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"Everytime We Touch" by Cascada

Bella's Point of View

Nice. A new town and new place, well it's not that new. Forks Washington. The place my mother escaped this small town, when I was just a couple months old. I use to only come and visit for two weeks out of the summer, I stopped that deal when I turned fourteen. Why am I going back now may you ask? Well you see my mom just recently got remarried to this guy named Phil and he's a baseball player so they move around a lot. I knew that mom wanted to go with him, so I told her I could stay home by myself but she insisted that I go live with Charlie if she was going to travel with Phil. I didn't have any say in the matter I was just shipped off the Forks. Right now the plane is starting to land and I get to see my father for the first time in about three years.

"We have arrived here in Port Angels, thank you for flying with us," the flight attendants announced. I gathered my things as I got off the plane. I saw a tall man with messy brownish black hair with a smile on his face. Dad hadn't changed much but the women holding his hand had. She was short with long black rustic hair with pale skin. She was beautiful with her green eyes that shimmered.

"Bells," Charlie hugged me when he saw me in the terminal. He sure hadn't changed much.

"Hi dad," I looked at Charlie and the smiling women next to him.

"Bella, this is my wife Sue," Charlie explained.

"It's very nice to finally meet you Bella," She said sweetly.

"Nice to meet you too," I faked a smile. Charlie helped me with the bags as Sue took my arm and gave me a smile. She wasn't bad, I still don't want to be here and I have a new mommy, thanks for the heads up dad!

The car ride was full of Charlie and Sue's voice's chatting about things that I weren't playing attention too. We arrived at a house that wasn't the one that my father had always owned they must have moved. I'm glad they did this house looks beautiful.

"Welcome home, Bells," dad whispered as they lead me into the house.

"Kids!" Sue yelled up the stairs. What? They had other kids! Sue walked into the kitchen and told me to sit and she would give me something to eat. I just did as I was told; I heard loud footsteps running down the stairs. Four teenagers stood in front of me. Two boys and two girls. What looked like the oldest was tall, very muscular with Charlie's messy brown and chocolate brown eyes that matched mine. He almost looked scary but he was smiling kind of reminded me of a teddy bear. Next to him was a short pixie looking girl. She has short black hair like Sue's that spiked out from every angle, pursing green eyes with pale skin. She was short and petite. She was gorgeous. Then there was another girl that was taller with rustic skin and long silky black hair like Sue again. Chestnut brown eyes that were frowning. She was pretty but I could tell she was going to be a brat. Last was a younger looking boy that looked like the rustic girl but as a boy he had short blackish hair and brown eyes starting to look muscular.

"Bella, this is Emmett, Alice, Leah and Seth," She pointed as she went. Alice jumped over to me.

"Hi, Bella. I can already tell we are going to be best friends, I love your clothes," Alice sang.

"Hi Alice, umm thanks I guess," I stood.

"Bellie!" Emmett ran over a picked me up in a hug.

"C-cant be-breath," I chocked out.

"Sorry Bellie," I laughed letting him know it was okay.

"Hey Bella," Seth said as he stole food from Sue. Leah just rolled her eyes at everyone and went back upstairs. What is her problem? Now I know why they had expanded.

"Alice, can you show Bella her room?" Charlie asked. Alice nodded and bounced out the room. I followed her. We were walking down a long hallway, I could tell whose room was whose, and Leah's was the first one because it was shut. Seth's was across from her and I was guessing that Emmett's was the one at the end of the hall. Alice led me up another three stairs. What are the putting me in the attic? There was a landing then a door and another set of three stairs.

"This is my room." Alice pointed to the door and then led me up the next three steps, there was one last door.

"Here you are," Alice sang. I opened the door and was taken back. My walls were a dark charcoal with silver accents, soft gray flooring, and a really really light sandy rug. Black platform bed with black sheets and blue and purple pillows, Black and silver tables and furnishings. It was beautiful and so me. Silver French doors? I looked at Alice and she gave me a smile and a nod. I ran to them and flung them open. It was a balcony that over looked a building that had windows on the top it had what looked like a pool inside. I saw another balcony next to mine. I was guessing I was Alice's.

"Don't forget the best part." Alice sang. I went back inside; Alice was standing in front of two black French doors.

"Is that a…" Alice giggled and nodded before opening the doors, it was a closet. Black shelves and drawers, clothes and shoes already in there. Charlie must have gone and got clothes, from the looks of it they don't look that bad.

"Charlie told me your size and I went shopping for a few things for you and thought we could go shopping again when you got here," Alice explained. I love my room!

"Well, I'll leave you to get settled," Alice said with a smile. Before she walked out of my closet I added.

"Can you tell Sue and Charlie thanks?" Alice nodded and bounced out of the room.

I soaked in my surroundings. My room was beautiful, looked like Alice was going to be a cool sister, Emmett looked like a cool older brother. Leah looked like a bitch and Seth seemed alright. Maybe I'll like it here.

I started unpacking my things and placing my belongings around the room and in my closet, making the room feel more roomy for me. It didn't take long before I finished, I let a lot of my stuff at home because I wanted to pack light, I could always go shopping when I got here and it looks like I will be since Alice wants to go and she already bought me a couple things. I was putting my shoes away when Emmett came in.

"Bellie?" Emmett peeked his head in the door.

"Yeah, Emmie?" I said coping his tone.

"Well, Alice, Leah and I are going to a party tonight. Do you wanna come?" Emmett did his best puppy dog face. Party? Yeah why not, I can check out the people here.

"Sure," I said with a smile. Emmett had a smile that looked like a toddler that was looking at all the presents they got for Christmas.

"Alice!"Emmett yelled. I giggled at his excitement.

"Yeah, Em?"

"Bella said yes, so hurry up and get dressed so we can leave!" Emmett yelled back leaving my room. I laughed at the brother and sisterly love. I looked at what I should wear when Alice bounced into the room.

"Yay, your coming. Okay so what are you going to wear?" Alice asked. I smiled at her and went to work. I pulled out a pair of dark wash skinny jeans a shear white tank top with a wing design on it. I put a black bra under my the shear top my black playboy belly ring, black stilettos, with a bunch of bracelets, black feather earrings and a black bead necklace. Alice gave me the thumbs up. I winked and got dressed as Alice ran to her room and dressed. I curled my hair into soft full curls, and smokey eyes with peachy lips. I looked pretty hot.

"Ready Bella?" Alice came in. She looked cute, black leather mini skirt with a white ruffle top, black pumps and black jewelry. Her hair was in spikes with minimal make-up. We both looked hot.


"Damn, girl you look hot!" Alice gave me a wink and lead me through the house out to her car. Figures Alice drives a Porsche, a yellow Porsche to be specific. Emmett drove off in a huge silver Jeep Wrangler. Leah left in a blue Cobalt. I was going to be going to get my car tomorrow Charlie told me before I left. I was also told hat Emmett wasn't my step brother but he was my biological brother, my mom seemed to have left with me and left my twin brother here. So Emmett was ten minutes older than me. Alice was Charlie and Sue's daughter, long story on how that became but she's here. Leah and Seth are from Sue's last marriage.

I got in with Alice and she drove. We chatted and sang along to the songs on the radio. Alice told me that I would love Emmett's girlfriend Rosalie and she couldn't wait for me to meet her boyfriend Jasper. I was more than excited if Rosalie was like Alice and me let's just say making friends was easy. I was kind of a shock to find out that I not only am I not a only child but I have a brother and a sister. Then step brother and sister, but whatever.

Alice drove up a never ending driveway that led to a house with many cars and lights around. It was just a beautiful as our house. Alice parked in the driveway, next to Emmett's Jeep.

As I got our I said. "Who's house is this again?" I asked Alice.

"Edward Cullen," Alice smiled and led me in the house with our arms looped. I loved everyone's faces when I walked in and I knew that their eyes followed Alice and me. Alice pulled me through all the people, with their stearing faces. She took us into the living room and I saw Emmett with a statuesque blonde with striking blues eyes any girl in the room with her would have a self esteem that just took about ten hits. That must be Rosalie. Also with them was a guy with messy blonde hair about a inch shorter then Emmett with Rosalie's eyes, he was cute but I knew he was Alice's. At least my friends are hot. Alice ran and wrapped her arms and legs around Jasper before giving him a kiss and introducing me.

"Rose, Jazz this is our sister Bella,"

"Nice to meet you Bella," Jasper said with a smile.

"You too,"

"Ohmigod Bella you're so pretty," Rosalie gave me a hug. Then she added. "You can call me Rose, I love the outfit by the way," I laughed.

"Thanks," I think I'm going to life Forks. All of a sudden I had to pee.

"Alice, bathroom?" She laughed and told me. I nodded and headed for the stairs, I ran up the stairs. No one was up here so maybe you weren't suppose to be up here. I laughed like I care. Alice just told me upstairs, so I had to start opening doors. All of them were bedrooms or study's or something else but no bathroom. I even went up to the third level. I finally gave up and went into one the rooms praying it had a bathroom in hit. The one I went into a room done in black and white with a whole wall done in glass and another wall covered in shelves with music. It was inviting and had the most intoxicating smell. I ran to the open door in the room and used the bathroom.

Once I was done I went and looked at the music, there was classic to rock. I gave up on that and went to the balcony. Below me was the pool and people on the porch. You could barely hear the music; I looked down before looking up at the sky. The moon was still the same and as beautiful as ever.

Edward's Point of view

Big party. Everyone was here.

"Cullen!" I heard my name and turned from Tanya and looked at my best friend, Emmett Swan.

"What's up Swan?" I asked after bumping our knuckles.

"Nothing were just waiting for my sisters," What sister's Leah was already here we were just missing Alice. Love that little pixie. I laughed at myself. Emmett said something about getting a drink and left. Tanya had disappeared; I went out back and found Mike.

"Tight party Cullen," Mike said.

"Aren't they always?" I said cockily.

"Yeah man," Mike was such a wimp. I brushed him off he didn't matter and jumped into the conversation. I went back inside to say hi to Alice and chat to some people before going back outside. Everyone was looking up at my balcony or talking to them dumb selves.

"Mike, what is everyone looking at?" I asked walking towards him looking up. Oh. On my balcony was the hottest girl I have ever fucking seen. Rich chocolate brown hair that blow in the wind and cream skin that was glowing with her for sex hair.

"Mike, I'll be back," he nodded. I throw the cup and ran through the house; I don't even remember the stairs. I burst my door open when she was coming back into the room from the balcony. I saw her face, intoxicating brown eyes. Hot figure, I could see her bra under her shirt. She was so fucking hot. Then I realized why the fuck is she in my room?

"Oh, umm hi sorry," she said, her voice dancing through my skin.

"Why are you in my room?" I asked stepping in closing the door behind me.

Bella's Point of View

I didn't play attention and went back into the room. I looked up and there was a Greek God standing in the doorway. He was about 6'2" with messy bronze tussled hair that I was fight the want I had to run my fingers through it. He eyes were emerald green that pouring into mine. I could see his abs under his black shirt, pale skin and high cheek bones he was so sexy.

"Oh, umm hi sorry," my voice came out crackly.

"Why are you in my room?" His velvety voice sang as he closed the door behind him. I didn't know what to say. What the fuck is wrong with me I'm Bella Swan.

"I had to pee and I couldn't find a bathroom," I snapped.

"So you used mine?" he sounded kind of angry.

"Dah!" really I mean dah!

"Who do you think you are?" He was defiantly angry. I didn't do anything!

"I'm Bella Swan, who the hell are you?" I didn't fail to notice we had walked closer and were getting in each others faces. He gave me a cocky grin.

"Edward Cullen,"

"So, is that suppose to mean something?" I yelled.

"Yeah, it is," With that he kissed me. His lips against mine sent shock waves through my body. I thought about fighting back but I really wanted to run my fingers through his hair. And I did, god his hair is soft. We continued to kiss and that turned into making out. He pushed me back till I leaded on the bed. I lay on my back as he took off his shirt before crushing his lips back to mine. I ran my fingers up and down his abs. I felt him tug on my shirt, I pulled it up over my head and throw it. I saw his eyes run up and down my body. He gave me another kiss before planting them down my neck then down my stomach, once he got the my belly ring. I think he whispered.

"So fucking hot," that made me smile. I knew I was hot. His lips pressed to mine left like the best feeling in the world, I knew I don't know him but this was worth it. I felt his hands travel down to the loops of my jeans. I tried to keep his attention on kissing me because that was all I wanted at the moment. I moved his hands back up to my face and hair keeping him close to me with my lips attaching me.

"Bella!" Oh shit.

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