Too Much Tomb Raider

Chapter 1- Arrival

The boys walked into the room carrying their bags and dumped them onto their beds. "What the fuck is with the deco" Dean asked as he looked around the room. All over the walls was the most garish Poppy Wall paper covering the entire room. The only break was a picture hanging above the side table between the two beds. The picture was white with a black Greek style representation of a man. "I'm sure we've stayed in worse" Sam replied as he wondered around the room. The facilities were a bit better than what they were used to. Not only was there a large bathroom with a corner bath and separate shower, but there was also a fairly large TV with a games console and a selection of games.

They were staying at the bed and breakfast to investigate a series of unexplained deaths. The B&B had three guest bedrooms, all identical. One of the rooms was now closed to the public because five people had died in their sleep in that room after complaining of vivid nightmares. There were no such complaints from guests who had stayed in the other two rooms. In fact of the people they had contacted many that had stayed in the third bedroom along (the deaths having occurred in the second), had commented that they had had unusually good dreams. The boys were staying in the first bedroom, and as they had arrived late they would be looking at the other rooms tomorrow.

Sam took out the laptop and started going over their notes for the case. "When is our appointment tomorrow" he asked. "10am" Dean replied absent mindedly as he unpacked some of their weapons. They had an appointment to see a doctor at the local hospital. The doctor was a specialist in sleep disorders and the psychology of dreams. They both doubted that he would be able to help them much but it was worth a try. After a couple of minutes Dean began to hum. Great Sam thought, he recognised the tune at once, it had been on his mind as well after all. He only hoped he wasn't going to sing. The elder Winchester however had other ideas. "One, two, Freddie's coming for you. Three, four better lock your door. Five, six, grab you're crucifix. Seven, Eight, don't stay up late. Nine, Ten, Never sleep again."

It didn't take long for them to exhaust their resources. They had never come across something like this. Their best guess was a spirit of some kind. They had originally thought that it was someone dream-walking. But why then were the deaths confined to one room. Giving up the brothers put away their research. Dean wondered over to the games console and started to flick through the games. Score. There nestled amongst a bunch of games obviously designed for children was one of the tomb raider series. "Hey Sammy, come over here I'll beat you're giant ass at Tomb Raider" Sam laughed as he sat down next to his brother. "Yeah right Dean, only if you can stop yourself drooling over Lara."

It was several hours later when the Winchesters finally made their way to bed. They hadn't touched any of the other games, having too much fun to stop until they absolutely had to. They had been glad to find the game, as neither of them had wanted to retire early. It was silly but when working on the case they were, both were reluctant to go to sleep. It didn't matter that no deaths had occurred so far in that room, in fact no one staying in that room had noticed anything unusual, but they didn't want to take any chances. Trouble usually had a way of finding them. Their bodies had finally started to protest, and as neither wanted to be at a disadvantage the next day, they both got into bed. As it turns out both had rather pleasant dreams that night featuring one Lady Lara Croft in all of her glory.