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Title The engagement.

Monday the 2ND of November 2011.

Alex has some news to share with his best pal H Newt.

Inside Alex hall's flat.


(Who was putting his food shopping away.)

"Hay H I've got some news to tell you."


(Pouring the homemade lemonade into two glasses.)

"What news?"

"Chuck what news have you got to let me then?"


(Who was now sat at the kitchen table with H and he had a big smile across his face.)

"Mark and I we engaged."


(Who has smiling from ear to ear and had gotten up to Pat Alex on his back.)

"Congratulatons to you both."

"So when is the big day then?"

The time is now 5.45pm.

Alex was going out with Mark for a meal.

H and Romeo are going out for a drink at the Star and Moon pub.


"The others don't know yet."

"The only people that knows about it."


(Getting up from her seat in hurry.)

"I'm going to be late."

"I'm meeting Romeo at the Star and Moon at 6o'clock."


(Grabbing his house keys before getting up from his seat.)

"Com'on I'll give you a lift."

"I'm also going to be late too."

Both H and Alex left Alex's flat and making their way to meet Mark and Romeo.