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"Bella!. You home?." Charlie shouted up the stairs.

Where else would I be?. I've been in the house for a full month without leaving. Other than to go to school. Chances are I'm still here.

I didn't answer. I rarely do nowadays. Nothing to say.

I heard his heavy footsteps on the stairs and his sigh just before he knocked and pushed my door open.

"You gonna move today?." He asked. That was his usual greeting. I rolled my eyes over to where he stood but still didn't speak.

He sighed again. "Get dressed. We have company coming. I'll go start the barbeque." He turned and left.


"Who the hell has a barbeque in October?." I muttered as I heaved myself up into sitting position.

What's the point? Its not like I'm actually going to be good company to anyone.

I checked my phone. 1 new message.

Its time to stop wallowing.

Look in your closet.

I love you,

Alice x

I got up and plodded over to my closet. There was a big white box tied with a dark green bow.

Sighing, I opened it up. Inside were a pair of fitted brown jeans and a extremely soft, thick cream jumper. I lifted it up and hugged it. It felt like a teddy bear.

"Mmm, thanks Alice." I smiled.

At least she still care for me. Thinking of Alice made me think of Edward. I bit my lip and let the memories slip forward.

It had been my eighteenth birthday. I didn't want to do anything. I didn't even want people to acknowledge it. Who wants to turn eighteen when the love of your life will forever be seventeen.

Alice had prepared a beautiful dinner for me at the cullens. It would be just me and Edward all night. The rest were going hunting.

Dinner went great. Edward was perfect. I loved it.

After dinner we watched a movie. The sexual tension in the room was so thick you could have stabbed it with a fork.

He had recently bought a huge bed for he days when Alice and I were having our 'sleep over's'.

The kisses were hotter than ever and when Edward suddenly pulled off my shirt, I thought I was going to combust.

It was finally happening! "I love you" he said before each kiss.

Soon we were both down to our underwear and panting heavily. The knot in my stomach was so tight that I almost had my first orgasm when I felt his icy tongue brush my nipple through the bark blue lace that Alice had given me.

His slid down my body kissing and caressing every part. His cool breath blew on my heated core and made me tremble. He inhaled deeply and kissed up my thigh.

"Please!" I begged. I didn't even know what I was begging for. I was moaning and biting my lip.

His fingers curled around the waist band of my panty's as he looked up at me for permission. I nodded eagerly. He moved up to kiss me as he slowly slid them down.

A deep growl made me jump and suddenly I was fully dressed and Edward was nowhere in sight. My head span.

What. The. Fuck.?

I had stayed at the Cullen house all night but he didn't return.

Alice woke me up at dawn with tears in her eyes. She hugged me tightly and told me she loved me.

The rest of the family all did the same.

That night Edward came to see me. He told me we couldn't be together anymore. Apparently I had bit my lip a little too hard last night and drew blood. Edward had very nearly lost control and he wouldn't risk it again.

He said I needed a man that could love me without risks. And he couldn't be that man. He was adamant and couldn't be told otherwise. He said he would still be in my life but as a friend.

"Dick!." I muttered as I got out of the shower.

I dressed in Alice's gift and threw my hair back in a messy bun.

Male voices drifted up from the kitchen. I didn't even bother to place a fake smile on my face as I walked down stairs.

Charlie smiled as I walked in. His best friend Billy was there with his son Jacob and four boys who looked to be from the reservation too.

"Hey" I said raising my hand slightly.

Billy looked me over and nodded to Charlie. I rolled my eyes. They were worse that women sometimes.

"Bella!. Its good to see you again." Jacob said with a huge smile. He had grown since the last time I had seen him. It had been at prom when he came to tell me to break up with Edward because his dad paid him to.

I could feel the corners of my lips turning up on their own accord at Jacobs smile. I couldn't help it. He was infectious.

"Its good to see you too. Jake" I said.

He beamed and led me over to the other boys who were all eyeing me.

"Bella. This is quill, embry, Jared and Paul. There friends of mine from the rez. Your dad said to bring friends" Jacob shrugged.

No doubt to try and get me to act like a normal person again. Or was he trying to hook me up? The guys were all attractive.

I nodded to the four boys. "Hey"

They all said hello back and continued to stare at me.

Que awkward moment. I raised one eyebrow and walked away.

"Charlie tells me you broke up with that boyfriend of yours" Billy said.

Did he seriously expect and answer?.

I just looked at him. He didn't say anything else. I turned my glare to Charlie. "Not that its either of your concerns" I said before walking out.

How dare Charlie tell anyone my business!.

It was cold outside. I had only walked onto the porch but it was still bitter. I blew onto my hands.

"Do you have no respect!." An angry voice said from behind me. I turned to find one of Jacob's friends glaring at me.

"Not when people are talking about my business, no I don't. Why should I? they don't respect me enough to not gossip." I spat.

His eyes narrowed "He's your father! He can do what he likes"

"The hell he can!" I replied.

He was in my face now "So you broke up with your boyfriend, boo fucking hoo. Get over it and move on. don't disrespect people that care about you" he said angrily.

"Screw you, okay. You don't even know me"

"Thank fuck for that!" he laughed.

"Paul!" Jacob said from behind him "Leave her alone"

The boy laughed again "I'd love to. On a desert fucking island"

"Asshole!" I spat and pushed past him. I went back inside an up to my room.

Fucking idiot! Who the hell is he to talk to me like that? He doesn't even know me.

"BELLLLA!" Charlie shouted up the stairs. "Your friends are here"

My friends? I went back down. Angela and Jessica were stood in the kitchen.

"Hey Bella." They both said. "Hey guys. What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Your dad invited us" Angela smiled.

"Yeah, your kinda moody lately and he wanted to cheer you up. Hey, is it true that you and Edward are over?." Trust Jessica to plunge in the knife.

"Why? Where did you here that?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"Oh, no one told me. I just saw Edward with a blonde girl and what with your mood and how you've been acting. I just put two and two together. So is it true?"

I felt all the air leave my lungs in a whoosh.

Blonde girl!

"Uh…yeah. Its true. Excuse me" I said brushing past her. I made it to the living room before the tears hit.

How could he move on so quickly? Had he not loved me at all?

Angela walked in and sat beside me. "If he's already with some blonde skank then he isn't even worth the tears" she told me softly.

I looked round to see if Jessica had followed.

"I sent her outside with the rest" Angela said. I was really grateful. Jess was a total gossip and I didn't want everyone to hear about this.

"Do you wanna talk about it?"

I shrugged "I don't know. There's not much to say. He just told me he couldn't be the man for me anymore"

More tears fell. Angela hugged me "You know what I'd say?"

"what?" I sniffed.

"I'd say fuck him" she said. I pulled back in shock. Angela never swore. Never!.

"I say find someone else. Someone who will piss him off and show him what he's missing" she smiled.

I giggled "Thanks Angela. You're a real good friend"

"That's what I'm here for"

At that moment he pig who had a attitude problem walked in and sat down on the recliner.

He had a plate full of burgers and sausages.

"Do you mind?" I asked icily.

"Not at all" he smiled. Fuck me! That smile should be a sin. It screamed 'naughty'.

"We are trying to have a serious conversation here" Angela said.

"So?" he said with a mouth full of sausage.

"So get the fuck out" I said angrily.

"Oh baby! I love it when you talk dirty" he grinned.

The front door opened and closed "Bella?"

I groaned and quickly wiped my eyes "In here" I called.

Mike followed by Tyler and Eric walked in.

"Hey, your dad invited us. Is it true you and cullen broke up?" Mike asked.

Paul started laughing. I glared at him "That was your boyfriend!. Edward cullen" he laughed again "Oh that's funny"

I shot him a dirty look and turned back to Mike "Yes. Its true. Who told you?"

He held up his mobile "I just got a txt message off jess"

"I'll go stop her" Angela said and ran out.

Mike took her vacated spot. "I'm here if you need to talk"

"God" Paul said "He dumped her, he's not dead. You guys are acting like this is the worse thing ever"

What a dick! "You don't know anything. You've probably never even had a serious relationship or a girlfriend"

He smiled again "Au contraire, my little sugar plum. I have had girl's. tons of them. But your right about the serious part. Fuck. That!"

"You know, man. Nobody asked for your input so back off" Mike told Paul.

Go Mike!

Paul looked amused. He shoved a whole burger in to his mouth and chewed while still looking at Mike.

Okay. Intimidating much?.

"Bella have you seen pau…" Jacob walked in. "What the hell man? I thought you'd left"

"Baa. I'm watching Blondie here ask Bella out" Paul smirked.

Mike blushed. Ohh god, not again. Will that boy ever take a hint?.

Then it hit me. Edward hates Mike. He didn't like me anywhere near him.

"Ignore Paul, Mike. He has serious issues" I said.

Mike smiled "So will you? Go out with me I mean"

Paul sniggered.

"I'd love to Mike" I said in my most convincing voice.

He beamed "Really! Oh man. that's great. We'll make plans later. I want to go get a burger before there all gone, you coming?"

"In a minute" I said forcing a smile. The boys left the room. I could hear Mikes excited babble.

Oh god what had I done!

"Wow" Paul said with a grin "Your going to go out with that just to get back at your boyfriend?"

"What do you know" I snapped.

He smiled "I know that you cant stand that Mike kid. And I know that your majorly pissed that pretty boy could replace you so easily"

I couldn't think of a reply "so?"

Real mature Bella.

"So if you want to get him back, you need to do better than that" he said like it was obvious.

"I don't think so. Edward HATES Mike. With a vengeance. Trust me"

"And what about when Mikey boy wants to get fresh? Are you going to fuck him just to get back at your loser of an ex?"

I felt my face flush "Your vile"

He laughed "And you're a virgin. I can tell"

"So?" I said again. I groaned inwardly. Shut up!.

"So you don't want your first time to be with the blond in back of him moms car while he fumbles and comes in thirty seconds flat" he grinned.

"It wont be" I said getting up. I went into the kitchen.

He followed me in "Really. What, are you saving yourself for cullen?"

I didn't answer.

"Do you think he's saving himself for you? Who's the blonde chick?"

I felt a tear slide down my cheek "Just go away. Please"

He walked out. I opened the drinks cabinet and poured myself a large whiskey. I had never tasted the stuff.

"Fuck it!" I said and threw it back. I coughed and spluttered. "Holy fucking shit!"

"First time drinker huh?"

"Urghhh! GO AWAY!" I shouted. He laughed and grabbed the bottle taking a drink straight from it.

"Bella. Your dad wants you" Angela said from the door way. She raised her eyebrows at us. Paul was stood close to me holding out the bottle.

I shot him a dirty look and stomped out.


I watched her storm out. I smiled and shook my head. Taking another hit from the bottle, I followed her out.

That Mike kid gave me a dirty look. I smirked and walked over to Jacob.

"Hey man, leave Bella alone. She's a nice girl" he said. I rolled my eyes "Who said I was doing anything, wrong?"

"I know you" he said.

True. "If she's such a nice girl, then why is she going out with the blond guy to piss off her ex?" I asked. Jacob frowned "She is?"

"Yep" I said popping at the p.

We both looked over to where Bella was on her mobile.

The house phone started to ring. Charlie went inside leaving the barbeque unattended. I quickly stoke chicken leg off his plate.

I turned around to find Bella gone. Where did little miss mopey go?.

She was fun. Spunky. The girls I'm usually around are all total air heads. Not that they don't serve their porous. But it feels good to have a girl actually have the wit and nerve to answer me back.

Even most guys wont talk back to me.

I went inside and up to the toilet. Ahh ha! Found her. And with a man too. I could see them below through the open window.

God dam! he was big. I mean I'm big but…..this guy was huge.

Like a fucking bear. Is that Edward? I always thought he was weedy.

"Who is she Emmett?" Bella whimpered.

The big guy sighed "He was with Tanya today. She asked him to show her round"

"Tanya!" Bella gasped.

The big guy hugged her tightly. "It doesn't mean anything"

"Yeah right. The girl's been lusting after him for years and as soon as I'm out of the picture she suddenly pops up" a sob broke from Bella's throat.

"Bella. Baby don't cry" the guy said.


"I cant stand it, Emmett. What am I going to do?" she said into his giant chest.

"You should show him what he's missing. Your way prettier that tanya the slut-bag. Edward will come round"

Bella sighed "He'd better. Or I'll be losing my virginity to Mike Newton"

The guy growled. What the fuck?

"I'll kill him if you do!"

Bella giggled "My options are limited. This is forks after all. All the good guys are taken"


"Not Newton. Please. For me. Not Newton" the guy asked with a pout

"Fine! But I wont wait for him forever. I don't have time to waste my life away" she huffed.

The man smiled. He even had a fucking dimple.

"Listen, Bella I gotta go. I promised rose I'd only be gone ten minutes. She said that for every minute I'm late I'd lose a day of sex"

Bella laughed "Ok. Go Emmett"

"Love you sis" he called over his shoulder as he jogged off into the woods.

Bella sighed and walked inside.


I ran from the bathroom. She was walking up the stairs.

"What are you doing?" she asked with narrowed eyes.

"Taking a leak, why?"

She rolled her eyes and walked into her room. I followed.

"What the hell, Paul!" she said angrily.

I smiled "You don't like me very much do you?"

"Under-fucking-statement'' she glared.

I laughed "You know. You'll never make a guy happy with that attitude"

"Bite me!" she snapped. I walked forward.

"Get out" she said calmly. I shook my head "Nope. I'm enjoying your company"

"The hell you are. Get the fuck out!" she said getting in my face.

For a pale angry chick, she was pretty hot.

"Do you want my help or not?" I asked.

"Your help? Why would I want your help?" she asked.

I smiled "I'm bored so I think I'll help you get your ex back"

She looked shocked "Really? How?"

"Simple" I said. I raised one hand and brushed my finger down her cheek "I'm going to make you irresistible!"

She raised one eyebrow.

"What's going on here?" Charlie asked from the doorway.

At least for once the dad caught me with my pants on!.

"I'm just trying to talk your daughter out of going out with that horny Newton kid, sir" I told him.

Bella's mouth dropped. I smiled and winked.

"No way Bella. No …..horny anything's….understand?" he asked.

"Yes dad" Bella said without looking away from me.

"Good. Now come downstairs, we have a problem" he said.

"What kind of problem?" she asked.

"The school on the reservation just burned to the ground" he sighed.

Bella and I looked at him "What!" we both said.

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