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Ten years after graduation...

"Mommy, you look beautiful," my ten year old daughter, Renesmee or Nessie as we call her, says to me while putting some lipstick of her own on. This is a tradition for us girls. Every time I get dressed up and use makeup, I let Nessie put some on too. I look at her and smile.

"Well aren't you sweet." I lean in and give her a kiss on the cheek. I got lipstick on her cheek and made her mess up her lipstick, getting it all over her mouth. We both giggle.

"I couldn't agree more sweetpea." Edward is standing in the doorway dressed in his black dress pants and his blue dress shirt. After ten years of being together, that boy still gets my heart racing.

"Daddy!" Nessie squeals as she runs towards him and jumps in his arms. Edward is so wrapped around that little girl's finger it's not even funny. The really amusing thing is, Nessie knows this as well. I mean, come on! His ten year old daughter just jumped into his arms for pete's sake. That's got to tell ya something. "You look very beautiful too, Daddy." Edward can't help but laugh.

"Sweetpea, men aren't beautiful. They're handsome."

"I don't know, I find you sorta beautiful," I say to him with a smile. Edward smiles shyly and blushes. Wow. Haven't seen that in a while.

After a few more minutes of putting the finishing touches on my makeup, the doorbell rings.

"I'll go get it," Edward says to me. He gives me a chaste kiss and goes to answer the door. Since I was done getting ready, Nessie and I walk down the stairs to find that Esme is here with Alice, Jasper, and their daughter, Mary. Esme volunteered babysitting duties since Jasper was also in our class. So, Mary, Nessie, and Grandma are having a slumber party at our house. Nessie has been super excited about it all week.

"Grandma!" Nessie yells as she runs up to her to give her a hug.

"Oh. How's my sweet girl doing?"

"Hey, Grandma, I thought I was your sweet girl," Mary says with arms crossed and a pout on her face. Esme just laughs.

"You both are my sweet girls." That gets a smile out of them. "Now, who wants to watch a movie and have popcorn?" They both jump up and down clapping and then run into the living room to sit on the couch.

"Hey wait! Where are my kisses?" I ask folding my arms in front of me.

"Oops. Sorry Aunt Bella." Mary says as both girls come running back and gives us all hugs and kisses.

"You girls be good for Grandma now, you hear me?" Edward adds trying to be all authoritative about it. The girls of course buy it, but not me. He's not fooling anybody, because remember, both of those girls have him wrapped around their little fingers.

"You bet daddy," Nessie affirms. I walk up to Esme and give her a hug.

"Thank you so much for doing this. Nessie has been so excited."

"You're so welcome sweetheart. You kids go have fun."

"We will," we all say as we all pile out the front door to see Emmett pulling up in his SUV.


Our class reunion was taking place at a bar in town called Bar Twilight. It was one of the swankier bars in the area to hold a gathering such as this. I had never been there, so I was looking forward to it. Given that we don't get to go out too often since we had Nessie, Emmett volunteered to be the designated driver for the night. This way 'the parents' of the group could have some fun and not worry about having to drive home after. He was the only one out of all of us who was still single.

We arrive at Bar Twilight and my jaw drops. This place is gorgeous! Plus, to top it off, Alice did all the decorating and helped plan this shindig. And because the class hired her to decorate, then of course you got Jasper as the DJ. There was a huge dance floor in the middle of the bar where there was a banner that said 'Welcome Class of 2009' and all sorts of balloons and streamers were everywhere. Alice really had a lot of fun, I could tell.

As we walk further into the bar, we start to see some of our old friends from high school. We all hug and chat and mingle as much as possible. After about an hour of mingling, I happen to notice that Emmett was nowhere to be seen. I lean over to Edward.

"Hey, where's Emmett? I haven't seen him in a while."

"The last time I knew he was going up to the bar to get us drinks. That was like a minute ago." I continue looking around for him and then spot Emmett. He's standing right in front of the bar, outside of the crowd just staring. At that point, I hear Edward burst out laughing. I can't help but laugh, too.

"I see you just found him," Edward nods and leans over to me whispering in my ear.

"He looks like he's been bitten by the love bug." I turn and look at him.

"How do you know?"

"Because that look right there," he says as he points to Emmett who is still frozen in place, "is the look I had when I first laid eyes on you." I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. Yes...after all this time together, he always manages to find ways to make me blush. Edward smiles at me and kisses me sweetly. We watch as the bar clears out enough so that Emmett can finally move in and order his drinks from a very pretty lady behind the bar.

"Wow. Emmett has good taste," I say, "she's quite pretty."

"Shall I ask him if we can borrow her for a night sometime?" Edward asks and gives me his crooked smile. I punch him in the arm...hard.

"Freakin' pervert!" He laughs.

"Hey...a man can dream, can't he?"

"Yeah...well...keep dreamin' buddy cause that ain't happenin' anytime soon."

Edward and I have a seat at a table that was free and Emmett comes around to us and hands us our drinks. Edward has this devious looking smile on his face and I know what's about to come.

"So...who's your friend, Emmett?" Emmett gets this glassed over look in his eyes and smiles dreamily.

"Her name is Heidi." He takes a drink from the beer he got himself then continues "I think I'm going to marry that girl." Not only do I see Edward's mouth drop open, but mine does as well. This is the first time that we have ever heard Emmett mention the 'M' word about anybody. So to us, this was a big deal.

"Why do you all look like you're trying to catch flies?" Alice asks as she takes a seat next to me at the table.

"Because our dear brother just told us that he is going to marry the girl behind the bar." Edward answers without taking his eyes off Emmett. Now Alice is joining in on the catching-of-the-flies act.

"Well...did you ask her out yet?" Alice questioned. Emmett smiles and takes another swig of his beer.

"Yup. We are going out after she gets off work, which just happens to be about an hour after this shindig is over."

"Good for you, Emmett. It's about freakin' time." Edward tells him with a pat on his back.

"Thanks. I'm serious though. I'm going to marry her." He finishes up his beer and points at us around the table. "You just wait, you'll see."

"Well...I hate to bust up the party but, I need to pee," I announce as I go to stand up from the table.

"And thank you for sharing, Bella. Hope everything comes out alright!" Emmett calls after me as I leave the table dancing my way to the bathroom.

As I open the door to the bathroom, I hear what sounds like somebody crying. There was a room off to the left that was full of plush chairs and a bench that you could sit on. In one of those chairs, there is a blonde woman with her face in her hands crying. I walk over to her.

"Hey...is there anything I can get you?" The lady, still looking down at the floor just shakes her head.

"No! Now go away!" Then she looks up at me and we both gasp. Rosalie Hale was sitting in front of me. Well, it's nice to know that she didn't change much over the years. She seems a bit bitchier than I remember though. Rose smirks at me. "What, you come in to take a look for yourself did you?" I was taken aback by what she was saying.

"Wait? What?"

"Don't play stupid with me. You know how cruel I was to you in high school! You wanted payback! Well...go ahead! Now is your chance." I was still at a loss. Just then, some of her hair moved away from her face, and I saw it. It looked like she had burned the whole side of her face, leaving her disfigured.

"Oh Rose. What happened?" She just glared at me.

"Like you care!"

"I'm here aren't I?" Rose just continued to stare.

"I was in a car accident a few months back. I was heading to my first modeling gig when I was ran off the road by a deer. I crashed into a tree and then the car burst into flames." She starts crying again but continued through the tears. "I'm now scarred for life and my modeling career is over!"

"I'm so sorry, Rose," I say to her and go to reach for her shoulder. She pushes my hand away and stares daggers at me once again.


I sigh and walk past her to do what I originally intended...pee. I wash my hands after I'm done then walk out through the waiting area to find Rose still sitting there. I take a deep breath and let it out.

"I guess what they say about karma is true." I affirm and walk out the door back to my table. As I sit down, I look at Edward and give him a sort of sad smile.

"Hey, what's wrong?" He asks me as he rubs my back.

"I just ran into Rosalie Hale in the bathroom." All conversations stop at the mention of her name.

"So, is she still the same bitch or has she changed any?" Emmett mumbles.

"Believe it or not, she is the same, but different. Maybe worse even." I answer with a semi smile. "Let's just say, that whole saying about karma being a bitch, yeah, I believe it's true." Just then, we all see Rose emerge out of the bathroom and they all see the scarred side of her face. Everybody gasps.

"Oh my god! How awful," Alice says.

"Yeah it is," Edward starts "but to tell you the truth, it couldn't have happened to a 'nicer' person."

"You weren't kidding about karma being a bitch, Bella," Emmett adds. "Maybe someday she will realize why this happened to her and she can change her attitude towards others."

"As much as I said that I wouldn't wish anything like this," I point to my scar "on my worst enemy, of all people in the world something like that to happen to, I'm glad it was her. Now she will know how I felt when she made fun of me and what it feels like to have strangers stare at you and talk behind your back." I sigh. "But on the other hand, she will get it a hell of a lot worse than I do, with the stares and murmurs I mean."

We didn't run into Rose for the rest of the night. I have a feeling that she left because of all the stares she was getting. To be honest, I was glad. Hopefully Emmett's theory will be correct. I hope this accident knocks her down a peg or two and she thinks of me every time somebody is cruel to her.

We all mingle some more with everybody, dance the night away thanks to Jasper's awesome music, and before we knew it, it was time to leave. Emmett drives us all back to Edward's and my place.

"You be careful now. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. And don't stay out too late," Edward teases as he ruffles Emmett's hair.

"Yes, Mom!" Emmett says sarcastically.

"Thanks for the ride, Em. And have a good time," I say to him as I give him a hug.

"You're welcome. Enjoy the rest of your night too." With a wink, Emmett takes off.

Edward, Alice, Jasper, and I walk back into the house to find the girls asleep on the couch next to Esme, who is also asleep.

"Oh my god. How freakin' cute is that?" Edward whispers as he pulls out his phone to take a picture. I turn to Alice and Jasper.

"If you guys want to keep Mary here overnight, that's fine with us."

"You sure? We can take her home tonight if you want?"

"No. She's already asleep. She can stay. We can all meet up for breakfast in the morning if you want. You can take her home then," Edward mentions.

"That sounds like a really awesome idea," Jasper agrees. We go over to the couch and wake up Esme to let her know that we are here.

"Hey. Did you guys have fun?" Esme says with a yawn.

"Yes we did, Mom. Thanks for watching the kids," Edward says as he grabs Nessie to carry her up to her room. I end up giving Esme a hug and she falls back to sleep on the couch. Jasper takes Mary and carries her up to Nessie's room. We ended up getting a second bed for Nessie's room because Mary comes over so much. Edward places Nessie in her bed, and Jasper lays Mary in hers. Alice and Jasper lean over and kiss Mary while Edward and I place a kiss on Nessie. We all pile out of the girls room and head down the stairs quietly.

"We'll see you at breakfast in the morning then." Alice whispers so she doesn't wake up Esme and gives us both a hug.

"Sounds good. See you then," Edward whispers back and they leave.

We walk up the stairs quietly and go into our room.

"So, did you have a good time?" Edward asks me as he strips down to his boxers and climbs into bed.

"Yes, I did. How about you?"

"Of course I did. I had you with me."

I climb into bed in a little number that I know Edward is just loving. It's his favorite color...blue. I can almost see his deep green eyes turn darker as he watches me.

"You likey?" He grabs me and moans as he kisses my neck.

"Mmm...Daddy likey." I can't keep back the snort that comes out.

"Oh you did not just refer to yourself as Daddy while in our bedroom?" He chuckles lightly as he continues to kiss up my neck.

"Yeah...I did." I shiver. I'm not sure if it's because he always gets that reaction when he kisses my neck or if it's because I keep hearing him referring to himself as Daddy. I'm thinking it was a mix of both.

"It just sounds so dirty and...wrong." He gives me is panty dropping crooked smile.

"I'll show you what's dirty and wrong..." He rolls us over so he's hovering above me, "in probably about 38 states." I giggle because I just love his playful side. Who am I kidding...I love everything about this man and I always will, because he is my forever.