So, this has been stuck in my head forever, and I grew up to Disney, this will be my first fanfiction crossover, and I'm proud because as far as I know, NOBODY WROTE ABOUT THIS COUPLING (last I checked) and there aren't many videos about Peter Pan and Melody on youtube, so this is a pretty unused/unknown coupling (as opposed to Ariel and Peter Pan, who have a lot of fans last I checked.)

This is a big first for me, so enjoy my two favorite Disney movies of all time combined! (Peter Pan 2, I like better, because he was a complete jerk in the first one)

The Little Neverland
Chapter 1
"Letters from Mermaids"

Peter, for once, was listening. This wasn't so surprising, because he did listen to others on occasion, but this was the mermaids. The mermaids were telling him a story. That had never happened before. They normally hung on his every word, only speaking in ways to get him to speak more, just so they could adore over his voice. He barely noticed it, but he always was up for telling a good story. But this one was far too fascinating, even for Tinkerbelle, to not listen to.

"So, anyways, a little while after Ursula was killed," the blond one continued. Peter had never taken the time to ask their names, and they'd never offered them, so he only knew them by their hair colors. "Ariel had this adorable little girl-."

"Although she looks more like Eric then Ariel, black hair and all."

"And of course, King Triton, king of the seven seas, had to have a huge celebration. We were all invited-."

"-And that's why we had to leave, Peter," The red-head droned, almost pleading. "We didn't want to leave, but it was ordered that all mermaids and sea creatures attend the celebration of the King's daughter." She gave him a puppy-dog look, as if she'd been kicked. "You're not mad at us for disappearing so suddenly, are you?"

Peter shook his head, his fascination with this tale alight. "No, course not! But then, why did the sky turn black and green a while back? You guys disappeared that day too, what happened?"

The brunette shivered. "At the celebration, Morgana appeared."

"Whose Morgana?" Peter and Tinkerbelle asked at the same time, but as always, Tinkerbelle only sounded like a chime of bells. Peter understood, but the mermaids addressed the question as if it was only his. Tink was too enthralled to be irritated with them.

"Oh, she's Ursula's sister-."

"-And a real pain at that-."

"She stole Melody right from Ariel's arms!"

"Just out of nowhere, this giant black tentacle wrapped around the poor thing and pulled her into Morgana's nasty little wart covered arms!"

"And can you believe, the little baby was still giggling?"

"Absolutely unheard of. But Morgana said she was going to feed Melody to her giant shark thing if King Triton didn't hand over the tritont, and of course, since she was his granddaughter, he was all too willing-."

"But that Ariel! She took her husbands own sword right from his pocket, cutting the rope and knocking a piece of the ship into that disgusting sea witch. Little Melody went flying, and the shark leaped from the water. But just as it was about to eat the baby, King Triton zapped him-!"

"Making him the size of a shrimp puff!" The blond howled, laughing. "And Eric saved his daughter and everything, but Morgana threatened her return as she escaped. Ariel, in the end, decided it would just be best if she cut Melody off from the sea, to keep her safe. They built this huge wall in front of the palace, so that nothing could get in, or out."

"But that didn't keep Melody away, no sir! She'd sneak under the wall, without ever getting caught, until she was a teenager. Then Ariel found out about it -something about a necklace Melody had that had belong to her that King Triton dropped in the ocean- and Melody ran away, ending up right in Morgana's waiting tentacles!"

"She turned Melody into a mermaid for three days, saying if Melody gave her the tritont-."

"Since Melody didn't know King Triton was her father-."

"It would be permanent!"

"They searched all over for Melody, everyone worried sick. But Melody gave Morgana what she wanted, and that's why the sky turned those colors. We disappeared because we were looking for Melody for the king-."

"And we were also frightened," The brunette admitted, sheepishly. "So we were hiding too."

The blond piped up. "But, in the end, Melody was very brave and saved us! She gave our King back his tritont after stealing it back from Morgana and the wall was destroyed, so the land and the sea could be reunited with its princesses once more."

"Ariel and Melody are legends for destroying the only powerful Sea Witches in the ocean, especially when they were just barely teenagers."

Peter was truly fascinated. "Wow, that's some story . . ."

*Unbelievable* Tinkerbelle agreed. She then noticed the look Peter was getting, and her eyes narrowed. *Peter, you're not thinking of-!*

Peter shook his head, "Wouldn't dream of it Tink. She's a princess . . . she wouldn't stay anyways." He added the last part more quietly and Tinkerbelle's irritation drained very quickly. She touched Peter's shoulder, sympathetic. Peter had lost two people he was sure would be the perfect 'mothers' for Neverland. Both brave, kind, smart, motherly. He was very sensitive about bringing people to Neverland now and Tinkerbelle was just learning to get used to this new attitude of his.

"Well, thanks for the story girls," Peter said, standing. He hovered a few feet above the rock, waving before he took off, the calls of the mermaids fading in the distance behind him. Tinkerbelle watched a look of someone with a nick in his heart slowly fade from his face as they neared their home. It was late. They'd been listening to the detailed story of the mermaids all day, and the Lost Boys were bound to be home and most likely asleep by now.

As they flew in, their hunch had been right. It was also clear, from their odd sleeping positions, they'd attempted to stay up to see Peter's coming back. Peter and Tink shared a look before beginning to put the children in their right beds, cheerfully. Tink used her dust to lift the children while Peter simply used his arms.

"Goodnight, Tink!" Peter whispered, getting into his own bed and beginning to doze off himself.

Tinkerbelle flew to her own private hole. She pushed the leaf aside beginning to doze. She was only asleep for a few hours when a noise woke her and she rose, concerned. On occasion, the Lost Boys had nightmares, and Tink would help them back to a more peaceful sleep. She didn't mind it but it worried her. Tink considered herself the older sister of the boys, since she was definitely not mother material. With her figure, she didn't plan on it any time soon. She pushed the leaf aside, putting a hand in front of her mouth as she yawned. The whimpering continued and she looked at each Lost Boy, one by one, to see which one was fidgeting. When she saw the fidgeter her hand dropped, as did her expression.

Quietly, Tink flew over and examined his face, landing on the bed and peering closer. She dimmed her light, as fairies and pixies could when they needed to, so as not to wake him. This had never happened before.

"Don't . . . leave . . ." He whimpered, eyes scrunched up. Tink was in shock. This had never happened before.


At her ring, his eyes sprang open, and he sat up, knife in hand. Upon seeing Tink, hovering in front of his face with a look of uncertainty, he put the knife away and peered at Tink. "Whats the matter Tink? Couldn't sleep?" She shook her head. "Then what's wrong?"

Tinkerbelle looked away, *You were . . . whimpering. . .*

Peter looked nervous, after getting over the initial shock that he had been making noises. That was for the Lost Boys, not the leader! He was partially ashamed with himself.

*Do you remember what you were dreaming about?*

Peter scratched his head, attempting to remember. "Ya know, I really don't know." He smiled sheepishly. "Sorry I woke ya for nothing, Tink."

She smiled in turn, feeling sick to her stomach. *Its alright. Get to sleep.*

He saluted, playfully. "Yes ma'am!"

Peter lied back down, Tinkerbelle pulling the covers over him and letting a very tiny amount of her dust fall over him. It lulled people to a happy dreamed sleep, when used in minimal amounts, and came in hand on occasion. After he'd fallen back into slumber, Tinkerbelle flew back to her perch, pausing as she pulled aside the leaf. Tinkerbelle turned, looking back at the slumbering boy she'd grown to be best friends with. He seemed content now.

'Don't . . . leave . . .'

His words echoed in her head, making her flinch. Tears began to appear in her eyes, but the fairy made no attempt to wipe them away. Instead, she looked from the Neverland Prince to the exit, repeating the action several times before making a decision. She smacked her hand against her face, dragging it down until it fell back to her side. With a tired and irritated sigh, she flew towards the door. With a last glance at all of the slumbering boys, she took off as fast as possible.

'I'm doing this for you Peter,' she thought. 'You're my best friend. I can't see you unhappy anymore.'

And a little light disappeared into the night sky.

"Melody!" Ariel called, shouting as she walked through the halls. She sighed, after hearing nothing. Just then she saw a portly woman walk by and hurriedly said, "Carlotta, is Melody in her room?"

Carlotta shook her head quickly. "I've not seen her ma'am, but I haven't been into her room today. If you're looking, it outta be a place worth looking at."

Ariel smiled appreciatively. "Thank you, Carlotta."

The servant laughed, "That child. It's a wonder how she just seems to disappear sometimes. She could be a magician!"

Ariel shook her head with a smile. "Tell me about it."

Queen and Servant parted, Ariel heading towards Melodies room. She knocked. "Melody?"

There was no answer. Ariel was about to walk away and try another room when she heard something. Confused, Ariel pressed her ear against the door, listening. Very faintly, she heard sniffling.

"Melody?" She tried again, opening the door this time rather then waiting for a response. The mother gasped.

Melody was lying across her bed, crying. At Ariel's entrance, she turned, with a start. Tears were still streaming down her face and she gawked at her mother.

"M-Mom," Melody began hurriedly trying to wipe the tears from her face, in an attempt to disguise her dismay. "I didn't hear you-."

"Sweetie," Ariel shut the door behind her, sitting down next to her daughter on the bed. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" Ariel paused. "I-Is this about Jane?"

Jane was the newest addition to the family. Another beautiful young girl, now two years old. Ariel often thought Melody would be jealous at the attention her younger sister got, but it never seemed to be the case. If anything, Melody spoiled her little sister. But maybe this was what went on behind closed doors, Ariel thought.

Melody looked confused, sniffling. "What about Jane? Is she okay?"

Ariel quickly fixed her mistake, "Fine, but then . . . what is it?"

Seeing she couldn't hide it any longer, Melody began crying into her mothers shoulder, shaking. "H-He wasn't who I thought he was."

"Who wasn't, honey?" Ariel asked, patting her daughters back.

Melody pulled away, head drooped. "You remember that boy? The blond one, the mermaid?" Ariel nodded. "I thought he liked me but he just wanted," Melody's eyes began to spill over again. "He just wanted me . . . because I was a princess!"

At that wail, Melody hugged her mom again, who was distraught. Nothing like this had ever happened to Ariel before. She didn't know what to say to Melody.

"Oh, Melody . . . I'm so sorry." Ariel hugged her daughter. "Is there anything you need?"

Melody shook her head. "No, I'll be okay. I just . . . I thought he was different."

Ariel looked her daughter in the face with a sympathetic expression. "Don't worry honey. I'm sure you'll find someone much better then a boy who wants to use you. Men can be . . ." She searched for words. "Very difficult, sometimes."

Melody laughed, feeling slightly better with her mom's comforting words. "Thanks, Mom."

"Any time, Melody." She stood, heading towards the door. "I'll send Carlotta in with some milk and cookies before you go to bed, it's getting a little late, so start getting ready for bed."

"Yes mother," Melody said, rolling her eyes with a smile. She couldn't ask for a better family, sometimes, but there was one thing she really could wish for: some fun.

Melody, though she often escaped the castle for the comforts of the calming ocean, would no longer be able to go to the beach without running into . . . him. She had nowhere else to hide, and she didn't want to just stay in her room all day. After the wall got destroyed, she thought she wouldn't have to be confined to the castle anymore, but it seemed fate just wouldn't allow her to be happy. Life wasn't fun without the ocean and its glory. Things just . . . wouldn't function right in her without it.

There was a knock at the door. "Your Highness?"

Melody sighed, putting on a smile. "Come in, Carlotta!"

Tinkerbelle was having trouble navigating her way through this town. It was unfamiliar, nothing like London, and really big. Someone barely the size of a pencil would and was easily getting lost. There was no wall or any remnants of a wall in sight, which was what she had been hoping to guide her. Eventually, scanning the edges of the beach, she finally saw a looming castle. Rolling her eyes at her own stupidity at not seeing such a large building, she flew towards the taller parts, balconies on all three of them. She flew towards the farthest one on the left, peering around the window to look. She saw two figures in the bed, fast asleep, and turning bright red, she took off towards the next one.

This one seemed more promising, with the child-like aura to it. Tinkerbelle flew in, looking around until she saw the bed. A small bulge was in it and Tink leaned towards her, examining the girl's face. She was young, and immediately was thrown out as a candidate of Melody when she saw her red hair.

'Although she looks more like Eric then Ariel, black hair and all-.'

Black hair, not red. And also, Melody was a teenager, not a child. A child wouldn't stay. A child wouldn't grow up, and would always need to be cared for. Peter wouldn't like her very much. He needed a mother, not someone who needed a mother.

Sighing with irritation, Tinkerbelle left the room, flying to the third and final column. If this wasn't Melody then she'd have no idea where to search next. As she entered the room, this one seemed more . . . mature. Still playful, with sea-shells and child drawings (if the illegible scribbles could be considered drawings) most likely from the red-headed infant in the other room, it was . . . nice. Tinkerbelle saw the lump in the bed, teenage sized, move around restlessly. Panicking, Tinkerbelle hovered, stunned. When it settled once more, the fairy felt relieved.

Feeling she'd examined the room enough, Tink flew over and illuminated herself to see the face of the girl in the bed. Black hair: check. Not a baby still: check. Beautiful: double check.

*She's perfect!* Tinkerbelle shouted, unintentionally. Immediately she smacked her hands over her mouth, realizing what she'd done. Immediately the girl who was believed to be Melody sat up in bed, looking around until she stared, face to face, with Tinkerbelle.

Her face scrunched up in confusion. "What in the world-?"

Melody reached a hand out to touch Tinkerbelle, and immediately Tink began to fly out of the room.

"Wait!" Melody shouted, running towards the balcony and reaching towards her. Tinkerbelle stopped and turned to look back at her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you." Tinkerbelle didn't move. "Come back, I won't hurt you."

Realizing she had over-reacted, Tinkerbelle zipped forward, leaning towards Melody. Tinkerbelle pointed questioningly.

"My name? I'm Melody," she said brightly. Tinkerbelle's face lit up, pixie dust exploding around her. "And you are."

*Tinkerbelle!* The girl looked confused and Tink frowned. She didn't know how she was going to get her to understand-.

"Its alright, I don't need to know your name. Come in, its kind of chilly out here."

Tinkerbelle realized Melody was bare armed, and hand goose bumps along the exposed parts of her skin. She quickly followed her inside, feeling a bit cold herself. Melody sat on her bed and Tinkerbelle hovered about six inches away from her face.

"So . . ." Melody began. "Why are you here?"

Tinkerbelle began gesturing carefully. She pointed to herself.


She pointed to Melody.

"and me."

She pointed towards the window.

". . . go?" Tinkerbelle nodded excitedly at Melody's guess. "You and me leaving together?" Tinkerbelle nodded. "Why?"

Tinkerbelle sighed, trying to figure out a new way to explain. She sat down on the headboard, thinking. She then brightened, pointing to the paper and small pencils. "You wanna draw it out?" Tink nodded. "Go ahead."

Tink darted towards the pencils, lifting them with difficulty. But eventually she managed . . . decent drawings. Tink picked them up and flew them back, in order. It was shown like a slide show.

There was a picture of Tink, watching two girls leave.

"Two girls . . . flew away . . . Two girls left?" Tink nodded, flipping to the next picture.

Melody stared, "Who is that?" Tinkerbelle pointed to the name underneath the face. "Peter Pan? What's he got to do with-?"

Tink showed the picture of Peter, asleep, crying, with a little thought bubble of the girls flying away. Melody seemed to understand. "Oh . . . he misses them, right?" Again, another approving look. She then dropped the papers, waiting. It took Melody a moment to comprehend the situation, but she understood eventually. "So this . . . this Peter Pan . . . misses those two girls and you want me to come with you to replace them?"

Tinkerbelle spun in the air, showing her excitement. She then waited, grinning, for her answer. Melody looked away, nervously. Tinkerbelle's smile dropped, going back into Melody's line of vision with a look of concern. The silent 'what's wrong?' was clear on her features.

"I have . . . boy issues." Melody began. "This Peter Pan, is he a jerk?"

Tinkerbelle looked revolted, shaking her head. She made an 'I wouldn't waste my time with him if he was' gesture and Melody laughed.

"You promise you're not lying?"

Tinkerbelle placed her right hand over her heart and the other was raised in the air. *I promise.*

Of course, Melody didn't understand the words, but she got what she meant with the gesture. "But . . . where are we going?"

Tinkerbelle grabbed Melody's finger immediately, pulling her towards the balcony. Melody followed, putting a coat over herself before going to the outside. Tinkerbelle pointed, vigorously, to the Second Star to the Right.

Melody looked confused. "Were . . . going to a Star?" Tink nodded. "What do you call it?"

Tinkerbelle shook her head, crossing her arms.

"You don't have a name for it?"

She paused, trying to think of a way to say 'never'. She darted back inside, and Melody waited until she came out with a post-it note that said, in elegant script 'Neverland'.

"Neverland." Melody repeated, looking back up at the sky. "Well . . . it sounds lovely . . . but what about my parents? Won't they be worried?"

Tink scribbled in the air, *Write them a letter.*

"A note?" Close enough. "Well . . . I guess. . . Wait here!"

Tinkerbelle did, her excitement pushing the cold away from her small frame. Eventually, Melody came back out with new clothes, tan colored shirt and matching pants, and a cloak over her shoulders.

"I taped a note to my mirror . . . my parents will understand." She smiled gratefully at Tinkerbelle, wiping away a tear. "You have no idea how much I appreciate this. I can't wait! Now how do we get there?"

Tinkerbelle zipped around Melody, covering her in her pixie dust. Melody sparkled for a moment before her feet lifted off the ground, and she gasped out loud. Tinkerbelle began leading, smiling proudly to herself.

She may not like Melody, because she wished Peter could be happy with just her around, but since that wasn't the case, Melody was the best she was going to get. She fit all the qualifications and since Melody has a younger sister to take the throne instead of her, she really wasn't doing anything wrong at all! Peter could be happy with Melody, right? Tinkerbelle could learn to get along with her, right? Melody could be a good mother to the Lost Boys, right?

They'd just have to see.

Everyone's got to take someone to Neverland but Tinkerbelle! Captain Hook, Peter Pan, why not everyone's favorite attitude-filled fairy too? It just seemed like something Tink would do: sacrifice a few irritating days so Peter could be happy again.