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So, you may or may not have noticed my, uh, rather extended absence in the world of fanfiction (more on that later). Well, I thought that writing some drabbles might help me get back into the swing of things, so to speak. My love SorceressCirce was kind enough to provide me with some prompts, and this is the result. Thanks again for your help, bb!

Things you need to know: This is not from New Moon/Just Call Me 'Sunshine'. This is still canon Jake, but it takes place between the Eclipse epilogue and the fourth chapter of Breaking Dawn, where Jake comes back to see Bella at her wedding. I thought these might provide a little insight into what he was doing in the time he was away, and it was fun (albeit mildly depressing) to get back into my boy's head this way.

About drabbles: For those of you who may not know, drabbles are a set of 100-word essays that tell the story in a brief, effective way. A popular fic contest for drabbles is the Twilight 25, which you may have heard of before.

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I know the silence is temporary, the solace something I can't count on once Embry, Quil, and Sam tell the others what I have done.

Though they will be able to see my thoughts, to feel my thoughts, none of my brothers – or Leah, I add reluctantly – will understand my pain.

I head northeast, continuing to sprint through the thick trees. I try to revel in the silence, which is only interrupted by the swift brush of leaves, the crunch of the rough ground under my heavy paws.

Yet, despite the quiet in my head, I find no peace.


Many weeks have passed – probably even a month or so, though it's been a while since I've gone into any of the snow-covered towns nearby to check the date.

I know they worry about me; no matter how far north I run, the distance doesn't tune them out. I hear Seth casually mention Bella, who apparently calls him often to ask about me.

The sting of the cold matches the feeling that pulses through me when I hear her name. The pain is less intense than a human emotion, but it's still unmistakable.

As long as she's happy...


I take down the buck easily, snapping its neck with my powerful jaws before it can feel much pain.

I'm not callous, I'm just hungry as hell.

As I tear the flesh from the carcass, I imagine what it would be like to tear apart something else, something diamond-hard... something only my kind is strong enough to dismember.

Someone, not something.

But that would hurt her, and, despite it all, I could never do that.

I picture the way her cheeks flush pink as I allow my legs to carry me southwest.

I need to see her… one last time.


The lights from the reception reflect upon the glass wall of the mansion, illuminating the night as I continue forward through the trees.

The leech's freaky mind-reading ability is all I need to announce myself.

While he leads her to the edge of the dark forest, my perfect vision affords me the first glimpse of my Bella in her wedding dress.

She is absolutely stunning.

My resolve is tenuous as I swallow the stupid lump in my throat. Her bloodsucker thanks me and steps away.

She throws her arms around me, sobbing.

I kiss her hair. "Sorry I'm late, honey."


The darkness becomes very crowded as my brain struggles to catch up with Bella's words.

A real honeymoon?

Snarls from my brothers warn me to control myself as they move between the bloodsucker and me. My body trembles with a fury so intense that I am anchored to the spot.

I stare at the filthy parasite – the one who will soon end Bella's life.

"I'll kill you," I promise. "I'll kill you myself! I'll do it now!"

The shiver of heat rolls down my spine as Seth and Sam drag me into the forest.

But I will keep my promise.

A/N: Since this is my first foray into the recently popular world of drabbles, I'd love to hear what you think, good or bad. ;)

In regards to JCMS: I have the next chapter completely outlined; I need to work on the finer details like timing and other bullshit that SM didn't make clear from Bella's POV. It's going to be a HUGE chapter, complete with vamp chasing, new wolf phasing, cliff diving, near drowning… well, you know the drill. I'll have it for you soon, cross my heart. :)