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I didn't even have to blink and he was there.

''Oh my goodness, thank god!'' Nathan said straight away. ''What the hell happened? Paul is loosing his shit!''

''Victoria is dead.'' I told him. ''Edward killed her.''

Nathan then turned and noticed Edward behind him ''Is that so? And why are you in a bedroom, god knows where with Edward when everyone is looking for you?''

''Edward brought me here after he killed Victoria. Everything is fine, right Edward?''

This was between me and him. Nobody else. It was done.

''Right Bella,'' Edward croaked.

Nathan didn't look impressed. ''Whatever. Wolf-boy is going to rip you a new asshole for taking her, you know that, right?''

''Its fine. I can handle Paul. Nothing happened.'' I told him as I picked up the hat box. ''Can you take me to him please?''

''Sure.'' he replied and clicked his fingers.

Immediately we were all standing in a small clearing.

Fuck, why had he brought Edward with us?

Paul turned from where he was apparently shouting at Ash and looked at me.

He looked wild and oh so sexy.

''Bella!'' He ran to me and wrapped me in the warmest, tightest, nicest hug of my life. ''I was so... I didn't know what to do.. I..''

''Its ok, I'm here,'' I told him as he buried his face in my hair.

''What the hell happened? Where were you? Did she hurt you?'' he was frantic, suddenly looking me over for injuries. ''I haven't marked you yet so I couldn't find you! I was so fucking scared baby,''

''Shh, its alright. Victoria didn't take me. I was with Edward, he killed her. Her head is in that box. Shes gone, baby. Shes dead.''

He pulled away looking confused. ''Wait, you were with Edward? I thought that bitch had got you... and you were with Edward this whole time?''

Did he seriously think what I think he's thinking?

''Paul.. whatever you are thinking, it isn't..''

''How the fuck do you know what I am thinking?'' He asked ''I have been going out of my damn mind here! I thought Victoria had you! I thought you were kidnapped! I thought..''


He looked stunned. ''What..I... Bella, I didn't.. I don't think...''

''I took Bella.'' Edward said speaking for the first time ''I killed Victoria and then I went to your friends house and I took Bella. She didn't know until an hour ago because she unconscious. I am sorry.''

''Oh you're sorry are you?'' Paul asked, moving towards Edward ''You kidnap my girl and take her god knows where and you are fucking sorry?''

Edward didn't reply. He glanced over at me and Paul punched him in the face ''No! You don't get to fucking look at her! I am going to rip your head off and shove it up your ass! You have no idea of the pain I am going to put you through, you piece of shit!''

I grabbed his arm before he could hit him again. ''Stop it!'' I said angrily ''A minute ago you thought I had gone with him willingly.''

''Let me go, Bella,'' He said calmly ''I need to kill him.''

''Well tough.'' I replied ''Because you and I obviously have to work some shit out. Let him go, Paul.''

He turned to me. ''Are you fucking serious! He kidnapped you! He took you from me! he..''

''He knows that I will never be his.'' I told him ''He knows that I am yours and he knows that what he did was wrong. He didn't hurt me and he was going to bring me home. I am fine. Lets just go home and celebrate Victoria being dead.''

''I cant let him get away with this, Bella. I cant.''

''And what about me?'' I asked, moving closer to him ''How can I be with you when you clearly don't trust me. I love you Paul. I agreed to marry you and yet here you are one day later thinking I went off with Edward while you were fighting for me.''

''Bella, I..''

''What do I have to do to prove myself to you, Paul? I love you. You know that. Edward knows that. He doesn't like it but he knows it and he has accepted it. Edward is still my friend and that means that I will be spending time with him and his family. But when I come home, Paul, I am coming home to you. I love you and you need to realize that I am not going anywhere. Whatever just happened, is between me and Edward. Its done, over.''

''What exactly happened?'' Paul asked with his jaw clenched.

''I went to get a drink from Emily's kitchen and someone grabbed me. I woke up in a strange bed in a strange house and then Edward was there. Sure he kidnapped me, but he would never hurt me, Paul. He loves me. He thought he could win me from you and I told him that wasn't going to happen. I told him I love you and want to marry you. Have your children and grow old with you. He knows I am yours. Lets just leave it at that, shall we? He kidnapped me and I forgive him. End of.''

''No, not end of! Did he kiss you?''

Oh for gods sake!

''Did he kiss you?'' He repeated.

''Yes, he kissed me. But..''

''Bella didn't kiss me back.'' Edward said ''She stood rigid and didn't move or kiss me back. She told me no and that she loves you. Only you. Do you even know how fucking lucky you are?''

Holy shit, Edward swore!

''Of course I know!'' Paul growled.

''I don't think you do,'' Edward said taking a step forward ''Bella isn't like any other woman out there. She is special. And for some insane reason she loves you more than anything. More than she loved me. You should be thanking the gods for a woman like her and instead you are doubting her feelings for you? Tell her that you love her and then take her home. You won, Paul. She's yours. But be damn sure that if you hurt her, I will destroy you and I will do everything in my power to make her happy again. don't screw this up.''

Paul was shaking and breathing heavily. ''I wont.''

''Good.'' Edward nodded ''Bella. Again I am sorry... for everything. See you Saturday?''

''Saturday.'' I nodded.

He smiled then flashed off.

''Whats happening Saturday?'' Paul asked without looking at me.

''I'm going over to watch a movie and have dinner with everyone.''

He looked at me like I was mental. ''You cant be fucking serious!''

''Well I am.'' I replied ''I love you and I am yours, but the Cullen's are a part of my life Paul. Yes Edward fucked up, and yes I am pissed. But in his own fucked up way, he thought he was doing the right thing. I don't agree with him.'' I added when he opened his mouth ''But he knows that its not happening. He knows how much I love you. Cant we just go home and forget this ever happened?''

''How?'' he asked ''How can I forget that he kidnapped you? That he kissed you? That you fucking forgave him? That you are going over there on Saturday? How Bella?''

''Because you love me.'' I told him simply ''Because you love me and you need to trust me. Trust that I love you and that I would, could never hurt you like that.''

He was still breathing heavy. I watched him watch me until finally he sighed ''You're right. I'm sorry.''

I ran to him and wrapped my arms around him.

''I'm sorry,'' He said again, pressing a kiss to my hair ''I love you. God I love you. I'm sorry for being a dick. I trust you. I love you.''

''I love you too. I'm sorry for yelling at you.'' I replied and pressed my lips to his.

He kissed me back but soon pulled away ''Baby, you know I fucking love kissing you, but can we go home and clean your mouth first? You taste like a dead man and its a little unnerving. My wolf doesn't like it and neither do I to be honest.''

''Thanks!'' I laughed and whacked his arm.

''Just sayin baby,'' He chuckled.

''Nathan?'' I asked. He and Ash were stood my the trees both smiling at us ''Can you take us back to our place?''

''Of course Bella.'' He replied.

Paul bent and picked the hat box up, opening it up he cringed ''He gave you her head in a box? Is it me or is that more than a little fucking creepy?''

I laughed ''You should have seen it wrapped in the damn bow!''

He shook his head and covered the head back up.

Nathan clicked his fingers and we were suddenly in Paul's living room.

Sure felt good to be home.


The trees vanished and were replaced with my front room. I felt Bella relax beside me.

''Oh thank god! Rosalie said you were kidnapped, are you ok?'' Kayla asked jumping up from where she was sitting chewing on her thumb. She ran over and hugged Bella tightly.

I was still reeling over the events of the last half an hour.

Fucking Edward kidnapped her! How could she forgive that shit?

I love her to death but some days I think she might be a little thick.

Shit, I wanted to rip him limb from limb and burn his fucking lips off.

How dare he kiss her!

How fucking dare he!

I was more than a little angry.

I felt her wrap her arms around me and looked down at her. She smiled up at me. ''Wanna come help me shower?''

''Oh ewe!'' Kayla laughed. ''Too much info!''

I smirked at my sister and pulled Bella closer. ''You know it.''

She grinned and let me up the stairs as the fairy dudes and my sister all laughed.

Once in the bathroom, I made sure to clean every inch of her beautiful skin and then went on to make that skin smell like me.

''Are we ok?'' she asked when we were in our bedroom getting dressed. ''I know you are mad at me for forgiving Edward, but are we ok?''

''Come here,'' I said pulling her into my arms. ''We are fine. I love you. Even when I think you are crazy.''

''I just owe Edward so much. He saved my life. Repeatedly! If it weren't for him I would have died a long time ago. Plus I thought he was going all suicidal when I told him it would always be you and not him. Fuck I don't want him to kill himself, that would crush Esme.''

Always thinking of others. ''He does seem the depressed emo sort doesn't he?''

''See!'' she laughed. ''But seriously, he knows now and he will leave us alone. If being his friend is too much, then I will just have to find myself busy when he asks.''

''And if he doesn't leave us alone?'' I asked.

She looked up at me and smiled ''Then you have my full permission to kick his emo ass.''

I grinned and kissed her lips. Much better.

''Mmm. Its awfully quiet downstairs. Are we finally alone?''

I tilted me head ''No I can hear someone. They are still here. Shall we go down?''

''Sure. We have a Red-headed whore head to burn.'' She grinned. ''Plus, you owe me breakfast, remember?''

Taking her hand, I kissed her knuckles ''That I do, my love. Lets go.''

I led her down the stairs and stopped dead in my tracks. ''Oh my god!'' I yelled. Bella giggled as Kayla and Ash sprang apart.

She had been sitting on his lap kissing him... on my couch!

My poor traumatized couch!

''Sorry,'' Kayla said as her cheeks turned pink. Ash just smirked.

''You'd better treat my new sister right, Tink.'' Bella smiled.

''Oh I will do. I can promise you that, Bella.'' He replied.

Wait a minute, shouldn't it be me giving the speeches?

Oh well. I can do that later. After I bleach my eyeballs maybe?

''Wanna go burn the bitch?'' Bella asked me, holding up a lighter.

''Damn right!'' I smirked and picked up the box.

''You two crazy kids go have fun,'' Kayla laughed as Bella pulled be towards the door.

''Go home!'' I called back over my shoulder ''And stay away from my couch!''

''Aww, poor baby.'' Bella laughed when we reached the beach. She leaned up and kissed my pout away.

''Here?'' she said looking round.

''Here's fine.'' I nodded.

I bent down and dug a few inches into the sand before pulling out the head and dropping it into the hole.

''Shall I do the honors or do you want to?'' Bella asked.

''You do it. Its you she wanted dead.''

Bella hummed before leaning over and lighting the ends of the bitches hair.

''Rot in hell with your fucked up mate you psycho bitch!'' She spat as the fire spread all over the head quickly.

She stood back up and I wrapped my arms around her from behind as we watched the head burn.

I felt my pack brothers coming up behind us but I didn't acknowledge them.

I wanted to savor the moment and silence was good right now.

I had everything I needed right here with me. The bitch was dead and Bella was in my arms.

Edward was another story but I was sure he would fuck up in some way and then I could give him the beating he fucking deserves.

Until then, I had plans to make my girl scream my name till she sees stars then I was going to mark her as mine. Cause there was no way I could go through loosing her again. Fuck that.

After the marking we could plan our wedding and then get practicing for making babies.

Bella would never let me have her pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen, but it sure was a nice thought.

The End.