Thursday the 5th of November 2011.

Mark and Romeo Colin had posted a posters on The Moon and Star pub doors and window to let people know the pub will be closed.

The poster Sorry closed for this evening for a pravite family get together.

Mark making sure everyone had a drink and if they need anything.

Lisa Penny and Joe Hope are running late.

Alex Hall H Newt Christine Cagney Mary Beth and Harvey Lacey was there taking away in one conner of the bar.


(waving his finger in Joe's face.)

"you're late."


(passing Mark a bottle of sparkling water.)

"Sorry Chuck ."

"Here you go I nearly for got about this."

Romeo had asked his bother and Alex something before he made a speech.

Romeo was going to ask H Newt to marry him.


(Tapping his glass of white wine with a fork.)

"Can I have a bit of a hush please ."

"Thank you."

"Romeo would like to make a speech."


"Thank you Alex."

But before Romeo could say anything Joe had gotten on to one knee he asked Alex and Mark if he could ask Lisa to marry him too.


(Who's kneeling on one knee in front of Lisa.)

"Lisa Penny will you marry me?"


(Holding the ring that Joe gave her.)

"Yes the awscer is yes."

On the other side of the pub Romeo had asked H Newt to Marry him too.

Both H and Romeo rejoined the others to celebrate Lisa and Joe's engagement.


" Alex and I have something to tell you all."

"The resan way we said we was getting in enagage was?"


(Now standing near H.)

"Alright we wanted to get you here H."

"So Romeo could ask you to marry him."


(Showing off her engagement ring to everyone.)

"I know Alex Romeo told me everything."

"Yes we engage too."

Everyone started to cheer and holed their glasses to toast Lisa and Joe's engagement has well has H and Romeo's but there is truble lurking around the corner for one of the happy couples.

The end.

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