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Chapter 9

My father turned his head to Zayne whispering something into his ear. Zayne's face turned from scared to confident and he nodded sharply. The elder watched him curiously wondering what he was saying. Zayne looked at me with a small smile.

"Take a step back, I don't want to take your brother out when I take off and be ready to hold on." He thought. I nodded letting go of my brother and taking a step back to allow room for Zayne's wings.

"You're not taking them." My dad said. "Take us." The elder scoffed.

"We're not looking for some minor fighters. We need one in a million people with special abilities. We know about your daughter." One of the crowd spat. I knew who he was: he was our baker.

"You're not getting either of them. They're both still kids." My mother growled. Her voice was harsh and cold. I'd never heard my mother speak like that before.

"Get out of our way or we'll kill you all." The elder warned.

"We're going to die anyway." My father smiled. A group of people in the front row pulled out guns startling me. I jumped back.

"Just give them to us and we won't hurt you, you can all return to your normal lives." The elder warned.

"It won't be normal without Alex." My brother snarled.

"I feel… So loved." Zayne muttered sarcastically rolling his eyes. The head elder growled fisting his hands.

"Too bad." He snapped. Suddenly something wrapped around me. They were wings, Zayne's wings. He had me encased inside his wings and pushed against him a little to close for comfort.

"Dad?" I said uncertainly.

"There tranquillizers," Zayne murmured. "We need to get out of here." He finished. He swooped me off my feet and took off. I covered by eyes as a dart whizzed pass my ear.

Zayne was completely silent until we touched down in a cave. When he sat me down I turned away from him looking deep into the cave.

"Do you think they'll be okay?" I asked him.

"They'll be fine." He shrugged sitting down. "But we can't stay here long. They probably have guards combing the forest for us right now."

"Our town has no guards," I told him.

"But the Rulers do," He told me. "I give them eight, maybe nine, hours tops." He rubbed his eyes.

"You're tired, you should rest. I'll take first watch." I told him.

"No, I can do it," He shook his head.

"Sleep, I'll take first watch," I said more sternly. He looked at me shocked.

"Can't argue with the master," He shrugged lying down. Soon he was fast asleep with his wings around him for warmth.

I sighed sitting on the edge of the cave. From here I could see my village in the distance and a party of guards heading in the opposite direction. I smiled to myself: suckers. I must've been sitting there for hours before a small voice broke through my thoughts.

"No," Zayne murmured turning over. "Let me stay."

"Zayne?" I crawled over to him and nudged him a bit. He rolled over and sprung up.

"What the-" He started then looked at me. "Are you okay?" He asked crawling over to me. I nodded.

"You were having a bad dream," I told him. He looked down then back at me with huge scared eyes.

"How long was I asleep?" He asked changing the subject. I shrugged sitting down.

He looked away and sighed.

"Okay, I'll take next watch. You should get some sleep." He told me. I nodded lying down and closing my eyes. No point in fighting him but there was no fire and no warmth so I woke up not long after I fell asleep.

"How long have I been asleep?" I asked him. He stood up walking over to me and smiled.

"About 40 minutes." He told me.

"I'm so cold. I wish we could start a fire." I rolled into a ball wrapping my arms around my legs. He sat down next to me with a small laugh.

"Me too," He sighed. "But you'll need some rest for tomorrow because we'll have to walk." He told me. Then I felt one of his wings wrap around me and he pulled me closer to his chest. I looked up at him to see him staring into the distance. My heart started beating faster, like I was scared, but I wasn't scared; I was safe.


I expected his scaly wings to be cold but they were warm, like I was wrapped in a blanket and his chest was warmer.

It was because of his heart, some people believe a dragon's heart is the source of their flame, so it was the warmest part of them.

I relaxed a bit as his hand wrapped around me and held me closer. I fell straight into a deep sleep because I was so comfortable.

-Insert line here-

When I woke up I was still curled up at Zayne's side but his grip had tightened and his body was tense.

"Zayne? What's going on?" I rubbed my eyes looking up at him.

"Shh," He put a finger to my lips, "Someone's coming," he explained. I listened carefully to hear the trudging of feet coming towards the cave. A dragon's roar echoed through the cave making me grip Zayne's top.

"Should we run?" I whispered. He looked at me and I swear I saw a smile cross his lips then he looked away.

"Yeah, lets go," He agreed. He helped me up and looked both ways.

"How do we get out?"

"We'll go through the cave," He started walking off.

"How do you know it isn't a dead end?"

"Believe it or not in the half an hour I wasn't acting as a blanket, I searched through the cave and I know exactly where it comes out." He smiled and I felt my cheeks go red.

"Not funny, not all of us can breath fire." I spat running after him. I stopped next to him glaring daggers at him.

"You there! Stop!" I heard a yell. I turned to see a group of men at the cave entrance with blank faces. They were being controlled, which means they won't stop if you hurt them.

"Run!" Zayne yelled and I turned and broke out into a run.

"Concentrate," I heard a voice tell me.

"What?" I asked Zayne.

"I said Run!" He yelled back. I looked at him weird still trying to keep a steady pace.

"Concentrate on your legs, do you feel the power?" This time I knew who it was; I recognized her velvet voice and choice of words. It was Rose.

I did as the voice said and concentrated completely on my legs with all my energy focused on my feet that were now beating against the ground.

Then something happened: my legs seemed to be moving at the same speed but everything was moving faster like someone had hit the fast foreword button. I easily took over Zayne and dashed ahead then I tried to call Rose.

"Rose, Rose!" I thought… Nothing. "Rose, can you hear me?"

"Yes, I can." She replied.

"Where are you?" I asked suddenly feeling myself slow down slightly.

"It doesn't matter, it only matters that you are safe." She told me. I saw a light ahead and tried to stop but the whole running faster than I normally do struck me and I fell straight over the edge of the cliff and into a deep dam.

I swam to the edge and pulled myself out coughing and spluttering.

"You do matter, where are you? Can I get to you?" I thought.

"I will find you when you need me but for now all I am is a guide," She told me.

"Rose!" I yelled sitting up. Zayne glided down next to me and gave me a weird look.

"Why are you wet?" he asked. I glared at him then looked at the Dam.

"Oh right, did you forget to stop?" He smiled.

"Shut up, lizard boy." I snapped walking off.

"That wasn't very nice!" He exclaimed following me closely. "I'm part dragon not lizard." He told me. I ignored him. "Okay, okay, stop." He stood in front of me. "We need a plan. I have a suggestion but it's not a good one."

"What is it?" I asked. He looked down.

"We need to hide out in a town, a town they've searched already." He told me.

"They've searched all the ones on the other side of our village." I reminded him.

"We need one closer: I was thinking…" He paused clenching his fist. "My old village."

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