a completely green outfit, apart from his gloves and boots which were separated from the green by a gold band. The same color that was his belt, the buckler which had the words SDI upon the middle of it. The same SDI logo was seen on the band around his gloves and boots. His helmet has a Flygon theme with a black inverted triangle as a visor. In his hand was a double-bladed weapon shaped like a Lugia's body with a blaster attached.

The Green SDI Ranger looked at Claire. "Never thought I'd see you again after twelve years."

"Another Green Ranger?" Before Plusorb could react, the Plusle Cyborg was suddenly hit on the side by a powerful jet of water.

A Blue Ranger arrived holding a Lapras-shaped cannon. His outfit was dark blue with cream stripes on the arms. The lower part of his costume was the same dark blue color. His Lapras-themed helmet also had a black visor shaped like the mouth of a Lapras, with a white mouthpiece and a Lapras Horn.

The Blue G-Force Ranger rested the cannon on his shoulder. "How do you like the taste of my Lapras Jet Cannon?"

Minnet slowly picked himself off the ground. "Two new Rangers?"

Suddenly, a red figure appeared behind Minnet. "Luxrod Strike!"

Minnet received a hit from behind after getting hit by a Luxray-tail shaped rod, causing him to be sent flying away from the Ranger, wearing a red and black suit. The visor on the helmet looked like a Luxray head from the front and he has something looking like a Luxray's mane on the helmet.

"Seems like I've arrived just in time," said the Red PokéPower Ranger.

Plusorb slowly recovered from the water jet. Suddenly, a yellow blur dashes towards Plusorb. "Thunder Stunner!" The stunner hits Plusorb and with his body wet from the last attack, Plusorb received a powerful electric shock that sends him flying backwards.

The newcomer is wearing a Yellow Ranger suit with a skirt with the symbol of the GS ball with the letters 'PRJ' the right side of her outfit and an Ampharos head on her left side, complete with a golden belt around her waist, with white gloves and boots. Her Ampharos helmet shone under the sunlight.

"It's great to be a Ranger once again," said the Yellow Johto Ranger.

Plusorb and Minnet regrouped themselves. "What's going on? I thought we were dealing with one group of Poké Rangers?"

"Psychic Blast!" Plusorb was suddenly hit by a pink blast of energy shot from a pink staff, held by a Ranger wearing a pink costume with white diamond patterns across the chest, boots and gloves. Her costume had a skirt, and the belt above it was white attached with a device with the Abra coin on it. Her helmet was also pink with black squinty eyes and ears on either side with a black visor.

"Overtech Ice Claw Slash!" While Minnet was hit by a silver staff with teal stripes and a blue sapphire pendant attached to it. The holder of the staff is a Ranger wearing a Kyogre-like helmet with a hexagonal visor, with her silver suit had a black belt and a black chest plate with sapphire lines, complete with black boots and black gloves that have blue rims on each boots and gloves.

The Silver Queen OverTech Ranger and the Pink Mighty Morphin' Poké Ranger put their staffs together in a show of unity.

"It's been a while since we've fought together as Rangers," said the Pink Ranger.

"But it wouldn't hurt if we helped out once in a while," said the Silver Ranger.

[End Flashback]

Emma walks into Claire's lab where the Blue Ranger is doing maintenance on the team's weapons.

"Riku and I brought the people you asked for to the SeaBlade."

Claire nods. "Thanks, Emma. I appreciate that you and Riku brought them here on such short notice."

Emma notices a slight change in Claire's behavior. "Is something the matter, Claire?"

"I just have an uneasy feeling," Claire replied. "I can't tell if I'm nervous or a bit too excited in anticipating for the upcoming event."

Emma sighs. "Keep in mind that we are stronger than when we first started. Remember, we have Prime Mode..."

"Let's Prime It Up!"

The spirit of a Shining Lucario engulfs the Yellow Ranger. The lightning symbol on the Yellow Ranger suit disappears as the chest area becomes light blue and gains a white spike while her gloves and boots suddenly become gray. Julia's Raichu Helmet undergoes a metamorphosis into a Lucario Helmet, with the additional black appendages/aura sensors on the back of the helmet.

Julia is engulfed in a yellow aura as she raises her hands with a 'V for Victory' pose. "Prime Mode: Yellow Shining Lucario Ranger!"

The spirit of a Groudon engulfs the Red Ranger. The flames on the Red Ranger suit disappear as the black Groudon symbols cover the Red Ranger's suit. The Charizard Helmet undergoes a metamorphosis into a Groudon Helmet.

David takes a few steps forward, each step David takes causes the ground to shake. "Prime Mode: Blazing Red Groudon Ranger!"

The spirit of a Kyogre engulfs the Blue Ranger. The bubbles on the Blue Ranger's skirt disappear as the black Kyogre symbols covers the Blue Ranger's suit. The Empoleon Helmet undergoes a metamorphosis into a Kyogre Helmet.

Claire rides in on a huge wave of water. The water disappears as Claire safely lands on her feet. "Prime Mode: Ocean Blue Kyogre Ranger!"

The spirit of a Shaymin (in Sky forme) engulfs the Green Ranger. Most of Dice's Ranger suit suddenly turns white, with the gloves and boots remaining green. The leaf symbol remains on the Green Ranger suit as a red scarf appears around the Green Ranger's neck. The Sceptile helmet undergoes a metamorphosis into a Shaymin Sky Forme Helmet, turning mostly white with a green Mohawk and additional white wings on the sides.

Dice flies around as he pulls out his two Leaf Sabers, ready for battle. "Prime Mode: Forest Green Shaymin Ranger!"

The spirit of a Darkrai engulfs the Black Ranger. The yellow rings on Emma's wrists and legs disappear into the black suit as a red spiky growth appears around Emma's neck. Emma's Umbreon helmet undergoes a metamorphosis, gaining a small white plume on the helmet, with only one visible blue eye on the helmet, becoming the Darkrai helmet.

The eye on Emma's Darkrai helmet glows as Emma appears out of the darkness. "Prime Mode: Black Void Darkrai Ranger!"

The spirit of a Cresselia engulfs the Indigo Ranger. The scarf disappears as the main torso of the Ranger suit turns yellow with blue stripes on the side while the arms retain its original purple color. Riku's Espeon helmet undergoes a metamorphosis as it gains the top of the helmet forms two crescent moon shapes to form the Cresselia helmet.

Riku levitates over the ground as he unleashes a powerful shockwave using telekinesis. "Prime Mode: Indigo Crescent Cresselia Ranger!"

"Not to mention David's Battlizer from Naomi," Emma adds.

The black Groudon markings on the Red Ranger suit changes to blue. The Mechanical Rapidash splits apart. The four limbs open up to form arm and leg guards that instantly attach themselves to David's arms and legs. This time, the head merges with David's helmet while the body forms an additional armor that covers David's upper torso. On the back of the body armor is an emblem of three orbs colored Red, Blue and Green, bearing similarities to the Red, Blue and Jade Orbs.

"Drawing from the fury within the depths of the Earth." A huge burning red aura erupts from the newly Battlized Red Ranger. "Red Volcanic Rider Ranger!"

"In the end, Claire, even if Julia is the leader of the team, you're the one responsible for our existence as Poké Rangers. You better not have doubts when we step onto the battlefield, because this is not like that Pokémon battle against the Sinnoh League champion years ago. If you walk away from this, I will personally hold you responsible for the end of the world."

Claire simply blinks. "I'll keep that in mind, Emma, but what I was talking about was Shine and Naomi's wedding. I'm actually worried that Auntie Shermie would be a bit too pushy to get the wedding started."


"Still, what you said puts me at ease," said Claire. "Anyway, I think we should get everything ready for tomorrow."

The S.S. SeaBlade has anchored itself off the west coast of Sinnoh with Mt. Coronet visible over to the east. The SeaBlade's deck has chairs arranged in rows with an aisle in the middle leading to the front of the ship. A few white flowers decorate the chairs and ship's railings.

Julia nods as she admires the layout. "It's a good thing you have a Battlizer that can control time, otherwise I don't think we could get everything ready on time."

The Red Volcanic Rider Ranger groans. "Is it really necessary to use my Battlizer for such mundane tasks such as arranging chairs and decorating for a wedding?"

"What would you do if Claire was in your position?"

David powers down from his outfit. "On second thought, you right. This is what Claire would do. Anyway, which side are we sitting?" asked David.

"The Bride's side," answered Julia. "Claire's aunt, cousin and friends are here, so they're on the groom's side with Claire, Sarah, Riku and Emma. And Naomi doesn't have family, so you, me, Dice, Alexis and Storm will be on the Bride's side to balance things out."

"But if Naomi doesn't have family, wouldn't that make things difficult?"

Julia pulls out a sheet of paper. "Don't worry David, Claire has everything covered for tomorrow."

The next day, the guests have arrived for the wedding as they take their seating arrangements. Sitting on the Groom's side are Sarah, Riku, Emma, Shermie, a young girl with silver hair (who is Claire's cousin Sandra) and twin girls with purple hair (Claire's friends Vernetta and Miranda.) On the Bride's side are Julia, Dice and Storm.

At the front of the aisle, Claire is wearing a blue formal dress taking on the role as 'Best Man', Alexis wearing a pink dress with the role as Maid of Honor while Shine is wearing a light blue tuxedo. The role of marriage celebrant falls onto the SeaBlade's captain, Kyle Fang, wearing a Ship Captain's uniform.

"We shall begin," said Kyle as he presses Play on a music player plugged into the ship's speakers, playing the Wedding March.

Naomi is wearing a wedding dress with a veil covering her face as she walks onto the SeaBlade's deck as David walks by her side, wearing a black suit with a red tie as he holds Naomi's arm. 'I can't believe I have to put on a suit for this role.'

Naomi smiles under her wedding veil. "I know this may be awkward, David, but since you're the Red Ranger, we figured you're the best person to 'give' me to Shine."

"Which is why I accepted this role with pride," David said. "I just can't stand wearing suits."

"Then, you might have a problem when you have yours with a certain Blue Ranger," Naomi mumbles as she looks at Claire.

David didn't catch what Naomi said. "Did you say something?"

"Just recalling my wedding vows, that's all."

David leads Naomi to Shine. Then he stands next to Alexis.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Naomi. "I mean, this was a little rushed thanks to your aunt."

Shine shakes his head. "I suppose now is a good time as any."

David looks towards Claire. "Is this a good idea?"

Claire smiles at David. "Sometimes, it's these small moments of peace that gives us the reason to fight on."

Kyle stops the music. "Now I should inform you that this is my first time under Sinnoh Law that says that as the Captain of this ship, I am legally allowed to bring these two together under holy matrimony. If anyone has anything objections to Shine Springfield and Naomi Su being together, speak now or forever hold your peace."

With no objections, Kyle claps his hands. "Alrighty, Shine Springfield, do you take Naomi Su as your lawfully wedded wife?"

Shine nods. "I do."

Kyle looks at Naomi. "Naomi Su, same question, only replace the word 'wife' with 'husband'."

"I do," replied Naomi.

Kyle drags the table behind him as he puts a document file and pen on the table. "All we need are some signatures from the Bride, Groom, witnesses and me on this document to make this legally binding when I hand it in and I can finish things off.

Once the signatures are done, Kyle nods. "Now, I can now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Shine Springfield. You may now kiss the bride..."

However, before Naomi and Shine could kiss, an explosion can be seen and heard originating from top of Mt. Coronet.

[End of 38]

[Post-Fanfic Segment]

Claire is in the SeaBlade's Recreation room.

"Only two chapters of Poké Rangers: Lost Zone remain. Though our adventure is close to an end, another one begins as a new team of Poké Rangers will take our place. Keep your eyes on the post-fanfic segment for more details. Also, there's a Poké Rangers Lost Zone movie that will come out once the series is finished. Hope to see you guys next time..."