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!~From Rich Girl To Farmer~!

!~Chapter 1: How A Rich Girl Becomes A Farmer~!

'Father, we're bankrupt?' I half screamed to the older looking guy next to me. 'How?'

My dad gave me a sympathetic smile. 'We spent all of our money on your brand new Porsche.'

'So! 10,000,000 G isn't alot of money!' I clarified as I continued to polish my nails.

At that moment, a middle-aged woman appeared from the kitchen. She slightly glared at me before taking a seat next to my father.

'To you it isn't because you don't pay for anything around here,' the woman told me.

Father worriedly looked at her. 'Please don't start this again, Rosalind.'

'Henry, you spoil her too much. What she needs to do is get a job.'

'Not again!' I yelled pounding my fists onto the dinner table. 'Stop telling me what I need to do!'

I ran up the stairs and stopped at the very top of the steps.

'Angela Marie Simon the III, I forbid you from talking to your mother like that!' my father yelled from the table.

'She's not my mother! She's my step mother! And why doesn't she get a job? All she does is sit around all day.'

I opened the door to her room and quickly slammed it before my maid got to get in. The maid slowly knocked on my door before entering.

'May I enter, Miss Angela?'

'Oh, I'm sorry Helen. You may enter.'

Helen scurred inside and began to sort out the clothes. 'And what is bothering you today, Miss Angela?'

I sighed. 'After father told me we're going bankrupt, Rosalind said I should get a job. Why doesn't she get a job?'

'Well Miss Angela,' Helen said, sitting next to me,' I'm going to tell you a story.

'My brother William was a fairly rich man. He had a well paid job, a huge house, and many cars. One day he thought it was time for him to have some fun. Everyday he would buy something unecessary. After that he became homeless and was forced to live in a shelter.'

'How was that suppose to make me feel better?' I asked.

Helen simply chuckled. 'I didn't say it was going to make you feel better. I said I was going to tell you a story.'

I huffed.

'Well, thanks anyway Helen.'

'Anything for you, Miss Angela. Have a pleasant day.' Helen picked up the rest of the clothes and left the room.

Laying down on my bed, I heard a familier jingling sound. I got up to open the door and saw my butler holding my chihuahua, Princess.

My butler came in and put down Princess. 'I just picked her up from the groomers, Miss.

'Thank you, Sebastian. Anything else before you are dismissed?'

'Hmm, why yes, Miss. Your father wants to see you downstairs.'

What does he want know? 'Tell him I'll be down in a minute.'

'Sure thing, Miss Angela.'

I picked up Princess and left the room awhile after Sebabstian did. Before walking down the stairs, I peeked down to see what my father was doing. But all I could see was his face covered by a newspaper. I took a deep breath and walked down.

'Father, you wanted to see me?' I asked.

He looked up from his newspaper and smiled. 'Yes darling, I found you a job.'

'What kind of job?'

'From now on you're going to be a farmer at Waffle Island.'

Did he just say farmer? 'A farmer? Father, you know I can't even step on dirt!'

'It's better than going to that Military Training School Rosalind wanted to send you to.'

Military Training School? Oh that daughter of a bi- nagger.

'But father, I look horrible in brown! And brown is so not a spring color!' I pointed out.

My father slammed his fists onto the coffee table. 'Then make it a spring color! I'm tired of your complaining! You need to learn responsibility.'

'But fathe-' I began, But my father gave me his usual annoyed look.

'No buts! I want you to go upstairs and pack your things!'

Angry, I stomped back upstairs and unlocked my closet.

'Let's see...' I looked around my enormous closet and finally picked out everything I needed. Now all I had was an empty closet and 11 over-stuffed suitcases. And I was definately not carrying those to the Limo.

'Sebastian!' I yelled. And soon enough he came up the steps.

'Yes, Miss?'

I pointed at the suitcases. 'Can you bring these to the Limo?'

'Why of course!' he whistled and my father's and Rosalind's butlers came. They took the suitcases and followed Sebastian.

'Darling, are you ready?' my father asked.

'Yes father, I'll be down in a second.'

I took a last glance at my room before heading to the Limo. I gave a quick hug to Sebastian and Helen before I entered the Limo.

'Why did you bring 11 suitcases? Did you bring everything necessary?' father asked.

'My whole closet is necessary. Plus, I had to bring Princess's clothes too.'

The dog barked in response.

The ride to the dock was quiet. Nobody said a word, well, until father decided to talk.

'Will you be ok over there?' he asked me.

'Oh Henry, she'll be fine. She's probably happy that she gets to leave the house,' Rosalind said.

'And get away from you,' I quietly muttered.

Her eyes widened. 'Excuse me?'

'You're excused,' I told her.

But before she got to argue we were at the dock. All of us got out of the car while the Limo driver started to put my suitcases inside the boat.

My father took out something from his pocket. 'Here's 200,000 G to start you off.'

'200,000 G,' I squeaked, 'you're so cheap!'

I did a little 'Hmph' and went inside the boat with Princess. The boat captain smiled at me.

'Where are you heading?' he asked.

I took out a piece of paper from my pocketbook. 'Some place called Waffle Island.'

'Waffle Island? That be me hometown! Nice little Island.'

We talked for awhile and had interesting conversations. He told me about the island and some of the residents.

'That be the island over ,' he pointed to a small piece of land.

I gathered all my suitcases and waited for the boat to get there. Shortly, the boat came to a stop. I got off and saw a small, tubby guy standing with his hands clasped together.

'Ah, you must be Angela?' the guy asked.

'Angela Marie Simon the III and you are?'

'I'm Hamilton, the mayor of this island! You must be exshausted. Pascal, do you mind bringing Angela's luggage?'

'Not at all, sir.'

Hamilton clapped his hands.

'Great! Angela, please follow me to your house,' Hamilton said.

I sighed and followed him to the house. It was a far walk and I was already out of breath by my tenth step.

Hamilton stopped us at a small, pink house. 'Here it is! It's not much, but with proper care you can make it better.'

I stared at the house for a moment. It really wasn't much, but it was free. And I have someone carrying my luggage. I think I can cope with this for awhile.

'What do you think Princess? Do you like it?' I asked her.

She barked twice.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to Hamilton. 'She can manage.'

'Ok,' he handed me a piece of paper,' this is a map of the island. I'm sure it'll help you.'

I grabbed the paper. 'Where should I go first?'

'Try the Carpenter's shop. They love meeting new residents.' Hamilton told me.

'Alright, I guess I'll see you guys around.'

And with that I left them. I walked until I made it to Maple Lake District. I looked around and continued walking. I was then at the Ganache Mine. Taking a Rght turn, the Carpenter's shop was just ahead of me. I took a few more steps and entered the shop.

There wasn't anyone in the shop, but a guy with electric blue hair and a flame patterned bandanda. He seemed to notice me and smiled.

'Yo! I haven't seen you around here. Are you new?' he asked.

'Yeah,' I couldn't stop looking at his eyes. They remind me of a cat's eye. 'Hey, I like your eyes. Those are rare in the city.'

He raised an eyebrow. 'You're from the city? So you're a tourist?'

'No, I'm the new farmer of this island.'

He laughed. 'I'm sorry, but you... a farmer?'

'Tell me about it. I'm not a very hard working person.'

'Eh,' he shrugged, 'farming's not that hard. Come on, I'll show you the easiest thing about farming.'

I held onto Princess as the guy brought me to some sort of box.

'This is a shipping bin,' he said, 'you put anything you want to sell in here. Go get that green herb.'

I picked up a green plant and showed it to him.

'Alright, now put it in the box.'

I dropped the herb inside and he closed the bin.

'For that Green herb, you made 10 G,' he said.

Satisfied with my discovery, I called my father.

'Hello?' my father called.

'Father, I made 10 G. Can I go home now?'

'Absolutely not, darling. Once you get settled and make enough money, then you can.'

I sharply inhaled and exhaled. 'Ugh, fine!'

Hanging up my cell phone, I crossed my arms over my chest.

'You really don't want to be here, right?'

'Not really, but my father is stubborn and I have no choice,' I said.

He held his hand out. 'Well I'm Luke, carpenter's apprentice.'

I shook his hand. 'And I'm Angela Marie Simon the III, or Angela for short. Farmer of this island.'

'Cool, have fun and break a leg!'

My eyes widened.

Luke laughed. 'That means good luck. I think we both know you need it.'

I had to laugh. I guess he's not so bad. 'Thanks...I guess. Let's go Princess.'

I waved good-bye to Luke, until he was out of sight.

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