STONEWALL; Chapter Seventeen

Final Chapter.

" Sometimes tears say all there is to say

Sometimes your first scars won't ever fade, away

Tried to break my heart?

Well it's broke

Tried to hang me high?

Well I'm choked

Wanted rain on me?

Well I'm soaked

It's the end where I begin,"

-End Where I Begin; The Scrip

Three days later...


Dean handed Sam a plate with bacon and waffles on it.

Sam smiled.

"Awe, honey; you shouldn't have," Sam joked, taking the plate. Dean rolled his eyes as he took a seat next to Sam. For a moment he watched him eat, happy to see that he got his apatite back.

Dean patted his shoulder. "I take it you're feeling better?"

Sam nodded as he took another bite. He put the plate on the table and looked over at Dean.

"What're we gonna do now?" he asks.

Dean shrugs; he'd actually been trying to figure that out for some time now. He always ended up with nothing. Honestly, he wasn't sure. He shrugged.

"What do you feel like doing?" Dean asked, answering Sam's question with a question.

Letting out a dramatic deep breath, Sam shrugged. "I wanna see Bobby."

Dean hadn't seen or spoken to Bobby since that night he told him he took the blame for Dean. Even though Bobby told them not to worry, they couldn't help but to. He's the only thing that have left. In actuality, Dean wanted to see Bobby just as much as Sam did, but he knew Bobby would be upset if they went to find him at the police station or the jail Bobby had specifically told Dean to watch out for Sam and not worry about him. Dean planned on doing just that. He wasn't going to let Bobby down; but he couldn't help but wonder what happened to him.

Shaking his head Dean says, "No-can-do, Sammy. You know that."

Sam shrugged. "Well you asked," he says rolling him eyes.

Dean made a face.

"Did you take your medication?" Dean asks, changing the subject.

Sam didn't answer, he just nodded.

There was quiet as they both just started half-heartedly at the television. The news was on, the woman was saying something about a shooting in a school all the way in New York.

Sam's head swooped over to Dean, he had a goofy smile on his face.

Dean raised an eyebrow at him. "What?"

Sam smiled. "Wanna know what I heard?"

"What'd you hear?"

Sam pointed at him. "I heard that Sarah has a crush on you," Sam teased.

Dean looks away, smiling. "Who told you that lie?"

"Sarah," Sam informs. "She thought I was sleep, but I wasn't."

Dean rolls his eyes. "Sure, Sam. No one just comes out and says that. Especially to someone who's supposed to be sleep," Dean says, trying to make a point.

Sam shrugs. "Fine," he says still smiling. "Don't believe me, then."

Dean reaches over and grabs a slice of bacon off of Sam's place. "I wasn't planning on it," he says taking a bite.

Sam was about to reply when the door swing open and Bobby walks through.

"Bobby!" they both say, surprised to see him. They both got off the couch and headed over to him. They each gave him a hug.

"Where you been?" Dean asks.

"Where do you think I've been?"

Dean didn't answer.

Sam puts his arm on Bobby's shoulder. "You okay?" he asks.

Bobby laughs a little.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that question?"

Sam shakes his head. "I'm fine."

Not believing, Bobby looks over at Dean to confirm what Sam said.

Dean shrugs. "I wouldn't exactly use 'fine' to describe how he is, but he'll be okay. All that blood that was on him was Dad's or from falling. Nothing serious."

Bobby lets out a sigh of relief. He pats Sam's back. "That's the best news I've heard all week."

All three walk over to the couch and takes a seat.

"So are you in trouble?" Dean asks Bobby.

"Me? Trouble?" Bobby laughs. "Boy you know me better than that."

Dean shrugs. "Sooo..."

Bobby lets his shoulders drop. "No, Dean. No one's in trouble. It was self defense. Everything's fine."

Both Sam and Dean exchange glances, then look back at Bobby. Both have a faint smile on their faces.

"What are you looking at?" Bobby asks.

Dean shakes his head. "Nothing...nothing. It's just that Samantha here was worried about you." Dean lays his hand on Sam's shoulder who shrugs it off, letting it drop off and land on the side of the couch.

Bobby laughs.

Sam shakes his head. "Nuh uh, Dean here was crying his eyes out for you. He was sitting on the toilet holding your picture and just crying. Man you shoulda seen it, Bobby."

Both Bobby and Dean burst out laughing and soon Sam joins in, too.

"Glad to see you boys are back to normal."

Dean looks away. "Normal doesn't really work for us, Bobby."

Bobby stands. "Well that's perfect because I have something new for us."

Again, Sam and Dean exchange glances as Bobby goes into his back pocket and pulls out a map. He slams it down on the table and then looks over at the brothers with a smile.

"A map?" Dean says dryly. "This is supposed to cheer us up? What, you finally learned how to use one?"

Bobby shoots him a warning look. "No, smart-ass. If you stop talking I'll show you."

They lean forward.

Bobby's finger traced a red line that had been drawn on the map.

"Look, we're here-"

Dean clapped sarcastically.

"Very good, Bobby. Now show us where California is," Dean says like an eager mother to her child.

Bobby slaps his arm. "You keep that talk up and I won't take you to the Grand Canyon."

It took Dean a while to comprehend what he had said, when he did, a huge smile came across his face.

"Grand Canyon? We're going to the Grand Canyon?"

Bobby nodded with a smile. "Thought we could use a change in scenery."

Sam smiled big. "Bobby, that's awesome."

"And I was thinking, when we get there we should find a really nice hotel to stay in. You know, the ones with the nice maids and a really nice view and room service, all that."

Sam's eyes grew big as he turned around to look at Dean. He smiled big.

"Really?" Dean asked.

Bobby nodded. "I think we could all use some time out. You know, to deal."

Both nodded.

"Where'd you get the money for this?" Dean asks.

Bobby let out a breath. "Well apparently your father had a will. I guess you guys didn't know?"

They shook their heads.

"Yeah, well he left a good chunk of change for you guys."

Sam's eyes narrowed. "How much is a good chunk?"

Bobby smiled. "Ten thousand."

"Dollars?" Sam asks, smiling.

Dean smacked his shoulder. "No Sam, ten thousand goats."

Sam rolled his eyes and turned his attention back to Bobby.

"That's great, Bobby. When do we get to go?"

"Tomorrow if you're up for it."

Sam nodded uncertainly. "Don't you have to clear it with Donna?"

Bobby shook his head. "Already did it."

"Do I have enough medication?"

Bobby nodded. "Just refilled your prescription."

"But what abou-"

"Shut up, Sam," Dean says chuckling. "We're going, okay? Everything's okay now."

Sam nodded, giving Dean a warm smile. "Alright."

Bobby waved his hand. "Well what're you both sitting here for? Go pack! C'mon we're leaving tomorrow."

Sam jumped up and went into his room to get his bag.

"Get mine, too!" Dean called.

Dean looked back over to Bobby. "Thank you," he says. "Sam really needs this."

"You need it, too. Hell, we all need it."

Dean smiles.

"Okay, I got it!" Sam yells, walking back into the living room holding Dean's bag, his bag, and a pile of clothes. He drops them on the floor.

Both Dean and Bobby look at him with a questioning look on their faces.

"Well don't just sit there," Sam says, folding clothes into his bag. "Come help."

Dean looks over at Bobby with a laugh and goes to join his brother on the floor. They sit side by side, each of their bag in front of them as the try to decipher which item of clothing is theirs. Bobby watches as they pack, and he notices that it's the first time in a long time that he's seen both of them smiling. Sam says something to Dean and he pushed his bag over, dropping his clothes back on the floor. Dean pushed him playfully and they both laugh.

This whole experience has been something that they all wished hadn't happened, but it also made each of them stronger than they've ever been, emotionally that is. But in a way, Bobby was greatful that it happened. It made them all closer one way or another, and it gave them all a change to start over. They'd go away for a while and come back to a fresh start. They don't have to worry about John anymore. The most they'll have to worry about is Sam, but the doctor said he's expecting Sam to make a full recovery.

Bobby sat back at watched his only family prepare for a vacation they would never forget. Bobby smiled.

Suddenly, everything felt right. Everything felt like it worked out for the better. Even after everything that has happened in the past months, Dean and Sam still ended up where they belonged: with Bobby.

And nothing in this world could take them from him.

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