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Chapter 1

Elphaba Thropp sat on her bed as she read a history book, while twirling a raven flock around her lime green fingers. Her warm chocolate eyes scanned through the book and were very interested in it. A finger flipped the page and continue to read, but was interrupted by the door slamming and a high pitch squeal.

Elphaba raised an eyebrow as she looked up to see what all of the ruckus was all about. There stood a bubbly blonde, which goes by the name of Galinda, who pulled out a Sorcery book. Elphaba knew something was up; her roommate never read or even has a book that didn't consist of unrealistic fantasies of a prince.

"Galinda, are you ill?" Elphaba asked in a worried tone as she got up.

"No, Madame Morrible taught me a spell and I'm dying to try it out!" Galinda exclaimed, "Elphie, the spell makes you young! I'm going to use it on Morrible!"

Elphaba burst into laughter at Galinda's idea, certainly she would do everyone a favor, "I greatly doubt that; don't attempt to burn down the dorm as I take a trip to the library." She was at the door, about the twist the doorknob. Galinda popped up from searching and tackled the green girl to the floor.

"No! I need some assistance!" Galinda cried, still on top of Elphaba.

"Why didn't you inscribe the enchantment down like notes? It would be a lot simpler than searching for it again. I know that face though; 'it's your 'oh-goodie-a-makeover!' I know you'll be doing Oz a favor. But I do not fancy of getting into trouble," Elphaba explained with a huff.

"But Elphie, I need your wisdom," Galinda pleaded, literally on her knees.

Elphaba groaned, "Fine," Galinda shrieked in supreme happiness. Elphaba got on her bed and searched through her own Sorcery book, and constantly wander through the huge book; having no idea what to look for. She looked up and saw Galinda's nose in the book-shocker. Then Elphaba returned to her search, but was sporadic by Galinda's screech of delight.

"I found it!" she exclaimed. She started to chant the words but Elphaba knew she was pronouncing them wrong, as her eyes widened.

"Galinda, no! Stop, you're saying the words wrong!" Elphaba cried. But a swirl of dark green surrounded the girl, and Elphaba fell through with a scream. Galinda gasped and rushed to Madame Morrible as fast as her high heels could carry her.

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