A/N- Alternate Title- A Ridiculously Overdue Chapter. Hope you like it...

Chapter Five-

Not Another Teen Display of Apathy

Leah walked into the high school with her hoodie on, trying to blend in.

This obviously was a fruitless effort. Leah was tall. Tall and blending in aren't two words that usually go together.

Heads turned as the 'new girl' walked in, and everyone began whispering. Already girls seemed to be glaring at her. Leah felt terrible.Thanks a lot, Billy. She hadn't been in the school for two minutes and already she felt like everyone hated her.

She had memorized all her information the nights before- her schedule, her locker number, and she was grateful for it. She made her way quickly to her locker, opened it, and grabbed her books before shutting it. She walked into homeroom-

-only to be met by the faces of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

While Edward hadn't seemed too threatening when she and Alice had spoke, she still felt uneasy. And from what she could tell, Bella didn't seem very nice, either.

Her reaction was to mentally utter as many curses as she could. Out of the corner of her eyes as she made her way to sit down, she could see Edward looking somewhat surprised and looking at her. She found an empty seat next to a seemingly innocent boy and sat down. Thank God.

"Are you Leah Clearwater?" the teacher asked.

"Yes," Leah replied, careful not to stammer or stutter. She sat with her back straight up, her eyes looking at the teacher.

"Leah, why don't you introduce yourself to the class?" he said, a smile on his face.

Leah sighed, stood up from her seat, and made sure that her stare swept across every student in the class- she locked eyes with every single one of them as she spoke. "My name is Leah Clearwater," she spoke calmly. "I am from the La Push reservation. I transferred from the high school in the reservation. It's nice to meet you all," she added afterwards.

As she sat down, the students began talking amongst themselves. The teacher silenced them and began teaching. Leah felt relieved.

Her next class had another Cullen boy that she couldn't identify by first name. He was blond, and that was all she knew. She also spotted Quil.

Finally, lunch came around. As she made her way through the cafeteria with her tray, she watched as the student body stared at her with mild interest. She looked around for somewhere to sit. She spotted Jacob looking at her with a wolfish grin and resolved that she would sit with him and Quil. As she made her way to their table, she was still aware of her movements.

Jacob was still smiling at her when she sat down at their table. Quil was there as well, along with the Bella girl. A girl introduced herself as Amy and another said something. There were two boys as well; Mike and Tyler, and then a few that she couldn't be bothered with remembering. Bella was talking and everyone besides Jacob seemed enraptured by her story. They laughed at the appropriate moments and were extremely polite. Even Quil seemed interested.

Jacob was still looking at her, and finally he began speaking. "Hey, Leah," he said, sounding somewhat quizzical. "When did you get here?"

Leah mumbled out the story about Billy suggesting it and told him she had just arrived that day as well as explaining why. At the mention of Billy's suggestion, Jacob's eyes narrowed and Leah saw that he was thinking about it. After she'd finished mumbling out her explanation, he smiled. "Well. I see you've already made a few enemies," he said, chuckling, looking in the direction of behind Leah. Two girls were glaring at her and whispering frantically.

Leah gave a helpless look. "Jacob, I haven't even talked to them," she said exasperatedly. Jacob gave another laugh. "You sound miserable," he said, looking amused. She sighed. "I am. No one likes me. All day everyone's been staring at me like I'm a two-headed goat or something."

He smiled. "It just seems that way," he said. "It'll get better." He gave another grin before someone spoke.

"Who are you?" a female voice asked.

Leah turned her head slowly and realized that she had relaxed somewhat while talking to Jacob. Her eyes had softened and widened; as she turned she narrowed them. She looked at the girl-Bella. She thought seriously about saying something along the lines of 'I'm Jesus', but decided against the sarcastic reply.

"I'm Leah," she said. "I introduced myself in homeroom. And you are?" Leah added for good measure, although she already knew the answer.

"I'm Bella Swan," the girl said curtly. It seemed as if the girl seemed irritated by everyone in the lunch room. Leah immediately felt dislike for her. "I'm a friend of Jake's." So you call him Jake, Leah thought absently. "You might know me already, though," she said. "Almost everyone does." She gave a smile that seemed fake to Leah. Leah assumed it was supposed to be charming. Leah's face stayed stony, and the girl looked surprised - probably that Leah didn't seem charmed by the girl.

Leah turned around and began eating, only to be interrupted by the girl who'd introduced herself as Amy.

"Oh my God! Your eyelashes are so long! How do you get them like that?" she asked.

Leah's face flushed red and Jacob started laughing. Leah murmured a reply- they were natural- and Amy gave a smile and started talking to Leah. Leah listened, not really interested but eager to make more friends so that she wouldn't be eaten alive in high school. The girl talked about her clubs, activities, and drama, and Leah used body language to show she was interested. In between bites, she asked questions that launched Amy into another topic or more about the situation.

As Leah ate her large tray of food hungrily, she could see Bella staring at her large serving and felt, rare enough for Leah, embarrassed. What was worse was that the girl didn't even seem to try and hide her shock- she was staring straight at the tray in disbelief and what Leah perceived as poorly hidden disgust.

Leah looked up from her tray and diverted her attention away from Amy for a moment. Looking at Jacob, she shifted her eyes to Bella's quickly and then back down to her tray. She continued eating and listening to Amy.

"What's wrong, Bella?" Jacob said, giving a laugh afterwards. His own- larger- tray was on the table, almost finished. Bella looked up and said something that embarrassed Leah to no end.

"Nothing," she'd said, giving a small smile. "She's just eating a lot."

The entire table stopped their chatter and stared at Bella, who was still smiling. "Oh, I don't mean it rudely," she said, giving a reassuring smile in Leah's direction. "Just, how do you eat all that and stay skinny?"

Leah knew it was a poor attempt to mask the rudeness of her statement, but nevertheless replied in a calm fashion. "I exercise a lot," she said calmly. "After school I go to the gym, and I hike a lot. I need the energy."

The table was still quiet, but they seemed eased by Leah's calm reply. Suddenly the conversation continued when Amy said something about a new rumor- the teenagers' attention was enveloped now, and Leah made a show of watching Amy with interest and listening as she ate.

Once she finished her food and had drunk her water, she took it to the small window they put their trays at for the lunch ladies to wash and then returned to the table. When she got back, she diverted all her attention to Amy.

As she later traversed to the parking lot to leave the school, Jacob stopped her. "Leah?"

Leah turned around and did her best to try and look happy. "Yeah?" she asked.

"I don't think Bella meant it like that," he said, giving a small smile. "Y'know, just curious. I eat a lot too, but since I'm a guy, I guess she didn't-"

Leah's emotionless stare stopped Jacob halfway through his reassurance and shut him up.

"Because you're a guy," she said calmly. "And I'm a girl."

"Yeah," he said, seeming glad to have calmed down Leah. "Because, y'know, guys-"

"I'm a girl, but I'm not supposed to eat a lot." She stared at him until it finally sunk in.

"Leah, I didn't mean it like that," he pleaded. "I really-"

"I know you didn't," she interrupted. "But that doesn't negate the fact that I'm still a freak. I'm the only female shape shifter because I'm deformed. I'm mutated. My genes aren't right, get it?" She was still staring at him. "And I need the food just as much as any of the guys do because I'm still a shape shifter. It's like I'm not even a girl. I can't have children, I'm more like a guy than a girl- I'm not right."

"Leah. Don't-"

"And I know it," she finished. "I've known it for a while, and I don't blame Bella for staring at me like a freak, because I am one. That doesn't excuse her rude behavior, however," she continued. "There were better ways to say it but she didn't care, and she chose to be offensive. I'm not upset with you nor her staring at me. I'm upset because she didn't try and speak her mind in a less offensive way. She disregarded my emotions and was rude to me."

Leah calmly walked to her car, turned the key, and drove at a normal speed out of Forks High.

Once far enough away to be sure no one was watching, she stopped at an abandoned rest stop.

She then proceeded to cry for about fifteen minutes straight. She drove home afterwards.

Alice and Edward usually traveled home together. This was no exception. As Alice drove, she saw Edward wince. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Driving making you nervous?" She smiled.

He shook his head. "Sometimes...I really don't like being able to read minds."

Alice stared at him for a moment and then continued driving. She'd ask later.