A/N: Here, in this last set of relationship drabbles, you'll find the standard wolfpack banter that we all know and love. They take place at various times throughout JCMS thus far, and include Jake struggling to accept his new fate, as well as the lighter points of being a member of the pack.

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Meet Serious Business Sam: his hands are on his hips, his eyes are narrowed, and his lips never fail to be set in a dangerously thin line.

He also appears much taller than Regular Sam.

"Attack me," he growls. "Lunge at me and phase on the fly."

"No," I refuse. Again. "I'll hurt you."

He rolls his eyes. "You won't. Fucking do it."

"But I'm not mad right now."

Sam cracks me right in the jaw. Upon impact, my temper flares – before I even feel the heat travel through my body, I am on four legs.

Serious Business Sam smiles.


You're such a pussy, Jake. You're a wolf, a predator, and your dinner can present itself in the form of other animals.

Don't call me a pussy, Jared, or I'll kick your ass. And excuse me if I'd rather eat a whole pizza instead of a tiny woodland creature.

It was a rabbit. You are a wolf. And, a pussy.

Fuck off.

Jake's right. I'd rather eat pizza, too.

Thanks, Em.

Christ, stop bickering already.

Sorry, Sam.

It is dinner time…

Count on Paul to remember dinnertime.

You were all thinking it, too!

I said shut up, Paul.

Sorry, Sam…


Embry snatches the muffin from me. "Hey, I wanted that!"

Emily laughs, turning from the stove. "They're all the same, honey," she assures me.

I scowl into the bowl. "That one was the biggest."

Emily shakes her head fondly, turning back to the massive pan on the stove. Embry snickers, shrugging.

I strike, lightning-fast, slapping him on the back of the head.

"Now, boys," Emily warns as Embry prepares to retaliate. She places a stack of pancakes on each of our plates, mussing our hair as she walks past.

We grin at her appreciatively, and dig in.


We're sitting in Emily's kitchen, as usual, when they all start in on me.

As usual.

"Jake, what's with the far-off look?" Jared asks. "Daydreaming again? Lemme guess—"

"Don't. Start," I growl.

But it's obviously too late.

"Oh, Bella," Paul coos. "Bella, your brown eyes are so beautiful! I could look at them forever!"

They laugh. Even Sam chuckles.

Embry chimes in. "Bella, sweet Bella, won't you be mine?"

I roll my eyes and pop a biscuit in my mouth, trying to ignore them.

"Dearest Bella, I miss you so—"

I whip a biscuit at Paul.

They laugh louder.


Paul runs by my side, purposefully knocking into me every few seconds as our paws pound into the forest floor.

This as fast as you can go, man? he taunts, knocking into me again.

No fucking way, I snap at him. He barks a laugh.

I dig my nails into the dirt, willing myself to go faster, always faster. The scenery is blurred around us, the green and brown hues running together like watercolors on the canvases my mother used to paint.

My paws barely brush the ground as I rocket forward, leaving Paul in the dust.

I laugh, exhilarated.

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