(Anyone But Me fanfic - sequel to The Moment - V/A femslash ~ whenever I'm through with a snippet I'll send it here so that I could commit to finishing up what I started.)

Aster POV

This wooing stuff was hard.

Especially when the woo-ee (snicker) was oblivious to the charms of the woo-er. Okaaay, that sounded ridiculous, even in my head.

If I am to court her...

Ick. Too tweed and tie and crumpets.

If Vivian's gonna be my girl (dimples flashed at that thought) I gotta get her game. So, classy and no sleazy one-liners. None of my schmooves. White roses to whet her appetite. Yellow roses to disarm her, then pink to tease her. Red roses when she's ready to be swept off her feet.

Aster smiled dreamily at her mac and cheese.

"I always suspected you were the adventurous sort, but that's kind of pushing it, isn't it?"

"Huh?" These days, she and Break were nearly inseparable as Aster picked Break's brain on everything Vivian related.

"It's an uneven relationship. You're human and it's a mac and cheese. What's gonna stop you from ordering another one, or whipping up a replacement? But I have to say, you're really breaking new ground here. From straight to lez to inanimate objects before hitting college." Sighing, Break deadpanned, "You're my hero."

Aster gave Break a withering look.

Break stared back nonplussed.

Freaked out by the unrepentant lunacy on Break's expression, she went back to poking her lunch, mumbling: "Weirdo."

"Supreme executive power..." Break began, in a faux British accent.

"Don't." Aster warned, holding up a finger.

"...derives from a mandate from the masses..."

"Do not finish that sentence!"

"...not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!" Break ended with a flourish, standing up suddenly to the surprise of the people eating at the other end of the table. One of them who recognized the quote started to applaud.

Break preened for a bit before settling down again.

"What is it with you and your constant need for attention?"

"Spam spam spam!" Break started to sing.

"Hey! Random quoting won't make it any better! And you there, don't encourage him!" Aster shot the guy at the end of the table a dirty look (the one that applauded) and pointed her plastic fork menacingly, when he began to dance to Break's singing. He shot his arms up in surrender.

P-M-S, Break mouthed to the guy. He was rather cute.

The guy responded with a silent 'Ah!' and brought his hands down.

"I saw that!"

'Will wonders never cease? Here is Aster Gaston, for once, early in class!' Aster thought ruefully to herself.

'If the principal knew that I only needed to find the right girl to motivate me they would have put pinups in all the rooms!'

Aster left Break batting eyelashes with the cutie who knew the Monty Python quotes. Before heading off to class she heard them flirting over Spamalot.

Aster peered into the classroom to see if Vivian was already there. She wasn't disappointed.

Vivian was alone with her nose buried in a novel, one of what seemed to be a vast library of them. A Twizzler hung loosely from Viv's lips, her brow was furrowed, and her eyes all but devoured the story. Aster thought she looked utterly adorable.

"You're gonna ruin your eyes like that."

Startled Viv dropped her Twizzler and stared wide eyed at the door where the voice came from.

Aster switched on the lights and walked into the room. She casually dropped her backpack on the seat beside Viv.

"You'll get eyestrain reading in the dim light." She went on when Viv just stared silently at her.

"Uh, yeah. Of course. Thanks." Viv awkwardly forced herself to speak, tension rolling off of her in waves.

Aster smiled gently instinctively trying to soothe the nerves she could feel coming out of the other girl.

"Watcha reading?"

'She's just trying to be friendly Viv. You do remember how to make friends right?' Vivian berated herself while she scrambled to get ahold of her emotions.

"Nothing special." She shrugged, while inwardly she winced at downplaying herself by default. 'She wouldn't want to talk to you if you're boring!'

"It's a translation of a French novel by Sebastian Japrisot. Uh, it's called 'A Very Long Engagement'." She dutifully showed Aster the cover, hastily taking the Twizzler from the pages where she'd been reading. Grateful that the tip she'd been gnawing at didn't manage to stain where it fell. Her being OC about her beloved books not waning despite her confusion in the presence of the person she'd been crushing on.

"Un long dimanche de fiançailles," Aster grinned. "I love that movie!"

Viv swooned at hearing Aster speak French. Later, she'd roll her eyes at herself for being cliché, but she was too busy melting into a puddle right now. "Wow, you speak French?"

"Bilingual." Aster confirmed while trying not to sound snotty about it. "My last name is Gaston afterall." At Vivian's blank look, Aster clarified: "Like the bad guy in 'Beauty and The Beast'