They went over to Daz's block and Saleem felt a little guilty. He could be stopping Daz from having a really good relationship with the right person, a girl who really liked him. But Saleem really liked him too and every time Daz looked at him he got nervous. Daz opened his door and let Saleem in first. He shut the door and Saleem stood up, looking at his posters.

"Good bands"


"Ya wanna drink?"

"Nah" Daz as promised got his phone out and called Lindsay. He couldn't just text her, she didn't deserve that. He'd done this before so felt confident as she answered the phone.

"Hi Linds"

"Hey babe ya wanna come over the kittens miss ya"

"Nah I'll give it a miss"

"What's up with you?"

"Nothing, just get off my case"

"Daz you're acting weird"

"Then find a lad normal then" Daz switched off the phone and smiled. Worked everytime.

"That was cruel" Saleem said.

"I'm not that know that"

"Do ya want me to stay the night?" Saleem asked him.

"No I want ya to sleep out on the balcony, come here" Saleem sat on the bed. and Daz took off his Jacket. Saleem suddenly started to get nervous. Now he'd dumped Lindsay, was he expecting something else? Saleem hadn't...although he had thought about it and Daz was nice, but nerves crawled under his skin, he couldn't allow this lad to touch him, not yet anyway. Daz dug in his rucksack and pulled out a cheese and onion store bought sandwich and opened it. "Ya wanna a bit of this?" "Nah" Daz took a bite. "Ya can't accuse me of being a bad host" Saleem nodded while watching him eat. They talked for a while on the bed about Lindsay, and whether she'd tell people and what his mates would think.

"They'll probably think I'm seeing another bird"


"Ya planning on getting a girlfriend any time soon?


"So ya don't like me then?" Daz teased.

"I do...I just don't know why" Saleem told him honestly.

"It could be cause of this" Daz lifted his T-shirt up and revealed his slim, toned stomach. Saleem looked down at it in curiousity. "Mate I'm up here" Daz joked. Saleem got embarassed and looked up at him, but Daz wasn't finished yet. "You can touch it if ya want"

"Nah" Saleeem shook his head. It could lead to anything and Saleem hadn't even kissed someone like Daz before. He was bound to be crap at it, and Daz would laugh him out the door and find someone better, more good-looking, more his type to take his place. Daz put his T-shirt down and Saleem wanted to make it easier for him.

"Call her back"

"Ya what?"

"You two are right together"

"Saleem I won't try nothing. I wouldn't have had cheese and onion i f I was gonna"

"I like cheese and onion" Saleem said and Daz bit his lip trying not to smile.

"Mate, relax, just lie here"

"Can we talk for a bit?" Saleem asked him.

"We can talk until the cows come home" Daz laid on the bed and Saleem followed suit, feeling comfortable, because Daz was being so nice and allowed him to stay, even with his clothes on. Saleem took a deep breath and Daz reached to pull him closer until they got bothered by a knock on the door.


"Shite, it's Lindsay" Said Daz.

"And speaking of cows" Saleem said cheekily.

"Daz, I'm not leaving until we talk" Lindsay shouted.

"Don't you escape out the window, I'll get rid of her" Daz told him as his put his Jacket back on and went to the door. Saleem sat upright on the bed, wondering what excuse he would make if Lindsay came in and found him.