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Chapter 1

After All These Years

Hands in my pockets and a hood concealing my face, I walked out of the alley between two apartment buildings where I had slept the previous night. I headed down the street, unsure and careless of where I was headed to. For now, I would just wander. Nothing better to do anyways.

Receiving strange looks from passerby and brushing them off, I arrived in what seemed like the city's Town Square. A large television was built into a building, the news playing on it. I stood there, looking up at the woman reporting something about the economy in Moscow or something. I shook my head. This planet's system of trade was so stupid and ancient.

I looked around at the shops around me. Fresh, new jeans and t-shirts dressed the lifeless manikins in the store windows. They were crisp and clean and were apparently the latest trend. I looked down at my own faded, torn jeans and washed out gray hoodie and scowled. I needed new clothes soon before these fell apart at the seams. They weren't going to last for very long, but sadly I couldn't afford brand new designer lines of clothes. Stealing was definitely out of the question.

Bright red and orange lights filled my head. Screams mixed with the sound of skin against skin rang in my ears, threatening to come in full flashback. No. Not here; not now. Hopefully never again.

I looked up to see a gang of guys around the age of fifteen looking at me. They were laughing and pointing, not caring if I saw. Obviously, they wanted to tick me off. Instead I glared and walked in the opposite direction. If they were smart, they wouldn't follow me.

A bench outside a bakery seemed inviting, so I sat on it. I leaned back, my hands still in my pockets. I was still within sight of the large city TV and now live footage of some explosion that took someplace in Maine filled the screen. Apparently a bomb had accidentally been set off by some moron who thought it was an alarm clock. He along with a couple others died in the result.

This world was full of idiots just like him.

Speak of the devil. . .

The guys I saw earlier had followed me, despite my silent warning. They stood behind the bench I was sitting at, their arms crossed and smirks turning up their mouths. I felt the urge to slap them off but I remained calm. Ha. Me. Calm. Haha. Let's see how long this lasts.

"Hey there, freak. Whatcha doin'? Waitin' for you're freaky friends? Or maybe you just ran away from a group home," said the shortest guy. He was probably their leader since he was in front of the others. His arms were crossed and his cap was on backwards, an attempt to make him look gangster. I repressed a chuckle.

"And maybe you're just a poser," I said. I looked back up at the TV screen. They were talking about these heroes called the Teen Titans that recently saved a ton of people from a burning building. Wasn't that what firefighters were for?

The leader was obviously angered by my comment and his arms dropped down to his sides, his hands clenched into fists. His face was a little pink from a mixture of embarrassment and anger as his friends laughed at him. He jerked out his hand to the side and they instantly quieted.

"Look, freak. You better watch it around here."

I cocked my head to the side. "Or what? You'll scratch me with your French manicure?" His friends laughed again but his glare warned them to shut up.

"I'm not kidding with you, man. Shut up before I permanently shut you up," he threatened.

I rolled my eyes and glanced back up at the large television. Best to ignore them before I lose control. I might not be able to cover up so well like last time. I felt my shoulders tensed as my mind drifted back to those memories. I shook my head and looked back up. There was a picture of the whole team up there as the reporter congratulated them on a job well done. But her voice was just a low humming in my ears. All I saw was the photograph.

There were five in total. One was an African-American cyborg, another was an orange-skinned redhead, and the only normal looking one had black hair and his eyes were covered with a mask. He wore a traffic light uniform, which made him look really stupid. But they weren't what I was paying attention to.

The last guy on the team had green skin and elfin like ears. His ears and hair were both the same shade of green that was slightly darker than his skin. He wore a black jumpsuit that had a purple stripe down the middle. His wide smile revealed a single fanged tooth.

It was Garfield Logan.

My best childhood friend. My only childhood friend. Practically my brother.

I never thought I'd see him again.

Everything started to fade away. I had found him. I had found my best friend! After all these years! I had finally found the reason my childhood wasn't totally living hell.

But what I hadn't expected was who was standing next to him.

She was wearing a blue cloak with a black leotard. Her belt consisted of what looked like red disks. Her hair was cut in an A-line and was the color violet, matching her eyes. Her skin was the color gray and there was a chakra on her forehead. I touched the space where mine should've been, had I been in my other body. I didn't expect to find them at the same time.

But I had.

Garfield Logan, my best friend; the younger brother I never had. And Raven Roth.

My younger sister. My blood related sister.

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