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AGK: Hi y'all! First off I want to apologize for your wait. I was swamped with school, the school's play, getting sick (again…), getting into Sherlock Holmes- series (plural)/Shwatsonlock and attempting to have a social life. Secondly, this isn't a legit chapter. It's a give back for all kind reviews I've gotten. There will be a short story at the end of the review session featuring Alfred, Stan and Kyle, which is totally unrelated to AHTSPWC…. So, if you want, you can skip this…Honestly, Chapter 8 is gonna be awhile…I wish it wouldn't be but it will. Don't worry, though. I'm not going to abandon this story however I will announce the The Dog In The Window, my Gravitation fanfiction, is either on hiatus or adoption. I haven't decided yet. Anywho, I don't own a thing. Now, ON WITH THE…umm REVEIWS! YEAH!

Note: I will be going from first review to last and by reviewer. You'll see what I mean.

Thank you! I definitely will continue this story. Lots of ideas are floating around my head for this story. C: Please continue to read.


1.) Thank you! I'm trying my best to not make it sound as OOC/Mary Sue-like possible. I'm actually very surprised that there were no ideas before mine. The humor is kinda similar and Hidekaz Himaruya is, supposively, a fan of South Park. It's just plain easier for Stan to do stuff rather than Kyle. (Kyle's my favorite, but Stan is defiantly a close second!) As for the AmeRus…is it ok if I decline? I'm sorry but in my opinion…it's a bit creepy…I'm sorry but I'll tell you what. I'll give you a list of choices of who America will be paired with. I'll send it through PM. (I'm sending some hetero pairings, just warning ya!) Sound ok?

2.) I'm trying my best! I did and I'm glad you did!

3.) Yup yup yup. Surprisingly, it was, for the most part, sunny. The locals said that it was strange weather for that time of year but I enjoyed it and choose to believe that Iggy was so happy to see us North Americans that he made it not rain much. (no idea if Hetalia countries can control weather…) LOL! I can too! (Imagine a day like some kind of subconscious switch in the Hetalia countries that says "Hey! Let's be the most agrumentive, loud, headache inducing people today!" that turns on once and a while.) Well, as mentioned, his car broke down so kinda. Man hug! :D

4.) Thank you for your condolences. I was worried that accents would ruin it but they did a good job at it! :) It was a bit important. The fist bump was like a "Dude, I'm here for you," kind of thing. Of course Cartman is jealous! The question is when is he not!

5.) Thank you for the detailed review! It made my day! :) Get some sleep, (totally not the one to talk.) it'll help with school/life. They are but I've been into chocolate chip pancakes/muffins/anything. Yup…not sure how accurate it is but I did do some research. Oh well. Is it ok that Kyle isn't diabetic anymore? I wasn't too sure because the diabetes thing didn't give me a lot to work with. I'll post something to show what it looks like. –laughs- Not THAT book. I assure you…I was actually worried that I made the writing angst scene TOO long… Of course I don't mind! It's all for the sake of becoming a better writer and to make this story a better story! As for what Kyle looks like, the best example I can think of is the Soul Eater (great show) MAD of them. Look for "Soul Eater South Park MAD" on YouTube.


Thank you! Too be totally honest, your review confused me until Ren explained it to me. I thought you meant actual monsters.


1.) Thank you! I think so too. That's why I'm sharing it with you lovely people!

2.) Thanks for reviewing again! I am trying my best with it! I like your goatee! I have a moustache (pronounced moo-se-tache) too! -puts on false moustache crooked- Ah hor hor hor!

3.) I'm glad you're glad. I'm happy to make you feel better. And yup. I feel like that too about writing.


Thank you! FrUK is a nice obsession, innit? FrUK won't come until later. And I set the anonymous reviews setting on! :3 Right back at you! I love cherries!


Thank you! Don't fail German class!


Thank you! I saw my first episode when I was nine and I mentioned it to my British aunt, who gave me a weird look. I started to really like it in eight grade and now I'm a senior in high school and I love it! It's a good show but it is very…ummm…"colorful." Not for kids (AT ALL!) and has a sense of humor that not everyone gets but its pretty coolio!


Thank you! –chuckles- I plan to.


Thank you! I always imagined Hetalia and South Park crossing over well! Moar shall come. LOL

Sorry if the "Thank you"s sound like a broken record but it's true. I am so grateful that you take time out of your day and chose to read this fanfiction, out of millions of Hetalia and/or South Park fanfiction, then review it. I'd give you all cookies that I baked to thank you all but since I don't know y'all personally, I hope cyber-cookies will do. :) Seriously, thank you sooooo much and I love you!

But wait! There's more! Now it's time for the meaningless side story with FLUFF! ACTION! AND HEROISM!

"Wow, Alfred! How do you know so much about history?" Kyle was amazed.

"Ah ha ha ha! History was the only subject I was any good at in school. I'm only good at US history, though." Alfred sipped the last of his cola.

Stan smiled. Typical Alfred. They were all out after Alfred took them out to the new Four Men burger joint. Alfred had called them the day before.

"They're, like, the best burgers EVER!" Alfred yelled over the phone. Stan pulled the phone away from his ear Kyle looked up from the video game he was playing.

"I've been waiting for one to come out here for the longest time! The closest one is in Baltimore!"

"So you wanna go there?" Stan asked, bluntly.


"Wait, Al!" Too late. Alfred hung up. Stan sighed. He hung up the phone and turned to Kyle.

" Hey, Kyle. How do you feel about-"

"I heard everything, Stan. Al can get pretty loud. And I don't have anything planned. You know I don't know any one besides you and Al here." Kyle smiled sheepishly.

"It'll be your first real burger. Your mom was always anal about junk food, wasn't she?" Kyle nodded. Stan chuckled.

"Well you won't be able to say that tomorrow," Stan jumped over the couch to sit next to Kyle. "Al will be gentle when he takes your burger virginity." They both started to laugh.

Kyle enjoyed his very first fast food style burger and fries. They were walking around the neighborhood that the Four Men was in. It was a well-to-do place in the woods. They were talking about a bit of every thing. History came up randomly. All was well.

"Somebody! Help! Pwease!" The three men looked across the street. There was a small girl with pigtails wearing a pink flower dress standing next to a medium sized tree. She was crying but seemed fine. Stan and Kyle were about to move on when Alfred crossed the street to the little girl.

"Hey," Alfred said gently. The girl looked up. "What's the matter?" The girl shook her head.

"My mommy says I'm not apposed to talk to strwangers." Alfred laughed.

"Your mommy is smart. I'll tell you what. I'll give you my name and you tell me your name so we won't be strangers any more."

"Ok." She replied wiping her eyes.

"Awesome. My name is Alfred. What's yours?"


"That's a nice name." Alfred smiled to try to cheer the girl up but she would not smile. "What's wrong?" The girl pointed to the tree's middle part.

"Tabitha. She got herself stuck up there." Alfred looked up and saw a large gray cat, meowing and stuck on the tree branches.

"Wow. How did she get up there?" Alfred asked.

"Grandma needed to go to the stwre for a minute and left me alwne for a bit. I was playing with my prwincess ball when it went ower into my fwont yard. When I opened the fwont door, Stevie barked and scared Tabitha. She runned out and climbed up the twee. Mommy says I'm not allowed to use to phone when I'm home awone. But she also says that Tabitha is an old cat and can die if she gets outside." Maddie's eyes started to tear up. Alfred looked over to Stan and Kyle.

"Guys, can ya help me?" Stan and Kyle crossed the street to Alfred. "So, which one of you is stronger?" Kyle pointed to Stan.

"Stan, stand in front of the tree." Stan was confused but did as he was told.

"Like this?"

"Yeah. Perfect. Now, hold out your hand like this." Alfred cupped his hands and held it out in front of himself. Stan mirrored him.

"Awesome! Now brace yourself."

"Wait. What-" Alfred, with a running start, used Stan's hands and shoulders as a stepping stool and started to climb up the tree.

"Here kitty, kitty! Where are you? Oh! Here you are!" The cat meowed threatening to attack. "Come on, Tabitha! OWW!"

"Al! You ok?" Kyle yelled up to Alfred.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Tabitha's just being a scaredy cat, aren't you Tabith-AHH!"

"What's going on?" A skinny, young, business-working woman stepped out of a car that pulled into the drive way.

"Mommy! You're home earwy!"

"They let me off early but, Maddie, what's going on?"

"Tabitha wan out of the howse. And now Alfwed is hewping her so she won't die," Alfred's head popped out of the tree with leaves in his hair and scratches on his cheek.

"Oh, hello ma'am! Hold on a second," Alfred went back into the tree. "Come on, Tabitha. Ow! You now that's not gonna help. Come on. Slowly. There. See. I'm not so bad. Gotcha…Now, how do I get down with you?"

Kyle walked to the base of the tree, under Alfred and the cat..

"Here, give me the cat." Kyle held out his hands. The cat was carefully lowered into Kyle's arms.

"TABITHA!" Maddie took the cat out of Kyle's hands and smiled at Kyle and Stan. "Twank you."

"Hey, Maddie! I helped too!" Alfred said, climbing down. His footing slipped on the last branch. "Whoops!" Alfred landed comically on his back. Maddie giggled.

"Of cowrse, you hewped. You're Tabitha's hewo!" Alfred grinned and sat up.

"There. That's better. You look like your feeling a lot better now." Maddie nodded. "Awesome! Now, go put Tabitha inside, Maddie."

"OK." She turned around and walked to the front door. Maddie's mother smiled and turned to Alfred.

"Thank you for doing this."

"No problem, ma'am. Just glad to help."

"She's been so lonely lately…" The mother sighed. "Thanks again,"

"HEY! ALFWED!" The turned to see Maddie pick up the pink princess ball and threw it to Alfred. Alfred caught it.

"You can kwep it. I've got fwve more inside." She said smiling. Alfred chuckled.

"Thank you, Maddie but I think that you'd use it more than I would." He passed it back to Maddie. She caught it and frowned.

"But how will I show my apprweation for reswuing Tabitha?" Alfred thought for a moment.

"How about hanging out with me one day to Four Men? If that's ok with your mom." Maddie lit up.

"Oh, pwease! Mommy, Mommy. I wanna play with Alfwed! Pwease!" The mother smiled.

"Of course, he can. But you have to let him go home now."

"OK. Bye bye, Alfwed!" She waved and went back into the house. Maddie mother turned to Alfred and held a hand out for him to shake.

"I really appreciate this, Alfred, was it?" She gave him an awkward look.

"Yup." He shook her hand. "My dad was a real stickler to old traditions so yeah. Ah ha."

"Alright. I can understand that. Mine is Margaret." Alfred smiled.

"Nice to meet you Margaret. What does next week sound for you?" The two continued on talking about when they should up.

"Alfred really is amazing, isn't he?" Kyle asked. Stan turned to him.

"Hmmm? How so?"

"Well, one, he just climbed up a tree to make a kid happy and, two, he's gonna meet up with her again. He's so weird." Stan chuckled.

"Yeah, I know. I wonder if all kids are like that?" Kyle turned to him.


"Oh nothing. I was just wondering if kids were like her."

"We were at one point." Stan looked at Kyle, confused.


"We were kids awhile ago." Stan stared up at the sky.

"Yeah. I guess we were." He turned back to Kyle and playfully punched Kyle's arm. "Quit it, dude. You're making me feel old!"